Vacillation of Ethiopian Review within the opposition camp

By Wondem Tilahun

The flashy title on Ethiopian Review (ER) website reads … “Mersha Yoseph makes a fool of himself”. For those of us who are regulars and fans of ER, the title and the message is not a surprise. ER several times has flipped flopped its position within the opposition camp. In 2005 Dr. Birhanu was the enemy and Engineer Hailu was the champion of democracy. Now that is reversed. Dr. Birhanu is the darling and Engineer Hailu the sore looser. Two years ago, Mersha was the champion of democracy and Iyasu was the no good dictator. One 10 minutes VOA interview changed the mind of ER and the position is now reversed. Iyasu is the darling of ER and Mersha the trouble maker. That is probably why at the outset ER started the article with “there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics …” popular quotation.

In the past when people get furious at ER’s similar unwarranted attack on other opposition groups or their leaders, I strongly defended ER. Citing ER’s unwavering stand on TPLF and its persistent effort to expose the common enemy, Woyane, I honestly and passionately argued that we need to look at the bigger picture and tolerate marginal political immaturity. Even when this one hit a nerve very close to home, I promised myself to continue to do so by pointing errors. Hence, my individual opinion on what I believe is a misguided review and suck up political reporting.

ER’s article appears to evaluate and judge the VOA interview on only one factor. This factor seems to be what the two individuals said about Eritrea. ER condemn Mersha because he mentioned Iyasu’s, self initiated clandestine trip to Eritrea. Iyasu is praised because ER found some commonalities with Iyasu in their separate trip to Eritrea. ER probably drew an illogical conclusion that if Mersha is accusing Iyasu for the trip, it would be logical to assume that Mersha would also accuse ER for its trip to Eritrea. The missing logical link in this assumption is that Mersha was not really accusing Iyasu for making the trip. He was condemning the fact that Iyasu made the trip without consulting his other leadership comrades. He was giving the trip as an example of Iyasu’s totalitarian leadership within the organization. This should not lead to a condemnation of Mersha and commendation of Iyasu.

At this point in time EPRP (both sides) treat TPLF as the sole enemy of Ethiopia and its people. Both factions state that the small exclusive group of TPLF leadership must be held responsible for all democratic repression, economic and social suffering of the people. In its most recent publication, EPRP (d) loudly called for the collaboration of all opposition groups to topple TPLF’s hegemony and formation of new democratic national Ethiopian government. This means that EPRP (d) is willing to work with all anti TPLF organizations including those that have political ties to Eritrea. Is this ‘hypocritical’ and ‘contradictory’ as ER put it? I don’t think so. It is rather sophisticated, rational and prudent politics. Because, when it comes to the lasting interest of Ethiopia and its people, most Ethiopians don’t think Isaias and EPLF give an iota of care for it. After all, was it not Isaias’s EPLF who referred to everyone south of the Mereb River as (donkey) adgee? Therefore, the relationship with Isaias and EPLF should be reconstructed with caution. This position does not undermine the natural brotherhood of the people. It just means that the strong brotherly relationship that was eroded by EPLF needs some time and lots of positive actions to be built back to its historical status. Let’s not forget that for 30 years EPLF deceitfully had poisoned the minds of Eritreans with empty superiority ego, like Hitler fed ‘Pure Aryan blood’ garbage to the Germans. It takes some time to clean the minds from that poison. Therefore, While it is both admirable and necessary that ER and other organizations take the initiative to build that natural brotherly relationship, it is prudent and in the best interest of our people to move with caution without loosing respect and independence.

When evaluating the interview, I am at a loss to why VOA chose now, almost two years after the split, to make the interview. I also cannot see a political gain for either group to come out after two years and choke each others throat. They need to move forward and spend their valuable time and resources fighting the common enemy. ER also needs to respect the fundamentals of journalism and stop its vacillation within the opposition camp.

Beyond that, I beg to differ with ER in that Mersha was clearer, concise and conciliatory on the given agenda. Considering the limitations of a radio interview in terms of time and presentation, he actually pointed the core differences correctly, truthfully and accurately by stating that the differences were nothing but lack of internal democracy; while Iyasu lamented again and again that the reason for the split is that Mersha wants to work with TPLF. That is what is known as bold and blatant lie. Which means it is in complete opposition to the truth in the ground. Forget that Mersha said repeatedly that he is against TPLF, what is he doing in exile for the past two years, since the split, if he wants to work with TPLF?

Another white lie, told by Iyasu in the interview, is when he answered the interviewers question about his Eritrea trip. Instead of answering the question directly, Iyasu gave little white lie by saying “he has not seen Isaias since he met him in the 70s in Sudan’. As if going to Eritrea is the same as meeting Isaias. Iyasu evade the real question, and instead he reminded us when he met Isaias long time ago. I wonder how and why ER missed this crucial evasion.

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27 thoughts on “Vacillation of Ethiopian Review within the opposition camp

  1. sem on

    You are one of the few people they still cannot accept the reality that Eritrea was, is and will be an independent and free country. Free in the real term not like the rest of Africa and your country free in words but subjected by the great powers by remote control. How dare you allow to insult the great Eritrean people suggesting that they are controlled and brainwashed by one man, your words coincide with the garbage woyane Sebhat Nega. In his last interview said that the Eritrean people are sick because they trust the their President. We Eritreans have the experience and the will to be united and fight for our dignity. You can learn a lot from our long struggle. We have forgiven all the atrocities, but we will never forget what we have endured. Our people have been subjected to immense and cruelty with the approval of almost all nations. Every Ethiopian should know what is the real history of Eritrea, before giving any comment such as yours about our people. Believe me we love and consider all Ethiopian as our brothers even after all the cruelty we sustained in their name. We know you have been fed with wrong information. We know what the history books in your schools said and continue to be. But I think it is time to tell the Ethiopian people the true story. Your people have to know what have been done in their name for the 30 years of fighting in Eritrea and why. Woyane is not a great deal if Ethiopians decide to unite. Remove all the old batch declare total cooperation and long term sincere cooperation with Eritrea and woyane will run away before fighting will start. They know well they cannot stand for long against a united Ethiopia and Eritrean force.

  2. Mestewat on

    Why is it necessary for Wondem Tilahun to open a window of bickering and lament so much about a site that is contributing more than its share of dedicated activities when most of the so called opposition camps are being encamped and staying in their respective museum-like warm camps or ivory towers as an end in itself when some 80 million Ethiopians are being completely dehumanized by a tiny minority dictators for the last soon 20 years? Old habits die hard! Hmm…

    “Are we going to be stronger than the sum of our parts or are we going to be endlessly bickering among ourselves and allowing the bully to basically mop the floor with us?”

    ~ David Emerson :)

  3. feyissa on

    you are of the view that Ethiopians should not deal with EPLF (isayas) and I believe you don’t like the Ethiopian Review for its brave approach to finding solution to Ethiopia’s problems under TPLF. Remember in politics there is no relationship only interest. Ethiopian Review has the right to consider its position when it’s required and there is nothing wrong about it. As for EPRP, it’s just a nuisance Ethiopians can do without.

  4. Amantu on

    Dear Wondimu,

    I think you have taken things out of context a little bit too far. Can’t you see the big elephant in the house threatening people’s life safety? Ethiopian Review has always consistently used every opportunity to alert the public of the danger of this big ugly elephant stampeding on us. I have listened to the interview both gentlemen gave to VOA and don’t have an illusion even for one second that the EPRP [D] is trying to take the short cut to settle old accounts. This has been picked up by ER and anyone can have a different opinion on this but accusing ER as one being “unbalanced” or “vacillation” is unwarranted. The Ethno-fascist of Abay Tigray representing the big elephant must be taken to task by whatever means!!!

    Job well done ER!!!!

  5. Alex on

    To Wondem Tilahun:

    What you said in your message, “Let’s not forget that for 30 years EPLF deceitfully had poisoned the minds of Eritreans with empty superiority ego, like Hitler fed “pure Aryan blood” garbage to the Germans.” Ki KI ki ki kiiiiiii. It is funny. We do not want your advice and we have mind like any human. What ever you say, we love our dear PR. Isayas Afeweki forever.

  6. Agire on

    Forgive me but this sort of talk is typical way of woyane style propaganda. Look how twisted it is and trying to spray poison to the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Your time is up. We know you already and how you divide societies that have lived for centuries. Enough is enough. You know what people say in Addis; they know and predict what woyane will do the next day or what the news will be. Our people really have figured this dirty mind.

  7. Anonymous on

    Elias, you are true journalist. No matter what they say about ER or you, you do post it for people to see and give their judgment . You are great and thank you.

  8. weqaw on

    Wendim Tilahun “…for 30 years EPLF deceitfully had poisoned the minds of Eritreans with empty superiority ego.”

    It never fails to amaze me how some Ethiopians, particularly, those in the Diaspora who apparently have never had had the pain of enduring 30 years of bombing, burning and mass killings the Eritreans had suffered because of the misguided and myopic egos of the Ethiopian rulers. Wendem Tilahun is living in the cocoon nest of the past where unfortunately some Ethiopians, especially the Weyane supporters, have refused to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That light is not flickering any more, but is glowing brighter by the day, thanks to the realistic stand of many Ethiopians who have reached the inevitable conclusion that there is much to be gained by working with their kinsmen in the north than to antagonize each other. When one thinks about it, that is not such a great discovery at all; and one does not have to be a brain surgeon to arrive at that logical conclusion.

    The successive Ethiopian leaders have waged war after war in a futile attempt to subjugate the Eritrean people. They did this with the help of foreign powers of one kind or the other. As a result of these unprecedented massive forces the Ethiopians had at their disposal, the Eritreans were the recipients of widespread bombing, mass killings, wholesale village and livestock set alight, many times including women and children burning alive. Sadly, the Ethiopian Diaspora were no were to be found expressing solidarity with the Eritrean people. Those who cared to write some pieces were invariably solely supporting and echoing the “Victory”, proclaimed by the Ethiopian regime of the day.

    But, once the Eritreans were able to achieve their independence through untold level of heroism and hard to believe sacrifice of many of their best, they decided to let bygones be bygones and magnanimously stretched a working hand with their Ethiopian cousins. But as it takes two to tango, that wise window of opportunity for perpetual cooperation and peaceful coexistence did not last as most Eritreans and Ethiopians had hoped; and vanished in thin air.

    So, are we, both Eritreans and Ethiopians, benefiting or hurting by such short sightedness? Thus, people like Wendem Tilahun need to wake up from their all night slumber and address the burning issue of liberating Ethiopia from the jaws of Weyanes and its many handlers instead of a veiled attempt to rekindle an old wound that should be left to heal.

  9. Mekuria on

    I think Wondem Tilahun misses the big picture about the stand of ER over the years. Actually, ER has showed the most remarkable survival tactics and strategies through ups and downs of Ethiopian politics. I don’t believe ER has vacillated from its guiding principles either. Politics has momentum and seasonality. Smart politicians adjust their perspective to what is on the ground without violating their guiding principles. ER has so far just done that. One of the biggest problems we have in some corners of Ethiopian politics is inflexibility and rigidity. ER does not suffer from them. ER people exactly know where it deeply hurts the TPLF/EPRDF regime. Of course, we may have different interpretations of Mersha vs Iyasu debate on VOA. Wondem Tilahun is entitled to his. But branding ER as vacillators in Ethiopian politics with no guiding principles is very much unfair.

  10. balcha on

    Now, if we all really want to see our country changed and free from the poor blood suckers, please please, who ever the opposition group is, let’s not blame opposition groups provided that they are not loyal oppositions like that of lidetu ayalew’s. If we can, it would be so helpful for all oppositions to work together if not it is great to keep quiet. In this decisive times of our country, keeping quiet from blaming each other for opposition groups should be considered as a great help for our country.

  11. santiago on

    Well said brother Tilahun exept the comparison with the Germans which is a little bit exagerated. Any future relationship that we promot with Eritrea has to be on equal ground and equal terms. Brother Tilhaun’s fear has a merit and substantilal truth. New and emerging movements have to keep their identity and freedom when dealing with big power house; in this case EPLF. This is a very complicated and long process. We have to learn from TPLF mistakes. We should not be afraid to work with any one, like Mr Isayas said ” the sky is the limit”. This is pure politics, we have to know nothing is for free and we have to remember this when negotiating with the Eritreans. There are fundamental principles that are nonnegotiable and nonfundamnetal points which are negotiable. Making a trip to Eritrea for any reason is nonfundamnetal. Actually it should be incouraged. But we shouldn’t loose our political, economical or national independence just because we are weak now.

  12. Borena on

    What all this clamoring on one guy who happened to differ from your views.

  13. Tessema Gemeda on

    Your writings do not deserve to come up with such harsh words against Elias Kifle. Mersha Yosef is one of the most notorious and divisive individuals who have killed the hope and aspiration of Ethiopian democratic opposition serving his own narrow personal ego. Examples
    1. Codef is weakened finally divided under Mersha Yosef.
    2. The Out come of the Gion Conference also killed by Mersha Yosef.
    3. The formation of Ethiopian Unity Front and the Divided Components of it Like Kefagn Benshangul and The Airborn major Killed by the people of Mersha are not fogotten . The crimes committed by Mersha and Co. in the Ethiopian Opposition struggle is equal to Woyane.
    4. Mersha had role in weakening the coalition of Ethiopian opposition forces formed in the Paris Second in Cooperation with ANC.
    5. Finally dividing one of the strongest opposition parties EPRP to join the woyane under the Slogan of Peaceful struggle is also a clear evidence which this writer and Mersha Yosef can never hide from the Ethiopian People.

    Elias is blessed by his free and independent conscience. He is devoted only serving the true cause of Ethiopia and Ethiopians

    Keep the heat up on all pesudo patriots Elias!

  14. No need on

    I agree with #1. Plus you can’t insult people of Eritrea saying that they are “poisoned.” About the donkey”adgee,” no body in Eritrea say that to all Ethiopians. That is only for those who commit atrocities — “derge” and “weyane”. So I also believe like the idea in #3 you don’t like the welcome initiative of Ethiopian Review.

  15. No need on

    I agree with the idea of #1.Plus you can’t insult people of Eritrea said “poisoned”I am sorry for you. About the donkey”adgee”It is not for all Ethiopians that is only for those who commit atrocities and crime “derge”and “wayane”.So I also believe like #3 you are angry with initiative of Ethiopian review.

  16. hayfe on

    I think mr wondumu has mistaken isayas with meles. isaias was always telling us that ethiopians are our brothers and we are blessed to live with Ethiopians side by side and also accusing weyanne of calling the oromos and amara as enemies.

  17. Nebiyou on

    I agree that caution is important in any cooperation, planning ahead for an exit strategy is a quality of political leadership. On the other hand, it is impossible to move forward if one chooses to be a hostage of history.

    It would be naive to ignore the fact that there is a mutual suspicion among the political elites on both sides tracing back to about four decades. The question is, how many more decades should we keep it going?

    In my view, Eritreans took constructive steps to mend the relations with their Ethiopian brothers as can easily be verified as follows:
    1. After TPLF lost its border claims in the legal battle, it did everything to reconcile with Eritrean government. TPLF declared at the end of 2004 that it will accept the border ruling and give economic concessions to Eritrea if the later facilitates a graceful exit (look into Zenawi’s papers addresses to TPLF cadres at that time). Eritreans would have used the opportunity to get short term benefits out of this game, but they rejected TPLF’s offer in totality.

    2. After the 2005 elections, Eritreans recognized the choice of the Ethiopian people, eventhough it meant that the winners were not their favourites. They fully knew that the CUD was an Ethiopian nationalist party who had demands that are not aceptable to Eritrea. Despite these differences, the Eritrean government attached more importance to the will of the Ethiopian people. We all know that Eritrean media served as the voice of the Ethiopian people following the November 2005 massacre. Many people who fled from the TPLF onslaught took shelter in Eritrea.

    3. Eritrea is playing a big role in bringing the ethnic organizations with which it has good ties into main stream Ethiopian politics. It is a public secret that few influential individuals pursuing seccessionist agenda blame Eritrea for this. In some cases, the label ‘the Asmara clique’ is reserved for leaderships of ethnic fronts who would see themselves as part of a democratic Ethiopia.

    On the other hand, if we want to stick with the negative aspects, it may not be difficult to write a whole book about the wrong doings of the EPLF before and after 1991. However, I am not aware of any political party (at least the veterans) who has the moral authority to do this.

    As a forward looking person, the positive sides outweigh my misgivings. We should consider the initiative of the Eritrean government as a turning point and a new opening.

    After all, who else will benefit from mutual hatred and suspicion other than incompetent and bankrupt segments of our society?

  18. Assta B. Gettu on

    Who is wavering, the veteran journalist Elias Kifle or the nagging Wondem Tilahun?

    In all circumstances, good or bad, favorable or unfavorable, a seasoned journalist never misleads his readers intentionally with unsubstantiated information without first sending the raw material – the first draft of the report – into a filtering machine: the editing process; then we the customers, the readers, will get the final product – the news.

    We know people have the power of tastes, and if the tang of the news is tasteless, has no spices in it, then the people will not consume it.

    A journalist may have his own reason and judgment of reporting news the way he sees it, not necessarily the way we the readers see it, and some of us may or may not agree all the time with him, and that is okay for the true journalist.

    For Wondem Tilahun, perhaps a one-year fan of ER and a fan of another media for a number of years, the main argument is about the trip to Asmara, Eritrea, by two different Ethiopian individuals at different times with or without the permissions of their own organizations.

    I don’t have the slightest clue why Ato Iyasu went to Asmara, and what his mission was except that he mentioned to VOA that he had gone to Asmara to see Issayas Afeworki because he had never seen him since 1970s in Sudan. If that is the only reason he went to Asmara, then his mission remains obscure to me, and perhaps to many other Ethiopians, too. But Elias Kifle’s mission to Asmara is not a surreptitious one; it has been an open mission different from Iyasu’s.

    The six page video interviews Issayas Afeworki contributed to Elias Kifle and Sheleshe Tilahun justify the clear missions of the two Ethiopians: Elias and Tilahun. From these lengthy and yet very productive interviews I have come to know that Issayas Afeworki is a committed leader with a vivid mission to help Ethiopia overthrow its oppressive and tendentious ruler. Issayas wants to have a close working relation with a future strong Ethiopia. And the help that he has been giving to various Ethiopian political organizations to remove the Woyanne government from power is not for a bargain to get something from Ethiopia. He wants to see the unity of Ethiopia, not its disintegrations.

    For getting such valuable information from the President of Eritrea, Elias Kifle has contributed indispensable services to his country, Ethiopia.

    The second argument Ato Tilahun has raised is that Elias Kifle has belittled Mersha Yoseph in favor of Iyasu, and, according to Tilahun, Mersha has become a scapegoat for criticizing Iyasu’s trip to Asmara without the permission of his organization.

    The third argument Tilahun is making is that once upon a time Elias Kifle used to like Engineer Hailu, but later he changed his mind and became a friend of Dr. Birhanu Nega.

    As I said earlier, a journalist’s view is not necessarily the views of all his readers, and we cannot expect a journalist to cover everything and to make everyone happy; therefore, favoring one person and disliking the other one does not make Elias Kifle a wavering journalist rather a winnowing machine that separates the chaff from the grain. In this case, either Dr. Birhanu Nega or Engineer Hailu Shawl may have been chaff or wheat, and it is up to Elias Kifle to identify the grain from the straw.

  19. Anonymous on

    Wendem Tilahun,

    Why beat around the bush? Why not declare your alliance with weyanes condemn any genuine ethiopian forces that is seeking support from Eritrea. You see, you problem is you think we all born yesterday… Elias has one stand and that is the current vampire regime could only be eliminated by talking the language it understands… and he advocates that any ethiopian force that seeks support from Eritrea or any other neighbor country has a legitimate right to do so. The very people you are indirectly protecting came to the helm through the help of the same Shabyai! The funny thing is you also repeated Aboy Sbehats’ sales pitch i.e., Eritreans have been brainwashed to believe that they are superior! Wow, on that line , you couldn’t even camouflage it. You are just another woyanne!

  20. Where is MELES? Oh under Dr. BIRHANU'S Foot! on

    To Nebiyou # 16

    Thank You Man. Thank you for your comment.
    “caution is important in any cooperation, planning ahead for an exit strategy is a quality of political leadership”

    Please guys look at comment # 16 above. Please don’t be suspicious too much. Otherwise we cann’t move an inch. Above all if we have a party that we trust and support, we should be confident on the leaders. Thinking that they may be deceived by Isayas is like assuming the opposition leaders have a lesser intelegence than Isayas.
    First be confident on the quality and commitment of the leadership and approch Isayas with caution until such time that mutual understanding is developed.

    God Bless All of Us. (including Arbegnaw Elias)

  21. Anonymous on

    Well done Ato Wondemu. I will not say any more. But I share the opinion of others that Your Comparison of Eritrean brothers with the Germans is not good. There may be some, but not as a people. thanks

  22. Yale on

    Wendmu ,

    are you going to apologize to thousands of readers. Nearly all readers seem to agree that you are on the wrong foot. If you have morale and courage I am sure you will apologize for your nonsense piece of writing. I am just outsider and judging by the comment from readers what you wrote is labeled as rubbish and divider.

  23. Anonymus on

    While expressing views and opinions on matters of interest is well and good, poisoning the discussion with hate takes it to another direction and can be interpreted as means of trying to divert discussion away from the target (the ruling clique). It is sad that “Wondem Tilahun” is trying to achieve that by putting a wedge between two brotherly people who are trying to resolve the misunderstanding created between them by the minority group. It seems like the writer is threatend by the window of opportunity created by ER to resolve issues between people, opposion groups and alike so as to centralize resorces to defeat a common enemy.

    It is high time that the so called “intellectuals” (the likes of Wondem Tilahun, if he is any) get away from petty and trivial issues and get focused on cooperation. The poisonus remark that Eritreans call Ethiopians “Adgee or Ahya” does not hold water. If so, does it mean that those Eritreans who grew up in Ethiopia and refered to as “Anbeta Belita” hold grudges against all Ethiopians. I do not think so. I see “Wondem Tilahun” as a fox in a sheep skin trying to change course from the spirit of cooperation rekindled by the efforts of the Ethipian Review.

  24. Peace on

    Ato Wondem Tilahun,

    I agree with most of the readers here that you went too far, and I also think that you should apologize to all eritreans for the German Nazi comments you made.

    Obviously, your agenda here is not to bring peace between the two people. What you are trying to do here is to strengthen the mutual suspicion and hatred that hurt both people from advancing their lives positively.

    I agree with you about the CAUTION issue, but you could have made your point about it without making a poisonous comments, besides, we all know that we both called each other all kinds of names. Eritreans have legitimate grievances with us too, but they don’t seem to be hostages to history, they never complain of the past, and they focus on today and the future.

    You are crippled by being a hostage to history, and Your thinking is of the mind of the weak, Woyane, or people with inferiority complex, and you can choose which ever one you want.

    This is petty, childish and is a diversion from the real issue, which is the peace and the advancement of both people.

    Elias understands what is at stake here and he is openly working very hard to free the Ethiopian people from your masters and to bring peace to the good people of both country. What are you doing to that effect? We know the answer is nothing, except to spew some poison hidden behind a computer.

    Word matters, so my advise to you is to stop receiving your talking points from your Woyane masters and try to do something for the good of the humanity.

    Thanks Wendim Elias and may peace come upon the Ethiopian and Eritrean people.

  25. OURGA SAY THIS! on

    በጣም የሚገርም ነው! መቼ ነው በተሰጠን አርስት ዙርያ ብቻ መነጋገር የምንችለው! ፍቶው ሌላ ማሞ ሌላ አሉ! እንግዲህ በአማርኛ መጻፍ ሳይሻል አይቀርም ብዪ በአማርኛ ጽፈልሁ ትርጁማን ለምትፈልጉ ይቅርታ! ወንድም ጥላሁን በአንደኛ ደረጃ ሊያስረዳን የሞከረው ለምን ቃለ መጥይቁ አሁን አስፈለገ ነገሩ አልፎ ከከረመ በሁላ? በሁለተኛ ደረጃ ለቃለ መጠይቁ ማን በትክክል ምላሽ ሰጠ: በሶስተኛ ደረጃ ለምን አቶ ኤልያስ የራሱን የግል አቛዋም እንደወሰደ የአቶ ኤልያስ ጉዞ ወደ ኤርትራ መጓዋዝ ከአቶ እያሱ ዓለማየሁ ጋር በመመሳሰሉ መሆኑን በማስረዳት እልፍም ሲል ከኤርትራ ጋር የሚደርግ ግንኙንት ጥንቃቄ እንደሚያስፈልገው ከዚህም በላይ ሰፋ ተደረገው ነገሮች እንዳይታዩ በአንድ በኩል ያለው ወገን ያሉትን እውንታ እንዳያይ ዓእምሮው በአንድ ቅይድ በመቀየዱ ያሉትን ችግሮች በግልጽ ለማየት እንደሚችገር ነው::እኔ እስከገባኝ ድርስ ጽሁፉ የተጻፈው እንዝህን ንገሮች ለማስጨበጥ ታልሞ ይተጻፈ ስሁፍ ሲሆን ዋናው የስሁፉ አላማ ወደ ጎን በመተው ተነግሮ ስለማያልቀው የኤርትራ ጀግንንትና ገድል በሚነግሩን ኤርትራዊኖች መልስ ምላሹ ተከቦ በማየቴ በጣም ተገርሚያለሁ አንድ ላይ ሆንን ዋናውን ጠላታችንን ወያኔን ለምታት ምን ያህል አብረን መጓዝ እንደምችል ከአሁኑ የሚያጠያይቅ ነው የሚያጠግብ እንጀራ ምጣዱ ላይ ያስታውቃል ብሏል ያገሬ ሰው! ጎበዝ አገራችን እትዮጵያ በወያኔ መንጋ የፊጥኝ ታስራ የስቃይ የችገር ግርፋት እየተገረፈች ነው ይህንን አገራችንን ላይ የተደነቀረውን ችገር እምንወጣው በእውነት ከልብ ለሃቅ ከቆሙ የኢትዮጵያ ልጆች ጋር አብረን ስንሰራ ነው ውንድም ጥላሁን ከልቡ እንዳንድ ንጹህ የትዮጵያ ልጅ ሆኖ ጽፏል ልናበረታታው ይገባል እላለሁ

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