Ethiopian man accused of murder arrested in New York

Alexandria, Virginia (ABC 7)– New York City police have arrested a Virginia resident who is accused of murdering his 3-year-old daughter and her mother, ABC 7 News has learned.

Investigators have been searching for 34-year-old Simon Asfeha, a native of Ethiopia, since April 11, when officers responded to a domestic disturbance complaint and found the woman, 27-year-old Seble Tessema, and her daughter, dead. Both had been stabbed to death.

Asfeha had previously been charged with assaulting Tessema.

The U.S. Marshals fugitive task force, which had been hunting Asfeha, described him as a “monster” to the Washington Examiner, saying he had slashed his own daughter’s throat.

18 thoughts on “Ethiopian man accused of murder arrested in New York

  1. aba mela on

    Simon Bahta Asfeha slaughtered his own baby daughter? What a monster? he should have a dracula blood in him!

  2. solomon on

    what kind of man do this????to his kid and wife is he really from ethiopian family??

  3. Anonymous on

    He deserve nothing less than an electric chair! What a heartless man he is!

  4. sam says on

    GOD has nothing to do with it. we ethiopians are just Pure EVIL how a person kill his own child unless he is pure EVIL what a Shame and some of you said oh god that’s why i say god has nothing to do with it.

  5. Weyolet Zenawi on

    Do we have such monsters among us? Hard to believe. Or is this a mentally ill person? His picture does not look like one.

  6. Daniel on

    As a father of two myself, can’t imagine a father who supposed to protect his family does something totally surreal. my prayers to the family and friends who are affected by this tragedy…God help us all.

  7. kitcho on

    For sure, once he gets into the prison system, someone is going to claim him as his slave and make him a she, which he deserve.

    At least, he does not have to worry about rent and food.

  8. Nebelbal on

    How does a hard working wife, who worked hard to reunite with her husband oceans apart, ends up slaughtered by the same husband she cherished to reunite??????
    Slaughter the monster’s head NOW, just like the monster slaughtered the defenceless little child & her devoted mother.

  9. girma from L.A. on

    First of all it is another tragic news; however, monsters have no citizenship or color or race. All of these monsters have originated on this planet. All we have to do is eradicate them when they get caught and not feed them in prison for years. This sucker may have this knowledge that he is not likely going to get the death penalty right away in US prison as opposed to his native home ethiopia. I hope the justice system give all of the evil doers what they diserve as soon as possible. The problem is there so many of them that are bieng fed in US jails. I do not care if this evil is mentally ill or not, some one has to fry his ass & all the like ones on the electric chair once they are handed their sentence. My deepest sympathy & condolences to the family who are in pain & hurting right now.

  10. selam on

    No matter how wrong & cruel it’s, the story of a man strangling his wife as well as a woman poisoning her husband is as old as the proffesion of prostutition. but a human being to slit his own blood and flesh is absolutaly beyond compherhansion. if i’m not mistaken, even animals that are not much fortunate in the gray area (brain) department woundn’t do that to their off springs. well, lets hope this evil spent the rest of his life in a total solitary confinment cell so he can be more tormented and mad of his capital crime! my deepest sympathy to the victims!

  11. Judge-not on

    I would question his sanity in the event leading to and at the moment of this horridness perpetration of crime. No man in his right mind kills his own child. It’s very sad and tragic for all.

  12. Gigi on

    Electric chair is too smooth, don’t forget his daughter was screaming “daddy as he cut her up”
    I hope they will chop him into pieces

  13. L.M. on

    My God, People can be cruel. This is a Very True Fact. This guy did the unthinkable, but I still want God to forgive him and rest his soul in Heaven. As an Ethiopian Christian, I want him saved in prison. But on this earth, I hope he gets the longest time in prison and learn from this. He was my friend, and I never ever thought he was capable of this. I have known him for a long time. I have such sadness these three weeks, I feel like I want to die. This is the saddest most horrific news I have heard, I am speechless… Let me stop before I cry yet again. People are weak beings and fragile. In the words of Jim Carrey from “Dumb and Dumber”, Life is a fragile thing Harry, one minute you are chewing on a burger next minute you are dead meat. God Bless the souls of dear Seble and her 3 year old angel who is now watching over us. God save us all before it’s too late.

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