’s editorial on the election in Ethiopia

Eritrean Ministry of Information’s has posted the following editorial today regarding the May 23, 2010 elections in Ethiopia:

The Ethiopian people had in 2005 once and for all made their choice clear in no uncertain terms, voting for the TPLF regime to rescind from power. Still, the so-called ‘advocates of democracy’, were once again compelled to stage another elections drama so as to buy another five-year ticket for their agent regime. Unfortunately, the TPLF regime turned out to be a bad performer and the ‘directors’ of the drama were left unimpressed. Consequently these ‘directors’ were forced to add additional scenes into the drama in which the ‘guest stars’ mumble something about the election not being ” up to international standards”.

However, realizing that they cannot find a more debase agent than the TPLF regime, these quarters swallowed their disappointment and kept on cheering for the drama that flopped even before it premiered. A theatrical presentation attended only by the ‘directors’ and ‘performers’ themselves!

5 thoughts on “’s editorial on the election in Ethiopia

  1. disgusted on

    haha isn’t that the truth! really isn’t that what took place in Ethiopia on Election day- one huge drama where the directors were left unimpressed with Woyane’s imported democracy act!! well said shabait!

  2. Yohannes on

    Well articulated. Meles is a rotten despots who is out to detroy Ethiopia.
    I guess Issyas is an honest person he did not try to mock democracy; just iron feast and that is it. Moreover, Issayas is a true nationalist!! He loves his country just like Mengistu; just don’t mess with him.

  3. Mengistu on

    Isaias called African union a ” Nominal organization” in the early 90s and he suggested that organization either be reorganized or disbanded because they have never done any thing for the general people of Africa other than cheering and supporting the thief and corrupt African leaders…….the African union leaders were pissed at him.

    I was not surprised at all when I heard that OAU supported the result of the election.

  4. Hailu Belachew on

    It is disappointing to all Ethiopian when I heard that the OAU blindly supporting the out come of the election in Addis. Is that because OAU is in Addis??? If so, I think we Ethiopian we have to think about this organization existence in addis. Shame for OAU!!!!!

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