Ethiopia: Al Amoudi buys Unity University

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (WIC) – Unity University, the first private university in Ethiopia has become the 16th MIDROC Ethiopia sister company as of November 21, 2008. [In other words, Midroc’s owner, Ato Mohammed Al Amoudi, has bought the university.]

MIDROC Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Arega Yirdaw and Owner and President of Unity University, Dr. Fiseha Eshetu signed the agreement that makes Unity University the 16th MIDROC Sister company.

Speaking on the agreement signing ceremony in Addis Ababa on Wedensday, the Dr.Arega said MIDROC Ethiopia, which is widely engaged in various development activities, is buying full ownership of the university as part of its plans to assist efforts of producing skilled man power in the country.

The agreement would enable students of the university acquire better skills through supporting their education with practical trainings at MIDROC companies, he indicated.

The university will attach due attention to quality of education through improving its working procedures and by jointly working with local and overseas universities, he said.

Expansion of services to various states and activities that benefit women would be carried out by the university, he added.

Owner and President of Unity University, Dr. Fiseha Eshetu recalled on his part that the university has played great role in producing skilled man power in the country.

Unity University graduated 20,000 students in various fields of study over the past 10 years, he added. The coming in to MIDROC Ethiopia of the university would enable it boost its capacity to carry out more successful activities in the future, he indicated.

(WIC is a Woyanne-owned news service.)

12 comments on “Ethiopia: Al Amoudi buys Unity University

  1. Guys this Al amoudi is one of the corrupt man who spend Ethiopian money with the ethiopian dictator. The ethiopian dictator is share with Al amoudi with most of his rich in the country.

  2. Don’t tell me that it is really sad news to all ethiopians
    because woyane got another cadre university they will try to shape the curriculum based on their interest only!!!

  3. Maximos on

    Be enkirt lay Joro Degif;

    We have read as to the misery that is being caused by the so called Al Emoudi investments through some media outlets and from dedicated Ethiopians. Middroc’s main role is to kill Ethiopia’s Investment by buying profitable government owned companies and run them by Alamoudi’s achebchabies ,with little or no academic or experience merit to run the given company. It is an open fact that these days , Middrocc Ethiopia, is making the country to have a fruitless investment. Middroc would take a plot for construction and put some fence around and that is all no construction or development. I suspect the guy Al Emoudi to be an Egyptian Agent who is in a mission to kill the on going trial of Economic development being tried by some noble Ethiopians. After all we know how corrupted he make our women, he is giving them a lesson to be shermuta. All a growing girl this days in Ethiopia thinks for a while to sleep with Al Emoudi when she gets older and sale her body for the money that he is to offer.
    I wonder why Dr. Fisseha Eshetu would sale his merit for which he paid so much sacrifice to a slaughter as such. All Ethiopians Need to have a close watch over this Egyptian Mercenary who is on mission to kill our:
    Economic Status
    Cultural Status
    Religious Status

    Wake Up and do some thing or have your say
    The effect of what he is doing wont hurt only specific groups in the country ,but to all of us.

    “Lit a candel than cursing the Darkness”

  4. wow!!! these guy is unbelieveable, soon there isn’t gonna be anything that he is not involved in, and maybe he will run for the house of representatives…money can do anything except…

  5. aselefech on

    why he dont pay his Debt of Sheraton Hotel first??
    Now he wants to buy all the girls in the school? ay ethiopia.

  6. sanch on

    ok guys, do you realise he also have 60,000 employees working under him. so, before we say he is bla bla bla we need to rethink again and consider how he is benefiting our country. and don’t believe everything that this website is saying some of them are actually most of them i believe are for publicity reasons.

    peace to my beloved ethiopia

  7. Melaku on

    I think most of us need a tuning in our thinking pattern. Instead of trying to see what we should do for ourselves and for our country we focus very much on what others are doing. I share with many, the concern they have about Unity, Al Amoudi and Weyane etc. But at the same time I am trying to crack my head to find a solution for our people. Our country is our people, our people are all included Weyane, Oneg, Ogaden ONLF, Derg Wetader, Amara, Tigre, Welayita, Konso any one you name in this land individually or in group. For sure there is no revolution needed, no blood shade to change this land the people’s life to a better one. Our enemies are not people, instead it Poverty, Sickness, War, etc. So lets turn our face from people and do something. It is true some investors including Al Amoudi aren’t fare when dealing with many of investment opportunities, but this is the sickness of many rich people. It is may be ego or greed. But we don’t have to be worried now as all the money invested or properties owned by any one not legitimate can’t go any where. Even if some does it can’t be compared to any ones life. So let’s find a solution for the evil agents in our land to turn to good and return from their wrong ways, let’s be positive and believe there is always a solution for every problem. Ethiopia is big and has a potential enough for you and me and even for any investor would like to come. So let’s be positive let’s build more universities. Don’t curse any one after all we are all brother though some are wrong in our doing and thinking that can’t change the fact. Embrace one another put much effort in bringing peace. If we all pay a little effort that we put for the war to making a peace our future would be brighter.

    So more specifically about Unity University, Please Mr. Al Amoudi this is a different business than all the other businesses you have. It is about the future of the country and you need to give the right concern it deserves. You have to appreciate professionals and only involve in financial matters. Stop being one sided, or don’t try to use the university for any thing other than education. Please try to avoid doing thing like Salam Nursing Collage.

    For others who have money, please invest in education, our people need good school and we need to be educated to be out of our messes. We need more universities; there is nothing wrong in having more educated people. We also have to concentrate in tapping job opportunities abroad, as Indians, Philippines, Egyptians and others suceeded. Blessing! To All of US. God Bless Ethiopia.

    People in Government, get educated, get the exposure needed to be the leaders of the country, stop copying guys on Top or someone you know, know the people you are leading and try to accommodate every thing the society has, the strength and the weakness. Stop believing that you can solve problem by eradicating the culprits. Many of us including you do many things thinking that is the solution. But you guys are in a better position and situation, God gave you all this and you are expected of a result. We, Ethiopians deserve a better life!


  8. Late Me Remind u Some Points about the famous man in the world… Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi (Ge’ez: ሞሓመድ አልአሙዲ, Arabic: محمد حسين العمودي; born 1946 in Dessie, Ethiopia but grew up in Weldiya)Is a Ethiopian/Saudi Arabian business magnate who lives in Ethiopia and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In 2008, Forbes magazine ranks Mohammed Al Amoudi as the 77th richest person in the world with a net worth of $9 billion. Mohammed Al Amoudi is Ethiopia’s richest person. In 2006 his net worth was estimated as between $2.5 and $6.9 billion, causing Arabian Business to rank him as the world’s 8th richest Arab, and Forbes to rank him as the world’s 77th richest person.Al Amoudi’s father is Yemeni and his mother is Ethiopian. He immigrated to Saudi Arabia in 1965 and became a Saudi citizen. Depending on disparate ethnic categorizations, and Al Amoudi’s mixed Ethiopian and Yemeni parentage, he is one of the richest Arabs.
    Al Amoudi made his fortune in construction and real estate before branching out to buy oil refineries in Sweden and Morocco. He is said to be the largest foreign investor in both Sweden and Ethiopia. He holds an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy from the Addis Ababa University and has been honoured with the Swedish Royal Order of the Polar Star by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.
    Attention Dear Viewers and anti-riches…please lates him leave what he is doing…He now what he is planning to do…Pls u are gone be disturb him or Don’t be jelus!!

  9. i am one of the graduate from unity univ. college. when i read the newws i realy shoked and loose my proud of the school,though future is uncertain. i wish all the bests to Fish/Dr./

  10. Kostanaw Seweye on

    For all who opposed Al Amoudi’s success in Ethiopia simply GET A LIFE ! ALL you know is talk and talk and talk. Since you like to talk why don’t you tell us your sucess stories? FIRST what have you done for yourself? Your family? Community and country?…that is what I thought NONE ! So just SHUT YOUR BIG MOUTH. Some of you don’t even know how to spell his name. There is not dispute that there are thousands and thousands of ethiopians are benifiting from Al Amoudi. On this fact alone one should recognize Al Amounid’s gift to his country. If you are making your comment from outside of Ethiopia, then you are a DISGRACE. Go collect your quarter at the airport parking, taxi, reastaurants McDonals etc. If you are making your comment being in Ethiopia then SHUT YOUR MOUTH and go on with your trash life you pice of dirt ! I pray day and night one day Al Amoundi will have a chance to own all business in Ethiopia….

    More power to Al Amoudi. Will vote for him if he runs for Prime Minister or President of Ethiopia.

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