Video: Ethiopian Mesgana Dancers

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  1. Fetenaw on

    Do the Americans and the western know how many girls with the age of misgna group are dying every day due to improper handle of the governance, including malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, famine, and woyane bullets? Do they know that woyane agazi special forces are killing a lot of people everyday throughout the country including girls of the same age with the misgena group? There are millions of girls with the same age in Ethiopia are crying to get the basic human rights, food, education, health, shelter and so many other essential needs. Do the people who bought know there are millions of homeless in the Ethiopian capital and other major cities of the country? If anyone wants to concern about the Ethiopian girls, he/she must try to bring the right good governance so that they would be able to save millions of girls. If westerns want to become the solutions of our country by exposing our culture, they should first expose the terrorist group named by TPLF of the so called Ethiopian government worst criminal activities to the rest of the world. Then we all would be happy to see many millions of misgina girls in Diaspora. Evernthough I am very proud of my culture, but I’m very ashemed to see a few girls respect while millions of the same girls are dying everyday in Ethiopia. Shame on woyane supporter!

  2. Genet on

    Waw The Afro haired little girl at 6:10 sec rocks. i like her moves. all of them are cute.

    Mr. Elias Thanks for the post

  3. I was watching this with my three year old baby, it is a fantastic talent they are doing great work. They are lovely. God bless them.

  4. Lulu on

    Their song and dance reflect typical ethiopian culture. Along with some ethiopians friends, I was there while they perform the song and dance. It was great performance. It is a mission for ethiopian kids who were born and raised outside of ethiopian, to follow their foot steps. They are very disciplined, and cute. God bless them all

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