Ethiopians and the ’08 U.S. Presidential Elections

American politics does not seem to be on the frontline for many Ethiopians living in the United States. That is relatively understandable since after all America is not our country, so why should we get involved? Or is it? To many 1st generation Ethiopians, America is our home just as Ethiopia is, allowing us the freedom to be not only Ethiopian, or American, rather Ethiopian American. Why then don’t we see a higher participation from the Ethiopian-American community in American politics? And how important is it that the Ethiopian American community be active in American politics? Read More >>

4 comments on “Ethiopians and the ’08 U.S. Presidential Elections

  1. Hannibal on

    This is a very interesting issue Ato Elias. The Author is appreciated.

    What is very important is that most people may not comprehend fully that the American politics influences the whole world, Ethiopia being a part. This means that we, Ethiopian-Americans, might want to know the significance of this election related to the change it might bring about in Ethiopia. The media, including your notable website, might shade a light on that.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day.

  2. Assta B. Gettu on

    Until we see an Ethiopian-American in Congress, we may not be interested in American politics, but to reach there, we must first educate our children the American way without ignoring the Ethiopian way. What is the American way, and what is the Ethiopian way?

    The American way, as many Americans believe, is to work hard, live by the rule, dream for high, compete relentlessly, believe in yourself, achieve your dream, pay your tax on time, and die for your country.

    The Ethiopian way is to respect the elders and the rulers of the land, to be generous to others, to get married on time, to stick to one’s extended family, to trust in God, to share the sorrow and happiness of one’s neighbors, and to live in peace with every body if it is possible.

    It is imaginable that Ethiopian-Americans can achieve both the American way and the Ethiopian way through hard work, education, discipline, self determination, love of God, love of country, and love of a family. Therefore, if we follow both the American way and the Ethiopian way, it is possible that one day An Ethiopian-American man or woman will become not only a Congress person but the first Ethiopian-American President of the United States of America. Let us aim high! It can be done.

  3. Robele Ababya on

    Ethiopian-Americans should seize the opportunity of US Election 2008 to promote HR2003.

  4. Daniel on

    Selam all,

    If you think American politics is not affecting your life, you are mistaken. I don’t think we have to spend to much time explaining it. What is more important right now is, get out and VOTE, if you are a citizen. Feb 5th (for democrats especially) is a very important day. PLEASE get out and vote, participate in Primary and Caucus. CAucus is really good experience.

    I am for Sen. Barack Obama. I am working hard to get him elected in any way I can.


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