Ethiopian man found in a flight cargo hold at Dulles Airport

CHANTILLY, VIRGINIA (Fox News) — Federal authorities say they’ve discovered a stowaway who arrived at a Washington-area airport in the cargo hold of a flight from Ethiopia.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman Steve Sapp says ground personnel at Dulles International Airport were pulling baggage from Ethiopian Airlines Flight 500 when they noticed an arm sticking out.

Sapp says the stowaway was an Ethiopian man who was exhausted and dehydrated. He was taken to Reston Hospital Center and is now being held at a federal detention center.

Sapp says the man has been charged with being a stowaway and will be deported, but is not a security threat.

He says the flight departed from Addis Ababa and stopped in Rome before landing at Dulles shortly after 9 a.m. Saturday.

U.S. to send back stowaway on plane from Ethiopia

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A stowaway on a flight from Ethiopia was being detained in Washington and will be sent back, The Washington Post reported on Sunday.

Baggage handlers discovered the man, described as in his late 30s, in the luggage compartment of an Ethiopian Airways Boeing 767 that landed at Dulles International Airport on Saturday, the newspaper said.

The stowaway was dehydrated and exhausted but a Customs and Border Protection spokesman said he did not appear to present a threat, the Post reported.

Customs spokesman Steve Sapp told the newspaper the man, who was not identified, would face an administrative charge and would be sent back on an Ethiopian Airways plane.

A U.S. Customs official did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

5 comments on “Ethiopian man found in a flight cargo hold at Dulles Airport

  1. Sayid on

    No wonder people are fleeing in all possible, this poor guy should never be return to the hands of child-killers. Meles and his gangs are true criminals who cannot be trusted to run a nation. People are running for their lives, the only people who remain in Ethiopia are those with no means to get out. Woyanes turned Ethiopia into hell. Human Rights Groups must stand up for this poor guy to save him and his body from the cunnibals in Addis!

  2. Alem on

    The person is a secrete service personel for woyane regime at the airport.

  3. Anonymous on

    ይሀ ስውይ በጥም የ ፖለቲካ ወይም የኑሮ ችግር ቢኖረው ስለሆነ የአሚሪካ መነገስት የፖለቲካ ጥገጝ የሰተው

  4. tazabi on

    alem who ever your name is are you out of your mind sayig that this guy —–when is tryig to look for a better life for himself and his family like you dammy

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