Egypt police arrest 9 Ethiopians attempting to enter Israel

Egyptian border guards arrested nine African migrants from Ethiopia attempting to enter Israel illegally, while another 10 managed to escaped, a security source said Friday.

Police said that border guards spotted a group of Africans as they were trying to cross into Israel early on Friday. Nine of the group surrendered after the guards fired warning shots into the air.

“The nine detainees said they are from Ethiopia, and that they were originally a group of 19 trying to cross into Israel to find work,” the source said.

The migrants, held in a prison in the nearby town of al-Arish, confessed to paying 1,000 US dollars each to human traffickers to smuggle them across the border.

Egyptian border guards frequently arrest African migrants trying to cross into Israel without papers, sometimes using lethal force.

The United Nations has sharply criticized Egypt’s use of lethal force along the border, and Israel announced plans to erect a wall along the boundary to prevent illegal migration.


2 thoughts on “Egypt police arrest 9 Ethiopians attempting to enter Israel

  1. Selam on

    Its a shame to see habashas shot down like dogs in the streets, but what can u say? Every country has a right to protect its borders? We can critisize there means all day, but, the bottom line is, these people are trespassing and have been warned by previous examples.

  2. Mengistu on

    Those stupid arabs are the most racist people, they are shooting our brothers like birds.

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