Ethiopia’s dictator Meles Zenawi is ill

Ethiopian Review has learned from reliable sources that the leader of Ethiopia’s ruling tribal junta, Meles Zenawi, is ill and has not been appearing in any official activity for over a week.

According to the sources, Meles was recently in Dubai for medical treatment, but his current whereabouts are not known.

Meanwhile, members of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (Woyanne) are at each others throat over the decision to return the properties of tens of thousands of Eritreans who were illegally deported about 10 years ago. All of the confiscated properties, including houses, businesses, and cars, were distributed among Woyannes after they hunted down Eritreans from every city of Ethiopia, loaded them on trucks and buses, and expelled them.

Last month, the Meles regime, that had ordered the ethnic cleansing of Eritreans, decided to return their properties, causing anger among officials and rank-and-file members of Woyanne who took over most of the houses and businesses belonging to the victims.

Another issue that is currently causing friction inside the Woyanne camp is the question of who will replace Meles Zenawi after June 2010. No one has emerged as a most likely candidate yet, but names that are frequently mentioned include Arkebe Okubai, Tedros Adhanom, and Tsegay Berhe.

Meles is conspicuously silence on this matter, and is not backing any one, according to Ethiopian Review sources. If a consensus candidate doesn’t emerge, it will pave the way for him to be in charge for five more years. The justification will be to keep the party united.

67 comments on “Ethiopia’s dictator Meles Zenawi is ill

  1. Assta B. Gettu on

    The money Meles is paying to his Arab doctors while he is recuperating from his life-threatening illness should have been paid to the American doctors if he has preferred America’s physicians to Dubai’s. After all, the money he is paying to his care takers in Dubai belongs to the American tax payers who have been donating millions of dollars to his administration for almost 18 years.

    First of all, why does he go to Dubai instead of to Washington where his friend George W. Bush once lived for eight years? Are there not good doctors either in America or in Ethiopia that he simply prefers going to Dubai? I’m asking here the type of questions the Prophet Elijah the Tishbite asked Ahaziah King of Israel who was seriously ill long time ago: “‘…Is it because there is no God in Israel that you are going off to consult Baal-Zebub, the god of Ekron?’” Therefore, “‘you will not leave the bed you are lying on. You will certainly die!’” (2nd Kings 1:3-4)

    Whether Meles recovers or not, it is up to the will of God, but why does Meles wants to go to Dubai instead of to Washington? I think the presence of a large number of Ethiopians in Washington may have become a great threat for him and his family. Or may be he does not want to confront Barack Obama who has been giving him a grimace since he has become a President.

    How bad to be a friendless dictator while experiencing an excruciating pain in a foreign country!

    According to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church tradition, a priest or yenebsabat (soul father) must be present near to the bed of the patient of high rank; however, the Dubai Muslims may not allow a Christian priest in their soil.

    We have to be fair here and must remember that Meles Seitanawi appointed Aba Paulos as the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church because Meles at that time thought that the legitimate Patriarch was ill to run the Church affairs. In this case, Meles is very sick too, and he cannot run the Woyanne government; therefore, it is time that we must replace him by another person until we conduct the next election.

  2. Anonymous on

    Abai Tsehaye is the obvious candidate to replace him . not Arkebe Okubai, Tedros Adhanom, or Tsegay Berhe.

  3. abdii on

    everyone of you wish Melese’s natural death; he doesn’t deserve natural death. I dont’t have anything to express the way he should die. he need to pay what he has been doining to millions of innocent citizens. in my opinion the best way for Meles to die is hanging ijnfront of the Ethiopian people, not even enough, but I don’t have a virdict for evil.

  4. Bikila Feyissa on

    You guys,
    I read all your comments; none of the comments are suspicious about weyanes’ action about Eritreans. Let me remind you. You got to remember what Weyane did to Ethiopian people when came to power. The chased out all Ethiopians from all critical position and cheated the Eritreans by putting them in all key position which they could not fill. They have pushed aside all the rest of Ethiopian people. Do not be naïve; The intention of positioning Eritreans on most of those key position were not for the benefit to Eritreans’ but to secure for their own survival; to have at least an educated supporters in the main key position. We got to suspect what they have planned beyond the return of the property. I suspect they need those Eritreans for support to stay in power, to use them again. You can be betrayed once but being betrayed twice labels you as Stupid.

  5. Anonymous on

    Aziza Tinziza:
    The end of Hitler and the end of Mussoloni will be the end of Meles. He
    will commit suicide wth his sweetheart Azeb on his side. He will be buried in
    Asmara and she will be buried in Khartoum,her fatherland.
    It will be the end of Woyane rule
    and the end of dismemberment of Ethiopia
    by non-ethiopians with loyalty to Eritrea
    and Sudan respectively.

  6. lilly on

    i hope he die with all his gangs, i hate them so much look what they done to our nation Ethiopia.

  7. Muntaz on

    Many thanks to this author for picking out the name, “Ethiopia’s ruling tribal junta” that I have been looking for so long to refer the current Ethiopian Vulture ruling gangsters. Almost always, I have been offended by people and other media referring the this group as “Ethiopian gov, Ethiopian PM, Ethiopian blah blah blah. No one voted for this group- the mafia group who came to power to dismantle the name Ethiopia and it’s proud people. Cheers to Hager Wodad Ethiopiawi Hulu!!

  8. Anonymous on

    What happen to VOA radio they wouldn’t report as I was expecting especially what happend during Ato Meles’s speech, they may support Ato Meles but for the behalf of Ethiopian people why they did not report the truth, I was a good listner of VOA since the fallen government Mengistu Hailemariam but by now VOA is to me less creditable source of news, especially it was fun for me when VOA said protesters and supporters were on the street, How many protesters? how many supporters? Voa was trying to exaggerate the number of supporters instead telling the truth, VOA! please stand with the true dont throw millions Ethiopian people under the bus just to keep one single person on power. Ultimatly you should know America is always with the people of Ethiopia not with the dictator government, as we have been witnessing what happend in Egypt and other countries. On the other hand I want to appreciate Abebe Gelaw and the people who are willing to sacrifices in protesting the dictator, please keep up for the behalf of United Ethiopia (One! great!and strong! Ethiopia. Before closing I want to thank Esat radio and Tv producers and journalists please keep up good job the time is coming to see the victory of the people of Ethiopia.
    VOA Good bye.
    God Bless everyone.

  9. Anonymous on

    i feel so bad i wish he fill beater and ask all ethiopian people apology ” just for temparery life all this happening ” i hope we all learn from him to be nice person.

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