A member of parliament defected

A member of Ethiopia’sĀ parliament from the Ogaden region has defected and is currently seeking political asylum in Germany.

Ato Jemal Derie Kalif told Ethiopian Review that he has beenĀ a member of the Woyanne-controlled parliament representing the Warder Zone, Geladen Constituency of the Somali region (also known as the Ogaden).

Ato Jemal was in Wiesbaden, Germany, to participate in an international conference organized by the European Union. He was a member of the 5-member delegation led by the speaker of the house that represented the Woyanne regime.

Ato Jemal said that the on going atrocities of the Woyanne regime against Ethiopians in the Ogaden regime and through out the country led to his decision to defect in protest.

13 comments on “A member of parliament defected

  1. ER, ethiopia will not lose her ogaden region, no matter how much you pretend to be for ethiopia and support the terrorist ONLF.

  2. Demash G on

    It is a matter of time before the devil him self get exiled from Ethiopia

  3. chaltu on

    Teddy – you are confusing the issue, no one is talking or advocating loosing the Ogaden region. But in order to keep them in the fold and feel they belong you do not attack them where is your humanity, why should the people of the Ogaden suffer have you thought about it. The terrorist is Meles and his cohorts who is terrorisng all Ethiopians from the South East West and North even his own people of Tigria the only ones benefiting is his immediate family and the HODAMS who would do anything for a buck his lapdogs. Are you one of them is this why you are irritated that Ethiopians do not support the atrocities committed by Meles in Somalia the Ogaden, Jimma, Wellega, Shewa and many other principlaities.

  4. Fatima. on

    Teddy,Ogaden does not belong to you and your Tigray murders,it belongs to Ogadenis.Your TPLF are on a rampage and killing spree throughout Ogaden now,but you will not succeed.The sooner you go back to your highland dwelling,the better for you.Then,perhaps we can talk about Ethiopia on an equal footing.You will never be able to stay in our land without our blessing.

  5. Mustafa on

    Dear All,

    I am Ogadanian and i am proud of it therefore the Devil Dictator Melez will be a matter of time before he will be brought to justice just like his fellow animal dictator Mr. Taylor from Libaria because what he is doing to all Ethiopian population is in humane..

  6. ogaden on

    You are a narrow-minded,greedy,selfish who does not beleive any humanity you care only the ogaden region but not the ogaden people.you better care both of them,whether ONLF advocotes the self determination of that region or not.

  7. thanx jemal, i wish you gonna display the plight of ogadenis to the world, and many of other puppets will follow you

  8. Tezebtu on

    I wonder how far your are dedicated to save Ogaden in particular and Ethiopia in general. Have you ever thought about this when Woyane gives up the Border teritories to the nebouring countries, like Kenia, Sudan and Eritria?.
    Have you ever ask the peopel of this regions to whom thy want to bilong?. It is not you who dicides but they. Remember what Woyene said as it over took the power: “ye Aksum Hawult le Oromo, Gurage etc. menunew?”. Do you think this peopel are intrested to help Ethiopia unless thy use a divide and rule methods?

    I hope you know all this unless you are woyanes mercinury

  9. Selam on

    teddy,Does he(Melese) worry about Ethiopian land? and people of Ethiopia? hahah.. who never know– next game will be with Kenya,… to divert his internal mess

    ER has nothing to do your ugly poltics game, as a journalist it must issued officially. You & your guys are always sick mind and don’t want to understand that how things run in bad way. Melese and you types are a Terrorist group, i don’t think Terrorist knows Ethiopia. Melese has alwyas created a good movie to terriorze Ethiopian people and also cheats US in order to gain money.(Money for his pocket and his company too).

    See, No one cooperate him, even AU has ignored him because they knows very well his terriorst action against his people and negioburing countries too.
    WE, Ethiopians, know everthing about your stupdi guerilla leader. Everytime he calculates how to terriorze Ethiopians and negiouboring countries. If people complian Melese’s policy, by default a name given by your TPLF “Terriost”, ” OLF”, “Kinjit”, etc… extract from your factory.
    Teddy, make your mind clear, don’t blind, see things in open mind and keep your eyes widely to judge your leader.
    Teddy, Melese does’t worry about Ethiopian Land… he can forward at anytime without any question for those who want Ethiopian land. His aim is known–Terriorize Ethiopian People and cheating int’l communites.He stand by to kill Ethiopian People without any histation.

  10. wey gud on

    i donot think germany is a good please for you. it was better to go to mogadisho, to seek political asylum. I hope you will have a good time in your new country. God please our country

  11. Let me correct TEDDY, Ogaden or Ogadeni people belong in their motherland Ethiopia territory. If Ethiopia is weak it can even lose Addis Ababa and if it stays or continue to be stronger it can aquire all lost territory and preserve the one it already has; therefore, friends what ever you write here has no merit. Lets go back to work power talks and bulshit walks.

  12. I would like to say the following.

    The main problem to Ethiopia is woyanee and its soroget or banda and those who benefited and stolen money from the poor.

    And als the so called Terrian people majority benefited is the problem of this country and we must understand that those people in power is Ertrean.

    Look melese’s mother is an ertrean,seyoum mesfin wife an ertrean,etc

    And also please dont think in ethenik way because this is 21st century countries are united peoples were living together,

    If we live by respecting each other and being united we will defeat poverty

    Long live Ethiopia

  13. Saara for 1977 on

    Listen berhanu,
    You filty shit of a lice, do you actually think that youR ape of a dictator will rule forever. Your dirty dictataor MELISHIT and his supporters of roaches days are numbered-so start planning for you hide outs to safe your filthy lives. Ogadenia is part of Somalia given to your dirty begger government by colonizers. When Ogadenia god willing joins a free Somalia, we will rule the Horn of Africa with our natural resources (which your filty roach leader attempted to steal-but as the world knows failed miserably earlier this year in Ogadenia) and don’t forget the largest ocean coast in east africa-then you will truly feel what it is like to be hunted like the roaches you are. YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED APES!!!

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