Volcano erupts in Ethiopia's Afar region

(Reuters) A volcano has erupted in Ethiopia’s remote Afar region, leaving two people missing and forcing hundreds to leave the area, the state news agency said on Wednesday.

People living on the mountain range fled their homes after hot lava began flowing in different directions along valleys at the weekend, Ethiopia News Agency said.

“A river of lava cascading from the volcano, which began erupting in Terru district of the Afar regional state on Sunday, forced residents of Dayulu and Gomoyta villages, to leave their homes and flee for their dear lives,” regional official Mohammed Ayu told the agency.

“Two residents of the two villages are unaccounted for so far,” he added.

The volcano has since calmed, he added. It also briefly erupted last year.

The Afar region, bordering Eritrea and Djibouti, is home to mainly nomadic herders.