White Europeans doing iskista (video)

These white Europeans do a better iskista dance than most Ethiopians I know, even me. It is hilarious and really entertaining. The performers are members of the Amsterdam International Dance Theater in The Netherlands.
Watch below. – Elias Kifle

29 thoughts on “White Europeans doing iskista (video)

  1. it looks like the guys have mastered the art.

    The ladies, I believe they understood isksta to mean some sensual play on the chest area. Well, that perception is interesting, probably it is true as well, but I dont know it feels kind of too abstract.

    Well I dont blame them though, modern Amharic choreography emphasizes it (and as such cheapens it) but real ISKISTA in the countryside hardly involves the boobs. Real iskista actually involves the shoulders and it is done in a dignified manner (not in the wild exaggerated manner we see in the choreographed pieces). I have to say the ladies in the above video clip have a dignified way of doing Isksta ( my previous critique notwithstanding).

    Over all a nice video. I will watch it again.

  2. Assta B. Gettu on

    After all, all humans originated from Ethiopia; therefore, all humans must learn the language, the culture, and the traditions of the land of their origin. Iskista is one of the arts of performing Ethiopian cultures that has entertained millions of Ethiopians all over the world. For trying and performing such an elegant art called Ethiopian Iskista, the Netherlanders deserve a high mark. I hope every European would follow the good examples of the Amsterdam International Dance.

  3. Dagimawi on

    I am an ethiopian ,doing my higher study here.I do have a very great respect and love for this cool people of Dutch!!!

  4. Anonymous on

    Mr.Elias,have you seen how the Japanese do it?You will be amazed…try to post it here…they are called ‘mocha dance group’…check it out …

  5. Getaw Yalem on

    This is what I call truly artistic skills. The choreographing is impressive, and the dancers are also impressive. I enjoyed listening to the beginning as the “dancing umpire” is going back and forth just like it’s done in the culture with his horse tail stick. It was nice to see the dress code. Well done.

  6. Dejenie A. Lakew on

    Dear Memmbers of Amsterdam International Dance Theater!

    It was an excellent perfomance! You have played and enjoyed the Ethiopian Eskista dance very very well.

    I liked it very much indeed.

    Keep that up !

  7. Millen on

    so sweet. I watched it with my kids about 20 times. Thank you Elias. My whole family loves you. Minyeshu is a wonderful choreographer. I wish the group comes to America to perform.

  8. germognal on

    Being able to perform the national dance of other nations is a sign of a greatness.


  9. kene lageru on

    Beautiful performance !!! This is what makes Ethiopian proud please let’s stand together and eliminate the HIV/AIDS Woyane. Thank you Minyeshu You did an owesome job.

  10. Kidest on

    I loved it!!!! I also had a good giggle….they look great and well done….hope to see more of this in the other parts of the world…

  11. Looks decent enough, could tell they have been rehearsing and havent really got the true flow of it. But looks good.

  12. zewditu on

    This so cool! very lovely performance. I hope they are comming to USA. Specialy Washington,D.C.
    Mary X-Mass and Happy New Year To All performance.

  13. Anonymous on

    it is queit interesting to me and may be to so many Ethiopinans who watched this vidio clip for we the people are short of this dancing activity eventhough it is ours. They really have done it in remarkeable way so i really thanks them.

  14. That truley was a fantastic show, they all appeared to be enjoying themselves. There are so many Ethio who can not even do that with confidance. Well done. This national dance of ours can be more complicated than some other African Dances. it is fun and quite energetic.
    Batam Teruno!!!

  15. a dutch guy on

    wow, this almost brought tears to my eyes – so beautiful!

    much love to all my ethiopian brothers and sisters, for we are all one family under Eheyeh YahEl!

    Salaam, Shalom, Peace!

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