Commander Zeleke Bogale passed away

Commander Zeleke Bogale passed away Thursday afternoon after receiving medical treatment in the U.S for the past several weeks.

Commander Zeleke is the father of our dear friend and comrade-in-arms Neamin Zeleke.

The late Commander served his country in different capacities as a Navy officer. (A detailed biography will be posted shortly).

A memorial service will be held at Kidus Mikael Church in Washington DC Tuesday, June 23, at 11:00.

Members of the Ethiopian Review staff extend out heartfelt condolences to the family of Commander Zeleke.

God rest his soul in peace.

Messages of condolences can be sent to

More information about the memorial service will be posted later.

13 thoughts on “Commander Zeleke Bogale passed away

  1. lover Ethiopia on

    May God bless our heroes as they pass to the next life. And God keep us remember what they have done when they where with us.

  2. Gabra on

    May The Good Lord Receive Him and Bless His Soul!!! To his surviving family and loved ones I say” Geta Yatnachihu, Yabertachihu!!!

  3. Tsegaye on

    Commander Zelke Bogale was one of a kind a great Ethiopian naval Officer.He was the top of his class and the best naval officer who have the respect of officers and men.A great Ethiopian who loved his countery who will give his life with out a single doubt.We lost a great Ethiopian to day.As my commanding officer I salute you Sir goodbye.To his families let God give the strength to cope with this Tragedy and Bless his soul.

  4. Dear Neamin

    I would like to express my sincerest condolences on the recent passing of your father.The Whole family also send their thoughts and prayers to you and your family at this difficult time.

    Although I did not know your dad that well, I did come to realize his kindness and compassion towards those less fortunate than him. I also know that he was highly respected throughout this community and his profession, and his good works changed the lives of many around him.

    You were fortunate to have such a wonderful man as a model in your life.No comfort is quite enough to replace the loss. Please pass my deepest sympathies and love to all your Family members

    Very sincerely,

    Kassahu Tefera

  5. Samson on

    I was so saddened to hear that Gash ZELEKE has passed away. As a young teenager in the late 70s you were my true hero. Your influence on my life is monumental by all counts. Cmndr Zeleke Bogale was a loving honest and creative wonderful father and leader. He is a role model for all of us who worked with him and we all remember what you have done for Asseb port. You are a true hero. Well done sir. I will never stop thinking about your works. May God rest your soul in peace.

    Samson Tsegaye

  6. zegambaw on

    base of good country is a good family.patriot father will nevr die because he left his foot step patriot son. nefs yimar !

  7. Haddis Debebe on

    I’m sorry to learn of your father’s death and wish to express my sincere condolences and deepest sympathy to you and the whole family. He was courageous and great man in his era that created oasis out of a desert. It would be difficult to measure the impact he has had on the many people’s lives he touched. May his soul rest in peace and may God Bless the Family at this sorrowful time of pain.

  8. Bekele Hailu on

    I’m deeply shocked when I learnt the passing of this dear ethiopian. He was outstanding manager, planner, leader and socially a very kind hearted man. I was honored to work under his leadership in assab and on haleb boat building power plant construction project. The country and the peoples of Ethiopia had gained a tremondous benifit following his work done on the expansion and modernizing of the two ports, Assab and massawa since they all bear his foot prints. God bless his soul and I pass my heartfelt condolences to his sons. Bekele Hailu

  9. Fessahaye Alemayo on

    I’m deeply shocked whene I heared the death, of Commander ZELEKE, He was Great man I was honored to work under his leadership in Port of Massawa,as chief of Fire Brigade and Water Supply. May God bless his soul, and I pass my heartfelt condolences to his sons. Bekele Hailu.

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