Woyanne’s next move – Tesfaye GebreAb

Author Tesfaye GebreAb analyzes Ethiopian election 2010 in which he gives us insight into what possible measures Meles Zenawi and his Woyanne ruling junta are preparing to take in order to consolidate their 99% ‘victory’ at the May 23 election. Click here to read – PDF, Amharic.

3 thoughts on “Woyanne’s next move – Tesfaye GebreAb

  1. abagada on

    Awesom analysis. You put it in good wordings what I am feeling inside. For sure Prof Beyene will sabotage medrek.

  2. Yetebela equb on

    Thank you Tesfaye,
    Where are the hidden Woyannie rats that were accusing you just days ago, when you told them nothing will change in Ethiopia under Melles and Woyannies?
    You have been right all long but our “gama kebt” opposition have no brain to think.
    Thank you also for your new book. Any one who wants to learn about our current “masters” from Tigrai need to read your book.

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