U.S. Congresss hears about repression in Ethiopia – video

Leslie Lefkow, senior researcher and Horn of Africa team leader for Human Rights Watch’s Africa Division, talks about a ‘strategy of operation’ that is adopted by Meles Zenawi’s regime in Ethiopia. Watch the video below:

5 thoughts on “U.S. Congresss hears about repression in Ethiopia – video

  1. amha on

    It is good for your awareness of the world politics to discuss Ethiopia in the congress. Beyond that you can not do any thing. It is up to us, the Ethiopians , to determine our destiny. the best you can do is halt the aid you are giving us. we will manage to survive and grow our economy any ways. so do not take it as a big deal!! but you can discuss us or any other politics in your country! this may be considered as a victory for the oppositions in the diaspora and let them fantasize there in their dreams. In side ethiopia we are doing the right thing. taking out our country from the deep well of poverty. if the diaspora wants to be part of this effort they are well come , other wise let them keep their dirty work there and stay out of the Ethiopian people way!!!!!!!

  2. wey gud on

    Selam ER,
    thanks for posting this enlightening testimony. At least there is a hope some westerners witness honestly and truthfully about weyane.

    All civic organizations should come together and act in unison to be able bear fruit.
    wey gud

  3. Esepatesa on

    I understand the USA Government deeply knew what Ethiopian ruling party being manuipulated all about the way towards the May 23 2010 elections, hoping the Obama Adminstration will take some measures aganist the TPLF regime.It should be once for all.Ethiopians are thirsity of democracy , justice and unity to bring about changes to the butter future!

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