Meles Zenawi wants to hear from you

Ethiopia’s tribal dictator Meles Zenawi and his Woyanne junta (the ruling party) have come up with a new gimmick trying to appear to be interested in what the people of Ethiopia have to say ahead of next month’s fake election. The people of Ethiopia, however, have already spoken five years ago at the May 2005 elections.

Woyanne has provided this following phone numbers and email address for the public to send questions and opinions to the genocidal murderer. The EPRDF (Woyanne) office issued a press release today with this contact info:

0912 85 82 88
0912 04 37 76
0912 09 07 97 and
0913 36 00 89

Land line:
0111 23 43 14
0111 23 41 17
0111 24 34 65
0111 23 39 94


Ethiopian Review has one question to Meles: How much qat (ጫት) did you chew today?

56 thoughts on “Meles Zenawi wants to hear from you

  1. solomon on

    Does this idiot son of SETANAWI see this page.If he is able to see,listen Monster Meles I hate you as I hate devil.After all you and devil are one and the same.

    My recommendation for you leave my country.You do not deserve to be the leader of that country.Get lost! get lost!.

    Have you ever thought about the fate of your kids ? do u know how much they are hated and isolated from their fellow citizens ? simply b/c their father and mom are killer and robber.

    Do you know that you are a shame for your kids and family ? what disgraceful dad you are ? Do you know what graceful dad does ?

  2. Anonymous on

    At what age did you start to cheat and steal?

    what was the first thing you stole and made your parents proud?

    What are the things you are most proud of, cheating, lying, robbing or killing?

    Are you and your wife teaching your children the same value you have learned from your parents?

    Would you like to see one of your children to follow on your foot steps and be the most hated dictator in Ethiopia just like their father?

    Do you think your children be proud of their parents when they find out the truth what you and your wife have done to Ethiopia and Ethiopians?

    As a parent, has it ever crossed your mind, how many Ethiopian parents you have put through hell by arresting, torturing and killing their children?

  3. Nebelbal on

    TPLF,, How is your ethnic-junta any different than your predecessor, the military junta?

  4. Gudetta on

    Ato Elias, it would be a blessing if you help Meles organize questions from Ethiopians especially from the diaspora. It doesn’t hurt you, does it? I mean you are indirectly helping connect the unconnected, and see what is going to happen. Just give it a try friend.

  5. Anonymous on

    My question is, it has been reported that you are the richest leader of Africa, amounting to $1,2 billion dollars. As we all know, when you took power, it seems that you did not have that amount of money. What was the means of acquiring so much money in a very short time for you to be a billionaire? Seems that you are competing Mobutu before he was run out of his country. Are you preparing yourself for the such eventuality? If so, which country will you settle in?

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