Guad Hailu Shawel’s ‘Yefiyel Wotete’

Web sites affiliated with Woyanne and the Iyasu Alemayehu faction of EPRP are reporting that the estranged chairman of Kinijit, Ato Hailu Shawel, has issued a decree suspending Wzt. Bertukan Mideksa and four other top Kinijit leaders. (Click here to listen)

Guad Hailu’s decree (issued from his mansion in Minnesota) was read first at an EPRP-linked paltalk room. Then instantly it was posted on Woyanne and EPRP web sites such as debteraw. A few hours later, a web site hijacked by Hailu Shawel’s friend, Ato Moges Brook, posted the seven-page statement that sounded like it came from ጊዜያዊ ወታደራዊ አስተዳደር ደርግ (Gizeawi Wotaderawi Asterdader Derg), with ‘የፍየል ወጠጤ’ (‘Yefiyel Wotete’) playing in the background.

The statement signed by Ato Hailu Shawel [read here] is nothing but an indictment against himself for it revealed how reckless and outlaw — not to mention out of touch with reality — he and his corrupt friends are.

In light of this latest development, the Kinijit Council must meet immediately and start a proceeding to impeach and remove Ato Hailu Shawel. He has done enough damage not only to Kinijit, but also to the struggle for democracy in Ethiopia, in general. If the Council fails to do that, i.e., enforce its own rules, it might as well disband itself.

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  1. yikerebelen on

    dear folks, betraying for eng hailu is not new. ENng hailu worked with derg as a minister of agriculter,later he left to in exile in USA to get more money, when derg is being kicked out by weyane, hailu went back to ethiopia and became a member of AAPO for six months ,later again he left behind that poor people at that difficult time, the reason why he left from AAPO was, he asked prof asrat to chnage AAPO from ethnice based party to multi- national party, this was simply for pretext, he went back to his villa in USA by accusing prof as a dictator. HE has never visited prof asrat in Ethiopia or even in USA’s hospital, when prof asrat died, after his 6 years absence from AAPO, hailu’s gang like shaleqa admasse, shaleqa mengiste, the former addis zemen gazeta main publisher and the current hailu’s right hand man abayineh birhanu, from in side ethiopia, shaleqa yosef , prof getachew, moges brook and mesfin mekonnen from diaspora appointed hailu shawul as a leader of AAPO with out the supporters and other the party’s centeral committes, now this shameless man sick man betrayed ethiopia ppl’s struggle for nothing except serving weyane and eprp. action should be taken against this shameless man.

  2. Assefa Jarra on

    While the Kinijit group members were in USA, the sense of Eng. Hailu and his judgement was predictable and should have been controled by the other group. The damage grew from time to time and NOW “Kidam or Tekadam”,. The first thing should have been done was this not any other issue.

    The Ethiopian people did have a leader and here diaspora practised the same. Money gone, again and again,and finally Kinijit leaders are gone. Good luck Ethiopia.

  3. What this guy is doing is following the tradition of all those so called leaders in Ethiopia whose guiding principle is “እኔ ከሞትኩ ስርዶ አይብቀል”. This is true if you look into our history in the social, religious and political leadership.

    Makes you wish when they no longer serve the interest of the larger society, they should be fed Good DOSE of cup of AMNESIA tea so can take them to assisted living center

  4. Paulos on

    Surprised to hear from Ato Hailu something like this . Do you believe this statement comes from him or from Dr. Taye, the proffessor? Dear Ato Hailu, if this statement is really yours, it is a big shame and embarrassment for yourself and for those people around you. Kinijit is a property of ALL ETHIOPIANS. It is not an eminent domain of an individual. You need to understand this! You can’t own Kinijit as your own asset. Birtukan, Eng. Gezachew, Bruke Kebede etc.. are not your private servents to kick them out any time you wish. They are also elected leaders like you!!
    If you wish to gain respect from Ethiopian people; STOP! all these unpleasant propaganda and move forward with Ethiopian’s need. I think you have missed to understand the present Ethiopian youth. You seem to be far behind from their thinking. Wake up, Ato Hailu, don’t miss this opportunity to go forward with the new generation. I tell you all these with due respect. Give up your responsibility and live with peace
    tranquility, and harmony. This is not your time to administer, manage and run Ethiopian politics. With respect.

  5. Laqew Belay on

    I do not think it is important sticking on this point and saying it again and again. Let the real leaders lead us. Now, what we want is a leader who can coordinate and moblize us; not a dictator who dictate us. I think, the “suspended” guys will will not have any excuse from now onward. They should take this statement of Hailu Shawel as a good sign of … No more melemamet.

  6. Anon... on

    “The statement signed by Ato Hailu Shawel [read here] is nothing but an indictment against himself for it revealed how reckless and outlaw — not to mention out of touch with reality — he and his corrupt friends are.”

    -The question is, did all or some of the numbered statements by the Chairman of Kinijit take place or not?. If some body gives those grievances as a research survey to the public, and the same is very objective enough, the answer could be found there.

    -The theme of his letter to LMB is “no one is above Kinijit”. I don’t believe that there was much self serving tone in his message.

    -It also becomes a guide for future Chairman or woman how to guard and protect the party in times of crisis.
    -This, I believe is also laying the ground work to sift through the dilemma. You and others might have noticed that what had been building is an account of records of turning points, and many times statements of witnesses. I don’t believe that former judge Birtukan as a lawyer, did not take motice of the web site and how they have been building legitmate mechanism. Instead, she announced not to recognize it. That was some irony.

    There might be several Ethiopins caught in the middle and would rather see a decisive leadership than all this upheaval. There seems to be irreconcilable styles and characteristics, and there have been very articulate fact based reports posted about pre Kality times as well. (specially Re: Dr. Birhanu Nega).

    -At this juncture, it should not lead to an emotional termoil. Dr, Birhanu himself had offered to go seperate ways according to the letter. In my opinion, the President of the party has a duty, however unpopulr the decisions he had taken. He has his right to exercise his position, impart his wisdome, express his grivance and up to requesting what he did. He is most likely aware that he will be inviting enemies, but time does not wait, and leadership is some times a self less sacreifice. What LMB decides will be awaited, and in the mean time, he is protecting the party in requesting no activities to take place in the name of the party.

    I am sure you are well aware of all of the above IF YOU WANTED TOO. In the mean time, influencing public opinion to the extent you have gone may not serve you well either in the long run.

    PS: Now I notice that THREE KINIJIT EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS will give a confernce. My opinion still stays the same.

  7. Surafel on

    I think HIM Hailu S. has finally flipped his lead. We knew he was sick but not this sick. For one thing this letter was not written by HS. He has spent all his life in and around bureaucracies to write this sort of meaningless drivel addressed to no one, or worse still to the same people that he is moaning and bitching about, to go ahead and strangle themselves to make his day.

    We know that the five US delegates have been a model of decorum and had said nothing as to what transpired between HS and them neither in Addis nor here in the US. If it wasn’t for Dr. Befekadu Degefe’s DW interview, we would never have learned that, Dr. Hailu Araya and two other delegates went to Hailu Shaul’s residence in Addis, hours before their departure, to wish him well and asked him for a letter to be read in the Diaspora on his behalf, only to be told that, he doesn’t know them, he doesn’t want to work or associate with them now or in the future. Now, we all know that this same mendacious old kook has been accusing the US delegates among other things:

    That they left him on his deathbed and RAN to the US; yet Lazarus managed to show up, just five days later, not in Germany but US. Just makes you wonder, what would have happened, if the five delegates stayed behind and wait for his return from his treatment in Germany and all of a sudden he shows up at Reagan Airport.

    He was repeatedly asked and even begged by the organizers of the first DC Town Hall meeting and he declined; yet he is accusing the same organizers of neglecting to invite him.
    The handful of support chapters that have pledged their allegiance, not to Kinijit but to HS, have been asked time and again to meet the delegates in public and/or private and they have repeatedly declined and at times rudely; and yet HS is accusing the delegates of ignoring his faction.

    His entire charge is nothing more than an innuendo born of a sick and deteriorating mind, inflamed by a helpful doze of rumor mongering by the likes of Bedru Adem. The entire seven page litany reads like a medieval testimony at a hearing on heresy. Thank God for the times we are living, otherwise all five delegates will be ashes on the stake by now.

    We know his idiotic supporters from DC to Dallas, from LA to Seattle, from Columbus to Oakland; all of them sworn enemies of the truth, people without scruples or principle, who would lie and cheat to get what they want. Now we know where they getting their cues.

    Please repeat after me! HAILU SHAUL IS A LIER!

    -Surafel, former HS supporter

  8. This is a great opportunity and challenge to our people. The people in general and the genuine democratic individuals and groups have to fight against this kind of senseless but very dangerous game. OUR COUNTRY, ETHIOPIA WILL NOT ENTERTAIN OR SHOULDER THIS TYPE OF DIRTY POLITICAL GAME! I strongly argue that this step must be challenged with out any reservation. This is the clear and destructive move. We
    need to show our unreserved support to the principled and genuine leaders of Kinijit.

  9. Morons on


    I have expected Hailu Shawel to do that but I thought he might get some lesson when he noticed what transpired in the last few months while he was whining and complaining like a baby here in North America. Obviously, he did not learn anything. He is bent on destroying Kinijit as we know it. After this, it is no more a disagreement within a family. It is the issue of who is helping the Weyanes by weakening Kinijit from within. He seems to enjoy attacking Kinijit leaders and destroying Kinijit instead of facing the Weyanes. He has demonstrated his disregard for the people’s wish. He should be IMPEACHED as soon as possible.

  10. እንዴት ነዉ ነገሩ? እንዲያዉ መዘላለፍ ብቻ ሆነ እኮ:: እስኪ ሳንዎግን ነገሮችን ብጥሞና እንመርምር:: ጎራ ለዪቶ መነቃቀፉ እዉነት ሲገለጥ ያስተዛዝበናል::
    እዉነትን ለማይዘግቡና ካድሬ ለሆኑ ጋዜጠኞችም ይህችን ግጥም አድርሱልኝ

    ስሚልኝ እናትዬ የብእሬን ቃል በብእሬ
    ብእሬ ዋሽቶ ባንች ላይ ከተቀሰረ
    ህሊናየን አስክዶ ለሆዴ ካደረ
    ህልዉናሽን ንቆ ለጥፋትሽ ካሴረ
    ዝናሽን አጉድፎ በስምሽ ላይከዘመረ
    ነፍሴም ገሃነም ትግባ
    ዱልድም ይሁን ብእሬ::

    ዓለምሸት ምህረቴ

  11. Elias,

    I will appreciate if you open a specific discussion forum to discuss abt the “next move”. I like the suggestion of many here, espiecially # 39.

  12. AleQa Sahlu on

    A whole lot has been said about His Imperial Majesty, the King of Kings (in his dreams that is) Hailu Shovel, but nothing like the way you put it.
    After I read your comments over and over again, and your choice of words in a precise manner, I have concluded that you are no regular guy like me and many others. You’re a gentleman with Impeccable wisdom. I wish all of us have at least half of your analytical capacity to put things in proper perspective. Sir, keep it up and teach as all.

  13. Yeshebelu on

    In his statement, Ato Hailu has clearly indicated that he is not only suffering from Diabetis but also from Inferiority Complex. I am beginning to wonder how he was conducting his business for all those years. I would advise Hailu Shawel to go back to Ethiopia and get baptized with Holy Water to rid himself of the evil spirit that has possessed him.
    After having finished reading his seven page bed time story, I saw Hailu Shawel naked. Ethiopia does not deserve the likes of Hailu,the bulldozer,Shawel as its leader. He has thrown himself into the trash bin of history where he belongs. We will be better of without him.

  14. Allula on

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Today in all our country’s problem there is a hand of EPRP. Remember Woyanes are the derivetives of EPRP. The same spaghetti the same sauce. It is sad to see Hailu Shawel being manuplated by ambicious members of the EPRP. I wish he resign soon gracefully.
    March forward with Kingit!
    Viva Ethiopia!

  15. Elias
    Your discussion form was/is very essential. The battle ground was clearly opened to all who are concerned from the two side; but I am sorry for all of those whose hands are behind such cruel events. An event no one benefits except the enemies of the region in general, and Ethiopia in particular. Now we are observing an event that had happened 3 decades before; that is all. A struggle that shake the world but pay nothing.

  16. HagereEth on

    It is good to play politics. But we shouldn’t ignore the accumulating facts before our eyes. It amazes me when people take this as an expected or surprise move while all the sign point to this all along. As a matter of fact I didn’t expect any better and I can’t expect a positive vision for the party and the country from His Excellency. The struggle was not for Democracy rather for POWER.

    I admire the stance the executive committee took. They are law abiding, respectful and seasoned citizens/ leaders who took their duty seriously even at such trying times. They have expressed what can and should be done following the by-laws of the party. That is what is needed instead of rushing and handover the stick to the enemies of the truth. I am proud of them.

    Having said that, however, there should be time to say enough is enough. I understand the situation they are in. It is not only EPRDF and the likes but also the enemy within they are fighting against. But they must stand up and tell the world that they can no longer accept the one man jury. They have to tell us that they no longer accept the statuesque.

    Everything has been told and said. It is time to take action. It is time for the leadership to take measures that ensure the continuity of the struggle for democracy and freedom. It is time to think and devise the strategy and tactics to get out of this mess and beyond. It is time to move ahead. The struggle needs leadership more than anything at this time of confusion and conspiratorial politics.

    The rumor that there is rift in CUDP is now in the open. The President has taken what he thinks the right decision from his perspective. (Don’t tell me this is not his idea and something to do with his health. That is pure politics.) I don’t see the continuation of the now divided groups under the same umbrella. It is time to bless each other to continue the struggle in a way they think is right. They will eventually come to the people for the ultimate judgment. And the people will know what to pick. So let us not waste the energy and resource to bring the irreconcilable sides – one for DEMOCRACY and the other for POWER, together. Rather let them clear the confusion and lead the way.

    We can not and should not say the Hailu Shaul group should not exist or what not. They have the right to continue the struggle of their choice. What we shouldn’t agree is hijacking the struggle while it would have been easier to express their stand and go. Come back with a party program, present to the people and be judged in a fair political battle ground. I think that is what democracy needs.

    Again, enough is enough. Let us stand up for the democratic movement.

    Democracy will prevail!
    The Truth will prevail!
    Ethiopia will prevail!

  17. wub agere on

    እግዚአብሔር አወጣን ይህ ሰውዬ ስልጣን ይዞ ቢሆን ጨርሶን ነበር ቁጥር አንድ አምባ ገነን አይደል እንዴ! የሰው ደም አለበት መሰለኝ አሟሟቱ አላምር አለ: እኔማ በቁሙ “አለቀስኩለት” የሞተ ሙትቻ ሰነፍ አይናውጣ ከሀዲ በመሆኑ የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ የረጅም ጊዜ ትግል ነቀርሳ ነበር አምላክ በአጭሩ ቀጨልን አሁንም ነቀርሳዎችን ሁሉ በቸርነቱ ይንቀልልን አሜን::

  18. Yigermal on

    shame on him and his friends!!! The party will exist and flourish without him. No matter what, Kinijit with its true and dedicated children of Ethiopia under the banner of our party will be the winners.

    no need of Hailu in Kinijit. wait and see he will regret the days he condemned others.

    “enie kemotku serdo ayibkel alech alu yagerie __________” .

    thank you.


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