Preparation for dialoguing among Ethiopian opposition groups

Several attempts by Ethiopian opposition groups to forge a viable alliance during the past two decades have failed with disastrous result for Ethiopia. The alliances start to unravel soon after they are formed. The main cause of such failure has been lack of advance preparation, according to Ato Sioum Gebeyehou, a senior nuclear power generation engineer and management consultant. The opposition parties also fail to involve all stake holders, such as civic groups.

Ato Sioum comes up with a 4-step process that calls for fractious opposition groups to be united behind common issues and shared interests if there is to be any chance of bringing about regime change in Ethiopia. The 4-steps  include: 1) Prepare to dialogue, 2) Dialogue to dialogue, 3) Dialogue for a common goal, and 4) Achieve the goal.

Click the image below to read the full presentation on the Process of Dialoguing:

11 thoughts on “Preparation for dialoguing among Ethiopian opposition groups

  1. George on

    Advancing Ethiopian interest above and beyond anything else should unite all opposition forces. There no other uniting factor other than the dire situation the country is in at this very moment. Or let the new generation take charge since the old one is unable to move forward. 20 years too long and we cannot wait any longer.

  2. Jegnaw Gondre on

    if our beloved country to survive from this WOYANE banda we must have one aim one destiny one purpose that is for the survival of Ethiopia as a Nation we must come together as one Ethiopian to save IMAMA ETHIOPIA from this woyane parasite.

  3. Tazabi on

    As long as the coalition does not include secessionist groups or Shabia affiliated mercenaries, I am all for dialogue.

  4. almaz on

    As long as a rule which disallows those separatist elements like Olf are put in place post TPLF, we all are ready for a dialogue and set the stage to outset this tplf gangs.

  5. Azieb Salomon on

    What shocks us, we Eritreans, is why the rotten disgusting beast family of Seyoum Korerima wants Eritreans to marry his children and grand-children dwarf ET figures with rough charcoal skin of baboon faces. We Eritreans keep on saying: “Leave us alone and just jump to Hell, that is where all of you lot belong”. Eritreans are not born cursed like you devil dwarf and so ugly family. We know that the Seyoum Korerima family was the product of purposely mixed of two strange dwarf slaves in Gojjam.

  6. Assta B. Gettu on

    Dear Azieb Salomon #4,

    I know my Eritrean brothers and sisters are the most beautiful, attractive, and charming people that I am always proud of; however, physical beauty is not enough by itself unless the art of ingenuity and intelligence is added to a physical beauty.

    There have been many intelligent and famous short people on this earth; for example:

    1. Genghis Khan 5´ 1″ tall.
    2. Yasser Arafat 5´ 2″ tall.
    3. Yuri Gagarin 5´ 2″ tall.
    4. Mahatama Gandhi 5′ 3″ tall.
    5. Nikita Khurushev 5′ 3″ tall.
    6. Emperor Haile Selassie 5` 4″ tall.
    7. Pablo Picasso 5` 4″ tall.
    8. James Madison 5` 4″ tall.
    9. Vladimir Lenin 5` 5″ tall.
    10. Chapri Chaplin 5` 5″ tall.
    11. Diego Mara Dona 5` 5″ tall.
    12. Winston Churchill 5` 8″ tall.

    All these short but famous people tell us that shortness or dwarfness has nothing to do with the heightens of a person; what matters the most is intelligence, humility, duty, love of a country, and fear of God.

  7. Mastewal on

    Be clear about matters that can be generalized and matters that can not. I say we should agree that political parties ahould not be based on religion nor on ethnic basis. These are personal choices and personal identity not subject to personal choice, respectively. Politics should be based on ideas and issues that can surve as common denominators.

  8. True on


    LOL, you cracked me up man. Sometimes you annoy me because you are a polarizing individual with extremism religious attitude. However, you know your Schtic very well. Good job!

  9. True on

    My advice,

    This is a great news. However, we have the highest mountain to climb to achieve this goal and we will face lots and lots of problems, challenges that comes from outside, within, our emotions are also against us. So how prepared are we to do this? We must know we are going to encounter a very challenging issues, are we prepared to solve such problems. So, startegy very important and we must anticipate challenges and what to do to tackle them. While keeping open mind about even with anti Ethiopian elements, negotiation and dialogue is important. Heck how would you know your enemies think and work if you don’t get close to them?

    Good luck and god bless Ethiopia!

  10. Assta B. Gettu on

    True #9,

    I know there are many short people around us so I thought Azieb Solomon’s comment might have hurt their feelings about their heights, so I want them to be happy by posting those renowned dwarf or short people.

    I’m glad you laughed instead of being annoyed by my annoying comments.

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