Medrek expresses outrage and calls for new election – statement

Medrek, the eight-party opposition coalition in Ethiopia, has issued a 7-page strongly worded statement expressing its outrage at the ruling party, Woyanne, for the way it has conducted the May 2010 elections. In the statement, Medrek thanked European Union observers for exposing the election for what it is — unfair — and demanded a re-vote. Click here to read the statement (pdf, Amharic).

8 thoughts on “Medrek expresses outrage and calls for new election – statement

  1. biyaa on

    bravo medrek,

    shame on tplf and anti medrek elements of mead, ecadf paltalk and other elements who are attacking mederk 24/7 side by side along with weyane.

  2. Yetebela equb on

    Better wake up and smell a Jimma Coffee. Woyannie Tigraians don’t give a da*mn what you say or do. There is no room for democratic elections in Ethiopia under Woyannies.
    Stop giving Ethiopians false hope.

  3. Admasu on

    Outrage is an understatement. Think of the various robbery tactics and acts of mass murder and genocide for the last 20 years culminating in the 2005 broad daylight election robbery in the name of “democracy” leading to the current total banditry and theft of Ethiopian voices.

    If now left unchallenged in this robbery, Wayane will be devising a method of much more absolute totalitarian unchallengeable TPLF minority facist state, where the major Ethnic groups like the Amharas, Oromos, Somalis, etc might be collected in to military zone villages of isolated concentration camps similar to the current Western Saharan (Saharawi)for controlling and pacifying any resistance for the next some 500 years.

    Land and resources will be lease loaned, rented and sold to foreign powers and interests who may in turn actively funnel financial, logistical, political and military supports to the dictator in turn.

    Peaceful struggle will become peaceful self strangle and sure slow death as it has been testified for the last 20 years.

    “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”

    Benjamin Franklin has to say,
    Odinga of Kenya has to demonstrate. :)

  4. Sim Yelehe on

    You will never bring change to Ethiopia by seating in the parliament and listening to the dectators’ propoganda and lies. You better look for another means to get read of this “Mezhger” party. It’s time for all oppostion party members in the election to seat back and meditate on what you have passed through out your life and what the end result is (land slide victory by a party that is never in the wish list of Ethiopians). Somehow I am happy with the result, becasue it will give you time to think deeply and learn from your past historical mistakes. But, please don’t loose hope one day there will be a change.

  5. Assta B. Gettu on

    Some Ethiopians say: “ጅብ ከሄደ ውሻ ጮኽ” (After the hyena left, the dog barked). We who support the opposition are now nothing else but barking dogs after Meles the hyena has left the polling station with huge meat – the electoral votes.

    When a hyena wants to steal something, he comes during night time and steals whatever he wants to steal and runs away. In the same way, Meles the hyena has indeed stolen the votes during night time and during day time. Stealing during day time is uncommon practice in the hyena world unless a hyena is too hungry. Of course, Meles Seitanawi has been very hungry all the time, and that is why he steals anything important to him, to his family, and to his criminal gangs all the time, day time and night time.

    ዓይን አውጣው (shameless) Meles Seitanawi, as if he has done nothing wrong at all, denounces those who caught him red-handed, stealing the ballot boxes. As we shout because our ballot boxes are stolen, at the same time he also shouts, holding firmly those ballot boxes with his two hands lest someone come and snatch them away from him; therefore, he shouts; we shout, and the Americans and the Europeans shout at all of us, favoring mostly the person who shouts louder, and that person is Meles Seitanawi, the great shouter. He shouts louder so that his noisy voice could subdue our mild noise. The more he shouts, the more attentions he will get from the west, and the quieter he becomes, the less donations he will get from those generous nations.

    However, one day, the Almighty God will say to Meles Seitanawi: “Don’t shout; your time is up and leave the country.” That day will be our liberation day, our joyous day, and our unforgettable day.

  6. Tesfahun on

    Even GOD helps those who help themselves.

    The main dilemma is also that the domestic oppositions are virtually in concentration camps being closely guarded and watched by a totalitarian fascist junta military and police forces. Utter anything to oppose the robbery they will be killed and jailed. Shut their mouth and serve the dictator directly or indirectly, practically or symbolically, corruption in the form of petty cash and will be provided.

    That way the 80 million people will be left naked as wretched slaves of these cunning manipulators.

  7. abaTimer on

    Wey Medrek! leka jilagil natchew. Did they really expected the election to be fair? Why would it be fair when it wasn’t fair in 2005 and ran by the same thieves and criminals. Only this time, I suspect the Medrek clowns were not genuine opposition. They are in bed with Weyane and it amazes me how we have turned out to be so gullible we would put qilu Mamo to shame!

  8. Anonymous on

    The so called “peaceful opposition groups” are the most hypocrite of all.
    They know more than anybody else that Meles and his TPLF gangsters will never be ousted from the power by holding gibberish conferences, demonstrations and enlisting some lonely toothless Western politicians. Nontheless, they deliberately continue misleading the Ethiopian people by pretending that they are hard at working in liberating the country from the TPLF thugs and in order to achieve that noble goal, they continue asking the material and moral support of Ethiopians.

    Sadly these cunning “politicians” keep fooling the unsuspecting genuine Ethiopians who seem to support whoever they think opposes TPLF.

    Every one knows that there is only one way of removing the TPLF stranglehold and that through armed struggle. Meles himself repeatedly boasted that he came the power by means of armed struggle (and not through peaceful ballot box)and will keep it the same way. He also challenged us to do the same if we dare to but the spineless and shameless “opposition groups” chose to ignore Meles’ challenge and to the delight of TPLF continue doing what they do best: hold meetings, writing lengthy articles and demonstrate in major Western cities. In other words, try to remove Meles on the cheap and in the process expose Ethiopians to more abuses and sufferings.

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