Mesfin Mekonnen digs himself deeper

The following is a statement posted by Ato Mesfin Mekonnen (Dr Taye’s agent) on the EEDN email list in response to Ethiopian Review’s expose of the egregious lies he told the Washington Post. Ato Mesfin insists that he and Hailu Shawel were in Congress on Tuesday, Oct. 3, when the U.S. House of Representatives voted on H.R. 2003. On the other hand, Ato Hailu told the Washington Post yesterday that he came to Washington DC on day earlier, Oct. 2, held a meeting with Congressman Smith and returned to Minnesota early Tuesday, Oct. 3 without going to Congress to witness the bill pass.

So who are we to believe here? Hailu Shawel? or Mesfin Mekonnen? As a matter of fact, both of them are lying.

Ato Mesfin’s statement is posted below unedited:


From: Mesfin Mekonnen

Dear Ethiopians:

I am going to comment on the article by Elias Kifle of October 5, 2007 published by the Ethiopian Review. There were several errors of fact that were presented as corrections to my previous writings. For example this piece stated that “the Sept. 21 issue of The Hill newspaper falsely reported that Kinijit delegates Gizachew Shiferraw and Brook Kebede do not support H.R. 2003, while Hailu Shawel does.”

Engineer Shawel has repeated over and over in public discourse his enthusiastic support for passage and enactment of H.R. 2003. Please check this out with Congressman Chris Smith’s office for confirmation. So, this first assertion about Engineer Shawel is obviously untrue and the “blatantly false report” is that of the H.R. 2003 has received bipartisan support from Chairman Donald Payne and all the Democrats and Republicans on the House Subcommittee on Africa and in turn from the Chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee Congressman Tom Lantos and all the Democrats and Republicans on the full committee.

I cannot speak for the EPRP, as I am not a member of that organization. We should focus our writings and activities on achieving Senate support for H.R. 2003. Then the piece goes on to say, “Yesterday, another false report appeared. This time it was in the Washington Post which reported that Ato Hailu Shawel and Ato Mesfin Mekonnen were at the Congress when the vote H.R. 2003 took place.”

The piece went on to add, “The fact is that Ato Hailu was and still is in Minneapolis getting medical treatment. Ato Mesfin was also not there on Tuesday.”

This statement is absurd on the face of it! Attendance at Congressional sessions are hardly anonymous affairs and the presence of Ato Hailu Shawel and myself was noted by dozens of members, staffers, press, and other interested persons. To state the contrary in light of such obvious proof is to act the buffoon — (for what end? Serving what purpose? to whose benefit?).

So, it continues, “Asked to correct the report, Nora Boustany, the Washington Post correspondent who wrote the report, responded ‘they were both sitting in the gallery and I reached them by cell phone while the session was going on. You can probably find out by contacting the office of Rep. Smith. You can check this out independently.'”

Who asked the distinguished journalist Nora Boustany, the chief Diplomatic writer for the Washington Post to ‘correct’ the report? Her response was quite clear and even directly quoted in the piece in

This is the verbatim quote from Ms. Boustany as published on that site:

“they were both sitting in the gallery and I reached them by cell phone while the session was going on. You can probably find out by contacting the office of Rep. Smith. You can check this out independently.”

What part of “both sitting in the gallery, reched by cell phone contact(ing) the office of Rep. Smith” is even discussable?

The only correct use of the word “correct” is the usage by Ms. Boustany politely requesting of the Ethiopian Review to correct its false assertion regarding Engineer Shawel’s and my attendance at the Congressional vote!

Not to end there with his double flip backwards – untruths, i.e. stating untruths, repeating the untruths, citing the Post for not having the facts, being corrected by the Post after publication. He dares to persist to demand that the Post correspondent
“correct” her truthful statement to further the goals of Ethiopian Review whatever they are.

He goes on to say, “This is the work of Ato Mesfin Mekonnen, an EPRP operative in Washington DC who is recruited by Taye to join the now defunct KIC (keysi).” Anyone who knows of my involvement over the years in the Ethiopian-American community knows that I am not now or ever have been a member of EPRP. KIC is far from
“defunct”; it is alive and well under the direction of Dr. Taye and placed at the service of Engineer Hailu Shawel.

He ends with a jaw dropping statement that can only be answered with: HUH??? That
“The misinformation can easily be discovered and disproved.”

Of course it can! I just did that!

Then he closes:

“misinform(ing) the American media the way he (Mesfin Mekonen) did acting as a representative of a major Ethiopian opposition party can have a negative impact on the whole Ethiopian community.”

I am almost at a loss for words as to how to describe the outrageous accusation here. It is as if Elias Kifle was really not in support of H.R. 2003, or democracy, human rights, and development in Ethiopia. Perhaps we should learn more about his position and motives. Just whom is he supporting — and — JUST WHO IS SUPPORTING HIM FINANCIALLY!

Mesfin Mekonen

20 thoughts on “Mesfin Mekonnen digs himself deeper

  1. Egzieew Maharene on

    I think we should’t sweat to find weather Mesfin or Hailu came to DC.Let’s rather focus on real issue.

  2. benberu on

    For 1& 2
    What is ur problem if the truth is revealed he is looking for the truth that is all if that makes U uncomfortable? a big Sorry.

  3. Shotew - Wotatu tagay on

    You proved it Elias, You are Maths teacher!

    I read Nora’s letter to you and she witnessed her words as she talked to his wife and later to himself. She witnessed that even hailu did speak to her, and said that he talked to chris smith the day before the vote was given and left DC early morning of the voting day. this statement is by itself a lie! but let’s assume that Hailu the dictator told Nora the truth. Mesfin is arguing that He and His boss Hailu Shawel attended that hearing. If hailu left early morning, and if Mesfin and hailu attended the hearing together, how many Hailus are there in US? I think there is one Hailu at hospital and there should be another healthy but arrogant, lier Hailu everywhere to insult delegates and us. to make Mesfin’s letter true, second Hailu, I assume, must have joined him. Mesfin is second copy of Dr Taye. He wanted to tell us many times about his assistance to promote HR2003.

  4. Feyssay on

    I am more concerend about Mesfin Mekonen diception in this community for along time. It is not his dealings with the young CUD that bothers me. He has been doing these on Behalf of EPRP but know he is lieing about it.
    1. If you research EEDN Archives you can find Mesfin Mekonen reporting to EEDN on heis Activities with Mr. Fasika Belaet Mr. Ayalsew and MR. Iyasu the EPRP head in Paris. It is also a fact Mr. Mesfin Mekonen is also the Person who feeds ION newslater on Ethiopia by Mr, Iaysu of the EPRP and His Wife. BTW. Mr. Mesfin also gets paid per article by his boss mr. Iyassu. his claim of not being a member of EPRP is Fake. I will say Mr. Mesfin Remember Mr. Malik… You Know …he knows exactly who you are. I will provide Justice department data on Mesfin And Fasika claims as reps and lobyist for Eprp.

  5. gisila91_1 on

    If Eng. Hailu and Ato Mesfin said they were in Congress on Oct.3, 2007. and the WP. reporter insisted that she talked with them while they were at the gallery on Wednesday Oct.3,2007 proves that they were not present when H.R. 2003 was passed. Because, H.R. 2003 passed by the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday Oct. 2,2007 at 12:58 pm.EST.
    That means Elias was telling the truth and with due respect Eng. Hailu, Ato Mesfin and the reporter are falsifying the truth.

    Abetu Amlak Hoi Kekelet Seweregn.

    Thank U. Elias for exposing this heinous act.

  6. I think knowing the truth does not hurt. However, you should not waste your time digging into this story because it will not make too much difference on the opinion that we have on Mr. Dictator Hailu. Hailu is currently saying my way or the highway. Mr. Hailu when are you going to wakeup and start understanding the philosophy of majority governs or wins?

  7. Yibiqan on

    Hey Mesfin,
    What does exposing your lie has to do with opposing HR2003? Are you threatening that if you are exposed this way, you may not work for HR2003 and this way, taking Elias responsible and accusing him? Are you taking HR2003 hostage for your misdemeanor?

    You are real embarrasment to yourself. You have lied and Elias proved it true, and you accused him of opposing HR2003, questioned who is sponsoring him, denied that you are EPRP ( Look people, what does the report in this link insinuate? Where doeas Mekonnen lean to? Kinijit?

    And you stated blah, blah, blah….

    Maferia bitie neh. Take out your hands from kinijit and immerse into atlantic with your Keysi!

    You really are real Keysi. All those people around KIC are proving of their being Keysi!

  8. Tariku on

    Mr. Elias,

    Does it really matter who attended and who did not? I envy you for having such a following even though you are to be an independent journalist. I hope the extent of the readership of your website does not go straight to your head. If HR2003 is going to help bring about peace, I am saying peace out loud, off the top of my lung, we should all be united and work toward the implementation of it. I highly suggest to you that you stop claiming that you have an intelligence unit spying behind the US congress as you mentioned in the past. We have to mature in any profession we are in. You could have said like ‘from our reliable sources…Because you just do not spy on the country that gave you and I such a luxury of saying what you/we want without any unfounded fear. It also erodes fairness and accuracy from your reporting profession. Otherwise, for the most part you are doing fine. I have been a long-time of client of your magazine from the early 90’s on. Be watchful of arrogance and blowing things out of proportion. God Bless You and keep up the good part of your work!!!

    The other thing that worried me for a long time is the way the term ‘weyane’ is cited and used here and every where. I understand from history books this term was used by the peasant rebellion in Tigre province in the 1940’s. Then it was picked up again by Tigrean fighters in the 1970’s. I assume and expect this term to mean a lot and even very scared to a lot of our brothers and sisters from that province. I hate to see it used in a derogatory connotation. It may also fan unwarranted hate for a group of people. I am worried because I have cousins and relatives who are intermarried with very nice Tigrean men and women. I am not a Tigrean and from this article if you conclude that I am just that you will be committing a sin. It is just like a Caucasian can not call an African American a ‘nigger’ just because we African-Americans call each other that name. I can see how some people may take this as a crude and disproportionate comparison. I realize one was created to slander a group of people but the other was not. But they are both used to slander and to perpetuate a hatred against a group of people. If things start falling apart and go out of control back home, I do not have the stomach to think about the chaos and blood-letting that will follow. I refuse to abandon hope that people in that small corner will continue to leave in harmony as they have done for centuries and all hope for reconciliation and accommodation is all lost. May God Save Our People!!!!!

  9. አቶ ኤሊያስ:
    የምታደርገው ጥረት በጣም የሚደነቅ ቢሆንም የኢትዮጵያዊነት ወይም የጋዜጠኛነት ስነ-ምግባር እየጎደለህ ነው:: ኢንጅነር ሐይሉና መስፍን መኮነን ብዙ አስተዋጾ ያደረጉና ብዙ የደከሙ ኢትዮጵያውያን እንደመሆናቸው መጠን “ተሳስተዋል” ወይም “ትክክል አይደሉም” ማለት ይበቃህ ነበር:: ተቃውሞም ድጋፍም በልክ ሲሆን ያምራል::
    ስለ ኢሕአፓ አመራር ዕውነቱን ባላውቅም በቅንጅት ጉዳይ ገብተው ሲፈተፍቱ (እነ ሐማ ቱማ) የፓርቲውን ክብር ዝቅ እንዳደረጉት አልጠራጠርም::


    Mesfin Mekonnen said “Just whom is he supporting — and — JUST WHO IS SUPPORTING HIM FINANCIALLY!”…refering to Elias Kifle of course.

    The I just appreciate Ethiopian Review sooooo much for the following reasons:

    1) ER is making history by holding any politician to be accountable to the people and thus to do so, the people NEED to know the truth. Independent Media, such as ER especially, be it Ethiopian or otherwise, can play a major role not only informing it’s readers but also influencing something that Independent Media is suppossed to do anyway…and that is, serve as a medium that will allow information to educate and also perhaps even be active as a reult of it.

    2) If all Independent media were ferocious in fact finding and giving the people the truth even when the truth can desguise both good and bad things about it sometimes, then one should make decisions based on such presentation. Independent Media is vital now, more than ever!

    3) What is wrong with holding those we have voted to lead us…accountable?!? What is wrong with that, after all, these are indeed democratic rights of an Independent Media. A true Independent Media should criticise all leaders, otherwise, it might as well be a puppet of the government like ENA, Reporter, Aigaforum, etc.

    Thank you ER for your brave coverage of this wierd but interesting story…I just know that any elected politician ought to be accountable by what they present themselves as…and when something is fishy, you (Indepnedent Media) owe it to the people to tell them!!

    Elias Kifle…i found a new hero in you brother!!!

  11. Surafel on


    Would you give this name to the three evils persons?

    Taye-Shaleka-Eyasu: Axis of Evils


  12. fact check on

    Nora, congressman smith, congressional staffers, mekonen, and a lot of other distinguished gentlemen witnessed the presence of Hailu Shawul at the hill that day. The only evidence that says Hailu Shawul was not at the hill is Elias’s post. Elias thinks he has the truth irrespective of what so many witnesses say. Mekonen is “digging himself deeper” for stating this fact. Nora, Smith, Mekonen, hailu and his wife are liars. The only truthful person on Earth is Mr Elias Ashenaki Kifle. “Eng. Hailu shawul is a dictator” says Mr Elias Aschenaki Kifle.

    truth is stranger than fiction.

  13. ተሻገር on

    The only weapon for gangsters to live is lying:another lie to cover up the first lie. Thanks to technology, lairs don’t have and will never and ever have a chance to cheat Ethiopians any more.

    Keep your great job Elias!!!

  14. AleQa Bru on

    Thank you ER for working hard to find out the Truth…the whole Truth.

    Some of you think this is not that important, whether Mr Hailu Shawel and Mr Mesfin Mekonen were at the hearing or not. You think that is it is all about. I say no, it is way more than that. It is about the fact that their integrity. Whether they are individuals who find it morally good to lie about such matters in order to make themselves look important. If we know this much about their integrity, then we are better equipped to judge whether they have the moral high ground when attack the integrity of others.

    The truth shall set you free.

    Kinijit belongs to the people.

    AleQa Bru

  15. I Know Ato Messifen Mokenen is an EPRP who tries to infiltrate in kinijit as a hidden Man,

    That is all. EPRP is the one who causes all these messes in kinijit

  16. bulbula on

    Ato Mesfin, please can you tell airline ticket # which Hailu used to fly from Minneapolis to DC on the said date? so that we can check with the airline. As simple as this. Atleast make it plausible lie…

  17. ERE GuD NEW on

    Feyssay # 6 above, I will help you provide more inf on mekonen
    if he needs.
    I dont blame him( mekonen) When he lies too much, he might forget all the truth.

  18. Mekuriaw on

    አንቺን ማን አረገሽ የብርለ ጠጅ
    ጊዘ ማሳለፊያ ቅራሪ ነሸ አንጅ

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