Andargachew Tsige makes 2nd trip to Eritrea

Ginbot 7 Secretary General Andargachew Tsige arrives in Asmara to meet with other Ethiopian opposition groups and Eritrean government officials.

This is Ato Andargachew’s second trip to Eritrea. In his first visit last May, he held discussions with high-level Eritrean officials, including President Isaias Afwerki.

32 comments on “Andargachew Tsige makes 2nd trip to Eritrea

  1. Yetim Fichew on

    we need the end of weyane, by any means possible just get rid of weyane and thier criminal leaders and racist supporters…period!

    Yetim Fichew Duketun Amichew

  2. browny on

    To “Yetim Fitchew”

    What do you mean by “Yetim Fitschew….”

    We are not “Yetim”….. You do not seem to be very friendly to Eritrea.

  3. Tatek on

    I think both Andargachew and Birhanu should stay at Asmara on a permanent basis. Leadership is not effective when it is far away.

  4. Melak on

    To Browny

    I’m pretty sure “Yetim Fichiw” means get the “duket” by any means necessary. I can not extract any negative meaning about Eritrea from the statement.

  5. Berhanu on

    Ginbot 7 leaders including the chairman need to work full time. No more part time struggle. We will never more an inch forward by working part time. Full time -yes! Part time- no!!

  6. abeba on

    that is a good news. I support you MR ADargachew, you are giving up very much to your beloved country and people. This the begining of the journey. the length depend on us. let’s support Ginbot 7. with the kind of leadership we are we getting we can make the journey short.

    GO G7

  7. Tesfa on

    The days of Weyane are numbered but what will guarantees the future of Ethiopia is not the absence of Weyane but a viable national alternative. Where is that alternative my fellow brothers. Can someone point me in the right direction.


  8. ethioab on

    Let us get things work against woyane & co. as quikly as possible. And from now on we don’t have margin for error. Considering what is happening to our beloved country right now, it is the right time to act to rescue our poor people from the harsh woyane administration.

  9. Great stride Ethiopia! Now you found the cure of Ethiopia. That is what makes Woyane have a diarhea.

  10. Anti Vampire on

    Wipeing out the Vampires from the face of mother Ethiopia is a duty long overdue. G-7 is our hope to organize the diffrent anti Vampire forces and open a common front aginst the bedbugs. ViVa Andargachew VIVA G-7. Victory to our people

  11. Tazabieow on

    We need more trips..and again more like brave Andargacheow..
    this is the only language WOYANE understand

  12. Anonymous on

    But, we need to create a new and democratic Ethiopia, which can be home to all of us. G7 needs to join hands with others. We all need to stop our talks against ‘FEDERALISM’ and should work towards its implementations. Down with the Wayane!
    Victory to the opressed!

  13. አፈራለሁ on

    በእርግጥ ሀገሪታን አሁን ካለችበት ችግር ለማውጣት የምታደርጉት እንቅስቃሴ ጥሩ ነበር ግን ጦርነት ሀገርን የሚጎዳ ህዝብን የሚፈጅ ስለሆነ በጣም ብታስቡበት የበለጠ የዲፕሎማሲ ስራ ብትሰሩ ለማንኛውም በርቱ

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