Mihret Abebe represents Ethiopia at the Miss World 2007

Mihret Abebe
Mihret Abebe
Mihret Abebe
Miss Ethiopia Mihret Abebe

Age: 19
Occupation: Representing her country
Height: 180

Mihret grew up in Teferikela, a small town in the southern region of Ethiopia.

She has just completed high school and will enter university after fulfilling her role as Miss Ethiopia.

She enjoys: horse riding, cycling, running, reading, dancing the different traditional dances of Ethiopia and listening to modern local music.

Her favourite food is Kitfd (minced spicy beef). Her dream is to travel and become a supermodel. Mihret’s most interesting project was feeding a hyena from mouth to mouth.

Favourite motto is “Tomorrow is another day”, “today’s achievement is not an end, we need to continue to work tomorrow too”.