Woyanne businessman Al Amoudi donates $300,000 to ESFNA

… and the hodams accept the money. The following is what Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA) posted on its web site:


The entire family of ESFNA, players, coaches, board members and Executive Committee members etc., would like to say “Thank You” to Dr. Sheikh Mohammed Hussien Alamudi for his generous gift of $300,000 to our organization. It should be noted that this is not the first time Sheikh Alamudi has given a large amount of money to help and encourage ESFNA. In the year 2002, he donated $450,000 that helped our organization reach new heights. Again, thank you and we wish you good health and long life.

ESFNA claims that it is a non-political organization, but accepts donation from a major financier of the Woyanne terrorist regime that is brutalizing our people. The photo below is Al Amoudi wearing a tee-shirt with Woyanne logo:

Al Amoudi wearing a tee-shirt with a logo of the Woyanne terrorist regime
Al Amoudi wearing a tee-shirt with a logo of the Woyanne terrorist regime

94 comments on “Woyanne businessman Al Amoudi donates $300,000 to ESFNA

  1. ase tewodros on

    nice of Alamudi,,,nothing wrong with that helping such kind of organization but not now supporting this extra organization when people are despertatly crying of food in ethiopian ,,u better invist ur wealth on mofer and kenber to produce sufficent food to the people then we can enjoy the soccer,,,

  2. Kebede on

    Shame on you|||

    Does that mean you will collect money from KILLER MELES that has ROBBED from poor Ethiopians????

  3. Zelelew on

    We need to send a message to these “HODAMS” and woyanne. We need to boycott this event. Those of you who have already planned to come to DC don’t go to their event. There is a lot of places you can enjoy and have fun. I live in DC area. I will never attend their events.

  4. gobezlig on


  5. Honest Man on

    Hey folks!!!

    Politics is one thing and sports is another. They should not be taken as one and the same. They should take the money given to them as contribution and use it wisely and properly in the much anticipated annual congregations and sport competitions.

  6. Habtamu on

    Return the money!

    I do not care whether the guy has invested trillions in Ethiopa. I do not care whther he was the reason for many Ethiopians to get employment and good income. I do not care about his contrbutions.
    do you know his real name was first Hagos and that he was visting Dedebit when woyane was in Tigray. He has no any Ethiopian blood. He is half woyane(Tigray) and half Arab.Can you belive any kind of Ethiopiawnet from such blood(except ofcourse Alula, Yohannes, the courageous Tigrians who lead EPRP and who were active in the student movements)
    This is what I believe, unless someone is completely against Woyane(like shabia)he is our enemy. No dissent. No silence. I mean we are trying to bring democracy, tolerance, peace where no one will be presecuted for his dissening opinion, after all. That should not start now. It will come after we get power. That is the history of the world. if someone can not show his civility, and tolerance before he comes to power, he will somehow get it tomorrow. and some are afraid that our country will turn to chaos becuase of ethnic hatred because we call woyane woyane. But we ethiopians are not like other countries. we only hate woyanes and their ethnic base, not the other true Ethiopian ethnic groups.

    So alamudi, I would have loved you if you did not invest in my country and just be anti-woyane. That is what matters. That is the essence of Ethiopiawinet- being woyane hater.

  7. mengedegna on

    Now they don’t have to continue with the so called tournament. They have got way more than what from would get from the artificial event.I would suggest to them next year’s event should be held in Ethiopia. That would be change.

  8. Anti Weyane on

    ESFANA is for jobless TPLF supporters who like to hung out talking about Ethiopia but doing nothing.

    ESFANA is DEAD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DEAD……There would not be any more sport federation in the US.

    Next year, we will have our own…….

  9. Ager bet on

    Amazing, Free of poletics ESFNA , you guys contradicting yourself. You are cheating yourself not Ethiopian starving people. I will excuse you if you give that money back where it belongs, just in case you forgot, for the needy. If you choose to keep it shame on you and I will boycott you forever as long as I live in this world. You break my hart. Because I always consider your organization as my second home other than Ethiopia, now I’m lost, Thank you.

  10. Sith belew on

    Its it time to establish a credible and accountable North American Soccer League. ESFANA is a collection of a bunch of “hodams” who have been stealing the leagues’s money since the inception. They have made the event their personal enrichment. We don’t need to accept this blood money. If this guy really want to help Ethiopians, then he better give it to EPPF or ONLF or OLF whose members are fighting the murderous regime of zenawi day and night. Still we need a new league that is accountable to us.

  11. Ethiopiawi on

    I am most proud for all of you here who have voiced your opinion on this outrages incedent. I personally think that ESFNA SHOULD donate the money to the over 4 MILLION people who are starving to DEATH. Unless they do this we should organize together and make our voices be heard.

  12. ETHIOPIAN on

    Return the money or else be labeled as WOYANA. ESFNA you are disgracing Ethiopians by accepting such a donation from a pro woyana man. RETURN IT BACK NOW! And for you worthless humans here wheeping we sympathise with woyana get your head out of your behind and be more realistic. Everything has to do with politics today even churches.We are not going to under any circumstances condone any type of woyana activities, have it be directly or indirectly.

    Death to woyanas and long live the Ethiopian peoples wishes minus the idiots that support woyanas.

  13. martha on

    I used to travel evry year to watch soccer from austaralia…ESFNA NO MORE …NO MORE.

  14. BOSSE10 on

    aye edelesh ethiopia!!!! sentun hodam,banda,tekmegna, teshekemesh tenoriyalsh?. this is a blood money. tplf and tplf supportres only think for themselves.they do not care about ethiopian poor ppl.For those hodams,banda like ESFNA for how long you betryed the poor innocent ethiopian ppl? how much is enough for you. dont you think this is a blood money who took from the poor ethio.ppl? boycott this events ! I know many of ethioians have a deaf ears when it comes boycott because the only think you care about your belly, bear,INJERA,to show your car,jewelry.WEAK UPP PPL.DO SOMETHING FOR YOUR COUNTRY .

  15. solomon on

    ESFNAs please think twice there will be a day which you will feel shame with which you have been doing. As Ethiopian you should have the pain which ” Emama, Ababa, and Mamush” have it so please be with the people of Ethiopia. Our country never have a lack of money, smart people, intellectuals, or what ever you name it, just good governance. Please be with the people of Emama ETHIOPIACHIN.

  16. goshu on

    Dear innocent Ethiopians,

    This is extremely disturbing. We have to tell these people can NOT tell us to “enjoy” the so- called gift money. They can sell themselves NOT the people of Ethiopia who are fuffering from all kinds of miseranle life.

  17. Burt. on

    I doubt if I go to RFK.
    Since I am “kurat eratu” Ethiopian!

    My Ethiopian morale is still intact and will forever be.

    Medegdeg ena melkeskes ayhonilignim.

    Am I alone on this? I think there are million others out there.

    God Bless those clean,truethful and proud Ethiopians.
    The sun will soon shine on you.

  18. Ewnetu Yineger on

    When ESFNA was in the process of being formed, Woyanies were great obstacles. In some major cities, Woyanies formed their own teams and tried to discourage the others. We know the history of ESFNA and how it reached to this level—it is with bitter fighting and determination against Woayanies. SO, for practiacal reasons, ESFNA is political. Don’t tell me it is non-political. Hamotebis maferia banihon tiru neber.

  19. zinash on

    መልሱለት ለዚህ ወደል !!ይህ ግንዝብ በወያነ መርዝ የተጨማለቀ ነው::

  20. gizo75 on

    Dear Elias what if the money has been donated to ethiopianreview will you not accept the money with thousands of appreciative words? you should awarded with doctorate in criticism and condemnation!

    pleas learn to think positive and be optimistic!

  21. CDNY on

    For the concerned:

    I think the donor can do whatever he wishes since it is his money. He extended his sponsorship as he always did in the past, and he should be commended for that instead of being criticized. I believe he is aware of the situation in your country, and he might have done something to remedy the situation, and he does not have to inform you or tell it to the media! What he does with his money should not be any concern to any one. As far as this big event goes, I strongly believe it will unify all of you, Ethiopians, who live in the State and elsewhere. Enjoy the moment do not mix politics and sports. See the big picture!

  22. comchambawe on

    CDNY i failed to see the big picture because in africa specially ethiopia politics always connected to everything.if he has a right to do whatever he wants to do with his money,then we have also legitimate right to voice our concerns.HE IS USING HIS CELEBRETY STAUS AND WEALTH TO PROMOTE HIS AGENDS IRRESPECTIVE OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS PAINS AND CRY.

  23. ቀብራራው ጎጀ on

    እናንተን ስናምን ያንንም ስንልምን የሚሰጠን ጠፍቶ
    መጣ በጉአሮ በር መልስ ባላሙዲ ዶላር ተመልክቶ
    ይገርማል ይኽ ሽማግሌ አገር ቤት የደራሽ ያለህ እያሉ ህጻናት አየትንጫጩ አሜርካን ድረስ የጠገቡ ሆዳሞች ምነው ናፈቁት ወይ ነዶ ወይ ነዶ

  24. unity on

    I have never known ESFNA was up for sell. I would buy it my self.
    The evil will buy any thing that is interest to
    We Ethiopians need to say enough is enough. We have to stop them. How? What do we need to do?

    1, Fire all members of the ESFNA management team.
    2, Distant every individual who have any attachment to woyane by any means.
    3, Don’t any body stop us from celebrating ower get together.
    In the mean time let us all pray and help our people together.
    May GOD Bless Ethiopia.

  25. R. Adenew on

    What does it mean when you guys say he stole our money and he’s just giving back the fraction of it?? This guy is a billionaire and has been that way before he came to spend his money in poor little Ethiopia. I wish he would ve gave some of that money to our starving kids but, don’t say that he’s stealing money from us. If anything, he’s been giving back more than he’s making there. Maybe he just loves agerachinin so much and he’s trying to help. Why do we always have to look at things from a negative point of view. I’m thankful for a guy that gives out money for a good cause. So what he supports woyanay. Isn’t that he’s right? If some of that money he gave to esfna was going in your pockets, ya’ll would’ve called him ababiye. Thank you for your contribution shek! Keep up the generosity

  26. Abei on

    Leba … you stole these money from our people. You have to give to the people who need food, not the thieves who need money for whiskey.

  27. anonymous on

    Is it true that Mr alamoudi is one of the invited distinguished guests at the closing ceremony ESFNA this year tounament? can any body confirm?

  28. Kalubicha Zerbkud on

    The Sheikh steals and robes of the innocence of many, many girls; and has melted hearts in his stelath hands of many, many Ethiopian girls and many, many Ehiopian girls are now residing in his loving and sinful heart.

    Money is not happiness; but it can buy things that can bring happiness. The Sheikh has never been happier in his life than the moment he stepped into Ethiopia. He has a mission and a goal to accomplish.

    He can never be forgetting the brotherhood missionary and visionary tasks; he is a messenger and a benifisory; also, he is a thing in the woyanaetplf package. He is used by the robbers and using everything available in Ethiopia to his personal gratification and satisfaction. He has a voracious sex apetitie for tiny little Ethiopians. Money, sex, and brotherhood what he likes and wants and needs.

  29. Kalubicha Zerbkud on

    If you flip the coin in your hand,on the spinning coin, you see two faces;we bait you, the Sheikh and the crimefamily are two faces of the same crime and bloody coin.

    ESFNA,don’t hold and keep the bloody coin in your hand!

    This, the $300,000 you received is stolen from poor Ethiopians and the motherland Ethiopia;therefore, you must return the money to the robbed and murdered Ethiopians.

  30. Nigatu on

    What is wrong with the fund? Al-amudi is the one who is employeeing, feeding millions of Ethiopian unlike you all. If you truly love Ethiopia, come and do your share; before saying anything from afar and on the cyber. YOU ARE THE REAL HODAMOCH NOT ESFNA OR OTHERS.

  31. CDNY on

    Comchambawe: The “big picture’ in this instance is the unification of your country people from all over gathered in one place sharing the joy of meeting old and new friends, exchanging love, emotions and just being there with your country men and women. You can’t put a price tag on this! You have the right to voice your concern but why direct it to one individual who has given a lot to your people. He has created a lot of employment in your country and lot of people have benefited from it, thereby, helped the economy accordingly to a certain degree. Name one single individual who has done that! As for your reference to “Celebrity”, I believe the donor has attained enough of that elsewhere as an international entrepreneur, and this does nothing to promote his agenda in which ever way you look at it. Just enjoy this moment better than ever before because his contribution will make a difference in dollars and cents to ESFNA to make this happen. Think of the many people who would bring their business at this gathering apart from the joy of being part of it.

    For those of you who have been commenting on “ESFNA”, if this organization is chartered as a non profit organization, any fund that is collected is accountable, and the board of directors of this organization has the fiduciary responsibility to make sure that the funds are spent in accordance to its mission. So rest assured that the member of ESFNA will do their due diligence or else they will face consequences as permitted by the laws of this country.

  32. ESFNA non-profit status was suspended in 1990 on

    ESFNA’s non profit had been suspended since 1990 says:
    ESFNA is doing business with suspended non -profit status
    According to IRS ESFNA never informed IRS that the non-profit status was suspended by Secretary of State.
    You can not be suspended state level and be a tax exempt federal level..
    ESFNA changed the agent name from MAKONNEN GEBREHIWOT to Fasil Abebe, the current PR the week of June 20,2008 and it is to late for ESFNA to comply with the law.
    ESFNA incorporated in DC on June 18,2008 in DC.
    ESFNA should not host tournament in CA while the non-profit status was suspended.
    1. Select Business Programs
    2. Slect Business Entity
    3. Select California Business search
    4. Type Ethiopian Sport Federation in north America
    The information displayed here is current as of “JUN 20, 2008″ and is updated weekly. It is not a complete or certified record of the Corporation.
    Number: C1478825 Date Filed: 3/21/1990 Status: suspended
    Jurisdiction: California
    3501 WEST 84 PLACE
    INGLEWOOD, CA 90305
    Agent for Service of Process
    Number: C1478825 Date Filed: 3/21/1990 Status: suspended
    Jurisdiction: California
    2050 SW EXPRESSWAY 30
    SAN JOSE, CA 95126
    Agent for Service of Process
    2050 SW EXPRESSWAY 30
    SAN JOSE, CA 95126

  33. CDNY on

    Thanks for the follow-up.

    Well, my comments are based on facts according to the laws of the land. I am sure that their status as a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization will be aproved by IRS in due time so they can operate legally. The various suspensions you noted above probably resulted due to compliance issues. I hoping that they have a conditional permit issued by IRS until they are fully approved to conduct their upcoming event. However, in certain instances, getting this conditional permit is possible, depending on certain criteria, and it varies from state to state. I would advise them to petition for this conditional permit before they do any business. Good Luck ESFNA stay out of trouble and do the right thing!

  34. www.esfnawatch.com on

    A watchdog group has been formed to investigate corruption inside the Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA). According to the group, which calls itself ‘ESFNA Watch’, board members of ESFNA are accused of underreporting earnings, exaggerating deductions and exemptions, and participating in questionable tax shelters. For details, click the groups web site, esfnawatch.com

  35. ESFNA's are on

    knows them all says:
    I have been associated with ESFNA since 1992

    1. ESFNA’s past business practices have been, Denial.
    2. Greed than Generosity
    3. ESFNA had more than five presidents in 25 years. All transitions were peaceful and no schisms because it is within friends. The major qualification is the trust you garner from fellow Board members in your tenure as one of them(deniable greedy, bring new business idea, we even can sale kidney, do not trust anyone outside the ESFNA ..
    4. ESFNA will sell anything even Ethiopians kidneys, has been and will we engage in dubious business practices. Income: Stadium Entrance Fee, Vendors Fee and Closing Night Concert are the one IRS partially knows.
    5. Drug substance uses in hotel and stadium is a big profit too.

  36. Tazabi on

    This is another corruption in Ethiopia. That money belongs to Ethiopia. Why they don’t use it to feed for the people which are starving. Instead putting Ethiopia in the Headlines of the world of starvation every time. think twice MOHAMMED HUSSIEN AL AMOUDI,

  37. Joseph Abeyu on

    Days will come when this pompous jemala Arab will declare the source of all these mone coming from. Ye tenqui genzeb or laundered money; he will one day confess in front of Ethiopians. All our fertile land has been freely given to this Gemala and the remaining part to his Saudi friends.
    Our wealth from SHAKISO ( GOLD) IS LOADED TO jEDDHA WITH NO PAYMENT TO ETHIOPIA. No auditing, no checking and nothing is done when the gold is loaded to Jeddah straight from SHAKISO airport in Sidamo.

    Today, Ethiopian no. 1 enemy is not Meles, it is this Gemala Arab, who is auctioning our country to Saudies, Egyptians, Indians and the Sudanese.
    Fellow Ethiopians ! wake up. You have nothing remaining for your children any more. This man is the ENEMY OF ETHIOPIA
    At one moment he was a WOLLOYE. Then he became Eritrean ( when Eritrians were in Ethiopia) and now he has changed himself and his mom as TIGREAN.
    We need to do something on this idiot
    Thank you

  38. Freeman on

    Al Amoudi has been a brotherhood at heart and a communist in deeds.The chinese adage says,give before you take.Well,hasn’t this been that Al Amoudi practcing in the last 19 years while enjoying fondling and sexing girls and boys of all ages?

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