Power rationing forces shutting down of Ethiopian businesses

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Ethiopolitics.com) — Many businesses in Ethiopia have been forced to close temporarily because of power rationing which began in April.

Cement, metal and other big factories suspended their activities last month due to the power shortage that has hit the country due to the poor rains in the last year rainy season.

Due to the power rationing program, many businesses and residential houses are with out electricity for three days in a week for 16 hours each time.

Small business like internet cafés, restaurants and supermarkets have been affected seriously since the past two months.

“It is really challenging to continue my business with such situation. I am paying rent without getting any income since the past two months,” said Meseret Tesema who runs a café in Addis Ababa.

Those who can afford are running their businesses using diesel generators, which is also challenging due to the high price of diesel.

“I was trying to run my beauty salon with generator service. But it became very expensive to charge my customers with all my expenses. I stopped using generator,” said Almaz Mekibib, a beauty salon owner.

Ethiopian Electric and Power Corporation has said the situation will return to normal next month.

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