Meles Zenawi wants to hear from you

Ethiopia’s tribal dictator Meles Zenawi and his Woyanne junta (the ruling party) have come up with a new gimmick trying to appear to be interested in what the people of Ethiopia have to say ahead of next month’s fake election. The people of Ethiopia, however, have already spoken five years ago at the May 2005 elections.

Woyanne has provided this following phone numbers and email address for the public to send questions and opinions to the genocidal murderer. The EPRDF (Woyanne) office issued a press release today with this contact info:

0912 85 82 88
0912 04 37 76
0912 09 07 97 and
0913 36 00 89

Land line:
0111 23 43 14
0111 23 41 17
0111 24 34 65
0111 23 39 94


Ethiopian Review has one question to Meles: How much qat (ጫት) did you chew today?

56 thoughts on “Meles Zenawi wants to hear from you

  1. Yager Lij on

    Now you must be more careful. Do you remember what the scripture says about the devil: “it can appear like the angels of light”. Be careful in your dealings with the devil Meles and his group or the demons (ministers, managers, ‘investors’, etc…). Do NOT show any sign of relaxation towards their actions.


  2. Baheilu on

    “Ethiopian Review has one question to Meles: How much qat (ጫት) did you chew today?” YES, KKKKKK

  3. Gogola on

    I would have asked:
    1) How much money have you deposited in Banks like Malaysia, New York, London, Swiss, etc.?

    2) How long do you avoid public appearance and be accompanied by security forces packed inside coffin-like suitcase?

    3) When do you stop lying?

    Please forward these questions to the chameleon Meles for answers.

    Death to EPRDF and its “Revolutionary Democracy”

    Thank you.

  4. Kidane on

    Question to the tyrant M. Zenawi:

    – When do you go back to DeDeBit?
    We are yearning for that day.

  5. Tenesahu Le Agere on

    Dear readers,

    After doing his homework to steal the election, this dictator is now ready to piss in our mouths.

    How can you talk to a genocidal criminal who gunned down 200 innocent civilians? Now he wants to hear from us. What a ” democrat”!

    This tyrant needs the real thing. Somebody has to cut his throat. He is acting as if he killed insects in the 2005 massacre.

    Will a man finally shows up to talk to him in the language Zenawi understands best?

    Pour 200 bullets into his body.

  6. machid on

    I don’t know whether to get mad or laugh at this one! “Doron Siyatalilwat, Bemechagna talwat”. This is a farce, an insult and a mockery to all justice seeking Ethiopians.these people are Leba atalay! even the brilliant Obama campaign strategist didn’t come up with such an idea.
    LOL! yeah how much Qat did you eat your HE Midget!?
    I can just imagine Meles and his thugs were laughing when they came up with this norble idea. How sad!
    Keeps getting interesting as we move closer to the so called “Election” doesn’t it?

  7. Dawite on

    Hey Meles, F***** you, your days are numbered. That is my message to you, sucker.

  8. Landnetu on

    Q to the Tyrant Meles
    How many times have you called the name ”ETHIOPIA”in your life? None?

  9. kiekie on

    Tthank you Mr president Meles Zenawit from Didebit ,when are you going out for your postion and when ethiopiawi Mr Seye hbraha take over your postion with medrek?

  10. Arage on

    1) Wheather the peoples of Ethiopia like your premiership or not, for the time being you are the PM of this great nation. As a leader, please keep shut your big mouth from speaking nasty words which are not by any standard suposedly spoken be it in public or in private.

    2) Why are you adamant about not releasing Birtukan Mideksa from jail since we know that she was thrown in prison by your order?

    3) Why are you feeling that you are the only intelligent guy on the planet? Is that because every body around you is bootlicker and bonehead?

  11. Selam Yibejal on

    Mr. Meles,

    Over a decade ago you said “My vision for Ethiopia is to see everyone having 3 meals a day after 10 to 15 years. Now there are 10 to 15 million people starving. How do you explain this? Wouldn’t this mean you failed?

  12. Tesfa on

    I suggest everyone take the opportunity to tell (no bombard) them in no uncertain terms what many in the streets of Addis and the rest of the country would like to say to them but cannot for fear.


  13. Anonymous on

    What in the world caused you to be so full of hate, a cold hearted killer and a professional looter? How many innocent lives have you destroyed? How many times a day do you get high from chewing chat? What is your explanation for becoming a billionaire in just fifteen years without admitting robbing the poorest country in the world? How does it feel to be the most hated person in Ethiopia for the rest of your life? How many times have you been rejected by Ethiopian women because you remind them of a gorilla?

  14. Alem on

    Hey you, Meles, according to a reliable source that you are a drug addict. What are your choice of drugs so we can supply you with large quantities to further fry your dead brain? Don’t worry, we are more than happy to assist you on that front.

  15. LemLem on

    We are fed up of seeing the ugle face of Chenawit Meles.
    We do not want Woyane to persist for another 20 years.
    The TPLF guy wants to stay in power like Mubarek, AlBashir, Museveni, Gadafi and Mugabe.
    Those dictators are competing one another. They want to break the record of ruling Africa till the age of 90 to 100 years.
    What a shame ?

    TPLF- Woyane Harnet Tigray will lose the election in a deadly defeat.
    Why is this crook gambling ahead of election?

    He will lose the election or he will be guilottined.

    Death to the scoundrel betrayer.

    I hate to call his name, the PM(perversed Man).

  16. Free ppl never go hungry.Please Step down. How much is the capital of EFFORT? How did your wife become in charge of it. What is her credential to be in charge. watch your big mouse because you are the PM and a lot of kids look up to you until they grow up and know that you stay in power by gun.

  17. Birindo on

    My Question to Meles Zenawi:

    Dear Zenawi, on what occassions do you take that stuff (Cocain)? Only on days of your parliament appearance and EPRDF meetings?

  18. alem on

    what do we mean by the words True and False?
    Melese answer: where have you got these words? you must be NEfetegna. My gov’t has no place for the Nefetegnas’.

  19. Araya on

    I have a question, Mr. Meles.

    How come it was easier for you to give up lands to Sudan belonging to Amhara region, while you insist against EEBC’s decision to relinquish the land that belongs to Eritrea?

    I am not Eritrean, but I am buffled by your hypocrisy, its okay to snatch farm lands from Ethiopian farmers (non-Tigryans), yet its not okay for you to hand back the small piece of land that has been the source of un-neccessary war, and the international arbitration said it does not belong to Ethiopia.

    Stop telling me you need dialogue, all you need is accept the fact and let the commission finish up its work. We would like to be in peace with all our neighbors, including Eritrea.

    Thank you,

    Araya Zewengel

  20. Mulu on

    This guy is crazy, what is he expecting to hear from the people ? or is he trying to show the west how open his Gov. is ? Well I don’t trust him and his phones. ( I don’t know what is in his mind but I do know it is not for a good reason )The voice of 2005 is enough.

  21. doyo on

    I wanna ask him when and how much his “melata” (bald) will be sold? I want to build public restroom or toilet on this specific location . any opposition from medrk? what do you think?

  22. stifanos on

    I simply order you to go any where the north or the south pole to hibernate. Good luck handsome!

  23. Assta B. Gettu on

    Mr. Prime Minister,

    It is mindboggling to hear that several Ethiopian girls of Addis Ababa (both Muslims and Christians) are producing thousands of unwanted children every year from the Tigrean boys, children of the invading Tigrean bandits who have never left Addis Ababa since 1991.

    Some scientists predict that within a few years, Addis Ababa will be the city of the Tegarues, not of the Amharas, not of the Oromos, and not of the other Ethiopian tribes. They say anyone who wants to make a good living in Addis Ababa must first learn Tigrigna, the language of the Tegarues and the vernacular of the Meles family.

    Further, university professors in Addis Ababa must learn Tigrigna in order to effectively communicate with the majority of their students – the Tegarues – and the hospitals in Addis Ababa will require their medical doctors and nurses to learn Tigrigna because most of their patients will be the Tegarues.

    Any Amhara or Oromo person who wants to serve his/her country in the army has no chance to do so unless he/she first learns Tigrigna. Addis Ababa’s motels, restaurants, and coffee houses will be required to advertise their products in Tigrigna: bedroom signs, bathroom signs and all doors signs must be written and posted in Tigrigna language.

    The prostitute girls of Addis Ababa are now spending the little time they have in learning Tigrigna since they know very well that most of their customers are the Tegarues, and the Tegarues in Addis Ababa are the only ones that have a good income to spend on anything they want to.

    To please their Tigrean boss and to remain in their jobs, factory workers should learn Tigrigna if they are not from Tigray province; otherwise, they will be fired because of poor communication with their boss and with the other Tegarues in the factory or in the industry. Church services will be conducted in Tigrigna language, not in Amharic or Geez language. In this way, Tigrigna will quickly supplant the two major Ethiopia languages – the Amharic and the Orominga.

    I want to hear from you, Mr. Prime Minister, Meles Seitanawi, if the above story is true or false.

  24. True on


    Those joking on him being on drugs, if true, this is not a joke. Do you have any idea what he can do if worst situation comes? Can this guy who is unstable could order the annhilation of Ethiopia when he knows he has no hope. So I hope someone sane is near him to control him, or control his ordering. But then, people like Bereket, etc are anti Ethiopian.

    Interms of questions, people becareful, when you make a phone call, call from completely different location but not at your home or cell phone. This could be a trap that later he will monitor who is who against him and target him/her

  25. NEBELBAL on

    Ask the midget

    1. When are you going to stop waging wars against Ethiopians & bleeding Ethiopia?
    2. Do you know you will be harvesting what you sow,,,”BLOODSHED”?
    3. Do you know that What goes up, must come down. So will you?

  26. Kebede on

    Ask meles to leave Ethiopia as he is not belong to the Horn at all! This is my kind request! Leave US!

  27. Weyolet Zenawi on

    I want to pump 1,000,000 bullets into this gorrilla called Zenawi. I wouldn’t mind to include his chat selling wife, Azeb Mesfin, for another round of 1,000,000 bullets.

    You think I am bluffing. Wait and see.

  28. Azeb on

    Hey you, Meles

    We all know that your wife will do anything for money, what is her price to take you out?

  29. freman on

    Some may disagree but the problem with the illiterates is they do not know how much is enough. Meles with his ignorance and arrogance does not know how much money is enough for his family in the next 100 years. ER please ask him when will he know the exact amount enough and stop his criminal, unjust barbaric robbery?

  30. Anonymous on

    That fake prime minister makes me vomit whenever his picture appear on my screen. I hate the mf to death.

  31. komas on

    The recent findata be tigray…who did that?Shabiaa as u said or you woyanees yourself?

  32. Yacubu Dongo on

    My question to Meles is the following: No matter what you do,sooner or later you will be out of office/power.Such eventuality is quite certain,and as history taught us even once giant powers such as the Soviet Union and the Turkish Empire did collapse. Where do you think would you go and reside in peace as you made yourself the most wanted man both at home and abroad? All these genecide charges are hanging over your head ready to make you the second Charles Taylor. It is better for you to compromise now and secure an amnesty for yourself at home

  33. Aba-Nefso on

    Q1-After 19 years in power, why do you still call your political party TPLF? Is that means you are yet to liberate Tigray? If so, Liberate Tigray from whom?

    Q-2. Why the existing defence force is consisting of 95%Tigreans while Tigray represents a mere 5% of the Population? For most of us it seems more like a Tigray defence force rather than an Ethiopian one; will you confess if Ethiopia is under the Tigre colonization?

  34. DEMFELAT on


    We got only a single pending issue with you that is due for closure in the soonest future.

    Choose one of the two events:
    1. Necktie party (hang), or
    2. Grill party (burn you alive).

    You will go for nr. 1 but I’ll see you at the grill party.

  35. tinbit on

    Run, Meles run! However you decide you will be captured and go to prison for the crimes you have committed against humanity. You do not have any other option. As Ethiopians suffered for 2 decades you and your hechmen will suffer threefold.


  36. Kumsaa on

    Dear Prime monster Meles,

    I have just one reminder for you. On Christmas Day, December 25, 1989, Ceauşescu and his wife Elena were sentenced to death by a military court on charges ranging from illegal gathering of wealth to genocide. The Ceauşescus were executed by a firing squad! What an outcome for Romanians and other victims of evil dictatorship in the world! Is that then not your plausible fate, Führer Meles, for your crime against humanity, genocide, rampant jingoism, systematc embezzlement of the wealth of Ethiopians?

  37. Anonymous on

    We all know that you have a disorder of some kind of psychotic problem, would you please tell us what you have been diagnosed with and what kind of medication you are taking?

    We all know that You consider cruelty as a bravery and great leadership–which one of the worst world dictators you admire the most: Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin or the Ethiopians slaughter Mussolini?

    Who abused the most your father or your mother? Which one of your parents instill in you the evil behaviors you value the most?

    Why do you hate and scare yourself every time you look in the mirror?

  38. Tulu Oda on

    Tyrant Meles: Are you ready to face the ICC for your crimes including genocide?

  39. Wakyo on

    When is the last time you have said the truth? You are now going to your sixties
    how do you think as an adult of your age leave for his grown up kids to be honest that he has never been in his entire life? Do you think the money that you have looted from Ethiopia can be for your after coming families to use it and lead a peaceful life? If you come out alive from Ethiopia can you defend your self in the I.C.C (Den hague )for the crimes of the last 18 years like systematical genocide planting so many diffrent crimes war crimes in somalia
    and ogaden and many many more that comes out after you are being removed from power?How often you take drugs?

  40. nnnnnnnnnnn on

    Hey legese….oops that is ur name ya?

    My question or comment is please step down because we re fade up of u….WE ALL REALLY REALLY HATE U WE ALL WISH THAT YOU DIE AND ROTTEN.

  41. woyanemaferia on

    it seems like really a democratic government to provide a toll free number for anyone to call minilik palace. hahah. elias , please ask Legesse zenawi, how long do you hide in minilik palace?

  42. megecha on

    Hi Elisa this would be my letter “Leza Cube Eras!” Melse
    We the people told you what we think about you and your party. The problem is you and your parties are pathological lairs and you don’t have ear to listen truth. If I were you I wouldn’t hold an election again. I don’t know why you wouldn’t stay away from the so called election and bla-bla games like your communist friends. My advice to you is
    Please don’t fool yourself like your predecessor and don’t tell us we love you. When the time comes they couldn’t get a piece of land to lay down their body and we are waiting an opportune time for you too.
    You may think that the money you and your wife have stolen from the Ethiopian people may keep you safe, but Hileselase and his family had millions of dollar in sweize but that couldn’t helped them. The guy went in to grave with awful shame.
    You may think that the military you built may keep you and your party safe, but it’s been wise to not forget Communist Derg. Mengistu lives in a cage.
    I don’t know why you dictators have so stupid to think about your predecessors. All the dictators went to grave with awful shame and you waiting the same end.
    You already circled and don’t have time and place to escape. Your end is going to be worst than any of your elderly. We are sorry for your kids, who predestined to live in shame for the rest of their life. How shameful is that to have a Dad who gave killing order to the innocents and celebrate his daughter birthday in a luxury hotel?

  43. X ET pilot on

    It is so sad !!!when are we going to learn on how to agree to disagree at the same time. Here we have a forum what do we use it for nonesense. They are laughing at us . Ayii Diaspora!!!! Sad generation. Lost to be exact. You all think we will bring change just by bad mouthing and talking nonesense . You all are sad!!!!!!

  44. solomon on

    Does this idiot son of SETANAWI see this page.If he is able to see,listen Monster Meles I hate you as I hate devil.After all you and devil are one and the same.

    My recommendation for you leave my country.You do not deserve to be the leader of that country.Get lost! get lost!.

    Have you ever thought about the fate of your kids ? do u know how much they are hated and isolated from their fellow citizens ? simply b/c their father and mom are killer and robber.

    Do you know that you are a shame for your kids and family ? what disgraceful dad you are ? Do you know what graceful dad does ?

  45. Anonymous on

    At what age did you start to cheat and steal?

    what was the first thing you stole and made your parents proud?

    What are the things you are most proud of, cheating, lying, robbing or killing?

    Are you and your wife teaching your children the same value you have learned from your parents?

    Would you like to see one of your children to follow on your foot steps and be the most hated dictator in Ethiopia just like their father?

    Do you think your children be proud of their parents when they find out the truth what you and your wife have done to Ethiopia and Ethiopians?

    As a parent, has it ever crossed your mind, how many Ethiopian parents you have put through hell by arresting, torturing and killing their children?

  46. Nebelbal on

    TPLF,, How is your ethnic-junta any different than your predecessor, the military junta?

  47. Gudetta on

    Ato Elias, it would be a blessing if you help Meles organize questions from Ethiopians especially from the diaspora. It doesn’t hurt you, does it? I mean you are indirectly helping connect the unconnected, and see what is going to happen. Just give it a try friend.

  48. Anonymous on

    My question is, it has been reported that you are the richest leader of Africa, amounting to $1,2 billion dollars. As we all know, when you took power, it seems that you did not have that amount of money. What was the means of acquiring so much money in a very short time for you to be a billionaire? Seems that you are competing Mobutu before he was run out of his country. Are you preparing yourself for the such eventuality? If so, which country will you settle in?

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