World Bank gives $65 million more blood money to Ethiopia

EDITOR’S NOTE: The World Bank continues to fuel the brutal tribal junta’s machine of repression in Ethiopia by giving more money under the pretext of expanding tourism and agriculture. We all know that the money goes to pay the salaries of Meles Zenawi’s death squads. The following is a report by the Woyanne junta-controlled Ethiopian News Agency.

ADDIS ABABA (ENA) – Ethiopia’s [tribal junta] and the World Bank on Wednesday have signed two financing agreements amounting to 65 million USD for tourism development and enhance agricultural productivity.

Finance and Economic Development Destruction State Minister (MoFED) Ahmed Shide and World Bank Country Director for Ethiopia and Sudan, Kenichi Ohashi signed the agreements.

Accordingly, the first agreement amounting to 35 million USD will be used to finance implementation of sustainable tourism development project that aims at enhancing the quality and variety of tourism products and services to pay for the Agazi special forces, the Federal Gestapo Police and the spy agencies.

The amount enables to increase the volume of tourism foreign exchange earnings and jobs in targeted destinations that include Axum, Lalibella, Addis Ababa and its surroundings. Lie

The second agreement amounting to 30 million USD will also be used to finance implementation of agricultural productivity project. More lie.

Ahmed on the occasion said the 35 million USD will be used to strengthen infrastructure development in the stated tourist destinations. Another lie.

The minister said the second agreement aims to enhance specialization in agricultural research and collaboration in agricultural training, among others. Liar!

The director on his part said Ethiopia has been undertaking encouraging activities to become self-sufficient in food production. Liar

He said WB will assist Ethiopia to tap its rich resources in the agriculture sector. World Bank is not helping Ethiopia. It is financing the Woyanne vampire regime that is sucking the life blood of Ethiopia.

3 comments on “World Bank gives $65 million more blood money to Ethiopia

  1. US is against Ethiopians on

    US is against Ethiopians, Meles Zenawi is being propped up at the expense of our people. I think Madam Secretary Hilary Clinton has something to do with such distorted policy against Ethiopians.

  2. Tezibt on

    It is really upsetting to watch helplessly the US aligning itself with Meles Zenawi while he and his gang are raping Ethiopia. We wrongly believed that America was Ethiopia’s friend. There is no doubt whatsoever that the US is aware of what is going on in Ethiopia, and is not willing to support the Ethiopian people since it continues to provide funding to the Dictator to sustain him.

  3. Yohannes Ejigu on

    “There are neither permanent allies nor permanent enemies but there are only permanent interests.”
    This is the guiding principle of today’s world and we do not expect Americans to do otherwise when the American presidents make an oath to keep American interest as their first priority from the first day of inauguration ceremony and before they are ushered to the oval office.
    If we do not have an alternate that is ready to hold power in Ethiopia, or if we do not determined to fight against the evil tyrant at home, we do not expect Americans or IMF or World Bank to do what we failed to do. We do not have to be a bystander and watch while complaining and shouting foul on others. Those westerners and their institutions are not liable for our failure as a people to change or topple the tyranny at home.
    If the Ethiopian people do not say anything or feel or revolt against the crime they face everyday, the westerners consider it normal, or they would say if it is ok with the people, we have to be cautious not to meddle in others internal affair. Even if there are some opposition internally and if they are comfortable with the current government they do not care about democracy or human rights or other pretexts as long as their interest is intact. However if they see some small and weak opposition in a country where the government is against their interest, they will raise these issues and start siding with opposition till their demands are met from the current government and use the opposition as a lever to topple whichever one is against their interest in any nation.
    So it is better for us to tighten our belts and fight against this brutal tyrant at home by any legitimate means. We have to be ready to make sacrifice and put ourselves in the first row of this struggle and lessen the complaints towards others. As it is like saying, if westerners are not helping this tyrant it would have step down due to the crisis. It is a wishful thinking. Let us be pragmatic, bold and determined to topple this monster from the shoulder of the Ethiopian people. It is in our hand that the fate of the future Ethiopia is determined not by the US, European or their arm twisting institutions.

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