Tedy Afro’s new song ‘Haleluya’

Recently released beautiful religious song by Teddy. Click here to play >> Haleluya

Or watch the video below:

98 comments on “Tedy Afro’s new song ‘Haleluya’

  1. Zelalem T. on

    I realy feal disgreace on woyane,when I heared woyane throw teddy in jail.Teddy, I know you are not polititian but u love your mother land and its people.that is why u alwayes sing,wish and advocate about love,unity and freedom.But woyanays and their suporter dislikes u b/c they don’t need peace,unity, love and freedom thye are dicitator and boucher.Don’t warry U will be free b/c it is drama to hurt u.EWNET ENA NEGAT EYADER YETERAL. pLEASE CALL US DEMONSTRATION.

  2. yonas 202 @yahoo .com on

    fore taddy afro we lave you u are riall bro enewedhalen ante setetaser kante gare aberen entaseralen taddy ayzoh bezu weta wered yalew hagerachen lay honeh metageleh ante lena betam telik sew neh u are banjamin ferankilin u are arada yarada lij bero minabata lareg i am live in fare away taddya TASERE WEDEMACHEN KEFTWATAL ENATACHIN AYZOSH EMA ATALKISHY YENAN ENBA ATASNESHY YELIK BERCHY ATALKISHY YA GEGENA TADY AFRO YEZARA AYDEL TADY ESU YEDRO EWNTGA ENDABATU ENDE EYISUS TEDDYM BERTU YEMTAL ZARA MATA YEHONAL BATESH FASHTA HAZEN YETEFAL KEBATESH YEFETAL TEDY LEGESH RITER YONAS202@yahoo.com ewnet yehon kisu adergot yehon esu alamin alena leba tebtatene hasaba tady enwedhalen jesus is with u yonas202@yahoo.com

  3. yonas 202 @yahoo .com on

    ande sew bande hager nore gen esum taser hone hageru bado sew bbelalebet sew tasro edzy new nuro zedro kuku alech doro aragu kertobat eswa atechlma hywetwan lematfat ey yedoro chuhet erasen lematefat

  4. Desta on

    What spirtual song realy!God bless you Tedi.You are king of ethiopian contemporary music.We,all ethiopian ,true son of ethiopia pray for you .May god bless you.You stand for the trutu so the truth(Jissus)stand for you.Be strong in your faith.

  5. ohhh on

    Teddy may God be with u and bless everything u try to work whth as you have tried to be a true and nutral son of Ethiopi…..

    Teddy’s only mission is peace, love and prosperity……people in this forum need to stop trying to pull the man to one or the other side…..

    let him be himself…

  6. Anonymous on

    What a coincedence! i’ll pray for him with his own beautiful
    spiritual song all weekend through,so that he can be strong
    and stand still in the face of his haters,whom I beleive doesn’t have any substantial evidence to prove him guilty.

  7. Tokichaw on

    the devil of weyane is trying to destroyed our historical and beaurful countery every aspect please we ethiopan must be together for freedom of our country because right now a lot of civilan and inocent people are in perison so that those who stay in power that they can’t escap any where any place no matter what because we are every where every place God bless ethiopia

  8. yonas on

    lemotew nebesun yemarew lebatesebu gata yatenalin gin adineger tady lemgedelu min merega ale ? yegrmal tady karegew edimanim sew yeketal gin bena hasab mege mrya yewas mebit ketfekedelet lemin yalektero yetaseral tady eko yetem ayhadim weyis yetifal tebilo new yegermal hagera hager ena lij nafekat tedy gin berta ayzoh ewnet kantegar nech

  9. Time will chage everything those people who say Teddy deserve this and got fair treatment, happy to see him in jail one day they will hanger justice,dont do harm to people because you got power, please people on the other side of the river and trying to fantasize on this issue please ask your self Is it fair? Is it the right thing to do?

    God Help Us All to Love each other.

  10. Dilnessaw on

    I really love Tedy.
    But what I’m suspecting is could there be any possibility of ‘hit & run’?May be he did it.Later on he might feel quilty of this act & becoming more religious.This is my suspicion.
    Hope he’ll be out of jail soon

  11. give up on

    Teddy, GOD will be with you ,you are true ETHIOPIA SON, you will be free soon.

  12. Titi on

    Anyone of us might get ourselves in a same situation that occured to teddy,ACCIDENT.However,i don’t think that anyone of us would blame ourselves and say,”I deserve ten years of imprisonment for my action.” With that in mind,please do not rush for judgment.There are so many of us, awaiting for more of his work.We don’t want our dreams to be beaten up so early in the ethiopian art and music aspect.He is a special son of ethiopia.

  13. servant of God in his Kingdom on

    Ethiopia is the kingdom of God and everybody has to know that we have to fast and pray to see the good days in our country where every children of ethiopia will stand to serve his kingdom and believe it or not the new king who will act as an ambassador to God is coming to ethiopia, all we have to do is pray and fast.
    now I tell you the word of love and love one another as we are called by God the almighty to serve his Kingdom Ethiopia by his glory Jesus Christ the conquering lion.

    God bless my country
    servant of God in his Kingdom

  14. Taitu & Jote on

    Do u know z message that we received today through SMS ?
    It reads as follows:
    In this holy week of ‘Himamat’ get blessed by listening to Teddy Afro’s recently released song ‘Haleluya’ while praying for him and others. Pay attention when he sings in Geez: “ETHIOPIA will stretch out her hands to GOD”
    Long live Teddy Afro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Anonymous on

    እኔ ያልገባኝ ነገር ?


    ምን ያገናኘዋል?

    ከዘፈነ ይዝፈን ከዘመረ ይዘምር

    ምን ይቀላቅላል….

    አንዴ ሙዝሊም አንዴ ክርስቲያን
    አንዴ ጃንሆይ አንዴ ፈጣሪ

    ምን ይቀባጥራል….
    እዚህ ና እዚያ ምን ያስረግጠዋል?

    አሁን ደግሞ ሃለሉያ..ሆ..

    ኧረ እንዳይቀፀፍ አንድ በሉት

  16. kiki on


  17. S.Wengel on

    God bless you Teddy. I hope you will keep prasing the Lord in your life forever no matter how the life get harder. It might be a reason and to share our saviour suffer for you to be in jail.The truth will set you free! I am so very happy to listen this songs today Good Friday. I know other follow Ethiopian will be happy to hear all over the world. May the Lord Shower you with his blessing!!!!

  18. yonas on

    he repesents all ethiopians,cuz he has a brave human moral and he is z person ” ye ethiopian music ke chelema yaweta”…. and ….there is no responsible words to say about him . anyway he is a brand by the name of ‘tedy afro’
    GOD blase him.

  19. hiwot on

    Hi teddy
    that’s was very nice song we need more god bless you
    don’t worry we proud to you

  20. First i am sorry about poor guy who died on that day in addis ababa. Second does make sense put the king of king teddy afro in jail. Teddy will be free soon.

    One Love.

    take care


  21. Dureyew on

    THIS Message is to Neway DEbebe …How come U are In Addis this time having a concert while Tedy afro is IN jail ….Gobez terteru enjy

  22. Dureyew on

    yeker belewena dan dan dan
    yegedelen wekeseh dan dan dan
    wenjel astemeren dan dan dan
    leba argen meleseh (ato meles)
    esty tewadedu dan dan dan
    yeyayaz ejachu dan dan dan
    alebelezama bemen yasetawekal Homeless mewededachu
    abet sekay abet tene
    BMW lewegene
    sente asalefen
    tegebo sayader belo weyene
    ezy ga demo lela tekusat
    ato Abyselom tedyn keseswat
    ere aynegam woy aynegam woy tedyeyeyeyeyyeyeye
    song 2
    alamn alena lebu alamen alena
    alamn alamn alachew
    alamen alena tedy alamen alena
    alamen alamen alachew
    fetugn alachew
    alamen alena police alamen alena
    alamen alamen alut
    wesedew aserut
    hu hu alamn huhu alamn alamen
    esu konjonewe yaye ayalefewem
    enkwans setu wendu aymerewem
    wendu aymerewem

  23. aschalew on

    hay i like your music very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    musicawechih bemulu yimechugnal
    betam adenkihalehu
    from israel

  24. tigist belete on

    hi is there any way to find out about tedy afro update news
    i search on line there is no new thing b/se i realy like to know what is going on right now with tedy afro
    i love you and your songs
    no one help more than God God will help u be paitent
    always pray.
    your fan TG

  25. Adnaki on

    Dear Tedy, I only want you to be strong. your talent is with you, your brain is with you, even if you are in the prison use it. make use of the different environment you are in now to work on more creativity. please, please do not give up. do not be desparate. in the worst case scenario you will be charged to 17 years of prison. if at all the woyane’s live for the next 17 years, which I don’t think so and I pray that they dont, you will be 47 years old by the time you get out of the prison, which is just a beginning of a new life for you. Tedy I want you to release one song while you are in prison….. just pray, pray, pray to God so that He will give you strength…. again don’t give up…. use your brain which is with you all the time. Adnakih

  26. Mac on

    In all fairness if Tedy had committed the crime should do the time, he is no differnt than anyone else,nor should he uphold any diff cause of his stand in democracy!at same time our gov should and must exercise speedy trial to all citizen regardless of their creed or

  27. hewan on

    Tedy You have got what it takes!!!And God be with you.Some brains are smashed enough to block a citizen who stands up for citizens. There will be a day coming for Salavation…we hold on.

  28. aisha on

    hi i loved teddys new song.its nice but i was not able to see the whole song because of the connection n i realy wana say that i loved it.keep it up TEDDY

  29. mekdes Ethiopia Thanks on

    Hi Taddy I will pray for you song God bless Taddy, God bless Ethiopia Thanks
    sep 20,08 at1:10am

  30. samuel on

    i really like your song teddy afro. dont give up the truth is gonna let you be free. but please dont give up with your music and i hop you be out soon so you can came to seattle and have a concert like last year. god be with teddy afro

  31. Teddy on

    God bless this man. He is amaizing, May God give him the wisdom and the blessing to go throght this difficul time.

  32. I try to listen but it dos’nt work i know teddy music it’s always nice isn’t new but i wane herd this music i wane say something we love you teddy god help you be strong.

  33. naomi on

    hi tady let god bles you and dont give up be strog.we know they were waithing and planning to put you jail .we wish u best we all love u takecare .

  34. what a song! I see he is pleading for peace, forgiveness. Nothing else. Ethiopia really needs peace. God Forgive!

  35. Meseker on

    It is heart breaking to hear this young brillient national icon’s persecution by the hand of brutal dictatorial regime. Sooner or later the current leadership who is full of lies and arrogance will pay a price for what they have done to our people and our beloved country. The axe will fall on them unexpectedly and it will be brutal.


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