Mid-year Ranking of Ethiopia’s Top 20 websites

Every year the Ethiopian Media Association International (EMAI) gives recognition award to the top Ethiopian news websites. These ranking come from independent reports and the Web Information Company – ALEXA.com, which is the leading method of ranking online media popularity around the world.

Below is a mid-year EMAI report that shows the ranking of Ethiopian media outlets as of June 18, 2010. The mid-year ranking shows that the popular media Ethiopian Review is leading the pack once again and it is the #1 website during the first 6 months of 2010. The ranking also shows that the new online version of the newspaper Addis Neger has quickly become very popular among Ethiopians worldwide. It has qualified as a top 20 website in a very short amount of time.

Full Ranking:

1. EthiopianReview.com

2. Nazret.com

3. Ethiomedia.com

4. Ethioforum.org

5. Jimmatimes.com

6. Tadias.com

7. Waltainfo.com

8. Aigaforum.com

9. Addisfortune.com

10. Ecadforum.com

11. ENA.Gov.Et
12. Abugidainfo.com
13. Abbaymedia.com
14. EthiopiaZare.com
15. CapitalEthiopia.com
16. EthiopiaFirst.com
17. AddisVoice.com
18. Gadaa.com
19. AddisNegeronline.com
20. Opride.com

The information below gives more information about each of the top 20 Ethiopian websites. The first bracketed data shows the GLOBAL ranking of the websites compared with non-Ethiopian websites around the world. The Second bracketed information tells the affiliation of the websites that shows if they are “in general” pro-government or pro-opposition or independent.

1. EthiopianReview.com [ 36,633] (Opposition)
2. Nazret.com [ 70,700] (Independent)
3. Ethiomedia.com [ 199, 835] (Oppposition)
4. Ethioforum.org [ 364,468] (Opposition)
5. Jimmatimes.com [ 451,223] (Independent)
6. Tadias.com [ 467, 278] (Independent)
7. Waltainfo.com [ 476, 913] (Government)
8. Aigaforum.com [ 484, 568] (Government)
9. Addisfortune.com [ 550,622] (Independent)
10. Ecadforum.com [ 574, 645] (Opposition)
11. ENA.Gov.Et [ 575,660] (Government)
12. Abugidainfo.com [ 582,748] (Opposition)
13. Abbaymedia.com [ 627,294] (Opposition)
14. EthiopiaZare.com [ 796, 019] (Opposition)
15. CapitalEthiopia.com [ 902,054] (Government)
16. EthiopiaFirst.com [ 959, 387] (Government)
17. AddisVoice.com [ 1,220,056] (Opposition)
18. Gadaa.com [ 1,249,571] (Opposition)
19. AddisNegeronline.com [ 2,199,174] (Opposition)
20. Opride.com [ 2,745, 900] (Opposition)

13 thoughts on “Mid-year Ranking of Ethiopia’s Top 20 websites

  1. observer on

    Good job Elias. But honestly, Ethiopian Review has been slow lately…if it doesn’t pick up, I am afraid it will lose it’s 1st place spot. I haven’t been coming here lately because if things don’t get updated on time, after a while people tend to move to another website for information, as I have been doing.

  2. Rahel Alemu on

    Thank you ER for the listing! Congratulations on being #1!! I also love the independent publication Tadias Magazine, ranked number #6. It is a wonderful, very professional, exciting and positive magazine with lots of original human interest articles and videos that are all entertaining and informational. It is one of my favorite online magazines!!!

  3. Just Asking on

    Where is TsehaiNY.com? Based on the numbers from Alexa it should be number#4

  4. tt7 on


    Mr. Elias “Ethiopianreview.com” Kifle!!!
    You are one interesting dude yourself worthy of news.

  5. Assta B. Gettu on

    I’m always happy to hear ER is still #1 in reporting the best news to its readers despite some vicissitudes few months ago.

  6. Mekonen Wolde (L.A) on

    The popular websites like Ethiopian Review (Over 20 years), Ethiopia Media (over 15 years), Nazret (over a decade)Ethioforum (Over 20 years), Tadias Magazine (nearly a decade), Jimma Times (Nearly five years). They all have demonstrated unbreakable commitemnt to Ethiopia and its people (at home or abroad) and to their profession (most of are exiled journalists). They have jumped few ropes (some publicly, some privately) before reaching the top 20 list.

    In comparison, TsehaiNY.com, the New Jersey blog, is pretty young (both in its quality of articles and content delivery, clarity of mission and audience). All publication need to understand their community well and earn their respect through years and years of commitment before reaching the top 5. Abehsa is a tough community, they judge not only on quality, but on commitment, intention, etc. They take their time to study it before they can fully embrace it. I like your start. Keep it up!!

  7. Mimi Bulcha on

    As far as telling truth to power is concerned, in my opinion, Ethiopian Review and EthioMedia Rock!!!

  8. New Yorker on

    My sentiments are exactly with Rahel Alemu. Tadias.com is very uplifting, relaxing magazine! It’s my hometown magazine and my homepage!

  9. Tewodros on

    Hi Admin,

    Your title is misleading; you should have said “Mid-year Ranking of Ethiopia’s Top 20 NEWS websites”.

    Anyway business portals such as http://www.2merkato.com are ranlked below 200,000.


  10. Mulunesh on

    ethiopiawinet.net እውነተኛ ድህረ ገጽ ነው
    ከnazret.com ጋር ሲወዳደር በጣም በጣም የተሻለ ነው እንደ nazreth.com የTPLFን
    ጥሩ ሥራና ውጭ አገር ያሉ ኢትዮጵያዊያኖች መጥፎ ሥራ አያወጣም nazreth.com የTPLF ደጋፊ ነው በደንብ አንብቡት

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