The fascist dictator travels to South Africa

The Ethiopian Community Association in South Africa

The Ethiopian Community Association in South Africa has a proud tradition of activism, and once again issues this joint communiqué in association with the support groups of the Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party and The United Ethiopian Democratic Forces on the occasion of the planned visit of Meles Zenawi, the butcher of Addis Ababa, to South Africa. Reliable sources indicate that the embassy is using gullible Ethiopians, opportunists and the supporters of the tribal regime to finalize the reception for Meles. They have hired propagandists.

Meles Zenawi leads a blood thirsty minority tribal regime. The number of people that were killed during the last 17 years of Meles Zenawi’s misrule warrants international investigation. The perpetrators of the grand massacres in Addis Ababa, Afar, Ambo, Awassa, Borena, Hosaina, Gambella, Gojam, Gonder, North Shoa, Nekemt, Ogden, Tigrai and other places are well known to Ethiopians. To counter the international campaign for investigation, the dictatorial regime is spending millions, closing diplomatic doors and also confusing Ethiopian emigrants in South Africa and the rest of the world through sectarian politics, and making false economic promises. The fact is in 2008 there are over 10 million Ethiopians that need food aid. There is rampant inflation and unknown amount of war expenditure.

In April 2008 the minority regime made yet another effort to legitimize its atrocities. It administered a local election in which it was the only contestant. This is in addition to the stolen election of May 15, 2005 in which elected parliamentarians were jailed for more than 20 months on concocted charges. The commander of the minority regime himself was personally responsible for ordering the massacre of civilians in Addis Ababa and the rest of Ethiopia. It is for this blood thirsty dictator that Ethiopians in South Africa are being invited to attend a reception! It is evident that Ethiopia has nothing to celebrate and it is rather bizarre that a forum such as the Pan-African Parliament is used to promote a regime with such poor human rights record.

Africa should stop using double standards. It should show the same concern to Ethiopia as it has done for Kenya and Zimbabwe. It is ridiculous to put Meles at the helm of NEPAD when in fact he is a leader of an illegal minority regime. The “war on terror” should not be used to cover up human right abuses in the Horn of Africa. Therefore, we call upon the international community to disassociate itself from this undemocratic regime.

Pan-African Parliament program [pdf]


The Ethiopian Community Association in South Africa
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7 comments on “The fascist dictator travels to South Africa

  1. Arbagugu on

    The Vampire Meles sold emderbabur our Railway to Mbekis brother ,it is a buisines tur.

  2. debella on

    we must unite to expose not only the Banda tribalist but also the greedy african head of states that associate with him – we know he had begged Mandela to make offical visit to Ethiopia but the honorable leader refused to have anything to do with this distractive element – there is nothing good that comes out of a terrorist regime that the west are using to destroy the horn of africa and in particular ethiopia – it is their choice to associate with a killer – but they will never have the respect of the people again –

  3. Nigussie on

    yes we must reunite to throw away our common anemy of weyane .Weyane has been sacking our blood ,hope and unity for seventy years. Now it’s time to stand together and fight the evil reigm of weyane.Our time is coming to over come our problem by ourselves. So our brother let’s move to defeat the evil reigm weyane.Please stop fighting each others but get up to throw away our enemy and we estabilsh the new Ethiopia to be for us (Majority or for all ethiopian peopple)
    God bless Ethiopian people and the land of Ethiopia

  4. Anonymous on

    Mbeki is out of town. The snake has gone to S.A to celebrate a belated Millennium. Lol.

  5. Assta B. Gettu on

    This time, did Meles Seitanawi take the real Ethiopian gold or the fake gold with him to South Africa?

  6. solomon on

    what is this guy, I mean melese think about. It is the right time to kick him out from Ethiopia to Zimbabwe

  7. Anonymous on

    Yohannes, This tyrant should never touch the soil of SOUTH AFRICA.The land of Nelson Mandela and the heroic people of SA.What is he there for?to lay a wreath for the dead apartheid regime? I am absolutely sure that Ethiopians in their utmost to disrupt and expose this barbaric idiot

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