World Bank gives $65 million more blood money to Ethiopia

EDITOR’S NOTE: The World Bank continues to fuel the brutal tribal junta’s machine of repression in Ethiopia by giving more money under the pretext of expanding tourism and agriculture. We all know that the money goes to pay the salaries of Meles Zenawi’s death squads. The following is a report by the Woyanne junta-controlled Ethiopian News Agency.

ADDIS ABABA (ENA) – Ethiopia’s [tribal junta] and the World Bank on Wednesday have signed two financing agreements amounting to 65 million USD for tourism development and enhance agricultural productivity.

Finance and Economic Development Destruction State Minister (MoFED) Ahmed Shide and World Bank Country Director for Ethiopia and Sudan, Kenichi Ohashi signed the agreements.

Accordingly, the first agreement amounting to 35 million USD will be used to finance implementation of sustainable tourism development project that aims at enhancing the quality and variety of tourism products and services to pay for the Agazi special forces, the Federal Gestapo Police and the spy agencies.

The amount enables to increase the volume of tourism foreign exchange earnings and jobs in targeted destinations that include Axum, Lalibella, Addis Ababa and its surroundings. Lie

The second agreement amounting to 30 million USD will also be used to finance implementation of agricultural productivity project. More lie.

Ahmed on the occasion said the 35 million USD will be used to strengthen infrastructure development in the stated tourist destinations. Another lie.

The minister said the second agreement aims to enhance specialization in agricultural research and collaboration in agricultural training, among others. Liar!

The director on his part said Ethiopia has been undertaking encouraging activities to become self-sufficient in food production. Liar

He said WB will assist Ethiopia to tap its rich resources in the agriculture sector. World Bank is not helping Ethiopia. It is financing the Woyanne vampire regime that is sucking the life blood of Ethiopia.