Ethiopia: Al Amoudi buys Unity University

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (WIC) – Unity University, the first private university in Ethiopia has become the 16th MIDROC Ethiopia sister company as of November 21, 2008. [In other words, Midroc’s owner, Ato Mohammed Al Amoudi, has bought the university.]

MIDROC Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Arega Yirdaw and Owner and President of Unity University, Dr. Fiseha Eshetu signed the agreement that makes Unity University the 16th MIDROC Sister company.

Speaking on the agreement signing ceremony in Addis Ababa on Wedensday, the Dr.Arega said MIDROC Ethiopia, which is widely engaged in various development activities, is buying full ownership of the university as part of its plans to assist efforts of producing skilled man power in the country.

The agreement would enable students of the university acquire better skills through supporting their education with practical trainings at MIDROC companies, he indicated.

The university will attach due attention to quality of education through improving its working procedures and by jointly working with local and overseas universities, he said.

Expansion of services to various states and activities that benefit women would be carried out by the university, he added.

Owner and President of Unity University, Dr. Fiseha Eshetu recalled on his part that the university has played great role in producing skilled man power in the country.

Unity University graduated 20,000 students in various fields of study over the past 10 years, he added. The coming in to MIDROC Ethiopia of the university would enable it boost its capacity to carry out more successful activities in the future, he indicated.

(WIC is a Woyanne-owned news service.)