Woyanne retails land for $1 per acre to foreign agribusiness

An Indian journal, The Hindu Business Line, is reporting that the ruling junta in Ethiopia is renting fertile Ethiopian land for $1 per acre in a form of long-term lease to foreign corporations, while starving the people of Ethiopia through its misguided and corrupt farm policies. Read below:

Ethiopia is offering one acre of land on annual lease for just $1 for 100 years. “We can grow pulses there and bring it back to the country,” Dr S. Ayyappan, Director-General of ICAR, said.

The ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) has said that Africa promises gold for agricultural entrepreneurs, scientists and academics.

He called upon academicians and entrepreneurs to look at the opportunity seriously. He also mooted the idea of sending teams comprising retired professors and scientists and entrepreneurs to explore the opportunity.

“You may not believe that some countries in the African continent are offering land for very cheap rentals. We can take advantage of this,” he said.

Dr Ayyappan was speaking at the Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University (ANGRAU) which hosted the two-day conference of Deans of Agricultural Universities from across the country.

He asked the Deans to encourage entrepreneurs to tap such opportunities.

8 thoughts on “Woyanne retails land for $1 per acre to foreign agribusiness

  1. koster on

    Woyane does not care for Oromo, Benshangul, Gambela, Amhara, Afar, Southern land as long as he has enough bribe money to build his dream greater Tigrai Republic. These lands and resources were what the colonialists

  2. Tenkir on

    Let us stop complaining. Let us take urgent action to evict the devil Meles from power.

  3. Woyane Leba on

    Woyane thieves are selling land for cheap and making Ethiopian farmers’ labor available for pennies an hour. The ramification of this crime will affect the future generation in ways never before. We will make sure Meles and his organization will pay for their crimes.

  4. weqaw on


    Thanks for sharing the news we suspect all along. But, while it is not your fault by any stretch, what is reporting agony after agaony going to do us unless we took some concrete acion to help remove Weyane or anyone who might replace it with the same miserable designs for Ethiopia and the region? Do Ethiopians really, really, I mean really want to get rid of the cancer of the Horn OR they are just wishing things? I am afraid many Ethiopians especially those cyber warriors are the never ending wishers like “wish Assab was …”, “Shabia was…”, “Isaias was…” etc. etc.etc.

    Let us keep what we have and stop wishing what is not ours, lest be the proverbial Amharic saying “yeqoTun awerd bla, yebbetewan Talech” endayhonben…

    Ladies and gentlemen, the world is moving forward with developmental progress and we keep on bickering nonstop and, it seems all we can do is talk without doing the walk.

  5. Anonymous on

    Why are you quiet these days? It bothers me when you stop barking.

    Alula Aba Nega

  6. Dewitt on

    This issue of selling land to rich countries is very sad indeed from African perspective.
    The Middle East has been traditionally a market for east African agricultural and meat products.
    Now by giving Saudis land to produce their own vegetable, fruits and meat what they can’t produce in their country, we are basically disqualifying ourselves as trade partners. Petroleum which we buy from Saudi Arabia is draining our hard currency resources. How are we supposed to balance our economy if we eliminate our potential markets?
    Are they giving us in return an oilrig to tap our own oil?
    President Issayas god bless him, is pleading for PARTNERSHIP between African countries and rich countries. But what Melles is doing is, he is closing the markets for east Africans

  7. Tizibt on

    The poor Ethiopian farmers are evicted from their farms without compensation and their land is rented out to foreign investors for only $1 per HECTARE and not per acre. (Please note according to the Oxford Dictionary a hectare = 2,471 acres or 10,000 square metres). The realization that Meles’ offer is too much of a good thing is reiterated by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, which compares the land deal to “gold”, since it is being sold for mere pennies per hectare for the duration of 100 years, which is a very long time, i.e. lasting two generations! It is hoped that foreign investors would not be fooled by such nonsensical agreements by the illegal Meles government. No future Ethiopian government will accept such long-term agreements emulating the colonial agreements. Foreign investors should be warned that no agreement will be honored once Meles has been banished from Ethiopia.
    By the way, how come there’s no such agreements regarding land in Tigray?

  8. Ane on

    Millions of bullets are shot in Ethiopia in a year. How come there isn´t one from all these millions adressed to meles, is beyond my comprehension.

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