Woyanne invites Indian hospitals to set up branches in Ethiopia

EDITOR’S NOTE: A smart and sound policy would be to make it suitable for the thousands of exiled Ethiopian physicians in the U.S. and Europe to return to their country and open clinics. Ethiopian doctors are fleeing their country because the genocidal regime made the country unlivable for most Ethiopians.

NEW DELHI (The Economic Times) — Ethiopia Woyanne wants private Indian hospitals to open branches in that country to provide specialized treatment to its citizens, an official said.

An Ethiopian A Woyanne regime delegation was in India this week with the twin aim of learning from India’s health sector and small and medium enterprises.

“We felt that it will mutually benefit Ethiopians and the Indian private sector if they come to Ethiopia, especially Addis Ababa, and open branches, so that they attract not only Ethiopians but also other Africans,” Redwan Hussien, head of the delegation said.

The delegation, which included the health minister of the Addis Ababa city administration, met representatives of private hospital chains, like Fortis Healthcare and Moolchand Healthcare.

“In the last seven-eight years, we have been growing at double digits and the middle class has been booming, so people can afford to go out of the country for medical treatment,” said Hussien, a senior official in the city administration.

Addis Ababa, a city of 3.3 million, is also home to a substantial number of foreigners. It is the headquarters of the African Union and other international institutions. “Since Ethiopian Airlines is a major African airways, Addis Ababa is also a major transit point for Africans from other countries,” said Hussien.

But there is no equivalent level of specialized medical treatment available inside the country. “Most people travel to South Africa, or Bangkok or come all the way to India,” he said.

After discussions with private health providers, Hussien said that “Fortis Bangalore were really interested in going to Addis Ababa.”

A memorandum of understanding is being drafted and may be signed soon.

Hussien said space will be given in an existing Ethiopian hospital to set up a specialized treatment unit. Also, Indian doctors will be teaching their Ethiopian counterparts as part of the transfer of technology.

On the small and medium enterprises sector, Ethiopia is also looking towards Indian trainers to come to Africa. “We want Indian experts to come and teach in about 4-5 areas that we have drawn up,” he said.

The delegation also met with the Mayor of Delhi Prithviraj Sawhney and invited him to visit Ethiopia.

4 thoughts on “Woyanne invites Indian hospitals to set up branches in Ethiopia

  1. Loomii on

    Of course, paranoid and completely anti people frightened one one party dictatorship displacing and marginalizing skilled Ethiopians of all shades. At the same time cunningly flirting and spreading red carpets for foreign suspicious often criminal business entities dealing with the so called “womb renting, organ trading,etc.” for the mere purpose of Mafia business self and other enrichment already witnessed in many countries and booming at the total cost of the divided and enslaved Ethiopians.

    The solution is to get united and strong after which time it will become easier to develop sustainable Ethiopia for Ethiopian. Otherwise Wayane will always keep merchandising Ethiopian human and natural resources like Mobutu Sese Seko, the ex dictator of the current Democratic Republic of the Congo,and one of the richest man in the world as the people of that wretched country keep starving to death.

    Any way, a country(Ethiopia) gets what it deserves, be it brutal one man dictatorship or democratic popular good governance.


  2. Hana on

    Health care just like police force and fire fighters should always be a service and not up for sale. Because citizens should always have a right to basic health needs no matter whether one can afford it or not.

    Look at countries like USA with all those private health insurances and how they have basically neglected and refused to give care to the 50 mln poor and disabled Americans.( watch SICKO by Michael Moore)

    weyane inviting private hospitals to open up branches in the capital city is just BAD.once these private hospitals start to operate, i think weyane will stop financing the public hospitals and then they will eventually close down. Then you end up with rich Indians getting richer and they poor Ethiopians can’t even get basics check ups. and we also know that unhealthy and poor citizens make a weak community and nation.

  3. koster on

    The best way to help Ethiopia and Ethiopians was to stop killing and looting, provide rule of law and the security to work and live in Ethiopia for Ethiopians. Then all the professionals in the medical as well as other sectors will return to the country they love and do their best to contribute to the overall development of the country.

    Killing, imprisoning and forcing Ethiopian nationals and replace them by foreigners is only to be expected from Hitler, Mussoloni and Stalin but not from a government “elelcted with 99.6%) and claiming to serve its people.

  4. ENWOKI on

    First English need to be strong subject that is offered in all ethiopian schools, equaly, then these predominantly English speaking Indian medical workers may help ready qualified Ethiopian MDs. At this point English is forbidden outside of Tigray, therefore rest graduates don’t understand much of what is being taught. I don’t see much of plannings here. Authorities must focus in producing fluent english speaking youth throughout the country, then bring in qualified educators from all deciplines that would bring well educated generations of Ethiopians to global competetions.

    If you want be like india take all their reciepes, English is their key successes.

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