Ethiopia’s king of pop Teddy Afro to be released on August 15

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia — The Appeals Court in Addis Ababa on Thursday ruled in favor of Teddy Afro (Tewodros Kassahun), according to sources close to the family.

The Court rejected the prosecutor’s appeal to reverse the previous court decision to lower Teddy’s prison sentence from 6 years to 2.

Teddy has already served over 14 months in jail and will be released next month.


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17 comments on “Ethiopia’s king of pop Teddy Afro to be released on August 15

  1. Tati on

    Such a good news even if it is after all this time. I am sure he will be very much rested and ready to shake the world with his magnificent voice.

  2. Joro on

    Woyane will use this as a propganda symbol to cover its Kangaro justice system filled with street thugs. They throw any one who dares to be differ in to jail and they realease them to show their “Fair and Democratic” justice process. WOW!

  3. Anonymous on

    Very much eager to listen to his next sensational song.Hope,he will say something about life in prison.I am deadly sure he will air an extraordinary album.

  4. yigeremal on

    good news! weyane is trying to confuse again but we will take it-we luv teddy!

  5. eritrean on

    nice to hear that. Teddy Afro is a celebrity and we (eritreans) love him so much. He is the victim of the jungle rule of weyane regime. Now they will release him to rectify their failed image. But no matter how long the night is the day of justice will come.

    I wanna see you teddy

  6. Nick on

    Teddy is out. Good. But the injustice did for many Ethiopians remains open. The thousands others jailed for expressing descent and many others for just differing. Teddy’s imprisonment is the product of the injustice and brut, wild and primitive arrogance of the current regime. We have a long way to go to be done with. Well….. when Teddy will be released others will be framed to replace him. The way the mechanism of dictators survives.
    More power to the people.

  7. Anonymous on

    Do you love your country, Ethiopia?

    Do you have lots of worry how the country is heading with the woyane Ethnic policy and kilil evil agenda?

    Do you care and make sure making Ethiopians happy as much as you can including with singing songs for them?

    Do you embrace all Ethiopians as one people under one flag?

    Are you working hard, always and the right things thinking to benefit your people and country?

    In general, are you the person of the 21- century doing the best thing to humanity started from your people?

    Then you are the number one target to the Tribalist woyanes. As long as you are not part of their satanic Tribalist doctrine, you are subjected to countless of their crimes against Ethiopia and her innocent citizens.

    This is what is happening towards the best and international known Ethiopian Singer, Teddy Afro. But M.Ghandi, M.L.King, Malcolm X, Mohammed Ali, N.Mandela and many others were once in prison because of their position towards the victim being against evil regime/.systems.
    So, Our Teddy and other 18 years woyane victim Ethiopians situation will remain part of our history during the darkest era the nation has been faced.

  8. Anonymous on

    I don’t believe until they released him, i don’t trust WEYANE . I never tust them, wey gud they acting like there is any justice .

  9. mote lewoyane on

    I believe it when I see it. Woyanes are a master of deceptions and lies; how can anyone trust a word that comes out of their stinking mouth.

  10. Yoftahe Nigusse on

    I’m happy to hear this news.Teddy “paid dearly”for the unity and progress of of our beloved Ethiopia.

    He’s a young man ahead of his time.He’s the “voice of the people.”He taught us,entertained us.We’re highly indebted to him,the beloved singer and song writer.Did we pay him accordingly?The answer is YES and NO.

    The diaspora community,especially the Editors of the Ethiopian pro-democracy websites,Prof.Al-Mariam,Artist Tamagne Beyene and Co.,our executive director of Solidarity(SMNE),Obang Mettho and a number of other human rights defenders,exerted in unison all efforts to help his release from the clutches of Woyanes.

    But on the reverse,in the domestic,nothing’s been made to pressurize the brutal regime of Meles Zenawi to drop down the fabricated charge against the Pop singer.What I read from the internet was that a small group of yongesters were the only ones who protested the areest of the the rising star artist.Why the seniors(elderly)didn’t protest?Why did they stay at their homes?To avoid a similar arrest?Beceause of fear?Not to loose their jobs?

    If such’s the case who can come to their aid unless they can defend their all-round human rights,priviledges…?The diaspora community alone?It doesn’t work?

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