Top 10 Ethiopian web sites, a web information company, ranks as the number one Ethiopian web site (8,518th in the United States) based on the number of daily, weekly and quarterly visits. The Woyanne regime-financed web sites don’t even make the top 3. In fact, the #1 Woyanne web site, (Bereket Simon’s Lie Factory), ranks over 600% lower than

Ethiopian Review continues to grow in popularity as more readers appreciate its honesty and steadfast support for the cause of human rights, freedom, and rule of law in Ethiopia.

The following is the ranking for the top 10 Ethiopian web sites in the United States as of July 3, 2007:

1. – 8,518
2. – 31,030
3. – 35,154
4. AigaForum (Woyanne site) – 46,423
5. (Woyanne site) – 71,131
6. (Woyanne sympathizer) – 76623
7. – 93,852
8. – 96,726
9. – 106,259
10. – 131,299


17 comments on “Top 10 Ethiopian web sites

  1. Melkamu Yikdem on

    Honestly speaking, Ethiomedia is the best ethiopian website. It’s editors are matured and dedicated to a just cause of the people of Ethiopia. They don’t promote a particular interest or the interest of a particular political group. But, they emphasise on issues meant to promote democrcacy, justice and freedom to all Ethiopians. Most of the articles that are posted on Ehiomedia website are meant to encourage awareness and debate among Ethiopians. I admire the efforts ER too. But, it has to come to the center to be a reputable Ethiopian website that can serve the interest of all Ethiopians irrespective of region, ethnicity, political affilation, or any other attribute. ER has to focus on issues, on helping Ethiopians understand their inallienable rights for freedom, for hiring or firing their leaders, and so on.
    It would be less of a civility, for instance, to call Ethiopians the Woyane soldiers. Some of them could be close relatives of ER editor from his birth place. I believe that there are better ways of attracting fellow Ethiopians serving the interest of Woyane to distance themselves from the opressive regime and to embrace the struggle for the cause of Ethiopians.
    What I am saying is let be matured and civilized enough in our language and ideas. Thanks.

  2. bulcha on

    Dear Mlekamu, I have different openion: Ethiopian soldires do not kill ethiopian,they protect them. Ethiopian soldires do not invade a neighbouring country and shed innocent blood which our chlidren might be asked to pay. It is appropriate to call them woyane soldires, lt somalis and worled know this and ask them the price for the blood they shed on time. Do not full yourself by thinking the agazi army ( I dont mean the agazi of negede agazian of the middle ages)is Ethiopian.

  3. Emmanuel Habte on

    Dear the Editor in chief of THE””
    We are enjoying the news and all aspects of the outcoming events, the unbelievable source of information bringing to the diaspora before any web site specially, the truth only the whole truth more or less 99% correct and facts info.I Always thinking that the best source of media will provide helpful information to the one who visitors hourly , and daily

    Thank you again for providing an outstanding job.Indeed
    Job well done Mr. Elias Kifle. Congratulation!!.

    We shall win ,and let us work with collaboration of KINIJIT International in diaspora. thank you.

  4. Kebede on

    I only have a comment. Don’t get involved in religion politics! You always reflect your stand and likings about Ethiopian orthodox church. That’s not your business! Don’t use the religion as a a fuel for politics.

  5. Ewnet on

    In all honesty, ER is popular for the wrong reason. It is the number one Ethiopian forum of rant. Many visit the site to check out what the mad dog has said. Weyane is destructive. There is no question about that. So is Elias Kifle whose ego is bigger than Mount Everest. Ki Ki ki

  6. Sile ewnet kehone on

    To the one misnamed Ewnet

    In all honesty you are also named Ewnet for the wrong reason. Know the man first, work with him, be the first one to shade your ego instead of waiting for Elias to do that first, and then you will find out you have a genuine person working and promoting what Ethiopia has been missing – a just government that is commited to do the right thing based on what the people ask for. Give him a chance but be the first to show the humility that we Ethiopians so much need.

  7. Adis Liberation on

    It’s no secret ER is the number one Ethiopian site, every one reads ER to get the latest scoop on news that woyanne and the crime family try to hide. Elias and the ER staff team have kept the woyanne lying regime on their toes…with websites like Ethiopianreview, woyannes are loosing sleep.

    If you don’t believe me, just look at the bogus site they did called “” – They’re so sensitive about real news coming out that they went and cloned Ethiopianrevew and made their website pro Woyanne!

    When a normal website has more readers and followers than a government site, something is wrong! It means the people are fed up with the lies, fed up with the spinning of the news, fed up with the killings and un-democratic justice!

    Good job Elias and the ER Staff! Your numbers will only grow because more and more people are waking up to see the sick child killers of the TPLF juntas as they really are! When light is shined on cocoraches, they flee…you’re shining the light on these TPLF insects and they are dazed and confused by the light! Reload the batteries, more light shining will take place and the numbers will grow drastically!

  8. what a funny thing on

    what a funny thing…kkkkk
    upss ER is on the driving sit…pls don’t play games Elias…i got no doubt u may be among the top sites being visited every single sec…but that doesn’t mean ur site is among the top classic…i thought we all r grown ups…even if not as smart as we wish to be.
    I always visit this site and is also among my fav….guss why..looking for more dilemas,confusions,lies,…whatsoever.
    If i were to choose the best site,i would give all the three top ranks to ethiomedia…atleast they try to be not poleticaly involved…
    Elias…i have seen the lies u posted on ur site which later posted on hagerfiker and i felt as if i was eaten by corocodile…shame on u…for me that was enough to judge ur mentality…i may be mistaken but thats how i do it…atleast u should have said sorry…rather than being used by the woyanes as if the oppositions r as damm as Elias kifle…pls don’t spoil the good names of our people…we ethiopians r not used to lies…as far as our history is concerned….Honesty is the best policy…we don’t need to cover up the facts with lies so as make it tuff on the woyane…the one with facts shall always win…

  9. Samson on

    Dear Elias,

    You deserve it and congratulations on the hard work. Don’t give a damn to your detractors. Keep up the good work. Whether we like it or not, in so far as we have a political landscape that is dominated by woyane, the primary job of independent Medias must be to expose the evil-workings of woyane. The type of sympathizers (like the ethiopiafirst) who are in between and try to have it both ways in a false pretense like independent coverage or try to hide themselves in the name of fairness are pure psycophants. While woyane keeps killing our people and throws thousands to jail, what kind of fairness or independent coverage are we talking about? You care about fairness when we have a plain field in every respect. While all these are absent, we are either with woyane or with the Ethiopian people and there is no third-way bullshit. The past 16 years have taught us civility, dialogue, and appeasing woyane for the sake of the larger good have no place in the house of woyane.

    I only have one remark for you Elias to correct and I want you to work on this seriously. PLEASE don’t ever call the Ethiopian Army entire ‘woyane soldiers’. These people you ascribe them as ‘woyane soldiers’ are poor fellow brothers and sisters who only go to war because they are asked to do. Rather work hard to win their hearts and minds so they rebel against woyane. You can make a distinction between the agazi army and the rest of the army unit and that I don’t have a problem with.

  10. Dawit on

    I visit your website to see more jokes. so does many ethiopians. I admire your determination, but i don’t like they way you advocate disunity praising OLF, Shabia and ONLF. If you just keep exposing Weyanne and avoiding sides when stupid diaspora leaders fought for nothing, i would have probably given you number 1.


    Ethiopian review is the most reliable Ethiopian website. The numbers prove this so no need to defend ER!

    Aigaforum sucks because they lie and fabricate stories!

  12. Dear Elias congratulation from Europe!

    As a decendant of OROMO and AMAHRA, I have posted an article about OROMO .Check it out! It is interesting. let the TPLF thugs and thier helpers read it and and cry.
    Our mother land Ethiopia will servive.

    Hello all Woyanes(the TPLF thugs )and the Woyane helpers, I have a message for you. Please read articl down under and cry. The truth shakes you.
    like as I said our motherland Ethiopia will servive and you ppl will be destroyed completely. You can see the sign. Thanks to our Somalian brothers, who kicked you Woyane(TPLF thugs)in Moquadisho(Somalia).Thanks to my Somalian brothers again. They have revanged the death of my brave Ethiopian sister SHIBRE DESALEGNE and the death of my other Ethiopian borothers and sisters who were gun downed on the street of ADDIS/FINFINE by TPLF thugs army( the Agazi).
    SHIBRES name will be remebered always in our mined as an brave Ethiopian Sister or as a hereo.
    The TPLF thugs army (the Agazi) thought Moquadisho is like ADDIS/FINFINE.Our Somali brothers and sisters do not carry a stone in their pocket like my innocent brothers and sisters in Addis/Fininfine.They carry amachine guns; fully armed and fight like a man. They showed the TPLf thugs army(the Agazi) that they are nothin.My Somali brothers and sisters fought back and they are still fighting back. It is a great hope for us/ Ethiopians who oppose these ruthless thugs.These TPLF thugs are ruthless. We need to be more ruthless than them.If we want to be free or if we want to see our beloved motherland Ethiopia, we need to bee ruthless so that these TPLF thugs including one of the helper of these thugs (AL Mudi the Arab). could understan the our struggle.This guy/ Mr Almudi is not an Ethiopian. He does not have a feeling of being Ethiopian.He is an Ethiopian hating Arab. let us not be full here brothers and sisters, he is one of TPLF thugs who does not to see a united Ethiopia. He wants to see us as disgrace ppl in front of the whole world. He wants to see the disgarce of our Miskin/innocent Ethiopian sisters like they are nothing or like they are prostitute.He is wrong .we are there to defend our sisters. our Ethiopan sisters are the moste beatful ppl/sisters in the whole world.We know about that.We will always stand by them.
    So, it is a fact that the country we all love(Ethiopia) will sevrvive if we are more ruthless than them.
    If we are ruthless than them/the TPLF thugs, I am 110% sure, we will chase these TPLF thugs and thier helpers from our beloved ETHIOPIA.Otherwise, you better forget the struggle to save Ethiopia. The Woyanes only understand if you are ruthless than them just like my brave Somalian brothers.
    So like I said before, thanks to Somalians brothers, they have opened the door for us/ they showed us the weakness of these TPLF thugs and the Agazi Army. you can see the armed struggle is intensefied since then. you can see from the several attacks from our Ogaden somalis and our Oromo brothers are intensifying.
    The woyanes are very nervous now. you can see they are runnig here and there( Europe and USA).The time is near to avoid these Ethiopian cancers.
    Dear Elias congratulation again!
    Down with the TPLF thugs!



    Related ethnic groups
    Afar, Agaw, Amhara, Beja, Hadiya, Sidama, and Somali

    For the language, see Oromo language.
    The Oromo are an indigenous African ethnic group found in Ethiopia and to a lesser extent in Kenya and Somalia. They are the largest single ethnic group in Ethiopia, at 32.1% of the population according to the 1994 census, and today numbering around 40 million.[1] Their native language is the Oromo language (also called Afaan Oromoo, and Oromiffa).
    The Oromo are one of the Cushitic speaking groups of people living in Eastern and North Eastern Africa. Cushitic speakers have inhabited parts of north-eastern and eastern Africa for as long as recorded history. Oromos are found predominantly in Ethiopia (99%), but are spread from as far as northern Ethiopia (southern Tigray Region) to (mainly northern) Kenya, even as far south as Lamu island. The Oromo represent one of largest of the Cushitic groups inhabiting the Horn of Africa. Their physical features, culture, language and other evidences unequivocally point to the fact that they are indigenous to this part of Africa. Available information clearly indicates that the Oromo existed as a community of people for thousands of years in East Africa (Prouty at al, 1981). Bates (1979) contends, “The Gallas (Oromo) were a very ancient race, the indigenous stock, perhaps, on which most other peoples in this part of eastern Africa have been grafted”.
    While further research is needed to precisely comprehend the origin of Oromo people, it is well known that Oromo people come from a line of pastoralist/nomadic group and/or semi-agriculturalist group. It is likely that they have existed for a longer period of time side by side with their northern Semitic-speaking neighbors. There is a wealth of oral history that describe interactions between the two group dating back as early as the 6th century.[citation needed].
    During the 16th century, following the wars between the kingdom of Ethiopia and the neighboring Sultanate of Adal, which resulted in the exhaustion of both states, Oromos moved north into their territories. The Ethiopian monk Bahrey, writing in 1593, attributed the Oromo success to the existence of too many non-fighting classes in the ruling Ethiopian hierarchy, as opposed to the Oromos, whom he described as having a homogeneous warrior class.[2] Bahrey also explained their spread into northwestern areas such as Arsi, Shewa, Welega, and Gojjam and northeastern areas like Hararghe and Wollo as result of their inhospitable homeland.[3] Harold G. Marcus suggests northwest Borena as the original homeland of the Oromo.[4]
    Settled Oromo started to integrate with their Amharic-speaking neighbors at least from the 17th century on. Also, several Oromo chieftains obtained power in government of the monarchy. Particularly Emperor Iyoas I (1730-55), who was half Oromo, favored his mother’s Oromo kinsmen and allies, and in his era, the Oromo language was the language of the court in Gondar.
    By the late 18th century, the power of the central government of Ethiopia had waned, and local governors and kings enjoyed greater autonomy. During this era (which lasted until 1855), known as the Zemene Mesafint, the Oromo dynasty of chiefs of Yejju were the most important continuous line of warlords to dominate the figurehead emperors of Ethiopia. They became sub-kings of Begemder, Enderases (Regents) of the empire, as well as imperial father-in-laws. Ras Ali I of Yejju achieved this dominance in 1779, and it continued, although contested by other warlords, until the 1855 defeat of Ras Ali II of Yejju by the upstart Kassa Hailu (who in that year became Emperor Tewodros II). Due to the powerlessness of the Emperor of Ethiopia during the Zemene Mesafint, the Yejju Oromo were effectively the rulers of Ethiopia.
    Other tribes and chiefs of the Oromo people were also prominent, such as lady Menen of Wollo who became Empress in 1800s; Ras Mohammad of Wollo who became Ras Mikael, later Negus of Siyon and father of Emperor Iyasu V; and another lady Menen, of Ambassel, who became Empress consort of Haile Selassie.
    In order to integrate with the imperial power and family, a large share of the Oromo converted to Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity during these centuries. As one of the last such developments, in late 1800s Emperor Yohannes IV ordered the Oromo tribe of Wollo to convert to Christianity within six months at the threat of losing their property. Such a threat had caused many Wollo Oromos to leave their homeland and migrate further to the South. Their leader was Ras Mohammed who became Ras Mikael and later made an imperial marriage, becoming the father of Emperor Iyasu V.

    Dejazmatch Balcha Aba Nefso( OROMO), General Menelik II; played a decisive role at the Battle of Adwa against Italy
    Congratulation and down with the TPLF thugs!
    Ethiopia will be free at last! the TPLF thugs never rule us. it is the time the Oroms/my big family must rule Ethiopia. The majority rules!(OROMO is the solution). Otherwise, you better forget a country called Ethiopia.
    whether you love it or not the OROMOS/my Big families will rule Ethiopia. Otherwise you better stop thinking about Ethiopia.OROMORULES! Itis a fact. A minority never rule us!
    Mr O&A

  13. Wondu on

    nomaterwhat it is true that ER is the #1 ethioian choice that is why woyane and it’s Merceneries like Hagerfiker and their suger dady ( Aiga forum ) tried to attack and defame ER in every ways, congragulation Elias ! Yewale Yeder engi Ahya Yegeb nech .

  14. kulila on

    Food For Ethiopians.
    House For Ethiopians.
    Drink For Ethiopians.
    Technology For Ethiopians.
    Good life For Ethiopians.

    Don’t go beyond these facts.

  15. It is easy to say I am #1; however it is significant challenge to earn it, so please? Do earn it. Don

  16. It is easy to say I am #1; however it is significant challenge to earn it, so please? Do earn it. Don

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