Netsanet LeEthiopia Radio on Ethiopia-Eritrea relations

By Elias Kifle

On Sunday, Netsanet LeEthiopia Radio in Washington DC conducted an interview with me and Ato Neamin Zeleke on the Feb. 22 Eritrean worldwide march where Ethiopians plan to join them. Click below to listen (forward to 15:00):

[podcast] LeEthiopia-14Feb2010.mp3[/podcast]

Also on Sunday, Ethiopian Review’s Paltalk Room held a discussion on the same topic where over 200 participants took part. Guests included Ato Sileshi Tilahun, EPPF representative in U.K.; Ato Fekade Shewakena, writer and commentator; Ato Neamin Zeleke, activist, writer and commentator; and Dr Berhe Habte-Giorgis, professor of Business Administration, Rowan University, New Jersey.

5 comments on “Netsanet LeEthiopia Radio on Ethiopia-Eritrea relations

  1. Anonymous on

    This is a very good conversation amongst heavy weights. I am very happy to hear this powerful discussion on pressing issues to Ethiopia and the region at large. The question is are we going to accept Eritrea and live side by side in peace and work for progress or we are going to die out in the hands of Weyane. Weyane is collecting money and soon it will be a force to reckon with, they will hire each and everyone to work for them against our own interest.

    Ethiopia lost over $55 Billion fighting against Eritrea, and the few people that are rejecting Eritrea are INSANE people, They are asking us to go and spend another $55 Billion and rermain poor and die out. At the end of the day, this is the same question that we are going to answer. Either wise up now and focus on our interest by working with our neigbor or else we are going to be played by the Weyane hands for three more decades. Think about it.

    BTW, I like Neamin’s opinion as far as having to pay $700,000,000 every year to Arabian billionaires that are using the very money to rent arable land from us for $10 per hectare. Recently, Egyptians rented 20,000 hectare of land to grow tobaco, while millions of Ethiopians are starving and waiting for donated grain from countries that are dictating our foreign policy.

  2. Suture on

    Some are still reading from Woyanne’s old book. That is what woyanne wants you to be — to be a hostage of history. Woyanne wants Ethiopians to mistrust Eritreans. The truth, Eritrea never did, never will deny Ethiopia access to the sea. People should check the agreement they had with woyanne before the war broke out. Ethiopians were using both ports almost free, even when the war broke, Eritrea was willing to let Ethiopians use the ports. It was the woyanne who refused. On unifying Ethiopian for one purpose, although Eritrea can play part, it does not have the power to unify Ethiopia if Ethiopians do not have the will to do it. We have seen that in Somalia’s case. In Ethiopia, however, there are lots of guys who are willing to die for cause of their country than power, so I have hope one day they will be united and create a collusion to remove this cancer of our regime, woyanne. Ato Elias and Ato Neamin, thank you for working hard to create peaceful and mutual friendship between our people.

  3. To work with Eritrea to topple Woyane is something I can understand. However,only a fool would believe and relies on Shabia’s current posturing towards Ethiopians. I must say I am a little disappointed when I heard one of them say we must take Isayas’ word at face value.

  4. Contrary to the interviewers assertion, at no time did Shabia advocate for Ethiopia’s balkanization. In fact Shabia tried to unify Ethiopian opposition even back in the 1980’s so they can work for one Ethiopia. I think it is high time that Ethiopians should review that history and read all available document carefully. There need to be a deeper understanding and knowledge beyond what was disseminated by the Derge and Woyane propaganda.

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