Poll shows Berhanu Nega is the undisputed front runner

By Elias Kifle

The poll conducted by Ethiopian Review during the past 7 days indicates that most Ethiopians would choose, by a wide margin, Dr Berhanu Nega of Ginbot 7 to be the next president of Ethiopia if a free and fair election is held in Ethiopia today and there is a presidential instead of the current fake parliamentary system of governance.

The 16 candidates in the poll were selected from over 180 suggestions that were made by readers. It is a not scientific poll, but the result is useful in analyzing the state of Ethiopian politics. It also helps to expose the illegitimate nature of the election that is scheduled to be held in Ethiopia next May. If a free election is held in Ethiopia, the outcome would be different. However, as things stand now, the outcome of the May 2010 elections is a forgone conclusion.

Participation in Ethiopian Review’s poll has been greater than we expected. Over 3,000 votes were cast in 3 days. That is almost half of the 7,000 unique visitors who accessed the page, which has been visited over 200,000 times. In about 30 days we will conduct another poll to see if there is any change.

As the front runner, Dr Berhanu Nega has a bigger burden of leadership. He needs to take some bold measures and get concrete results before the May 2010 elections in Ethiopia. Otherwise, his lead will evaporate over night. What we mean by result is clear: The removal of Woyanne. Any thing short of that, such as power sharing with Woyanne, will be considered betrayal or surrender.

Unlike Kinijit, this time we have two alternative forces. In case Ginbot 7 falters or betrays us, there is EPPF, which is emerging as a powerful organization. After Hailu Shawel, we should not completely trust any one. Those of us who wish to see Woyanne replaced by democratic and unity forces need to support both these organizations.

28 thoughts on “Poll shows Berhanu Nega is the undisputed front runner

  1. solomon on

    Dr Birhanu is the Smartest Person in todays ethiopian political scene. But TPLF preferes to murder all 85 million ethiopian ppl than give up power through election.
    so it take the whole new generation of ppl for ethiopia to see true election.

  2. EthiopiaAwi on


    Happy Epiphamy!

    I voted Dr. Berhanu, and he will be the choice of our people to lead us to come out this hardship, suffering, and poverty. I agree with you that online polling is non-scientific, but there is still room for improvement. My comments and/or recommendations on the methodology and analysis your polling:
    -I suggest only one candidate should represent a party. Supporters of the same party are forced to choose among their leaders, and this will definitely affect on the outcome. Dr Berhanu and Ato Andargachew are from the same party (G-7) with same party vision, goal and platform. Similarly, W/rt Bertukan, Eng. Gizachew, and Dr. Yaekob are from the same party (UDJ). It is obvious that the candidates’ personality, ability, vision, wisdom and other attributes play a major part in our decision, but the party’s platform is also one of the criteria (if not the major) considered during our election of the president.

    -I also suggest that you should include voter information (sex, age, education level, etc). This additional information may help us to understand you voter preference – based on generation, sex etc. This can also improve the quality of your polling result by improving the quality of your sample space, and you can even introduce weighting factors for various groups (age, sex etc.). You can also use statistics during your analysis of the result, rather than general conclusion based on the final percentage alone. Above all, It will prevent you from becoming another Keml Bedri.

    – You can also introduce multi-stage (preferably two rounds) voting. Every EPRP will for sure vote Iyasu Alemayehu. If he is disqualified in first round, they will be forced (well voluntarily) to vote either Dr. Berhanu or W/rit Bertukan, which will be interesting.

    -I don’t agree on your conclusion. You said, “As the front runner, Dr Berhanu Nega has a bigger burden of leadership. He needs to take some bold measures and get concrete results before the May 2010 elections in Ethiopia. Otherwise, his lead will evaporate over night”. With all due respect this is BS. This is online vote result. We didn’t elect him on your website; I thought it is just online polling. ONLY G7 members can question his performance.

    Bedigame Melkam Amet!

  3. tezibt on

    I would rather have you Elias as a leader than Berhanu. Most people are not thinking with their brains when they were voting. They are only emotional and vengeful. We need some one between you and Dr. Yacob. But I still would vote for you if you gain some more gray hair.

  4. wht a farce election on

    it will take decades to see real democracy in ethiopia even europeans took them that long therefore dont excpect it to be tomorrow thank you.

  5. Gamachi on



  6. Dimocracy on

    its clear if in Ethiopia fair election will be held Berhanu Nega will be political leader of Ethiopia.

  7. Yes ofcourse he is capable of leading a nation, I prefer Birtukan for the future justice system not for presidency or prime minister spot. Dr Birhanu and Dr Yacob look to be fit to be on the leadership as well as Dr Andargachew Tsige.

  8. Dinka on

    Beyond choosing Dr.Birhanu it shows that many of us are far away from tribal politics.All we want is Unity.Good job Elias.
    That day is near!!!Congradualtions G7.

  9. Bekele on

    I dispute your bold assertion, that Brehanu Nega is the leading candidate to be next president of Ethiopia.I have no personal annimosity with DR.Nega.Infact I have great admiration for him.Neverthless,If this sample was taken in collaboration with other sights,or conducted inside Ethiopa, there is no doubt in my mind Birtukan Medeksa could have been emmerged the undisputed leader.No matter how some news outlets attempt to relegate her to the background ,the longer she remaind behaind bar,she will remain the darling of Ethiopia in the minds of tens of millions of Ethiopians.In the final analysis tha tis what matters :winning public trust and the harts of the people.I vividly see her,through the prayer and hard work of her people one day her moment of glory will shine before us.
    GOD bless Ethopia!
    God bless our dove Bertukan Medeksa,her doughter Haile,and her family.

  10. etege on

    Your website has been rated The Number One Ethiopian website for years.The poll reflects the views of your webite visitors including myself.This is an indication for front runner birhanu to listen to the ethiopian people and join EPPF ASAP. Time is flying. THANK YOU ER.

  11. Isoloda on

    Why don’t you show us the full result, let us see how the other candidates did.

  12. Biyaa on

    Dr Birhanu deserves not only to be a president but also the “icon” of democarcy and freedom for Ethiopias. Him and the whole g7 leaders are our heros along many other freedom fighters, politicans including birtukan and others.

    May God bless Dr birhanu and all g7 leaders and all freedom fighters against weyane tyranny!!!!

  13. zabesha on

    A good beginning Elias. Why not you encourage Awramba Times and other private newspapers or any interested group/individual to do the something in Ethiopia? So that the poll will be more scientific, plus that may reveal the illegitimacy of upcoming election. The rest of us, why not we finance such pool? Ethiopia wouldn’t be free just by visiting Ethiopian blogs 10 times a day. Our freedom needs more commitment, passion and compassionate heart to the people of Ethiopia.

  14. Mekuria on

    “After Hailu Shawel, we should not completely trust any one.” Elias

    I agree with Elias. We followed Engineer Hailu likes herds and look what he has done to us and to Ethiopia’s future. I could bet all I had on Eng. Hailu before. Not even 5 cents on him now. We should follow the results our politicians produce by challenging the TPLF regime than Ethiopian political personalities.

  15. I voted for Berhanu and happy that he is no 1. He deserves that rank, but I have also to take off my hats for those who are working with him.

  16. tirubelay on

    Every person who can read and write and who has access to media back home even thinks that Dr. Birhanu is the best leader.

    There is no question of his sincerity and just leadership. We all know he is eloquent in his speech as well. He has the caliber to lead not only that country but also the rest of East Africa.

    I am sure if there is free and fair election, there is no doubt that he will impress millions of citizens in one tv show. People like Meles cannot utter a single word in front of him.

    I am wishing all of us to see the day when we can sing the song of Freedom back home. Lets help G7 to intensify the struggle and put woyanne to demise.

  17. This article seems to be a warning sign to Dr.Berhanu not to change his view but get aggressive rather….love and support but trust no one is the right method to go tackle todays troubling Ethio politics..

    But there is also nothing wrong with trying to change woyana, if possible…since change is what we desire and need, not the particular person on power.

  18. banta on

    Thank you for having such a virtual poll which in some way is indicative of what the outcome of an election would be if it was held in our motherland free and fair. The Birhanu-Birtukan combination will make a difference in our country. He is my vote for the presidency spot. She is a real patriot and with some experience can go for the presidency spot within the coming elections.

  19. Simply put, Dr Berhanu Nega knows the heart beat of the Ethiopian people. If given a chance he is by far the one who can defuse the ethnic tension purposely setup by woyane and unite the Ethiopian people. Woyane has it is own good reason to destroy this great man.

    Go Berhanu!!!

  20. Me and my people on

    No one is this time better equipped than Dr Berhanu to lead our beloved country that has been in political and economical crises for centuries.

  21. hello on


    This article is kind of a warning. It seems to me that you need to see some actions from the Dr to follow the EPPF way.
    Do u believe in Democracy? Do u want to see a real democracy in Ethiopia?
    I DON’T think so. Look what you did in this vote thing in the first place: Meles and Hailu Shawl were excluded from the voting… Is this democratic? Do u think u are fighting for democracy but still you urself is violating democratic principles.

    It is all a waste of time, this vote thing.

  22. Unity First on

    His best qualiy is he deeply understands and can implement delmocracy in that democracy deficient country! He is honest,unity minded, and above all smarter than any intelegent Ethiopian!

    Dr. Birhanu is a real Ethiopian who knows and profoudly teaches the meaninig of democracy for this as well as previous generation of Ethiopians. Leaving behind his luxurious live, he struggled for civil society, press freedom and free election and democracy in general.

    If his counterpars verdict death on him,it is not a surprise! after all they are anti-democracy!

    Unity first!

  23. Kulfo on


    First of all thank you for the poll. However, your comments towards the end are really strange to me.

    1. The voters’ choice (though conducted from few section of the diaspora) is Dr. Berhanu of G-7, followed by Birtukan of Andinet. These two individuals/parties make close to 80%. Then, in what ground and logic you talk about EPPF by neglecting Andinet? Shouldn’t you be guided by the fact than personal preference?

    2. You stated “In case Ginbot 7 falters or betrays us, there is EPPF, which is emerging as a powerful organization”

    Elias, unless you have some undisclosed animosity with Dr. Berhanu’s lead, you wouldn’t set a recipe for disaster for him, even before congratulating and supporting him.

    2. By the way, is it an ultimatum for Dr. Berehanu that “He needs to take some bold measures and get concrete results before the May 2010 elections in Ethiopia. Otherwise, his lead will evaporate over night. What we mean by result is clear: The removal of Woyanne”.

    My curiosity is that: Woyanie has been in power for about 2 decades. If it was possible to get rid of it in few months, why did woyanie in power after so many years? Is this mission intended to reveal the “incapability” of Dr. Berhanu? takes him longer time than your deadline? Or … is it a groundwork for your attack on him after few months of time?

    Elias, I know your support and passion for EPPF. But it shouldn’t obscure your common sense.

    I finally advise you to be honest, irrespective of the outcome. Or else, it would damage your image irreversibly.


  24. Just an external observer on

    I have forgiven Birhanu for his very negative role in quelling down the may 2005 uprising that could have sent stupid woyane to its grave.


  25. Ayele K. on

    Thank you for your efforts to bring light among those who have been oppressed! This telling me that still we do have a choice not to be oppressed! Of course for your and poll convenient I just expressed my consent by electing Dr. Birhanu! But I have very much comfortable with most of them especially Mr Andargachew, Mrs Birtukan, Mr Dawed and the like! We are the one and the very responsible to cultivate and bring our visualized and capable personality into power. We Ethiopians should fill the gap in the failed aspect of old and ugly political games of hypocrite. God bless Ethiopia as well as the whole human being!

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