Video: Meles dancing with fellow vampires

Zenawi and his goons may not know it yet, but their ugly end is coming sooner than they think.

39 comments on “Video: Meles dancing with fellow vampires

  1. lemlemlemlem on

    it is pointless or may be I don’t get your point?is there anybody who can tell me what is wrong with this vedio?
    what i see is nice music video with everybody enjoing.

  2. melese on

    people are dying by shortage of food, he is dancing. just like Mengustu H.M Time will come for cruelman melese zenawi

  3. Melese on

    Melese is a killer.So many people are poor who donot have food to eat,he dancing on them.Time will come.

  4. SileleSelam on

    Dear Editor

    Look. How they make fun with killings and deep sorrow of Ethiopians. They are in deep hang-over unable to realize how we suffer and bleed. Believe me there will be a time this change the Ethiopian will be free from these devil sided groups.

    The bottom line is GOD is always with Ethiopia and let’s hand in hand to fight for Unity and democracy.

    Peace to Mother land

  5. dahlakislands on

    Tigrayns give up on singing in the beautiful language, Tigrigna.You make more damage than good to the language anyways. LEAVE SINGING IN TIGRIGNA TO THE ERITREANS.You make Tigrigna sound like some gibberish language,with your amharic/oromo/gurage accent, i can’t even understand a word he says here.

  6. sis on

    It is pretty cool!!! It is impressing to see a prime minister having fun with the rest of people. But the thing is he wouldn’t dance like this in other places except in tigray. It is sad. He is dancing here because he trusts them. I wish we have a leader who trust all people wherever he is and all the people trust him. It is intesting to see though. who said a leader doesn’t like fun.

  7. Shimelis on

    I didnt know they had NETELA at Baby-Gap? …Weird!

    The vampire Meles is having his last dance and last supper soon.

    Peace to the Peoples of the Horn….minus vampire weyane!

  8. GKE on

    It is yet deep dark in Ethiopia. And as you know, dark is a time for the devil and his apostles to prevail. But we hope dawn will come soon and this devil will vanish from the earth. Then it will be the turn to all Ethiopians to dance with brotherhood spirit.

    God bless Ethiopia!!

  9. ethiopians on

    i am happy to see him like these what did he do he is trying all his best he is a human being when did we thank him we always blame our leaders where is our effort at least try something to change our attitude i like these video bravo meles u are a hero .long leave to woyane and melese ……………..

  10. Tom Tilahun on

    It is a matter of time before he and his blood sucking vampires dance their way to prison. Justice at last will prevail in Ethiopia. Take some comfirt from this while watching this disco.

  11. alem on

    I am not a bit surprised to see the innocent children killer Meles dancing with the group of his woyanne cadres. This just shows that this man has no sympathy for no one other than his ethnic people. This is a minor thing comparing to what he is doing and has done to our country and its people. What amazes me is that, some people from Tigrae don’t see anything wrong to what this man is doing to our country and country men. Why it is these people close their eyes and ears to Meles’s crimes and pretend that he is a good leader? Is it their disregards for other Ethiopian lives or are they immune to his cruelty? Where is their judgment? Where is their criticism of Meles? Why do they hate Ethiopia so much and keep quiet while Meles kills and imprison innocent people and give our precious land to Sudan—the land their ancestors and ours fought for? Do these people believe in God and at the same time believe what Meles is doing to Ethiopian people is fair and balance?

  12. ETHIO on

    To ethiopians,
    don’t you think Ethiopian people don’t like to have fun like him?but instead they are dying.Ethiopian people are a human being too. please open your mind.

  13. Bethlehem on

    They will soon be dancing in their graves with the

  14. Matti on

    Isn’t that what the Bible says: “when god’s children are suffering the devil is dancing.” These thugs are out of touch with reality and their trust on America (Bush) will only send them to where other killers had gone- the Sha of Iran, Saddam just to name a few!

  15. Alex on

    What Meles did to survive ? He gives a way the territoral integrity of Ethiopia( he don’t care about the territoral integrity). So what we have to do to counter balance this. Here we have to think about not to add more enemy for the oppostion by forcing them to protest those goverment he give a way his territorial integrity of Ethiopia, in this case like Sudan.But we have to find a way to create a fissures between the govermnet and MELES and then MELES will be alone. As to me we don’t to be drived by strong nationalism at the moment to deal with countries.If you don’t agree by what I said We have to some how neutralize his way of survival. But it has to be something that we can materialize. Please brother don’t rush only by stong nationalism… This can not lead us any where.

  16. Respect on

    Well, Finally we got a leader who belongs to the people. Having and sharing fun with ordinary people freely, is what makes MELES unique here. Haters will be always blinded for what ever good happens to people of Ethiopia…Tigray is the core in Ethiopian history. So donot even think UNethiopian Tigray. That will never happen!!!!
    I am delighted to see a leader’s human side…we are tired of “out of touch” leaders and those who trust no one. So, please, enjoy and learn. Meles came to power by people and now he is sharing fun, having good time with the people!So diaspora need to Work hard like every Ethiopian at home to change the living standard of our citizens. STOP thinking that only people eating Macdonald’s burger are allowed to enjoy!!!

  17. Vimpire?! on

    Vimpire NEVER give thier LIFE to SAVE others life!!! Those people dancing with MELES are among those who sacrified thier golden age to save people!

  18. ZENAWI on

    abo,yedesaset tewewu bakih.hailu shawel alega lay tegnito siyalekis mele asenekachiwu.bravo mele

  19. EDDY on

    Mr.Respects i don’t think anyone has problem to see Melese Dance with his Cadres at all.The Problem with Melese is alot more than this Video, he is giving away our Red sea to Ertheria our fertile land badame After 100,000 life was lost. and recentley he gave away land to Sudan.Are you telling us to be silent.I don’t think any real Ethiopia have problem with Tigrian PPL.Ethiopian have real issue with Melese and his Gang.We will never stop until we get rid off this thug.Trust me will happen.

  20. Belachew on

    No one …even …..the blood thirsty monaster…. hitler …is not comparable to this banda. Hitler at least killed in the name of Germany ….even loved Germany. This narrow minded banda and his riff raff bunch of ediates and morrons/ blind supporters are the no. 1 hater of Ethiopia. However, they are sucking the blood of the people, dismembering the country and work day in day out towards this end. Melese,,,,,,,,What he speaks, what he does really stinks like Amonia Gas.

    Blind supporters , let me remind you once more !!!you and your banda’s final jugment day is approaching. his days and yours are numbered. I assure you it will not be too far.

  21. Menbere on

    What we see is very sad.There is nothing new of what this agases do or did before.He was giving a party @ Sheraton Addis when his daughter was graduating from High School at the same time there was killings of the true Ethiopians after the election 97.The saddest part is this hodams who are telling us he is showing his human side, what human side is this? The sure thing is Ethiopians want Democracy and the rule of Law to be respected for all.

  22. Sima Belew on

    በዘፈን እንደገቡ በዘፈንና ጭፈራ የሚወጡበት ጊዜ መቃረቡን ነው የተረዳነው:… እዩኝ እዩኝ ማለት ድብቁኝ ያመጣል! ዽሀ አንድ ብር ሲያገኝ ማስቀመጫ ያጣል… በኖኅ ዘመን የጥፋት ውሀ እስከ አንገታቸው ድረስ ሆኖ አጅሬው ሰይጣን ያስጨፍራቸው እንደነበር ዛሬም መለስና ካድሬዎቹ በሀገር እና በወገን ላይ የሚያወርዱት መከራና ግፍ እስከ ….ደርሶ እያስጨፈራቸው ነውና ቀናቸውን የኢትዮጵያ አምላክ ያሳጥርልን!!!

  23. Tizebt Behodu on

    who said primate Meles can’t have fun. The point is can he dance and have fun other parts of the country, the answer is simple NO!. Because, he knows that will be suicidal.

  24. Gidaye on

    Dear Ethiopians,

    Melese is cloned from Hitler gene. He is a buctcher, he ate the flesh and suck the blood of thousands of innocent people from Dedibit to Addis, from Addis to Moqadisho. He is psycho and paranoid with what will happen to him later on. When million of Ethiopians who never starved before starved due to his policy he gathered his murder squad to enjoy and dance. Now famine is migrating from where it is known (his home town) to the rest of the country. this will be his last dance in the rest of his life.

  25. Dansu on

    If those Tigrayans who are dancing with Meles know how much money Meles Deposited for himself in Asian Banks, they would have killed him themselves. All TPLF leadership have amased billions of Dollars for themselves and it is stunning this poor Tigrayans apploud meles and his mafia.

    History will judge them the same way history judged the German people stick with hitler until the despised Russians knocked their capital Berlin with tanks and over a million soldiers.

  26. .. on

    Nothing wrong with him dancing it only reminds us of the expensive weeding of the king’s grandchild and the festivity of Derg members just before their respective demise

  27. Genet on

    Abet Abet, abet…even one person can not see this…? I am too old to email back for all these nonsenses listed above..? but, one question I wanted to ask to all of you is that what makes you think Meles can not have fun in his own land. He is an Ethiopian, a proud ethiopian who is transforming my country in your own eyes ! You write such a comment because, you failed to see the reality, you failed many times…that is all ! I am not from Tigray, I do not even speak the langage but I do stongly beleive Mr. Meles is a great leader who amazed the whole world. He restored back my country image, and move forward our Economy to grow amazingly. Look at how he transform Ethiopia ! Are’nt you ashamed to joke and insult while he is building the country…? I mean what kind of nonsesne is that…?

  28. gerencheal on

    it is very interesting video soon they will eradicate the starvation as the mesege of the song says by the leader ship of the great person meles zenawi and his party EPRDF they are doing ther best

  29. Gizewerk on

    Genet reminded me as an out and outright political whore thinking, speaking, walking with no realistic approach and smelling like a pig from Debrezeit farm. KKKKKKKKKKKKK

    WEy Nedo Yilal Yagre sew!!!!

  30. alem on

    Gennet, if you are not Tigrae—the pope must not be catholic.
    Yes, Woyannes are building high rise fancy buildings in Addis and Mekelae to expand their business interests; but that does not excuse the crimes they have been committing on thousands of innocent people. Millions of Ethiopians are in the verge of starving to death due to high cost of foods. It is inexcusable and sickening to see Meles and his shameless friends dancing and celebrating while other Ethiopians are wearying about how they are going to feed their kids.

    Gennet, a great leader does not deny people freedom of speech and press. Dictator Meles had denied his followers freedom of speech, press and religion and he has imprisoned tortured and murdered innocent people. And to top it all—Meles is giving our land to a foreign country. Gennet, your ancestors and mine died for this land—how could this be ok!!!!

  31. Kalubicha Zerbkud on

    When people are murdered, when when cattle and girls are sold, when wealth is looted, when millions are on the brink of starvation, and when Ethiopia is dying, it is a joy and festival for the robbers.

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