Bereket Simon on hot seat – Al Jazeera (video)

Woyanne propaganda chief Bereket Simon makes a fool out of himself on Al Jazeera TV by trying to defend his regime’s conduct in the May 2010 elections in Ethiopia. Watch below:

8 thoughts on “Bereket Simon on hot seat – Al Jazeera (video)

  1. sara on

    wow, woyane even exposed what he has planing for the oposition. People look this criticaly. Birket Said the Goverment will have ” GENEROUS OFFER” For the opostion. Will they take this Generous offer?
    I Belive this generous offer has been planed by woyane long ago for the oposition, and wait and see. This is the plan, he will make some kind of negotation such as offering a seat or “siltan” to some important figuer of the opostion some where in side or outside of the country. If those opostion favoured by the woyane accepts the the offer, those who don’t get it or refuse to take it will be so firous and the opostion ” medrek” will colapse and disintegrated just like kinijit in the after math of the election.
    Mederk or other opostion pary will be tested soon enough and we will see where they stand. Unless they stick together, and show what they want is democracy but nothing more, they have to prove it themselves this will be the difing moment of who is who in the opostion catagory. There even will be forgin involvment in this negotion. the US and EU might force the opostion to accept the offer so to justify their continiual relationship with the dectator.
    The Bottom line the oposition shoud never accepyt anything from EPRDF except from the ballot and they must stick together if they want to get trust from the ethiopian people.

  2. Tezebet on

    I call it the drama of the year not election. I don’t know why the opposition go trough all this drama knowing at the end Melese will win without if and but.…

  3. Admasu on

    ” GENEROUS OFFER” Typical Wayane manipulation and cheap propaganda.

    All what the dictator’s cadre says, ” Now that we have divided, manipulated, stolen, crushed and humiliated you, showing you your real place, we may throw to you some crumbs as a Charity, BUT NOT AS A RIGHT, so that you may live exclusively according to our terms and conditions, legitimizing our dictatorship as well as polishing and cleaning our dirty faces in the eyes of the national and international public.”

    They want to establish a modern day slavery based on endless robbery.

    It is like robbing 900 billion dollars from the opposition and promising to give them back 100 penny like the disgraced Bernard Madoff now sitting in jail. It is only a cunning foxes cunning tactics to prevent the opposition and their supporters from challenging the robbery.

    In the case robber Bernard Madoff the long hands of the law and justice grabbed him and forced him to pay both in cash and in kind for his illegal madness, but the Ethiopian need to relay on themselves because the international community actually LOVES such brutal African dictators not withstanding superficial public statements and shading cheap crocodile tears.

    Only uncorrupted people who lost their freedom and liberty can fight and liberate themselves.

  4. The truth on

    I just like everyone else was supprised the opposition lost without any gain that the rulling part got 94% of the vote. I expected to EPRDF to win the election without a doubt, and that the election won’t be a free one. But why would I and others be surprised? that’s the first thing I asked my self. And this is a very important question. And the answer I found was that even though I was sure EPRDF will rig and win such unfair election, I still left some room and expected EPRDF let oppositions into the game. That was everyone’s assumption. Why would we have such expectation after witnessing EPRDF steal the 2005 election? This will helps us learn about Woyanne. This group can take any form and shape and will do ANYTHING again anything to stay in power. So the question we have to ask our selfs is why can’t we use ALL possible means to throw away this dictator. This is my conclusion… could be late but for me it felt natural and so logical. God bless Ethiopia

  5. Lukas on

    The ballot box itself used for the election is kind of outdated and it is so easy to cheat. At 8 o’clock in the morning the ballot box can already be full. Who can see through it? No body. It should have been transparent boxes made solely for the election purpose. Election in the neighbouring country, Kenya, is going to be conducted using computer as ballot box in 2012. The woyanne thugs are not going to use any kind of these because what they use as ballot box is a deliberately made box for their evil deed. The European Union and the African Union election observers should be ashamed of themselves. How can they allow the election to be conducted or to go on without universally acceptable ballot boxes. Part of the responsibility for the bogus election and it’s invalid outcome (as far as the majority is concerned)should fall on these so called foreign election observers. There were no ballot boxes in the first place in that election.

  6. Aman on

    Wow…Can any one imagine the TPLF getting a almost 100% of the Ethiopian vote…..They are not even very good at their deception. …. Trash Trash Trash

  7. Geremow on

    At Meles’s palace is the only place in the world that the law of gravity does not apply. This is the joke of the first decade of the twenty first century. As usual until they are shuffled off as their precedes

  8. kitcho on

    it is not unusual for some Ethiopian to be a turn coat, when it is to their advantage. In a country where life has been so desperate and expensive for the inhabitants, for sure there might be in a millions, who are for Melse know for fact that their lives is dependent. One has only to read the history of Ethiopia at the time of the Italian occupation or at the time of so called Communist revolution the number of people who were worshiping and following so blindly, when the Holocaust of going on and until he turn against the very young people and declared the red terror, when they realized and woke up from greed. So what is new in the Ethiopian history continence that makes them stand up, save the very few, who stood up in all situation of her history. So we should accept the reality even if Melese says that he won by 106% like that of Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania

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