Seye Abraha, Negasso Gidada join UDJ

seye abraha 21115 Ethiopian Review had reported 6 months ago that former Woyanne defense minister in Ethiopia, Ato Seye Abraha, was planning to join the Unity for Democracy and Justice Party (UDJ). He and former figurehead president Negasso Gidada today have announced that they are now members of UDJ whose head, Wz. Birtukan Mideksa, is currently in jail as a political prisoner.

Before joining UDJ, Seye had already become an influencial figure behind the party. He has brought with him his supporters and disgruntled members of the ruling Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) to UDJ. Now that he is officially a member, he is the de facto leader of the party. Thus the stage is set for a face off between Woyanne + AEUP vs. Woyanne + UDJ/Medrek. This is not a real choice for the people of Ethiopia.

No one takes former fake president Negasso Gidada seriously, despite BBC’s report that he is a popular figure. He is popular only among comedians. BBC and Reuters reported the following:

Ethiopia’s former President Negasso Gidada has joined an opposition party, as the country builds up to a [fake] election scheduled for next May.

Mr Negasso, in power [what power?] between 1995 and 2001, said he had joined the Unity for Democracy and Justice Party (UDJ) to try to unite Ethiopia.

Analysts say his defection and that of ex-Defence Minister Seye Abraha are likely to boost the UDJ’s popularity.

Its leader Birtukan Medeksa is in jail over protests after the last poll, in 2005.

She was arrested after violence broke out when opposition parties organized protests, citing election fraud.

Some rights groups have accused Prime Crime Minister Meles Zenawi of trying to ensure election victory by suppressing opposition — allegations he denies.


The BBC’s Uduak Amimo in Addis Ababa says the two defections are a significant symbol of opposition to the government.

But she says the UDJ and its allies are unlikely to overhaul (?) the governing party in next year’s election.

Mr Negasso, whose role as president was largely symbolic, is said to be a popular politician. [According to who?]

He told Reuters news agency: “Our joining the UDJ sends a signal that we have to work hard for the unity of the country and the Ethiopian people.”

Some 200 people were killed after security forces opened fire during the protests which followed the 2005 elections. More than 100 opposition leaders, activists and journalists were convicted and jailed but most have since been pardoned.

Ethiopian ex-president, ex-minister join opposition

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – A former Ethiopian president and a former defense minister have joined the same opposition party, strengthening it against a government accused of suppressing critics before national elections in May.

Negaso Gidada, president from 1997 to 2001, and Seye Abraha a former rebel leader who became defense minister for four years from 1991, joined the Unity for Democracy and Justice party (UDJ) on Thursday.

The UDJ is part of an eight-party coalition called Medrek, or the Forum, that most Ethiopians view as the most significant threat to the government at the ballot box. The UDJ’s leader Birtukan Mideksa, 36, has been in prison since last December.

“Our joining the UDJ sends a signal that we have to work hard for the unity of the country and the Ethiopian people,” Negaso told Reuters, adding that if Ethiopian political parties were not ethnically diverse then the country could split.

Ethiopia has about 80 ethnicities and parties have traditionally been formed along ethnic lines. UDJ leaders now come from the three most prominent groups.

Seye was jailed for corruption in 2001 after falling out with Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and, after his release in 2007, he became a vocal opponent of the government, which has been in power for nearly 20 years.


Meles and Seye come from the Tigrayan ethnic group, who make up just 6 percent of the population but dominate politics.

Most analysts agree Meles’ Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) will win easily at the ballot box, despite growing allegations of squashing political criticism.

“They say that because the landscape is unfavourable for free and fair elections,” Seye told Reuters. “There are laws that can be used against voices of dissent. We will be making the release of political prisoners a campaign priority.”

Meles says the opposition is trying to discredit an election that it has no chance of winning and therefore provoke the West into stopping the aid which the poor country relies on.

Opposition leaders told Reuters this month that their members were being refused food aid to force them to join the ruling party. The government denied it.

Ethiopia’s last national elections in 2005 ended violently when security forces killed about 200 protesters in the capital Addis Ababa after the opposition said the government rigged the poll. Seven policemen were also killed.

Birtukan was jailed after a 2005 poll, pardoned in 2007 and sent back to prison for violating the terms of that pardon.

The country has never seen a peaceful change of government. Meles took power in 1991 after rebels led by him, Seye and others overthrew a Soviet-backed regime.

28 comments on “Seye Abraha, Negasso Gidada join UDJ

  1. Yichalal on

    You fellow Ethiopians and political leaders this is really the time to save the country from crisis.We need a leader who can unify and bring a common ground for people of Ethiopia.
    Ato Seye, President Negaso and other opposition leaders please do whatever you can to bring a bright future to your kinds so that they can live in peace and prosperity without discriminatory feeling.You will be given great trophy by the coming generation if you do your homework.
    Thank you.

  2. Ethiopian review: People can change and regret…stop playing your hatred politics…..GO UDJ …GO UDJ!!

    This is the real choice that we ethiopians have now.

  3. What is the deal with this man? Does he think Ethiopians are amnesic.I think it is sickness for power who he had lost with his failed war policy. His hands are soaked with innocent people, more than 120,000 Ethiopians and Eritreans.

  4. Siye Abraha is another face of the Weyane coin. Expect no change, expect the same disasterous misanagement as we have under ayte Melese.

  5. Anonymous on

    Well now both the government and the opposition are led by blood thirst weyanes…do you remember when Seye said “let alone fight a war-we could even create it”…
    The who Arena and Seye movement is an armistice agreed in MLLT weyanes are assured places in both political sides…

    This is just a game..

  6. Shewit on

    ViVa Seye and Negasso. Thanks for your courage to break from ethnic politics.
    You chose the right path.

    Good bless Ethiopia.

  7. Gebremedhin on

    I agree with the comments of ER.
    It is not a breakthrough to the Ethiopian democracy,as has reported it.
    I partially understand the gradual change of Mr. Gidada from forty years of tribal affiliated thinker to pan-ethiopianism. it is a progres in his profile.
    He was once Ethiopian President, in spite of his political and ethnical background. But power is the sweetest thing that you never say, I have had enough.
    A person who had been a nations’ President won’t downgrade himself by becoming a member of ethnic organisation,either.
    In this respect, his choice depicts his cleverness. It is to welcome.

    As of Mr. Seye I would rather wait and see how his former comrades react for joining a non-ethnic, relative weak political party with undecided objectives,except lamenting about unity, democracy and justice.
    I will support them as far as both gentlemen struggle for the release of W/t Birtukuan, although I am a sypathyser of another non violent political party. The calculation of these gentlemen is that they would assume top position in UDJ, since 24 broad-minded personalities were suspended two months ago for unknown reason.
    This will raise an eyebrow by many members of UDJ’s.

  8. are we saying that we will not accept any ex woyana now??? the two if not popular than known names joining UDJ might give it a boost and we should see where it goes….

    I don’t support the party yet but i am a believer that Birtukan have paid the greatest price thus far and i’d like to see her go far ahead in uniting our country…..I would honestly support UDJ way before I support AEp “hilu shawel’s party”

    LEt groom it and fix it , not distroy it….IF they are woyana they will soon or later be caught on action…

    May GOD Give our beloved country the leader she desereves.

  9. Joseph on

    Dear Folks,

    Negaso’s and Seye’s joining of the UDJ is really a “significant” move and has a national reverberation to re-ignite the unity of the Ethiopian people. They finally, dusted off the “Woyane Killilstan Thinking” and started a new political path after learning from mistakes of the past.

    We’ve advised these folks long a while ago to exactly take this type of political course of action. I still personally call upon Dr Beyene Petros and Prof Merera Gudina and Obo Bulcha to follow suit i.e. forget their ethnic thinking/organisations and re-organise themselves under the common Ethiopian Flag and Umbrella. That will be a leaser treatment for the Woyane’s ethnicity based “Federal Primitivism”. This kind of bold move will have the impact of dismantling the Woyane Empire, and lay the grounds for genuine democracy. If these folks galvanise their energy in this way, they have won the hearts and minds of Ethiopians and they have also earned my vote and the votes of people like my-self.

    For now, let us support and guard Negaso and Seye from eventual Woyane attacks. The angry Woyane supporters have already started launching their swords attacking Seye that he has left ARENA etc.

    God Bless These Guys for Finally Waking Up!
    God Bless Birtukan Mideksa – The Symbol of Ethiopian Unity!!

    Death to the Dilmenderus, the Voracious Hodams, and the Murderers!

  10. የነጋሶና የእስዪ ነገር ሕዝብን ለማታለል የተደረገ ነው መጀመርያ ለኢትዮጵያ ባንዲራ ፍቅር ይኑራች ሁ

  11. O J Tolera from wisconsin on

    I used to review Ethiopian review as an independent megazine,

    It tooks me a long time to understund ER had some hater about ethiopian unity !

    I don’t have to lecture you about how you
    should make your journal independent ,But i want you to know that you have a megazine under the name of Ethopia,please be optimist and try to advocate peoples Like seye and Negaso at least for their tactics, at least to get down woyane, then the end justifies the means.

  12. Anonymous on

    Wow, wow, wow It is great. It is one of my happiest moment i my life hearing the joining His Excellency Dr. Negasso and the famous fighter Siye Abrha Burtkan’s Partry. Down with Professor Mesfin and some of his flocks who are working day and night to weaken Mederk. Also down with Enginer Hailu, the Shrewd man, who too very much disappointed at the growth of Mderk.
    Any the people of Ethiopia, we are now under critical situation. More than 13 million people are starved. There is no democracy in our country. OPDO officials, who are accusing former Oromo balabatts of Menelik for grabbing land. Now what OPDO are doing. They grab Oromo lands and made many Oromos particularly the Tulama to which I belong becoming landless.
    God will help Ethiopia

  13. Ginbot on

    What happened to Ginbot 7 guys? Hmmmmmm…
    Elias, would you mind asking the leaders about what is going on there?
    The 6 months promis and …..

  14. Thausnds of poeple died by Woyanes during 1997 fake election, 200? That is joke number. I told you before Birtukan is part of Woyanne. Now the truth comes out. She will come out from jail to join these criminals. So the 2002 elections will be b/n criminals.
    If you support these people, you will regret.

  15. Anonymous on


    What do you have better than UDJ? nothing! Let us build on everything poitive. Having Seye and Negasso in oppositon changes the political land scape. Let us add what we have on this beggings: EPPF, G7 etc.

  16. EthioBoy on

    @ Joseph and Selam,
    እስቲ ለመሆኑ ዶ/ር ነጋሶ የሰሩትን ማን ሰርቱዋል? ማውራት ቀላል ነው::
    ሲጀመር እኝህ ሰው ቅን አሳቢ መሆናቸውን የሚያሳይ ብዙ ተግባር ፈጽመዋል:: ለምሳሌ:- የዛሬ 8 አመት ገደማ አቶ መለስንና ፓርቲያቸውን በ ኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ፊት ኢ-ዲሞክራትና መሰሪ መሆናቸውን ነግረዋቸው: ከዛሬ ጀምሮ አብሬያችሁ አልሰራም ብለው
    በድሎት እና በተቀማጠለ ሁኔታ ከሚኖሩበት የሚኒሊክ ቤተ-መንግስት ጥለው ወጡ::
    2ኛ.ዛሬ ደግሞ “በ1987 በጸደቀው ህ/መንግስት ‘ሁሉንም ያሳተፈ ነበር ‘የሚል ንግግር አድርጌ ዋሽቻለሁ::በዚህ ጉዳይ በእውነቱ ስጸጸት ከርሜያለሁ:: አፍሬያለሁም ::ስለዚህ የኢትዮጵያን ህዝብ ይቅርታ እጠይቃለሁ” አሉ::
    እስቲ ለመሆኑ ማን ይሆን በዚህ ዘመን እንደዚህ አይነት ቅን ልቦና ያለው እና ለሆዱ ሳይሆን ለአእምሮው የሚኖር???
    እኔ በበኩሌ ዶ/ር ነጋሶ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ኩራት የየዋሁ የኦሮሞ ህዝብ ትክክለኛ ተምሳሌት ናቸው ባይ ነኝ::
    ኢትዮጵያ ለዘላለም ትኑር!!!!!!!

  17. AFDist on

    Ex-Ethiopian president, Negaso Gidada’s political move: backward or forward?

    I read a news about Negaso Gidada, the ex-president of Ethiopia joining the oppostion party UDJ, with the feeling of ambivalence. Is his move constructive or destructive to the liberation movement of his own nation, Oromo? Is his current political development a backward move or a forward move? To answer these questions, we need to look at the conflict between the interest of the nation Oromo, to whom he belongs, and the interest of the region called Ethiopia composing many nations, in which the two Abyssinian nations aka Amhara and Tigaru were exchangeably dominant in the past about 150 years. In short we need to look at the complementarity and contradiction between Ethiopian “democratic movement” and Oromian liberation movement.

    As I was a university student some years back, I and one of my friends were sitting in a bus and looking throught the window a nice city we were touring and accidnetally we saw one of our teachers (lecturers) walking. This lecturer was a bit elderly, light skined, had bald hair with full beard. My funny friend just watched and asked me, whether the teacher is walking forward or backward. Because of his bald head and full beard on his chin, we couldn’t differentiate his face from the back of his head. That was very funny indeed, so both of us laughed. Since then, this episode remaind to be a joke among our circle of friends. As I read Negaso’s decision to join the “multi-national” UDJ instead of the national party OFC, I just remembered this joke and laughed at the measure taken by the ex-president. A question came to my mind was: is this backward or forward political move?

    To look at the political career of the ex-president, first he was OLF activist who used to believe in liberating Oromia from Abyssinian colonialism; then he joined OPDO believing in ethnic federalism; after he left OPDO I heard him demanding Oromo’s right to self-determination per referendum; now he joined a party which rejects the right of Oromo nation to self-determination and even wants to dismantle Oromia with a pre-text of preferring xeqilaygizat-federalism in contrast to the kilil-federalism, which is supported by Oromo people. Is this move a backward or a forward move for one Oromo intellectual, who wrote his desseration on Oromo history and who used to struggle for the right of Oromo in the past 40 years?

    No question the Oromo liberation movement is getting momentum, slowly but surely, so that many stakeholders in the region are in a big worry (firstly Habesha elites, secondly the Western allies of Habeshas who used to support them in suppressing Oromo and thirdly few elites of the small nationalities in the empire, who are mistakenly in fear of Oromo’s “future domination”). These anti-Bilisummaa (anti-freedom) forces are now doing every thing under the sky to inhibit and hinder the Oromo liberation movement. One of the “modern and 21st century” move to hinder Oromo from achieving Bilisummaa (freedom of) Oromo and Walabummaa (sovereignity of) Oromia is playing the game of the fake democratization of Ethiopia.

    The opponents of Oromo liberation movement know very well that genuine democratization of Ethiopia is the best MEANS to achieve the END of the Oromo liberation movement, that is why they only give lip service, but never allow it happen. Conservative and old-mode (faaraa) Amhara elites with the mind of the 20th century Nefxenya (rule using nefx or gun) already showed their alliance with the 21st Nefxenya Tigarus now in power with the Zenawi-Shawel-handshake. The smart and modern (araadaa) Nefxenyas of both Habesha nations are re-organizing themselves in UDJ and G-7. That is why I am not surprised by the raised handshake of Siye Abraha and Gizachew Shiferraw, but the raised handshake of Negaso Gidada and Gizachew Shiferraw made me to be sad and at the same time to laugh, that is the ambivalence of emotion I had. Fact on the ground is that araadaa way or faaraa way, all the handshakes are about saving the empire! The faaraa Nefxenyas try to keep the empire with old method like talking about the “history” that Debteraa Bahirey and Aleqaa Taye wrote about Ethiopia and demanding directly to dismantle Oromia. The araadas use totally other methods, for example to reduce the danger of dismantling the empire domination system, which is coming from Oromo, they use the following theories as postmodern approachs now applied to fight against Oromo’s right to self-determination in order to save the empire from disintegration:

    – “All Ethiopians including Tigrayans are Oromo, so Oromo liberation in a form of Oromian autonomy or Oromian independence is not necessary”, this is the theory constantly preached by Habesha elites in forums and paltalks.

    – “Oromos as a majority can rule Ethiopia, so let’s fight for democracy together, no need of Oromo liberation movement”, this is an approach of the modern Habesha movement which tries to instrumentalize Oromo individuals like Birtukan Midhagsa, now joined by Negaso Gidada.

    – “Every body in Ethiopia is blended with Oromo, so Ethiopia is Oromia and Ethiopian empire is in reality Oromo empire”, Siye Abraha’s approach belongs here based on the speech he made as he toured North America.

    – “Let’s focus on development of Oromia, our Oromo people need more food rather than freedom”, TPLF’s and its puppets in OPDO approach this way to divert attention of Oromo from struggle for liberation and to pacify Oromo.

    – “Oromo need unconditional national independence without regional union, but OLF is the first enemy who abandoned this goal; so first let’s focus on bashing, cursing, demonizing, discrediting and villifying OLF, specially its hitherto leaders”, Weyane cadres acting as the radical pro-Oromian-independence tried this method to devide and destroy the vanguard liberation front.

    Be it they are faaraa or araadaa, till now there is no any Amhara party, which came to the middle ground to accept and respect kilil-(“ethnic”)-federalism as a compromise solution for the conflict between the pro-unitarity Amhara elites and pro-independence Oromo elites. By the way, I personally don’t believe that there is any “multi-national (hibre-biher)” party in Ethiopian empire. One of the fake and fiction stories we are hearing from Ethiopia now is that people try to devide political parties in that empire as “ethnic based” and “hibre-biher”. All Amhara parties like AEUP, CUDP, EDP, EDUM, EPPF, EPRP, G7M, UDJ and UEDF-diaspora try to sell them selves as all inclusive political parties. And they try to villify others like OFC, SEPDC, OLF, ONLF, SLF, etc as narrow minded “national (ye biher)” organizations. For their justification they try to show us that for instance UDJ is lead by people from all nationalities.

    Here, I think there is no necessity to fool each other. People from other nationalities, who are active in Amhara parties are only hard-wares (biologically from other nations), but with Amhara soft-ware (Amhara mind persuing to keep Amhara interset). Just look at those in UDJ and G-7: Birtukan Midhegsa is Amhara soft-ware in Oromo hard-ware (she is Amhara in mind and Oromo in blood); Hailu Araya is Amhara in mind and Tigaru in blood; Berihanu Nega is Amhara in mind and Gurage in blood; Muluneh Iyuel is Amhara in mind and Hadiya in blood, etc. Just look at their attempt of stressing to use only Amharinya by all parties, they never dare to use Afaan Oromo, eventhough they try to get the support of Oromo. We can forget the other conservative “hibre-biher” parties like AEUP and EPRP, who talk only about one “Ethiopian people (ye Itiyophiya hizb)”, they never dare to say “Ethiopian peoples (ye Itiyophiya hizbooch)”! But let us all be aware of Amhara soft-wares in Other’s hard-ware. Here I just want to add my observation regarding the form of expression used by Merera Gudina and Negaso Gidada in the last few weeks. They hitherto used to talk about “ye Itiyophiya hizboch” till a journalist from Addis-dimts confronted Merera few weeks back in one of his last interviews. Since then both of them talk only about “ye Itiyophiya hizb”, which is loved by Habesha elites just to confirm their mantra of “only one people” in Ethiopia. To my understanding both expressions are not wrong, it only depends on the context. When they are talking in the context of Ethiopian govenment Vs Ethiopian people, it is right to use “ye Itiyophia hizb” i.e in relation to only one federal government, but when the discussion is about the right of nations in the empire, using the expression “ye Itiyophiya hizboch” is appropriate. So I just encourage Oromo politicians to use both expressions depending on the context.

    Regarding the move of Oromo nationalists nowadays, I think there is a consensus on the route of the journey to our END. We have to keep the status-quo (a limited cultural autonomy) from any setback; we have to move together towards true Oromian autonomy, the goal set by OFC; then we have to finish the journey to self-determination per referendum leading to one of the two outcomes (independent Oromia with a union of nations in the region or independent Oromia without such a union). Otherwise, according to my hitherto observation, Abyssinian elites and Oromian elites preach democracy for the sake of two different and opposite ENDs:

    – for Abyssinian elites, democratization of Ethiopia is a meanse for decimation of Oromia in to ten pieces. That is why they propagate geography-based or xeqilaygizat-federation on the contrary to the language-based or kilil-federation aka “ethnic” federalism. It is a move towards unitary Ethiopia, melting all nations in to Amharic speakers. Is Negaso now prefering this move?

    – for Oromians, democratization of Ethiopia is a meanse for liberation of Oromia from the empire domination system. That is why we want to convert the fake kilil-federation of Weyane to a genuine kilil-federation, which can be the best precondition to move to self-determination of Oromo.

    Abyssinian elites theoretically preach democracy, but practically they walk against it. Oromo elites do have no fear from genuine democracy for it can lead us to liberated Oromia. At the same time we do have no fear from union of nations in the empire or region if it is based on our free will for it is the best way to Oromo’s leadership in the region as it is a biggest and strongest nation of the area. Based on the difference we do have among Oromo people in respect to the two possible outcomes of self-determination per referendum, I think “pro independence without union” Oromo, who do cry foul against “pro independence within a union” Oromo’s dedication to democratize Ethiopia, should stop their lamenting. Democratization of Ethiopia is not the END per se, but the meanse to the END i.e to liberation of Oromia. If we percieve it like this, then it is clear why Abyssinian elites get panic when ever genuine democratization is getting root in the empire!

    Coming back to the raised handshake of Negaso with Gizachew and Siye, let’s look at the possible impact on our liberation movemnt. Just as Weyane cadres and their web-sites rejoiced and jumped because of the advantage they did get from the handshake between Meles Zenawi & Hailu Shawel, the handshake of NegasoGidada & Gizachew Shiferraw also made pro-unitarity Amhara elites to sing and jump with joy. Why? Because they percieved it as a triumph of their movement of unitarity over Oromo movemnt for liberty. To their pleasure, surprisingly Negaso made an analogy of a chicken in an egg-shell for “national movements” such as Oromo liberation movement. He just failed to percieve the smart Amhara national movement covered with “Ethiopian multi-national movemnt” in its true nature. Thus, in reality he just moved from his own egg-shell (Oromo liberation movment) in to the other one’s egg-shell (Amhara domination movment). Why did he do this? He already gave the answer: because of the “love and popularity” he got from Habesha elites! Interestingly this is the smart method Habesha elites used till now to weaken Oromo nationalists, i.e make them “friends”, give them “love and recognition” as far as they are in line with Habesha elites’ domination move and the same Habesha elites do the opposite (hate, denounce, despise, denigerate, etc) when ever such Oromo elites start to emphasize the importance of Oromo liberation from Habesha elites’ domination.

    Anyways I hope that Oromo individuals in UDJ one day wake up and smell the coffee. Unless Habesha elites in parties like UDJ and G-7 are ready to accept and respect the God-given and Man-made right of Oromo people to self-determination, unless they at least decide to recognize Oromian autonomy in Ethiopian context, no araadaa manipulation of Habesha elites will stop Oromo people from pushing in the liberation struggle for our desired Kaayyoo (goal). But for the sake of fighting against fascist Weyane at the moment, I dare to support the move of both Negaso and Siye to strengthen the currently viable opposition aka Medrek. If UDJ in Medrek is for the true kilil-federation, I think Negaso’s current political move is a forward move, if UDJ is to prefer xeqilaygizat-federation, a pre-text for dismantling Oromia, Negaso just moved backward. The only thing that all stakeholders in the empire/region have to have in mind is that they can not fool Oromo people, who have no other wish and intention except securing our rigth to self-determination.


  18. Africa1 on

    The truth, like oil under water, will rise and the true faces of leaders and those that betray will be clear. May the powers of Universal Peace and Freedom, that govern the microscopic and macroscopic, lay their protective hands over those that are risking everything for the love of country. Ehiopia is my home. Let me be home, work hard no matter what the pay, and breath in the fresh scent of Abysinia….It has been said and so shall it be, that one day those that love their country will one day return and help rebuild. Abysinia will unite and bring us out into the light for the rest of Africa to see and follow suit, because we have endured too much suffering for too long. Rejoice, and if you don’t believe, just watch. These men are galactic angels waiting for the rest of us to wake up…and smell the coffee.

  19. Anonymous on

    “….Just as Weyane cadres and their web-sites rejoiced and jumped because of the advantage they did get from the handshake between Meles Zenawi & Hailu Shawel, the handshake of Negaso Gidada & Gizachew Shiferraw also made pro-unitarity Amhara elites to sing and jump with joy. Why? Because they percieved it as a triumph of their movement of unitarity over Oromo movemnt for liberty……”

    Well said!!

  20. wow, some of us are so quick to forgive and forget. this two people share equal responsibilities for what was done to many innocent Ethiopians. Just saying sorry does not cut it! we all have to be very vigilant about their move… i think this is just another way of destruction of one party with leader who is respected by all Ethiopians. this is a deliberate act of woyanes to make birtukan look irrelevant so please just do not rush to make peace with two criminals just yet. i wish there is way to find out what BIRTUKAN THINKs OF THIS MOVE. I AM SURE DISGUSTED BY IT.

  21. Anonymous#23,
    Please, don’t put ur trash idea here. We ethiopians can easily understand that you and your likes ignorants are Woyanne! Elias, please don’t post this kind of stupid comment. It doesn’t help us build our country.

  22. It looks good and would have been rejoiced if we could assume both were sincere. But how could we trust that Seye changed when we could not openly admitted the mistakes committed? I could we force on ourselves to believe that he has changed when in fact he is still proud of what he and his party did? Things do not materialize by wishing them and forcing them on ourselves. Dr. Negaso may be aspiring to comet back to power.

    Therefore, instead of rejoicing I am baffled! Woyane may be rejoicing and may go to the extent of releasing Birtukan to all your surprises.

  23. Gabose on

    The political manoeuvering of these two individuals and others like them, will have no bearing on future political development in Ethiopia. They suffer from a combination of passing their best buy date and the wounds and old unfavourable packages. Simply put, they are spent politicians.

    On another note, since there is no credible political space to work, the other crowds (democrats) and their supporters who still entertain the idea of effecting change through peaceful political pressure will be disappointed.

    The game is between Meles’ TPLF regime and the ones who opted for armed struggle. It may take few more years but that is where things will be decided.

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