U.S. Census 2010: Ethiopians be counted

According to Census 2000, the number of Ethiopians in the US was tabulated as 69,530. This equals to the number of Ethiopians in/around Los Angeles almost ten years ago according to LA Times. For many reasons, what we know does not count, but the American Census office does. Our community grew even larger in the last decade and we owe it to ourselves to get the right number in. To do this we have to answer question # 9 of the Census 2010 correctly. The links bellow will show your readers how, so please spread the news ASAP.

I know we don’t have much time left, but still we can salvage some numbers by using the little time that we have. So, please send the following link to all your friends or post the image on your websites so that people will know how to respond to it for maximum result.

Web link: click here
Image link: click here

If I can answer any question, please let me know.

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