African Union of thieves say Ethiopian election was fair

Union of African thieves, murderers and rapists (AU) has issued a report today on the May 23 elections in Ethiopia stating that it was free and fair. What else can be expected from these goons? The following is a report by AFP:

ADDIS ABABA (AFP) — African Union observers on Thursday said Ethiopia’s parliamentary elections won resoundingly by incumbent Prime Minister Meles Zenawi but disputed by the opposition reflected voters’ will.

The 60-member monitoring team said Ethiopians voted in freedom in Sunday’s polls whose conduct they also praised.

“It is recognised that 2010 Ethiopia’s legislative elections reflected the will of the people,” they said in a statement.

“Conditions existed for voters to freely express their will.”

However, European Union observers said the elections were unfair and lacked political freedom.

Opposition groups have also rejected poll results and called for fresh elections, arguing that the vote was riddled with fraud.

Meles, who has ruled Ethiopia for almost two decades, dismissed those calls.

14 thoughts on “African Union of thieves say Ethiopian election was fair

  1. disgusted on

    yah that was funny! what do you expect from these good for nothing useless baboons! AU, the only non-woyane entity supporting woyane election drama! as long as the chief beggar goes out and gets their looters bag filled, they ofcourse are going to side with their master!

  2. FANO on

    These African baboons thieves are not any different than Weyane leader Melse.

  3. Fetena on

    No surprise at all. What do you expect from this collection of monkeys? The collection of this monkeys always has been supporting dictators and criminals, so no surprise at all. In fact I would be surprised had the report of this baboons been different.

  4. anonymous on

    ‘Birds of the same feather flock to gether’! What else is expected from a bunch of Morons.

    Al Bashir, Mubarek, Mugabe,Museveni, Kagame, Zenawi, and so forth; they are going to be there for life.

  5. SELAM on

    African Union is nothing more than baboons that are driven by their selfish, greeds to stay in power and loot the people they govern by force.

    African Union has evolved to an embarassement level to hard working African people. Eeach representative in Addis Ababa is busy with dragging prostitutes off streets for sexual orgies than working for the African values. These are the classical picture perfect examples of baboons in self indulgence, practices, at the expence African families accross the continent.

    They are useless banch of fully corrupts got together to itch one anothers butts. If you consider African Union is anything more than rough train robbers in the wild west movies.

    The Union should be disbanded many years ago, for they are worthless group that have no value for Africa, nor any civilized society, are embodiments of PONOBO CHIMPAZIES obecessed with raping little girls for one or two shillings in plentyful bordellos of Addis ABABA.

    United Nations must exempt/exclude AU from its membership, for they are disgrace to civilized world.

    This is my take on baboon offices of AU.

  6. Eritrean on

    Can you believe that these toothless Monkeys passed sanction against Eritrea? They are where they are just to amplify what the Master says. A bunch of Morons!

  7. Proud Oromo on

    Even African monkeys practice better democracy and responsibility than most of the so called African “leaders”. Honestly speaking we should pull out of OAU and join some other group in future. We share nothing with these baboons, except our skin colour. Isayas was right to condemn these bunch of killers for their action or inaction in the past.

  8. dfabachew on

    what are you talking about? African union died long time ago. It died with those pan Africanists like; Haile Slassie, Nikruma, Obote, Nerere etc. Thse people fought neo-colonialism successfully and brought up the living standard of many Africans. After that there comes African Union Of Beggers. Specially the this ethiopian bandit which is proud of begging. this bandit is not only beggar it is also delusional-remember the GNP yadi yadi yada. Here is the good one “we have the know how how to jam bla, bla.

  9. Bh on

    Obviously, the AU is perhaps the most virulent criminal organization in the world that is legally recognized to be legitimate. These thugs are not any better than any other crime organizations except the fact that they are recognized as legitimate representatives of African nations. As the writers above stated, the AU serves no purpose, and we have no common interest or culture with the rest of this damn continent. We need to stop pretending we are all one and together. This useless union has not served any purpose. If anything, it has been very harmfully by giving cover for thugs and criminals.

  10. Asabu Desta on

    Now you don’t wonder why Eritrea withdrew from these gangsters organization

  11. THT on

    AU = Association of the African Useless

    What to expect from such useless baboons.

  12. Wondewosen Abera on

    You all know that the AIDS disease was first transported across the continental Africa through these individuals and inter HWY truck drivers. If they have any good fiber of brain in them they should help themselves first. We have to eradicate this organization before we even deal with disease

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