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Ethiopian Satellite TV (ESAT)

(Press Release) — The Ethiopian Satellite Broadcasting Service (ESAT) has been off the air for the past 24 hours.

We have received thousands of telephone calls and email inquires concerning the interruption of service. We thank our viewers and supporters for their expressions of good will, moral support and concern.

We wish to communicate the following facts to our viewers at this time:

The service interruption is not caused by any action or omission of ESAT or any of its personnel. The interruption is not the result of equipment failure or technical problems on the part of ESAT.

We are in communication with our service providers to find out exactly the cause of the interruption, and work cooperatively with them to resolve any issues or problems, if any.

We request that our viewers and supporters who have expressed different hypotheses, theories, assumptions and beliefs concerning the causes and origins of the interruptions to withhold and reserve judgment until we have ascertained all of the facts.

We wish to assure our viewers and supporters that ESAT will continue to provide the services it has started, and asks for the continued and sustained support of all who believe in freedom of expression.

We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to our viewers and supporters for their moral, financial and material support. We ask our viewers and supporters to bear with us patiently as we resolve the current service interruption issue.

(Contact info: Abebe Belew at

11 thoughts on “Message from ESAT board

  1. yetebela equb on

    My view is Woyannie has already contacted the service providers to stop ESAT.
    The Woyannies are so paranoid, they will do everything to stop your services. In my opinion, the best option is to work the possibilty of working through or using the airwaves of the only people that are very sympathetic to the Ethiopian’s cause – the Eritreans.
    Woyannies have blocked VOA, Duetche Welle, Ethiopian Review and many; ESAT will face the same fate.

  2. biddho hafash on

    While I was trying to find out more about ESAT Etio sattelite t.v I end up listening to a speech that was given by Ato Tamagne Beyene(I thought he is a comedian)a speech that gave me hope finding an Ethiopian activist besides Ato Kifle of E.R who has a vision and integrity.What makes me admire Ato tamagne is that he emotinally and honestly mentioned that Ethiopians did not oppose,cry ,fight when their fellow country men were slaughtered by theeir government forces.As an Eritrean when Ethiopian fighter jets killed hundreds of my country people in a single day and tried to get sympathy from Ethiopian friends that I knew I was laughed at.I was not heart broken,but I said to myself I will fight hard.When abay tigray”s brutal army raped and burned and still is raping young ogadeni girls and is commiting genocide in Gambella where is the emotional reaction if indeed Ethioia is a nation of oromos,tigrays,Amharas,Anuaks and so on.
    Thank you Ato tamagne for the eye opener speech.Please use your brilliance and humor and honest to be a bridge between all the peoples of the horn be it Ethiopian,Somali,djibouti,sudan and others.

  3. DESTA on

    Who is really, really the richest man in the world?

    Don’t be confuse thos who acquired their wealth through honest business practices appear on the front of the paper each year! I know Bill Gate of USA is your first instict, or wal mart founder or Dopoint family, but think again deeper, thoroughly. Do not be too shallow minded, for this requires careful analysis.

    If you ask, world’s despots, out front about their wealth, they shed tears of crocodile about their sorry ass financial affairs. Is it true they are in sorry states? No! not at all! the people they extorted the wealths from are, but such despots are never forth coming about quick accummulated weaths via unholly, lootings! Among these multitudes stands out high as probable Richest man on the planet Earth. Yes, Of all existing billioners, Meles Zenawi is is not far from the top. How you asses, the magnitudes of robberies he leads. He robbed Gold from his countries reseves, sold all gold mines that belongs to other people, he got all the payments. What is an ounce of gold today? do the maths. He begs in the name of 85 million Ethiopians, he gets 20 some billions a year from westerners, and he brags his country has 11% gdp grown, while the donors has 1 to 3% growth. Do the maths.

    He owns, everything in Ethiopia, out of slave trades, to selling children, land sells, banks, coffee trade, drug khat trades you name it he has all in his slieves.

    Meles is the RICHEST MAN that never admits it since his wealths is via out right robberies. I tell you there many despots in poor countries, that never expose their wealths due to future legal reasons that are twice richer than the honest wealthy people listed on the furtune Megazine. Lets think twice about this its about time.

  4. Dumb and Dumber on

    ESAT is a good start but they need to carefully monitor their people. Most times, you have exciting new developments such as Kinjit, Medrek, EPPF, etc but then they all go down the toilet because TPLF using money from IMF and WOLRD BANK infiltrates these organizations. By the end of the day everything is for naught, infact the same Organizations end up either breaking into pieces or supporting TPLF.

    ESAT:– carefully monitor yourself or you will end up doing more bad than good. Professor Alemayehu, you need to watch what is going on, you need to guide those guys under you. They are not smart enough for some of the infiltrators that are creeping up.

  5. kl on

    I thought a satellite tv cannot be blocked. The west supplies money to help woyanes everything to keep ethiopia in the dark

  6. Berhe on

    when we do things there are always challenges. ESAT can’t be free from such challenges. But the most important thing is we have to challenge the challenges.

    Do not worry, there are always alternatives. So let us try to find out the real problem and look for the best alternative.

    Look, Woyane had spent 17years in the bush as a gorella fighter. They had faced a lot of problems while they were in the bush but they did not quite fighting.

    So let us keep united and look for another alternative!

  7. Assta B. Gettu on

    Don’t hide to expose the name of your enemy – Meles Seitanawi whom you already know who he is but scared to tell your ESAT watchers the insidious act of the Woyanne government. Be as courageous as Elias Kifle to tell the truth and to stand up against your adversary and to provide your audience up-to-date information.

  8. Tazabi on

    How it is possible to keep 80+ mil people without information in 21 century? How long this apartheid type governance will continue?
    I hope it will end up peacefully before civil war begins.

  9. Gashu on

    I told you that Zenawi is the future problem of the West/funders and the international community. The sooner the EU,US and the international community work together to oust him in collaboration with the oppossion is the better.

    “Kuch bilew Yesekelut komo lmawured Yaschegral”.


  10. abera on

    fashest/woyane you have no more rooms for your stay here ,big job for the ethiopian who make THIS THINGS TO happen GOD bless your sole

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