Ethiopians in Washington to honor Pastor Daniel Mekonnen

Pastor Daniel Mekonnen

Ethiopians in the Washington DC Metro area will hold a special event honoring Pastor Daniel Mekonnen, in appreciation of his 40 years of service.

Date: Saturday, January 23, 2010
Time: 4:00 PM
Place: Sheraton National Hotel
Address: 900 S. Orme Street, Arlington VA 22204

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28 comments on “Ethiopians in Washington to honor Pastor Daniel Mekonnen

  1. solomon on

    We have to appreciate and encourage
    a person like Pastor daniel who made
    contribution to spread Good News to our country and to rest of world .
    Ethiopia needs such kind of a person ; The problems of ethiopia economically and politically can be solved if we united and make our eyes on The LORD not on politicians .

    Thanks !!


    I remember him as a child in Mesrete kristos church, before Mengistu Hailemariam’s regime shuts it down and daniel had to flee the country. He is a true servant of God.

  3. I have known pastor daniel all my life. he is truly a wonderful man of God.I hope God will give us many more preachers like him.

  4. Gifti on

    Wondim Elias,
    Take this occasion and interview the good pastor about his 40 years of service. In the mean time, his latest role in SHIMGILINA process. As a person who is running a media outlet, we would apreciate if you can arrange interview with Pastor Daniel or with his colleagues in the SHIMGILINA and ask questions we all want to hear from them i.e. Birtukan’s assertion that they were all released thru SHIMGILINA process not following the rules of the “pardon law” Meles & his cronies blabber about. He does not have to say negative things. Just the facts. What was the role of the SHIMGILINA? Was it political reconcilliation effort as BIRTUKAN said or not? So many questions they can answer.
    You may say he might not agree to do public interviews fearing it would complicate their continued SHIMGILINA efforts in private, as you said.
    I do not buy that. It looks like a cap-out. Frankly speaking, many including Western Embassy officials claim that they are engaging in reconcilliation/ SHIMGILNA outside public view. By now it looks more of a lip service or polite way of saying do-not-ask further.
    What pastor Daniel or his colleagues should be reminded is that if they do not come out in public and answer questions such as the above stated, their role would be understood by many Ethiopians as that of the “SHIMAGILE”s who were sent to Abune Petros pleading him to accept Graziani’s terms of release and save his soul as depicted well in Tsegaye G. Medhin’s “PETROS YACHIN SE’AT”. Or that of the tribal chiefs & elders South African Apartheid regime sent to talk with Mandela with conditions for his release?
    Had the political reconcilliation succeeded or the prisoners were released without undue pressure to concede to their jailers demand, I can see reasons to cheer the Professor’s & his colleagues’ efforts. It seems more clear now that the SHIMAGLES way of “conflict resolution” is to weigh heavily on the weak to concede to the demands of the powerful. For their own sake, it is better to clear the perception that is growing about their role.
    The Abune Petros case and Soouth African example demonstrates history will render justice and such kind of “SHIMAGELES” or “Elders” would find themselves in its dust bin as it had done with the once powerful they had served.

  5. peter on

    elias,this is taking me back to my best memories of my teenage years in ethiopia.His teachings have helped me to understand the message of the bible. pastor, congratulations. may God continue to cover you with his blessings and give you strength.

  6. Anonymous on

    What a great and Godly idea to honor such a legend. Pastor Daniel has been recognized as the most influential Christian among Ethiopians. .Tens of thousands of people are inspired by his great teachings around the world. The hopeful messages and warm encouragements by Pastor Daniel has personally helped me stay focused in my relationship with God. Pastor Daniel speak faith into the lives of others, encouraging them when they are discouraged and for over 40 years spread the good news (salvation in Christ) throughout the world. May the Lord bless Pastor Daniel and his lovely wife and keep them safe for many years to come. Congratulations Pastor.

  7. i have read gift’s sugestion to elias and i found its’ importance to interview pastor Daniel what he thinks about the futur of his country and the positions of his followers regarding the understanding of their faith in the holly bible .

    i am asking this question because i have doubt about the level of or the meaning of the verses in the book.when the bible say ”don’t fear a man who only can kill your flesh but can’t able to kill your soul, so fear your God that kan all”

    are he and his followers don’t belive in GOD ? why don’t he speak the truth .God love truth. those who speak for truth and stand aginst injustic will be cursed.
    see Isia 59,15-18.

    GOD bless you all!

  8. Gifti on

    My understanding is Pastor Daniel was part of the SHIMGLINA process because of his Prison Fellowship Service in Ethiopia. If it is not the same Pastor, Daniel, I stand to be corrected and apologize. Elias, say something. How about interviewing Pator Daniel on this occasion?

  9. ethiopia on

    Elias, I have to tell you,you bring joy in my life. I hope one day we Ethiopians will also honor you for your excellent hard work. Having said that when i saw the special event in washington dc for pastor daniel i couldn’t help but cry.Thank you for sharing pastor’s 40 years faithful service with millions around the world.It is God’s time honoring his obedient servant.

  10. Alemu on

    He truly is a man of God. His non judgemental approach to his preaching attrracted many to the gospel of Christ.

  11. helen on

    his sermon sticks because it has anointing and very brief. He is humble and a great man of God. Thank you ER.You guys are the best

  12. peace on

    i remember him when he was a young man. I am absolutely proud of him for his 40 years service.may god bless you

  13. Sendu on

    All preacher, Paster, kess, Pope…no one like Pastor Daniel. Pastor Daniel always when he pray, He pray for Ethiopian and Eritrean People. I am member of Zebene church. Zebene never pray for Eritrean people, it is ok but Kess zebene Please your preaching always hate about another Religion instead of weyane. Stop hate and preach only God word. God bless Pastor Danieal and Elias

  14. selam on

    ER, you just don’t miss out any great event. You guys shocked me on this one.I must say you all are brilliant for not ignoring this event. God bless pastor daniel makonen.

  15. The Great God ETHIOPIA on

    Who is pastor Daniel? Is he part of the solution to the present Ethiopian problem? or is he a preacher of hope to the hopeless? Is he more concerned to go to heaven rather than constricting an elementary school some where in rural Ethiopia?

    I see some kind of trend among Ethiopians.It looks we lost complete hope in our Ethiopian government as a central figure to hold as together as one nation.In order to replace that vacuum we are sliding to find an alternative. Ethnic and religion attachment are becoming some of the negative alternative to fracture Ethiopian identity. Is pastor Daniel part of the brain washing company to inculcate individualism and idealism in the young Ethiopian mind? Is he preaching
    to fly to heaven instead taking a bicycle ride to rural development in Ethiopia?
    It is always my dream to see a prospers
    Ethiopia and the next day go to hell millions time.

    I would like to say this to the pastor
    followers and worshipers “the bible is
    historically accurate,it is only accidentally so:reporting was not of the slightest interest to its writers.They
    had a story to tell which could only be
    told by myth and metaphor:what they wrote become a source of vision rather than doctrine.”

    Thank You

    • Anonymous on

      You don’t know what your talking about, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all

  16. Mulugeta on

    Pastor Daniel Makonnen is a man sent from God to us.
    He has served our people faithfully with a lot of humility
    He has been a channel of blessing to us; He is used of the Lord to give a message of hope to the hopeless, healing to those who have physically challenged encouragements and inspiration to all of us. He has preached and lifted the name of Jesus to our people.
    We need to recognize the calling and gifting God has placed upon this man of God.

  17. mesfin on

    Elias, I appreciate your fair and none biased approach to all religions in Ethiopia. I believe your website is the first Ethiopian web site to give unbiased coverage about Ethiopian evangelical Christians. the likes of Debteraw and assimba always consider Orthodox as the only legitimate state religion in our nation and bad mouth others, particularly evangelicals. you are truely democrat and keep up the good work.

  18. Ayele K. on

    God’s gift to Pastor Daniel in his spiritual preaching is really amazing and incredible!Pastor Daniel’s efforts to keep, particularly Ethiopians, within the true God’s message for this long boring years are invaluable. Pastor Daniel I know that your effort is absolutely necessary in saving Great and Old Mother Ethiopia! We know that the all round crisis we have been through are a direct reflection of lacking those honest and God-fearing politicians and their short-sighted supporters! Pastor Daniel! You should be in public to defeat the satan’s last effort to destroy the whole images of Ethiopians! Fear and frustration are among the innocent Ethiopians! We are living for people nothing else!

  19. Ewunet on

    Hi all,

    I guess # 18 have not heard or seen what this person has done or what he is doing right now in Northern, Southern and Eastern part of Ethiopia.Beside preaching the word of God, this person has established and is establishing a lot of schools, libraries, clinics and pharmacies in the rular part of Ethiopia. Let alone establishing and constructing such infra structure for the poor Ethiopian people, I dont know how many of us have even thought about it.

    By the way, I guess it is always good to wish for the best. # 18, please do not wish to go to hell. From what you wrote I can guess that you do not have any idea what hell is about. You do not have to choose to go to hell to see a prosperous Ethiopia. Just go to Pastor Daniel or other Christian brothers and sisters and tell them you have such a vision and they will work with you. Besides this, if you are willing to share three minuets of yours (bro that is nothing when you compare it with 24 hrs. Right?) you can hear the word of God which can lead you to the Kingdom of God. Trust me that would be a win-win situation for you. You can contribute to your country with out going to hell.

  20. hello on

    Thank you #22 for your information.I think we should contact his office and support his ministry.This is our way of saying THANK YOU Pastor Daniel makonen for your 40 years EXCellent service. May God bless you and our country ETHIOPIA.

  21. Selamu Jibeja on

    To # 4 – Pastor Daniel Mekonnen is not the same paster as Pastor Daniel who is part of the shimagiles, who ministers to prisoners. Pastor Daniel M. is one of the early Ethiopian Evangelical Pastors and is also the founder of the largest Ethiopian Eva chuch outside Ethiopia, i.e. the Washington DC Ethiopian Church.
    He has a missionary and Dvt work in Ethiopia.

    To # 18 – You do not have to go to hell to see a better Ethiopia. You can pray and work for a better God fearing government/governance and join/contribute any NGO that is doing devt work in Ethiopia. Pastor Daniel M. is doing his share.
    Btw, he is not brainwashing anyone, but giving hope and raising the spirits of many destitute Ethiopians. He unlike many others, is inpartial and prays always for the whole world in general and Ethiopians and Eritreans in particular.
    May the LORD bless Pastor D.M. and his work!

  22. Anonymous on

    Pastor Daniel, I know you from Meserete Kiristos church in Addis. You are one humble servant of God. May you always get what you have given to all troubles souls. May you be comforted as you comforted me.

    the unknown from London

  23. biserat on

    i first heard him preaching in the radio when i was in prison in Eritrea due to my faith in Jesus Christ. I was encouraged, comforted and revived. Yesterday i had an opportunity to talk to him and to pray with him in Los Angeles. It was one of the best days of my life. Thank you Paster Daniel Mekonnen for your service and faithfulness for more than 40 years. God bless you.

  24. abrham on

    I have been in his ministry for more than 10 years.I have been blessed by his Ministry.He is a blessing not only to Ethiopia but also to other parts of the world.May God bless his Ministry and Family !!

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