U.S. State Department slams Ethiopia’s ruling junta (video)

U.S. Department of State Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs P.J. Crowley slammed the tribal ruling junta in Ethiopia for conducting an unfair election on May 23. Mr Crowley spoke at the Daily Press Briefing of the U.S. Department of State in Washington, DC May 26, 2010. Among other things he said “through out the electoral process freedom of choice for voters was constrained by the actions and inactions of Ethiopian government officials, the national elections board of Ethiopia, and the ruling political party.” Watch below (forward to 02:10):

5 thoughts on “U.S. State Department slams Ethiopia’s ruling junta (video)

  1. Anonymous on

    Yes! he said it right! but, I am sure he and his cohorts knew what was going to happen the way it did. It was nice of him to say, in future elections.. . but was very clear about the broad relationship with the Meles government. Trust me, he doesn’t care what happenes before now and the next election as long as the government is a lap dog as expected by some politicians in the US. I he wins again in 2015. We will hear the same old song ” wa are disappointed again”. Give credit to Legesse. He is a group player and knows how to take advantage of situations.

  2. daniel on

    This is bullshit. The USA has been doing the same thing every election complain about the election was not fair.Business will continue as usually after election between USA and eprdf. It is big joke

  3. Jack on

    When the US govt. says only Meles can help them in their “war on terror”, do they mean that the entire 80 million ethiopians r not up to the task? or do they mean that they don´t trust the ethiopian people? Because as everyone can see and hear, they´re saying that the election was really unfair and should be condemned but since meles is our ally in the war, we support him nonetheless. Who ever told them that the ethiopian people, who really hate this regime, r for terrorism?

  4. Selamu Jibeja on

    He didn’t say that in a stronger possible word.
    As we are used to it, the US and EU use soft diplomatic words not to close the door and lose partnership with the Meles regime to defend their insterest in the region. What they don’t know is supporting democracy is better than supporting dectatorship in the long run even for their own insterest.
    Sad but true.
    This includes pres. Obama, whom all the Ethio-Americans supported in during the 2008 election.
    They are after all chasing theri interests whoever is at the helm of the nation they are dealing with.

    God bless Ethiopia.

  5. B'Ewnet on

    Truth sets you free!
    The aim of this 71 seconds briefing by the state department is only to pacify the people of ethiopia. They probably have informed the Meles and his totalitarian regime that they are going to issue a State-Dept briefing criticising the election. It’s a win-win scenario.
    It’s De Ja Vue all over again as far as US government attitude of duplicity is concerned. In the 1980’s during the Pinochet’s terrorizing campaign of the people of Chile, right after the US-UK orchestrated coup d’etat of a legitimately and democratically elected government of president Allende, the war criminal, Henry kissinger, informed in advance Pinochet and his close murderous circle that the US government is to issue a statement condemning the human right abuse in Chile in order to, artificially, preserve USA’s image in the eye of the world. Those murderers were advised to ignore the statement and continue their act of terror more discretely. They were of course financed and trained by the US government funded SoA(School of Americas; AKA School of Assassins)
    (For more details on this please google ‘school of Americas watch’.)
    Similarly, in the daily press briefing of the US state dep’t on Ethiopia that lasted only 71 seconds was followed up by other issues until a journalist asked(fast forward to 5:50)……..
    “The statement on Ethiopia was very cautious. Does the US accept the election result or was it a legitimate election?
    The spokesperson started to answer as follows…….
    “The election result are..are…are as they are” He was indeed very cautious as to how to use his wording.

    The journalist followed up to the question @7:25
    “What specific measures does the US government take or what leverage does it use on the Weyane regime……What can the ethiopian government do that make you feel better?
    The answer begins
    “……We value the cooperation on a wide variety or range of issues between our government including regional security and climate change…….”
    Of course the murderous weyane will ignore it and the US dep’t doesn’t mean a word of it. All they are interested in is their interest at any expense(including at the expense of the people of Ethiopia and its environment) . Of course they need a red herring…..regional security and climate change……another slap across our face. I don’t know how long one bears this.
    We will see how free the Ethiopianreview themselves are if they can be brave enough to post this comment. It’s only the truth that can be verified. If Elias Kifle can’t really post it, I can understand it as the US might one day rendition him or hand him to the murderous weyane on the plate. Either way, I admire Elias for challenging the unsustainable status quo by giving the us a medium where we can freely express our opinion which is a verifiable truth.


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