Meles-ovich selling Ethiopia and the region

By Amanuel Biedemariam

In an effort to sell goodwill and to gain the hearts and minds of Eritreans, soon after Eritrea won independence, Meles stood on a podium in Asmara stadium and promised, “We will not scratch your wounds.” After decades of barbaric rulers; years of suffering, bloodshed, looting, rapes, destruction, displacements and cruelty; after decades of wars, Eritrea was ready to let go and move on. Eritrea was ready for peace and for good news. Meles understood Eritrea’s hunger and need to hear soothing words of peace when he made those statements. Of course, he never meant it. After gathering himself, he ignited unnecessary war, expelled more than 75, 000 Eritreans out of Ethiopia, stole their hard-earned wealth and temporarily destroyed the goodwill to heal wounds between the good people of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Meles-ovich has been selling everything to bolster his stature as a strong man and key figure in Africa and the world consistently. He wanted to be the figurehead and was encouraged to act the part by his US and Western financiers; and he performed that part splendidly. The job required someone with no ethical standards, willing to lie and wreak havoc without regard to the future of the region or his people. The job required a lot of selling mainly to the international community. He obliged.

He sold the Badme war while labeling Eritrea the aggressor for a temporary gain and thus destroying all good will with Eritrea’s leaders. He misled the Ethiopian people into a war with Eritrea without a clear and achievable objective by tapping into the hopes of those who want to retake Eritrea by force using border issue as excuse with no intention to resolve what he foolishly started. He sold the Ethiopian people and the world a lie that he won the Badme decision at The Hague and soon thereafter, he rejected it by calling the EEBC decision as illegal and virtual demarcation as a “Legal nonsense.” Then he accepted it in principle and tried to sell the tired and disingenuous “dialogue” idea.

Meles-ovich is an incessant salesperson who thinks that the world is buying whatever he sells. He actually deserves a great deal of credit for trying to follow through on all his pitches albeit to a colossal failures. He followed through in Somalia after selling fabricated threats in an effort to invade a sovereign nation. He tried to sell one Somalia Transitional Government (TFG) after another in the hopes of screwing a leadership core that favors his repertoire. He overplayed the terror card that the Bush Administration may have felt out-staged. He sold Eritrea as a nation that sponsored terrorism and failed.

Moreover, whenever Meles sells Ethiopians, he addresses them with total disrespect and unashamed arrogance. He does not look or smile, never interacts and, he lashes with his sharp tongue whenever he utters a word. He simply talks down to Ethiopians. He says and does anything. He reverses himself at will; contradicted himself countless times whenever convenient. He never needed to stay true and principled. He never cared to tell the truth, he talked around things and never directly addressed issues. He is rude. He actually never addresses the Ethiopian people. Moreover, if-and-when he addresses Ethiopia, his favorite audience is his rubber stamp parliament that looks dazed. They ask predetermined questions and express fake frustration on queue. It is simply a surreal environment, a fantasy-drama world made up for the satisfaction of the donor communities.

Leaders around the world do many things to remain in power but what Meles-ovich does is simply unprecedented. The intriguing fact is that this despot actually enjoys selling his agendas and believes that people will actually buy his lies after lying to them for years. The question is what is his product or what is he selling? To understand his logic and antiques one must decipher, a) his target audiences, b) the various constituencies he is trying to address, c) understand what his challenges are and, how he intends to overcome it, d) most importantly, what he considers his opportunities are and how he goes after them.

His product is any thing that is the opposite of peace. He has no interest in peace. Therefore, he sells wars as in Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan, and most importantly in Ethiopia. He sells fear and terrorism as excuse to stifle his people. Meles-ovich has been selling the stability of Ethiopia as if he is the savior of it by telling his US and Western financiers if you stop helping me, Ethiopia will break apart along ethnic and religious lines after he himself divided the nation deliberately.

Meles’s target audience is usually the international community. That is, even when he gives phony interviews to selected “journalists” mainly from Tigray. However, that changed for a brief period days before the sham election in May of 2010. Meles-ovich conducted an interview with Ethiopian TV and answered pre-selected questions sent to him, supposedly from the public. For the first time in over 13 years, he showed eagerness to express, explain and most importantly tried to sell his ideas to Ethiopians. It was by far the most fascinating balancing-act I have ever witnessed albeit based on fabrication, convenient placement-of-issues, in accordance with his needs and desired outcomes. It was odd because normally, he sends his henchmen to do the job, namely Sebhat, Ghebru, Siye or the heavy hitter Bereket Simon when needed. He addressed four areas, namely Asseb, the Independence of Eritrea, the election and Ethiopian stability. His target audience: a) some of the anti-Eritrea “Eritrean” lost souls who are working with him aimlessly in the hopes of becoming the TFG of Eritrea, b) the general Eritrean public, c) Ethiopians in the Diaspora, particularly the Amhara, d) and, his supporters.

What is intriguing is how Meles-ovich cleverly tried to sell these issues to all segments mentioned above collectively and at once. He told Eritreans that he is not interested in Asseb, that he respects Eritrean territories and international laws. This man sent thousands of Ethiopians to their premature death in 2000 in an effort to capture Asseb. He is the man that is arming Afar and other ethnic groups from his side and parading them as Eritreans seeking self-determination. A man that wants to sell to Ethiopians that, Eritreans opted for independence due to repressive Ethiopian regimes while, at the same time selling the fragmentation of Eritrea along ethnic and religious lines by using religious extremist, pedophiles and other criminals discards.

Furthermore, he is trying to sell Ethiopians that Eritrea wants to destabilize Ethiopia by working, even with those who do not believe on Eritrea’s independence and those who claim Asseb. He is also claiming Eritrea is working with former Derg officials. However, Meles-ovich conveniently forgot, after the eruption of the border war, he released all the former Derg officers from prison in order to help him fight Eritrea. Moreover, he knows well, that Eritreans do not compromise on Eritrean independence and an inch of their territory. Badme should serve as example. Eritreans will not work with those who have territorial ambitions on Eritrea. During the recent Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa conference, Dr. Berhe Habtegiorgis told those who claimed Asseb is Ethiopian, their claim amounted to a declaration of war.

Meles’s pitch changes from day to day, as he tries to maximize on his opportunities any way he can. He sells exaggerated economic growth while millions are starving. He sold democracy until he realized that democracy threatened his power and disbanded it. His current sales pitch is that Ethiopia does not need democracy. He is selling Ethiopians not to focus on political issues but economic developments. He is touting the tiger economy of China as his savior. He is selling new military partnership with China and is trying to sell China, in effect blackmailing the US.

The Key

The above-mentioned facts are not new; many have pointed this out ad nauseam. Some have broken it down and spoke the truth to how Meles-ovich and his gang damaged the lives of women, children, and the youth. They listed the genocides, crimes against humanity, political imprisonments, harassment and looting of national treasures. They listed litany of criminal charges that should have sent the whole regime into prison. Therefore, it is an established fact that Meles-ovich does not represent the best interest of the people of Ethiopia and the region. He and his gang are criminals working under the umbrella of a legitimized government. It is a forgone conclusion amongst 95% of Ethiopians that the country is in the worst shape that it has ever been. The recipe for disaster is already set in motion. Absent of urgent remedies, it is just a matter of time until the doomsday scenario becomes a reality. The consensus is that it is impossible to work with Meles-ovich. Hence, it is imperative to remove him and his henchmen from power for the country and the region to get peace.

Moreover, it is clear to those who hoped for the international community, particularly the US or the EU, to stand on behalf of the Ethiopian people in the name of justice, democracy and the rule of law to wake up. It is like praying to devil outside the gates of hell for deliverance. In the aftermath of the Cold War, the interest and focus of Western countries has shifted into protecting energy and other resources. The war against terrorism and stability of the region are the main excuses used as reasons to prop up the brutal despots like Meles-ovich and Museveni. The US is his number one financier. Without US and Western support, Meles-ovich would close shop in days because he cannot afford to pay his war machinery. He is fully funded, armed and provided-with unparalleled political, diplomatic and PR-cover from the international community. And until now, he has done well in pursuing the agenda of destruction and genocidal missions throughout the region leaving trails of untold human suffering.

Clearly, Meles-ovich is the most reviled figure in the history of Ethiopia. Even those who use to support him have reversed course because they realize that he is the path to the destabilization of Ethiopia. Why then is he finding success in the Diaspora in the face of all these disdain? While there are many reasons, one of the main reasons is that many Ethiopian opinion makers and agenda setters have, and are working for his agenda knowingly or unknowingly.

As stated earlier, let us be clear here that Meles-ovich does not have any interest in peace. His interest lies on conflicts, fear and wars! After he heard about the Qatar mediation efforts and the agreement it produced between Djibouti and Eritrea, he cried foul and decried the UN for welcoming the development. Any sign of peace and reconciliation amongst the people in the region brings nightmares to the TPLF gang because they know that will bring their end. The recent change-of-tone and approach of the US regarding the situation in Somalia is sending shockwaves into the psyche of Warlord Meles-ovich and his partner Museveni of Uganda to the point of unilaterally deciding to send thousands of more troops into Somalia to the dissatisfaction of the US. They are threatening to internationalize the threat of Al Shabab to the dismay of the US in an effort to regain the funding they lost after they were forced to retreat in a humiliating defeat. This is the reaction of the US envoy to Somalia:

“If I could think of any tactfully discreet and diplomatically clear way to describe the outcome of the 15th Extraordinary Session of the IGAD Assembly of Heads of State and Government on Somalia without compromising the essence of my message, I would have simply chosen that approach. Therefore, going crude is the appropriate way: As a patched up political charade destined to embolden the very extremist elements that it is intended to subdue and push Somalia deep into anarchy and destruction, the resolution passed in that session is haphazardly imprudent and wildly dangerous”.

It is with this outlook in mind that one can say that many Ethiopian opinion makers and agenda setters are, and have been working for Meles-ovich’s agenda as it pertains to regional issues for the following reasons:

1) They failed to talk about humanity and bread and butter issues for the people in the region in ways that could have united Ethiopians with the various population segments of the region, i.e., Somalia, Gambella, and others. 2) They failed to own up to the issues of Somalia, Gambella, Ogaden, Oromo, etc… 3) They failed to recognize their weaknesses and acted and talked as if they rule Ethiopia when they were in no position. 4) They give Ethiopians exaggerated expectation of what Western powers, particularly the US, can do to bring change in Ethiopia. 5) Most importantly, they keep standing on the wrong side of history as in regards to Eritrea. During the wars that erupted in 1998, they sided with Meles. In fact, they were pleased because they felt it would weaken both antagonists and strengthen their positions. Many failed to speak about the horrendous uprooting of Eritreans and Ethiopians from Ethiopia. Moreover, and unfortunately, they are still steering Ethiopians into a conversation of Eritrea and Eritrean territories as if they have any ability to change the facts on the ground. Thus, placing the focus and attention away from Meles-ovich and provide fuel for his fire. They keep doing a disservice to Ethiopia time after time. It is somewhat baffling to see them duped easily by sales gimmicks Meles-ovich and his gangs throw at them. Weeks before the last sham election, at a time when Ethiopians were planning and conducting a significant conference in North America, Meles-ovich sent a select group from his henchmen and paraded them as opposition. Many Ethiopians actually fell for it and engaged Medrek-stars on tour. What is ironic is that they forgot that Siye and Meles actually have fought together for the same cause, Tigray. How can they think someone who sacrificed to come to power hand-over power on their demand? In addition, how could they believe; opposition that is on tour for weeks in the US during a crucial phase of the election is a legitimate? This shows a serious weakness and ill judgment.

Concluding Remarks

Meles-Ovich has sold everything to the point that he has nothing left to sell. He sold sham elections until he realized what happened in Kenya could happen to him; power sharing. He preempted his opponents by intimidating, jailing and harassment. However, the sad part is, even after Meles-ovich declared his complete victory, humiliating the Ethiopian people, some dinosaurs or elites actually found it opportune time to talk about other issues, namely Eritrean ports and asking for political space from Meles-ovich. The question is when will they learn? When will they realize the truth and the reality as it is? When will they know their limitations and work within the scope of what they can realistically achieve? When will they learn to stop asking Meles-ovich to give them “some-political space,” when in reality, Meles-ovich has denied them their country and identity? Plain and simple! How is it possible for any one with an ounce of brain to think that Meles-ovich, who actually sacrificed to get to where he is possible to invite individuals to share power simply because they can eloquently describe democracy? Furthermore, why are these elites and educated personalities always assuming that the West and the US will actually work against their own interest and press Meles-ovich (funded by them) to bring change against his will?

Meles-ovich has drawn the line on the sand. He has unambiguously told the world, I rule my way and there is not a damn thing you can do about it! However, the elites are still pointing-out how bad, Meles-ovich is and, they are trying to plan on what to do next. Moreover, why are they not recognizing the efforts of those who are giving their foreheads to save Ethiopia? Do they still believe that their words and letters alone will be enough to dethrone Meles-ovich and his gang? Furthermore, do these elites actually believe that those who are paying sacrifices with their lives now (EPPF, OLF, ONLF etc…) will give them political space once they achieve victory? When will they stop playing on neutral grounds and take hard stands? When will they declare their positions regarding the OLF, Ogaden, Somalia, and whether to work with Eritrea and other related matters?

It is a matter of record and history that there has been no major achievement in the fight against Meles-ovich. Based on this sad history, it is obvious there is a need for some fresh thinking and a shot of new blood to re-energize this hopeless situation. The one thing that Ethiopians need to realize is that Meles-ovich and his gangs are not only Ethiopia’s problem. They are regional vermin. In order to cleanse the situation and plan for peaceful beginning towards successful coexistence, all options need exploring.

In these endeavors, the only country that is standing for the people of the region is Eritrea. The only country that is standing for justice in the region is Eritrea. The people of Eritrea want to see Ethiopia, Somalia and a region that is successful. Moreover, as President Isaias Afwerki stated, “Eritrea is not threatened by a strong and successful Ethiopia.” Therefore, it is high time for all to declare their solidarity and focus on the bull’s eye, but do so fully respecting Eritrean territories and sovereignty.

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46 thoughts on “Meles-ovich selling Ethiopia and the region

  1. Titi on

    Dear Biedemariam,

    Thank you for your concern to your beloved country. But, why are you miles and miles away from your home country and complain? You know what, you should be here and be part of all the good and bad. Work your sweets for your country even if it is not a nice place to be. It is our responsibility to stand for our country even in the times of adversity. Then only then we our words of criticism can be heard. I am so fed-up of those who live abroad building somebody else’s rich country and bark about what is going on here. Come back, work for your poor motherland and then say whatever you need.

    I am not pro-TPLF or Ehadig or Tigray. I am a pure Ethiopian who is in love with her country and people. For your info, I am a person with plenty of opportunities to live and work abroad but I love my country and my people. I choose to live through thick and thin with my beloved country.

    May God Help Us All and Bless Ethiopia

    I love you all my Ethiopian Brothers and Sisters.

  2. Farra Rorroo on

    This article must have taken from ERITV or DIMTSI HAFASH Eritrea. It tells us another “nonsense propaganda” as if we are unaware of the Ethio-Eritrean affairs. He wants to tell us that Eritrea is not aggressor and Ethiopia is not a victim. This amounts to an insult for readers both Ethiopians and Eritreans. What Meles should be blamed for, honestly speaking, if any, is simply recognition of Eritrea’s independence and denial of Oromo rights. His contradiction is the inconsistency between the rights of Eritreans and Oromos. He made Ethiopia a landlocked country without any reason. That is the only thing he should be blamed for. I am sure he must regret through out his life for making Ethiopia a landlocked country. But what we read above is nonsense for both Ethiopians and Eritreans. The sad thing is that it is published on the page managed by a diaspora who claims to be an Ethiopian origin. I didn’t forget that he is a good friend of Isaias Afeworki. Thus I don’t expect any thing better than this.

  3. Anonymous on

    After decades of barbaric rulers; years of suffering, bloodshed, looting, rapes, destruction, displacements and cruelty; after decades of wars, Eritrea was ready to let go and move on. Eritrea was ready for peace and for good news.

    The above is the manufactured history of the EPLF to justify their struggle. Yes a lot has happened but to categorize it the way you did and for decades; is to say the least, doing injustice to history. You probably graduated from the Ethiopian university while the war was going on. Most Eritreans who thrive in Eritrea and elsewhere now, did graduate during these times. Was that barbarism? Did barbarism happen during the era of Haile Sellasie when there was little resistance and when Eritrean elites were competing to amass wealth and get the favor of the government.. Injustices happened during the regime of Mengistu but it was never a civil war.While the war was going on Eritreans and Ethiopians lived together with mutual concern, shared values and cultures. When the war intensified a lot happened on both sides and since the government had heavier war machineries obviously a lot of damage and inhuman acts were committed by the Dergue. But how about the civilians that have been killed and displaced by the EPLF? Why do you think that the war killed only Eritreans? My father along with hundreds of thousands of people defending unity, was killed defending the cause of unity of the country. He is an an Eritrean and our family living in Emba Dorho were wiped out by EPLF assassins because they were suspected of collaborating with the Dergue.I am a survivor of that incident. There are thousands of such stories. By your definition this is not barbarism! Many Eritrean civilians were killed by the EPLF, you know it and all of us who were around know this. . What makes the EPLF actions less barbaric than the actions of the government. But at the same time Eritreans all over Ethiopia and inside Eritrea lived in peace while at the same time contributing to the efforts of the EPLF. Was that tolerance barbarism? You make it look like there was s systematic effort to eliminate the Eritreans. Ertreans were part of Ethiopia,the center of Ethiopia and remain to be the history of Ethiopia even though it has become fashionable for EPLF hardliners to deny this. History will not change no matter how much you try to discolour and distort it, Tell the truth.


    contrbuting to the cause scession.

  4. Samson on

    Dear Amanuel,

    I agree with you that the so-called Ethiopian elite is responsible for the current dismal condition in Ethiopia and the kind of regime we have. Your article is a wake up call and I hope all of us take your suggestions to heart. Things are moving in the right direction slowly but surely, and the Eritrean gov’t has the responsibility to nurture that.

  5. DubaleKesemay on

    The only thing I got from this article is “Meles-ovich”. Will we c Meles-ovich dying in prison as Mileshovich?

  6. Mezgebe Berhe on

    Ato Elias, please do not discriminate me for being a Tigrayan. I would have liked to see what I commented a little earlier.
    Unfortunately it is not there! Ersberse monaqer does not help Ethiopia. I assure you again that your way will not work!
    As to the article, it is one sided, tilted towards Shaabia and Eritrea. I do not believe that Shaabia can help Ethiopia. Shaabia is another brute, the other face of the tyranical coin! Both Meles and Isayas are destructive and thieves and robers and more arrogant dictators. Both Ethiopians should work hard to clean up the mess that these two brutes have unleashed upon our people.

  7. Balcha Gebeyhue on

    Let us be clear, both EPLF & tplf are responsible for the dire position we find Ethiopia. The intellectuals (nationalists) of these days who understood the evil mission of both fronts were murdered in day light then and in secret now. In my humble opinion, both fronts had a lot in common when it comes to Ethiopia. What is different is that they have a seperate mission now. In short, EPLF is fighting for survival, while TPLF is struggling to continue to rule and loot Ethiopia before their time is up.

    On the other hand, they also contributed to the down fall of the Menegistu regime, & no need to describe the butcher who killed thousands & a generation, that could have safe guarded Ethiopia, perished for ever.

    What we know for sure is there are a number of other ethnic fronts, knowingly or unknownly, who still prefer to fight and care more for their “ethnic” fronts….. than to build democracy & the rule of law in our country at large. This has also contributed for the situation we are in: …..which includes, after over 30 years, we are back where we started fighting dictatorship, tyrany, one-man’s rule and perhaps, the disintegration of Ethiopia into mini “Bantu” or ethnic enclaves artificially created by TPLF and its “supporters”.

    Therefore, no amount of arguments will change what has already happened. Ethiopians already know who is selling their country & perhaps to some extent, also Eriterians desire to live in peace, ………..but WE are still debating or unsure how to move forward for the task at hand. What we can hope is for all groupes (citizens) who have a stake in Ethiopia to UNITE quickly and work “to retire”! if not remove, the TPLF in order to bring liberty, freedom, democracy and justice once for all in our poor region.

    God/Allah Bless ETHIOPIA and its children

  8. Anonymous on

    If this is genuine call, it is ok but there is no way to test it.The fate of ethiopians can not be decided by another government.

  9. weygud on

    “Akaki zeraf” have never solved any of our problems. We all can live in peace ONLY when we, Ethiopians understand and believe what our various regimes have done some horendous injustice to the Eritreans all in the name of a “Unity” when our leaders knew well that the unity was a forced one and not done voluntarily. That is the FACT and until and unless we realize that, it is aforegone conclusion that we are always going to entertain hostility with the Eritrean people. Is that the kind of legacy we wonted to leave our children? I sure hope not.

    But, what I got from the article is that the Ethiopian elites are kind of day dreamers where they expect “Mana from heaven” in the form of US and other western powers playground. And that is very true and disharting to many of us.

  10. lili on

    Titi,who ever you may be,I clearly undestand what is in your mind about Amanuel Biedemariam,you wished he was in ethiopia so that you silence/kill him as most of you did to many of his likes-no doubt you are a sell out cadre, sell out.

  11. EWNETU on

    A briliant article. this can be understand by devoted ethiopian,not by HODAM AND ACHEBCHABI weyane’s. PECE BE UPON ETHIOPIAN AND ERITREAN. DAWN WITH WEYANE AND MEDREK THE FAKE ONE.

  12. almaz on

    Dare #6

    If you think all the above comments are not (but,#4) by you woyanes who has mastered the lie and Idenity thift we will all be in a dog house right? anyway pls the non woyany ETHIOPIAN/ ERITREA read it and reflect on it , sereach your soul and help to save ETHIOPIA before it is too late.

  13. Gonderew on

    Mr. Amanuel Biedmariam-

    Yourself anwserd the question that I have in mind by stating it this way.Every thing that is mentiond in here is not new but has been discussed in the past by Ethiopians in various outlets.So what is the point of repeating,the obvious,
    Who is your inteded audience any way? I take it to be some shabia sympathizer Ethiopians.

    You continue,

    “Eritreans do not compromise on Eritrean independence and an inch of their territory. Badme should serve as example. Eritreans will not work with those who have territorial ambitions on Eritrea. During the recent Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa conference, Dr. Berhe Habtegiorgis told those who claimed Asseb is Ethiopian, their claim amounted to a declaration of war.”

    For millions of Ethiopians who are true to the cause of their nation,Shabia and Weyane,Melese ,and I.A have worked and continue to work as hand and glove to promote their commen goal.Make no mistake we have never been deceived by their respective propoganda ploy that tend to feed the public by stressing on existing apparent friction between the two.
    Ethiopia and her childreen will condemen the the continued atriocities commited upon our people by the two regims.Ethiopians must rise from the ashes and form national patriotic front free from the control of Shabia and Weyanee that will salvage the plight of Ethiopians.Only such a front fouded,led,and financed,by its own citizens,can lead us to victory,as opposed to the fronts who are hand picked,controlled,indotrinated,and marshalled by shabia.They are a bunch of power craved sellouts-They must not be trusted to speak about the interest of Ethiopia whill they remain unclear about their relationship with their master I.A.
    One of this days I will not be surprised if I.A and M.Z go in public and announce their plan to swap their respcted opposition group who are operating in each country.
    Ethiopians owe nothing to I.A and M.Z but only this- An assassins bullet between their nippls.

  14. wey gud on

    Dear; Amanuel;
    I agree on the whole premises of the article. Your points of how Ethiopian opinion makers have failed have some genuine and rightly so suggestions.

    But you seem unbalanced when it comes to the country called Ethiopia. Some opinion makers are wasting our precious time and resources by using the argument you just made about there is no a country called Ethiopia by the eyes of some scholars from Eritrea. your categorization of “Ethiopia is unknown entity consists of oromo, somale , etc. regions” has some poisonous taste for us. The other point is how come you exclude the main victim of weyane, the amara people when you want us to own up the other ethnic groups of Ethiopia? the 3rd point I would like to mention to you is your sorrow about the uprooting of Eritreans. Of course that is horrendous; in no Ethiopian governments have ever happened this except in this junta. But did you have any concern in 1992 when thousand and ten of thousands Ethiopians uprooted from Asmera and many towns where they have been living for many decades?
    Other than such points the main advice for the whole Ethiopian agenda setters are valid and timely. You keep your post and hopefully you will be more balanced and create conducive atmosphere for our two people to dismantle the mafia weyane and live the dream of our people stability and bread and butter.
    wey gud.

  15. Billl Whyte on

    This is an enlightening story that highlights the TRUTH. Down with Meles-ovich !!!

  16. AbaDama on

    Mezgebe Berhe’s comment should read as follows…in my opinion.

    Ato Elias, please keep up with what you have been doing and may Almighty give you more strength.

    Ersberse monaqer does not help Ethiopia. I assure you again that your way is working and we have the proof!

    As to the article, it is one sided, tilted towards Shaabia and Eritrea. Paints Shaabia fighters and the lunatic Isayas as saints and with no ill will towards ethiopia. That is just plaine lie. I do not believe that Shaabia can help Ethiopia. Shaabia is another brute, the other face of the tyranical coin! Both Meles and Isayas are destructive and thieves and robers and more arrogant dictators. On the basis of moral issue alone, we should not seek help from Isayas who is torturing our helpless brothers and sisters up north. Both Ethiopians and Ertrieans should work hard to clean up the mess that these two brutes have unleashed upon our people.

    Finally, at least Shaabia leader loves his own enclave and is calling it a nation state. The thug back home doesn’t like Ethiopia and wishes her death.

  17. Anonymous on

    No Name is Holly Water
    tO All Ethiopian brothers & Sisters
    May God Protect you and Guide you.

    Do we have to always be negative?

    In this world Unity is Power, and also Power is money. If we realy want to help Ethiopia we can do it by opening an account in each State, the name of the acct. being “Save Ethiopia”. We should deposit a minimum 1$ a month, from all Ethiopians who lived in US and then we will form an Ethiopian consultative group with a branch in all states who will study how we can disburse the saved money. In order to do this we have to do some research, but this was my dream always. I know we can do it.

  18. gama on

    weyane/tplf will pay the price.
    you will fall down soon.
    ethiopian & eritrean are joining hand to defeat you

  19. true on

    Well even though I agree about Melosovich, this article is nothing but propoganda. Note, the author above knows the naiveness of many Ethiopians towards Shaebia that is why the author is advising us against Melesovich. Does the author really cares for peace to exist in Ethiopia without domination of Eritrea? NO. The only way for Shaeiba to weaken Melesovich is through the naive Ethiopians who believe Shaebia, the architect of ethnic division, TPLF and OLF is coming to save Ethiopians. Ethiopians, even though they should remain open to dialogue, reconciliation and peace with Eritrea, should not be naive in accepting a mere article written above. The article is very careful not to show the Shaebia side but then discusses what is wrong with Ethiopia under the Melesovich. That tells one right then there is something wrong with the article. Surely Shaebia and Eritrea wants domination from TPLF it is a tug of war and says nothing about Ethiopia’s interest and safety.

    Aananymous #3 above says it all. As soon as Shaebians/Ertireans talk about being oppressed and killed by Ethiopia. One should STOP right there. It is pure propoganda making Ethiopia as criminal when Eritreans have full economic advantages in Ethiopia. That by itself makes one to discard the article as pure propoganda against Ethiopoia and it is condescending and insulting to tell Ethiopians to accept this when it is not true. Eritreans who go privileges withing Ethiopia are denying this. Therefore we will wait when the truth comes out. The point is such author will go to length to spread propoganda, they are now ready to even convince the West as Melesovich convinced the West against the interest of Ethiopia. When will we Ethiopians are disciplined, organized and coordinated enough to protect Ethiopia at all?

  20. WhatATerribleWorld on

    Meles is so BAD that even his supporters have a hard time denying it. So what do they do? They´ve to try to paint the LION Isaias Afwerki in the same colour too, incase it helps the midget look better. Isaias has said it in his numerous interviews, we eritreans have no ill will towards ethiopians and only wish Ethiopia the best. I mean think about it, yes a lot of our people have been massacred, even during the reign of the other midget Haile Selassie, that we could erect thousands of memorial statues all over the country. But we decided to let bygones be bygones. What´s wrong with that? Shouldn´t we be commended for that? In a nutshell, Eritreans believe the people of the region have a common enemy. An enemy, only interested in it´s own selfish needs and ready to sacrifice anything and anyone to achieve that objective of natural resource grabbing. And nobody can deny that the enemy has found a great ally in Meles Chenawi.

  21. Belachew on

    The article is timely and truthfull. I mean, let’s call a spade a spade. We have to realize that by condemning Isayas is not helping the Ethiopian hungry.Meles has sold out. Perid.

  22. Anonymous on

    Wait a minute. Isn’t is blocked in Ethiopia? Did I get it wrong or the commentator #1 is flatly lying about where she resides ? Any way, many of the commentators are completely out of their little mind. Amy way Mr Biedemariam, I have to say this. “Abzey SemAka Debri Itimahlel” eziOm iysemUhn eyom dengola eu riEsom, Asseb, Massawa endabelu kimetu eyom.

  23. Eritreawi on

    The loud mouths are out in force against Amanuel Beidemariam for telling the painful truth. By now any Ethiopian in the diaspora who tries to equate Shaebia with the midget minded Woyanne is either a Woyanne in disguise or a diehard colonialist who wants to enslave the Eritrean people in the name of “Ethiopian unity”.

    The Woyannes know the weaknesses of many Ethiopians in the diaspora who think the US state department will get rid of Woyanne for them so they can get back in the seat of power without working for it. That is why Woyanne is still destroying Ethiopia because the poor Ethiopian people don’t have genuine support from the majority of the diaspora elite who are trully clueless as to what is being done to the people of Ethiopia. They are trully lazy and irresponsible who always blame others for their problems.

    Thankfully there are a few Ethiopians who are willing to face the music and pay the sacrifices necessary to bring about change in Ethiopia and save the country from ruin and disintegration before it is too late. These few Ethiopians in the diaspora should start taking names of the charlatans who prefer not to lift a finger to fight Woyanne, because when Woyanne is dead and buried they will clamour for power by showing the degrees they got from western universities a colleges. I can write a lot more on this topic but I will stop here and hopefully some will take notice and start soul searching before it is too late.

  24. Suture on

    Many of the people who blame and voices their “anger” at EPLF for helping TPLF during the army struggle is a phony anger. In reality they are die-hard TPLF supporters. The reason they are doing is that they want to mislead to the Ethiopia people who are against TPLF. Because they knew the strong cooperation between Eritreans and Ethiopians means the end of TPLF rule. The sad part, the little dirty trick of TPLF supporters’, is playing well in some of the unsure ( langi- langa Tigrigna) oppositions/individuals little mind.
    But sometimes I wonder thought. I wonder about the some of the Ethiopian oppositions’ and individuals’ ways of think. I can see through their writing their anger at the TPLF. And I am sure they can see it even better through reflection of their computer screen, when they see the little vein of their face about to pop out of anger. They hate TPLF gangs profoundly. But they are not really sure what they went. I came to a conclusion that those lousy oppositions and individuals would rather live long life to blame TPLF than to see TPLF overthrown.

  25. Eritrawi on

    I do agree with all your wrote except one thing call Mellse Mells ovich it will be unfair to Serbian people . Millosovich was a a patriot who wanted to bring all Yugoslavia together , who wanted Kosovo back to the real owner;but monkey Melese mission is sell everything for self interest, territory , children, land, asset and history of a country and people.By any standard his uncomparable interms of selling it’s own heritage and country for dollars. Id Amin , Pinoche Moputu wante the power ,however they did sell the interest of their people but never sold country piece by piece. Adolf Hitler may be close to melese in terms of killing by not liking people by color of their hair and eyes ..let we call him baby Hitler eventhough , Hitler didn’t genocide his Germens.

  26. Saba Tewelde,Sweden on

    To Ato Mezgebe;

    Your trick is old model and we never back into 70s in Tsega Luel Kiros area.believe me your dream is finished.

  27. Ethiopiawiw on

    I will never expect and I know from my heart that nothing useful comes from Eritrea to Ethiopia. I don’t understand why they don’t leave this country alone and mind their own business of trying to develop the country. It seems to me that everybody in Eritrea is so determined to bring down the limited and surviving unity and progress we see new in Ethiopia. Now we have to maintain a strong military presence at our border with Eritrea hundreds of thousands military personnel and expensive hardware to match or exceed theirs. Now a days, Ethiopians do not want to have 500 thousands soldiers and instead we need and try to have more individuals working at the construction sites and at road projects. Unfortunately this minute country in the north, with a hopeless development possibilities in the future, is accumulating hundreds of thousands of forced soldiers at our border is threatening us all the time. I always wonder what they would have fed their soldiers has it been not for the support of Iran’s Ahimedenejad. Eritreans do not have any fruitful relationship with any of their neighboring countries. How is it possible that any one in favor of this government be in a positions to sanely criticize the situation in Ethiopia?? Did you hear that Ethiopia is one of the top few countries with the highest development rate? Have you heard that the forest coverage in Ethiopia has increased from 3% to 9% in the last ten years? Do you have any achievement in Eritrea that can remotely compare with any of these??

    I don’t believe in any useful relationship with Eritrea now or in the future. I am sure you also understand this is not just my personal opinion. Many truly contemplative Ethiopians in the diaspora and back home have the same attitude about Eritrea. Can any Ethiopian realistically tell me what we have gained with all our engagements with Eritrea in the past decades starting from Atse Haileselassie? Didn’t we suffer and our brothers sacrificed their lives to keep Eritrea as a part of the country? I really hoped that once the declare their independence, the rest of Ethiopia can progress well because we will not have to be involved in a war any more, but in the next few years, they wanted our coffee to be exported as an Eritrean product and they keep the foreign currency and pay us in birr!!! They have always thought they can full the rest of Ethiopia once they are independent!! The also wanted Ethiopia to use their port even if they charge us whatever amount they ask and even we shouldn’t consider Djibouti or Somalia as alternatives? This is because the only thing they counted for their prosperity after independence was to rent the port of Assab to Ethiopia?! When Ethiopia refused to do so, they “conquered” our territory and occupied it for two years . . . and no need to to talk about what a shameful defeat they encountered as a result of the border war.

    So, how appealing Amanuel Beidemariam’s article is to Eritreans, I don’t think it is an Ethiopian perspective. Just to say the list, Ethiopian have a country where they can leave or go back to whenever they wanted to but Eritreans can not leave the country unless they are less then 15 or 60 years old. If we have to learn from such a country any “valuable” lesson, it will be “nothing”.

    Thanks for posting this (if you do :))

  28. Sharki on

    Dear Amanuel,
    Your article is very timely and to the point only if it can finds an ear that can listen and a mind that can comprihend. I always maintain my opinion unless Ethiopian take charges on their own to save the country from the scam of the earth it will be to late. I see the pen worriors and loud mouth reaction to your article expecting someone in the State department to help them. that is pure dream. The US have found foster child that does their dirty biding, yet some Ethiopian think it OK. Once more unless Ethiopians learn how to fight, struggle and commit with those who are giving the life they will be judged by history. Bashing on Iseyas or Eritrean will not amount in to nothing. Save Ethiopia from the cancer that is eating it alive. What a beatifull country and beatifull people only if they can find a true leader like Isseyas.

  29. Minyaregal on

    I do understand that in the market place of ideas, individuals have a right to air their views and post their opinions.

    But that does not include say an Al Qada terrorist being allowed to write on the New York Times or the Washington Post because that is not the market for Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda’s market is perhaps Al Jezirra or somewhere in the Middle East.

    The same with Amanuel Beidemariam. You don’t belong in an Ethiopian market. Please limit your selling your ideas at an Eritrean market.

    It is quite a disservice that Ethioforum, as the name itself indicates, should turn to Eritreo-Forum. This is a misguided decision to post this guy’s opinion here. Not that he will change any minds or his opinion is a threat that should be supressed. But simiply that he doesn’t belong at this website. He has a right to express his views, but he should know at what forum he can do so. Definitely not at an Ethiopian forum.

    Moreover, Assab port as well as all the slice of area extending south all are natural exits for Ethiopia. At the least, they are exits for the Aar people, not for Eritreans. Hence, it is a given that they belong to Ethiopia, so long as the Afar people are part of Ethiopia.

    No one will stop the right of Ethiopia from gaining access to the sea, nor the right of self-determination of the Afar people populating the coastal land of the Red Sea.

    Ethioforum is an Ethiopian forum, and those non-Ethiopians who have the ill of Ethiopia in their minds should find another market to air their views!

    Finally, someone who doesn’t condemn the tyrant Isaias with the same breathe, but condemns Meles alone defeats his/her own purpose. He is the biggest hypocrite, as Amanuel has proven to be in this article. So save your advice to your Eritrean friends, Amanuel!

  30. walkly on

    It’s a sad realty.By the way I like the nick name “MELESE-OVICH” and it has been a while brother Elias stopped making a fun out of meles.

  31. Mezgebe Berhe on

    To Emama Saba Twelde of Sweden’

    There is no trick in what I have said, lady! Rather it is you who want to trick Ethiopian, Elias Kifle and the like. Aha “Shaabia can help Ethiopia?” Thank youuu we do not need you for you are incapable and lack moral quality. As to being finished, you may wisht it and day dream about it as is your culture. “Badme kedet malet tsehay nikeytiberiq ariba malet eyou!” Entay eyou belieekum teteliEkum?

    God bless Eritrea that it may return the Red Sea Coast to its natural owner!!!!!

  32. Beza on

    nice work.
    we ethiopians rather live in the past while we are being colonized by the melesovich regime as we speak. we need to learn, we need to get rid of the idea of opposition and UNITE under one umberalla with one goal and vision ,that being to get rid of the cancer of ethiopia and the region, then we can agree to disagree how to run the country. but right now we are being colonized by the racist tigre regime that is ruling with no regard and arrogance towards our people.

    by the way you forgot Melesovich selling our land enmass to the highest foriegn bidder.

  33. true on


    It is very sad how you are biased in posting my comments. Your site says “Ethiopian Review”, as a an Ethiopian I post my comments opposing my views and yet you give more privilege by allowing Eritreans post their article and their comments where as I, can’t do that. If you believe my comment needs to be edited then send me a message. Betam new yemiasazinew ER adrgotacheu. I don’t have hate for Shaebia/Eritreans however, as they protect their country against Ethiopia, as an Ethiopian I should oppose to their propaganda as well. Do you see, everytime someone writes about Eritrea/Shaebia, Eritreans post right away protecting the names of Eritrea. As an Ethiopian, I can’t protect my country when it is being defamed. Yes, I don’t like Meles but that should not be an excuse to defame Ethiopia all together. Go check Eritrea’s website everywhere, nothing good do they discuss about Ethiopia. ER, It is one thing discussing and respecting Eritrea, but it should be based on mutual respect. I do believe there are Eritreans/Shaebians working for ER. Elias, this is not the way to work with Shaebia. There should be mutual respect from both but the article clearly tells how Eritrea was oppressed by Ethiopia and it is a lie. You are being complacent about this turning lie into truth.


  34. Dawit on

    Dear Elias,
    I am now, more than ever,convinced that you and people like you must be working for EPRDF, yes for Meles, through Shabia in order to make Eritreas dream a reality. We have enough of your high-school dropout propoganda. Oh I mean college dropout or……Naaaaaa just go back to school, learn some profession, and get a real job. This seem not to work out for you.And then again, I always forget you get paid from both end, Isayas and Meles.
    Post this and show me your guts.

  35. Concerned on

    This article is very critical of Meles. What about Afeworki? In fact all you need to do is change the name from Melesovich to Afeworkovich and everything applies to both. The people of both countries will be liberated one day, the question is how and when.

  36. Ali on

    All Ethiopians have been geting their soul and mind pimped by the three stooges Meles Zenawi , Azeb Mesfin and Mohammed Alamoudi for the last 20 years. Even the virgin Ethiopian land is loosing it’s virginity to foreigners. Pimps have a better success as a pimp in Ethiopia than anywherelse .They can run Ethiopiaby fiting into the three stooges system like a glove.

  37. Hailu on

    Something I discovered recently and it makes me laugh and surprise is when non Tigrayan ethiopians have connection or friendship with eritreans, woyanes(Tigrayans)shiver like someone who has malaria, it is amazing and it tells me that how Tigrayans are scared of eritreans, It is not just Melesse and his inner circles anyone who has Tigrayans blood even who oppose Melesses regime, one example is Abraha Belay(ETIOMEDIA EDITOR).





  38. LIBERTY on

    Even though i would not know the reason tgrayans are terrified of Eritreans . this is not a joke even in a simple life the tigrayans always feel inferior. i disease which needs remedy.

  39. True on


    Igzer yakbereh. Thanks for the post although it was wrong of you not to post my messages. I am not trying to be polarizing but the truth must be told from now on about history of Ethiopia. It is about time. Enough of lies. Remember, we have a parasite, we have to becareful of while we are trying to kill the parasite (Meles), you could kill the host (Ethiopia). Yes, you can work with Shaebia/Eritrea with mutual respect but never trust. For instance, Egypt is now going back to woriking with Eritrea to destabilize Ethiopia of course it was with the help of Egypt, some Westerners, Iran that Eritrea got its indpendence. Where would it get its guns and bombs to defeat Derg otherwise?


    Another lie. The country who colonized you is Italy and go and ask them. We also refuse the spread of propoganda against Ethiopia as colonists. You elite succeeded because of this lies. Now you have your country and still continue to spread lies about Ethiopia. Mind you, I am not opposing you because you are against Meles. Shaebia made Meles and TPLF and that is your problem. You would have supported Melesovich still if he was not against you or because he wanted to exploit Ethiopia’s wealth by himself and his stooges.


    discuss the issue rather than attacking people. Accuse, accuse, etc. does not help. But since your goal is propoganda and have no answers the only way is to accuse people commenting and being critical of Shaebia.

    you said “Ethiopia the best. I mean think about it, yes a lot of our people have been massacred, even during the reign of the other midget Haile Selassie, that we could erect thousands of memorial statues all over the country. ” Do you mean Ethiopians were massacred by Shaebia? Bring proof of “massacre” of Eritreans by HIM and I will believe you. Oh by the way make sure it is not concocted Shaebian or pro Shaebian documents.

  40. stifanos on

    To “Concerned“. First Aforki doesn’t hide from his people. He is among his people anytime, everywhere. Second Meles is always behind his wife’s skirt hiding inside a tank from the palace on his way to the airport and vice versa. Third whenever Isays addresses or gives speeches to his people, he doesn’t hide or encapsulate himself in bullet proof glass. Shame on you Bozo you are full of hatred. The reality is the opposite.

  41. Concerned on

    To Stifanos,

    If Eritrieans had it sooooo good under Aferworki as you state, then why do they risk their lives to flee. Do not elude yourself find out more what a dictatorship means. Dictators do not need to hide it is they way they choose to rule, which is oppression in order to stay in power. Freedom means to see things are they are not deny see things because if does not concern you. In any case time the people will judge both leaders when the time comes.

  42. Anonymous on

    for the bandas hrw, ai rtc are not right. only the bandas and naziawi r right. min aynet wusha dedeb nachew. hulu wushetam banda and the buther naziawi meles r right. yihewlih lezih naww tuncha ras yemilih. hrw,ai etc spent several millions dollars to investigate the massacre and knew it was done by the director order of ur pay master butcher meles naziawi. at least u denied only the gambela massacre, it is good u admitted the other massacres. regarding the gambela massacre, there are many written materials. it is good u admitted the rest. it is a good beginning. for a murderer to face deah penalty, he doesn’t have to kill two or three. killing one person is enough to be setenced to death. so for meles to face death penalty the others those u admitted like the hundred thousands soldiers at badme, bedeno, arbagugu, the 200 innocent and peaceful demonstrators gunned down in one day is enough. now, u r coming to my point. by the wat, why did meles naziawi butcher his own friends like gidey zeratsion, aqubazgi, zewengel? why did meles naziawi kill muse? let us talk about his murders. just face it. this is the truth. why did he kill 40 tplf fighters by cynaide? why? aregawi berhe wrote about it.

  43. Stifanos on

    Awet N all ethiopian oppsiton party who are sacrifying them selves to free Ethiopia from the jaw of weyane and the aderbayoch.

  44. Stifanos on

    TO concerned. Menow ante awko abed yemtkebaterew.Are you telling the whole world, Meles chenawi is not a dictator? Is it because he is hiding in the crevice of Menelik palace? If you believe not to the contrary,you must be smoking the wrong one.For your information,we don’t sell our behind for the highest bidder or stretch out our hands for crumbs nor do we sell our children and our
    land to foreigners. Sahme on you ADEBAYOCH…

  45. Gesese on

    EPPF Forces Capture more than 70 AK-47 after destroying Woyane army in northwest Gondar. On July 15, 2010, the woyane army suffered 40 death and at least 20 casualties, inflicted by the Ethiopian People Patriotic Front (EPPF). The attack occurred in northwest Gondar, and after killing and wounding the woyane army, EPPF forces captured more than seventy AK-47.
    Several citizens in the region, and even some woyane army members are believed to be joining the EPPF movement.
    The movement has vowed to continue fighting until woyane regime is thrown out of power.

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