Is there anything new about OLF’s call for alliance?

By Shiferaw Abebe

Following its 4th regular session early this month, the OLF National Council issued a communiqué wherein it calls upon “all the forces opposed to the dictatorial regime of the TPLF to struggle for liberation, freedom, democracy, the rule of law, peace, and prosperity.” The communiqué states that there is “no more option left except to rise up in unison and struggle to get rid of the tyrannical minority rule.”

To this end, the Council instructs to “set our priorities in order and forge a meaningful alliance against the TPLF rule.” Then the Communiqué states that OLF is ready for “a meaningful cooperation and alliance with serious political organizations fighting and struggling for liberation democracy, the rule of law, and human rights and human dignity for all the peoples in Ethiopia.”

Is there anything new or grand about the above pronouncement? Does one see any change in form or substance that could make this communiqué a different read from what one can glean from OLF’s mission and policy statements on the OLF website? Nope. The So-called Council is still singing from the same old song book. OLF still maintains that the Oromo people are a people in Ethiopia, not a people of Ethiopia. The not so-subtle difference between the notions of “peoples in Ethiopia” and the “people of Ethiopia” actually makes all the difference between OLF and other opposition forces that are fighting to build a better Ethiopia for everyone. The fact that the Council listed liberation along with democracy, the rule of law and human rights does not camouflage the true color of OLF or its mission which remains to be the “liberation of Oromia from the Colonial empire of Abysinnia.”

So the natural question is why on earth should other opposition forces, which consider themselves Ethiopian and want to see a united, democratic and strong Ethiopia get into an alliance with an organization that doesn’t see itself or the Oromo people as Ethiopian? Why should Ethiopians who stand against TPLF’s ethnocentric policies form an alliance with an organization whose stated mission is dismembering their country? At a time when coalitions such as Medrek are declaring the advent of a new form of alliance where respect of both individual and group rights can be pursued and achieved within a united and democratic Ethiopia, why should one entangle itself with an organization such as the OLF that clearly pictures a different Ethiopia post TPLF rule?

Now one may argue that OLF doesn’t mean what it has put in black and white on its website, which is the liberation of Oromia from Abyssinia. One may say that the leadership needs to continue to use same liberation message (i.e., lying about it) to keep their rank and file intact. If this is how the OLF leadership handles openness with its rank and file regarding a major policy shift , that in itself should be highly disconcerting to anyone who contemplates to enter into any form of alliance with this organization. At any rate, sorting out OLF’s rank and file issues is OLF’s own responsibility. What other organizations should demand from OLF from the outset is to come clean and openly clear on where it stands on such a fundamental question as the unity and integrity of Ethiopia. With anything less, OLF would be a liability to any coalition it might enter into even if one were to believe that OLF has moved from its historical stance on the issue of unity.

The option for OLF has been very clear since it left or was kicked out of the coalition government back in the early 1990s: to either align its struggle with the rest of Ethiopians who are victimized under the same regime to bring about a political system that would allow nationalities or ethnic groups to exercise their legitimate rights within a united Ethiopia, or to remain an exile secessionist organization, forever giving false claims and hopes to its ever fracturing membership. For close two decades, OLF’s choice has been the latter. Three regimes have changed hands in Ethiopia since OLF came into existence. As an organization, OLF is the same age as, if not older than, TPLF. But look where TPLF is now and where OLF is. Even when one may say that TPLF no longer represents the people of Tigray, it has perhaps done more to the people of Tigray from the Minilik Palace than what OLF could dream all night for the Oromo people from the capitals of Western nations.

After close to four decades of existence, OLF is not closer to, indeed is further away from achieving its stated goal. Each day it is not getting stronger but weaker and less relevant. So, at this point, it has neither the moral nor the material leverage to entice anyone to enter into an alliance with it as long as it sticks with the same old political agenda. The future is more unlikely to reward OLF with better results if it stays on the same track.

One wonders why OLF is not doing the one right thing once for its life, namely, come up with true and realistic goals and aspirations for the Oromo people and for Ethiopia in general, close ranks with other opposition organizations in a truly new and lasting alliance, and fight to get the country rid of the TPLF repressive and regressive regime to build a free, democratic and prosperous Ethiopia where all people of Ethiopia will live in harmony and economic prosperity?

One plausible explanation could be OLF’s utterly exaggerated, if not entirely false, sense of exclusive tenure to the cause of the Oromo people and consequently its misplaced pride in the purity of its stance, namely the “liberation of Oromia from the Colonial Empire of Abysinnia.” Otherwise, why should OLF still maintain the colonial theory and liberation objective when other Oromo political organizations are fighting for the cause of the Oromo people within a united Ethiopia?

When the current regime took power in 1991, it declared that Ethiopia would no longer be a prison of nations and nationalities. Forget that this was a preposterous notion, but even if one were to believe this notion in 1991, 19 years is too long a period of time not to re-evaluate this notion against the reality now on the ground. The unquestionable reality is that it is actually now or over the last 19 years that Ethiopia has been made a prison of Oromo activists, students, and elders. Previous regimes have not arrested a fraction of the number of Oromos that have now congested the Kaliti Prison. However, it would be a gross misperception, once again, to think that only Oromos are languishing in TPLF’s prisons. Equal, if not more, numbers of non-Oromos are sharing those same prisons. Their common enemy is the authoritarian regime that wields power not by the will of the people but by its military and security might.

Looking forward, what the Oromo people want is to become makers of the Ethiopian destiny, not just their own destiny as an ethnic group. One is not complete without the other. What the Wollega Oromo wants in life is not fundamentally different from what an Amhara in Gojjam wants. Both want equality and a fair opportunity to take part and derive benefits from the economies of their regions and their country at large. Both wants to promote and exercise their culture, to preserve and share the good of their identity, which together with the culture of other people of Ethiopia makes Ethiopia a mosaic of cultures. Each wants, democracy, unfettered participation in the political life of their respective regions and their country. Each wants peace and prosperity to raise children and leave them a better legacy and opportunity. This is the kind of vision on which a meaningful alliance should be built up on among Ethiopian opposition forces.

Many Ethiopians would like to see OLF playing a constructive part in the political struggle to build a better Ethiopia for all. Many Ethiopian opposition organizations have in the past responded generously to OLF’s slightest gestures of moving away from its longstanding stance. The recent, now defunct, Alliance for Freedom and Democracy is one example. But OLF has proved to be incapable of extricating itself from the past and formulate a realistic and functional political program for the future. Until it does so, its call for any form of alliance will not and should not get a sympathetic ear. The ball is still in OLF’s court.

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75 thoughts on “Is there anything new about OLF’s call for alliance?

  1. Jegnaw Gondre on

    i agree wholeheartedly one Ethiopia many many culture that is the Ethiopia i want for me and may children.

  2. Lematu Yeketele on

    We know Kifleism and OLF has the same intention and goal -dismember Ethioipia That is why it is said the the oposition in its present form is incapable of taking over to administrate Ethiopia

  3. Reader on

    …”The So-called Council is still singing from the same old song book. OLF still maintains that the Oromo people are a people in Ethiopia, not a people of Ethiopia.”
    Ethiopian people are hospitable for strangers who comes to visit or to live. Ethiopian Oromos(specially Wolegas) just like kenian, Ugandian, Somalian…Oromaos if they like to live we welcome them if not what can we do “Mengedun cherq yarglachew”. The land remains “E-T-H-I-O-P-I-A-N”!!!
    Since “OLF”(‘0’Zero Liberation Front) doesn’t represent or share the same idea with the majority, specially the so called scholars (who study European and American history…think they know everything, most of them are Communists by the way )first they have to liberate themselves from inferiority, and hatred toward other poor people (Amahara)just like them. Freedom comes when the people respect others as they respect themselves.
    Ethiopians were thinkers who invented “Alphabet” who had a kingdom more than 3000 years,…read proper history or read the “Holly Bible”. Why do you afraid to live with them… come to the point and discover your sickness then you will get the real medicine. You just running around sacrificing innocent and fullish people who believe your fabricated(false mythology) story.

  4. Jaleta on

    OLF was and continues to be the legitimate leader of the Oromo struggle for justice and freedom. The likes of you (Neftegna) will never get it – You certainly live in the past and that certianly makes you irrelevant. Oromos or other enlightened Ethiopians don’t need your bitter and backward thinking. The article is certainly a reflection of ones ignorance, and a feel good story to compensate for ones inadequacies

  5. Debteraw Tsehaye on

    What the same old parochial commentators who lack any trace of empathy and sympathy as to put their shoes and seeing things and the world from the other people’s point of view to give and take in order to build the common new good on the basis of win-win compromise solutions but not going back to the rotten old system of enslavement and unitary minority dictatorship. ):

    “…But OLF has proved to be incapable of extricating itself from the past and formulate a realistic and functional political program for the future. Until it does so, its call for any form of alliance will not and should not get a sympathetic ear. The ball is still in OLF’s court” Shiferaw Abebe concluded his long article.

    I have nothing to do with the OLF but as an outside observer this conclusion of Ato Shiferaw seems hollow traditional old patriotic cunning minority chest pumping propaganda who are/were in fact totally and intentionally BLIND and incapable of extricating themselves from the past PRACTICES of conquer, colonize, enslave and never apologize but accuse, accuse, accuse and legitimize the greatest injustices of all times.

  6. weygud on


    This kind of neftegna arrogance does not help the cause of united people. Please stop such noncense before it may be too late

  7. Ayferam on

    What is the difference between people and peoples? What is the difference between ‘yashenefal’ and ‘yachenefal’? Are they irreconcilable? Could there be away of letting both be? Is it ok to ask such questions?

  8. It seems like digging the grave that OLF burried alve;if infact,whoever tries to recreate or rebirth the dead,is no good for Ethiopia.

    OLF began its dark journey blind and deaf;now it is dead.Do we have mourn on the enemy of Ethiopia that has been dead since its creation?

    Ethiopians,don’t give either your blood or money or time or energy to those organizations that are foolishly and blindly align themselves to alread dead wicked beast.You had better think for Ethiopia.

  9. Becha on

    The philosophy of OLF is to the best interest of Woyane-Tigray. The only difference is military might. woyane-tigray entertains the name Ethiopia until its objective is set. But, the foolish OLf dissociated itself from Ethiopianism and went unpaved road without thr consent of the majority of the Oromo society of Ethiopia.
    Certainly, the EPRDF policy went half-way to embrace the Oromo society by offering them huge territory and selfadministration. majority of parliament seat in the contemporary Ethiopia is allocated to the Oromos. Besides there are several oromo organizations with their own taste of political outlook.
    So gentlemen, who is gonna be blamed if the Oromo groups do not use the best out of it.
    Ethiopia Tiqdem
    Ethiopia hadursitu…

  10. Ittu Aba Farda on

    I agree with the author’s observation in regards the recent ‘announcement’ by ‘OLF’. I have read the communiqué before I read this comment. I concur 100 percent with Brother Shiferaw that there is nothing new that is made known to us by ‘OLF’. These are a small fringe group of antisocial who will cling to the age-old idea of a dreamed up nation concocted and born out Minnesota. They despise the idea of I living in peace with Elias and millions like him. They want me see him the area of what they dream of the Minnesota Republic of Oromia. They used to cook up the same huge pots of hatred toward all other people including their own Oromo brothers and sisters out of Mogadishu, Nairobi and some joint in Badano and Dambi Dolo. As a proud Oromo and the same time not hesitant not to call myself a very proud Ethiopian, committed to live in peace with brothers like Shiferaw, Elias, AL. G.M. and millions upon millions of Afars, Somalis, Amharas etc… for many thousands and thousands of years to come. I have no doubt about that. These mooncalves don’t swallow the fact the national question has been amicably answered. I beg brothers like Al. G.M., Elias, Shiferaw and moany other enlightened fellow countrymen to sit down with these sociopaths and explain to them that the oppression my Oromo people are suffering from now is no different in its form or content to what our Amhara, Tigray, Somali kinsmen and the rest are going through at the moment. I can’t do that because they will call me ‘Amhara Lover’ and ‘Neo-Gobena’. That is what they are good at. The name ‘OLF’ should be relegated to the museum of history. It outlived its usefulness, if any. Am I wrong my Amhara, Tigray, Afar, Somali and other brothers and sisters? Am I? Am I? Am I?

  11. Ittu Aba Farda Corrected on

    I agree with the author’s observation in regards to the recent ‘announcement’ by ‘OLF’. I have read the communiqué before I read this comment. I concur 100 percent with Brother Shiferaw that there is nothing new that is made known to us by ‘OLF’. These are a small fringe group of anti-socials who will cling to the age-old idea of a dreamed up nation concocted and born out of Minnesota. They despise the idea of living in peace with Elias and millions like him. They want me to order him leave the area of what they dreamed up and caked up for too long – The Minnesota Republic of Oromia. They used to cook up the same huge pots of hatred toward all other people including their own Oromo brothers and sisters out of Mogadishu, Nairobi and some joints in Badano and Dambi Dolo. As a proud Oromo and the same time not hesitant to call myself a very proud Ethiopian, committed to live in peace with brothers like Shiferaw, Elias, AL. G.M. and millions upon millions of Afars, Somalis, Amharas etc…for many thousands and thousands of years to come. I have no doubt about that. These mooncalves don’t swallow the fact that the national question has been amicably answered. I beg brothers like Al. G.M., Elias, Shiferaw and many other enlightened fellow countrymen to sit down with these sociopaths and explain to them that the oppression my Oromo people are suffering from now is no different in its form or content from what our Amhara, Tigray, Somali kinsmen and the rest are going through at the moment. I can’t do that because they will call me ‘Amhara Lover’ and ‘Neo-Gobena’ even before I finish talking. That is what they are good at. The name ‘OLF’ should be relegated to the museum of history. It outlived its usefulness, if any. Am I wrong my Amhara, Tigray, Afar, Somali and other brothers and sisters? Am I? Am I? Am I?

  12. Gelaw on

    Ittu Aba Farda:

    You are absolutely right. OLF has oulived its value. It is slow for change and look where it is now. If its leaders were smart, they could have come out in the open and declare that they are Ethiopians and they fight for a united Ethiopia where Oromos and others live in peace, love and harmoney.
    They coluld have been in the Minlik palace long time a go, if they had done this. Instead they are stuck in the past and they don’t see the future. That is why they will become irrelevant soon.

  13. Vuvuzela on

    Ittu Aba Farda; You better call youself “Ittu Abbaa garaa”.

    It is not a suprise, we have plenty of fake Oromos like you who pretend to be an Oromo. Either you are a true neftenya grown up among Oromos(most likely) or a true Abbaa garaa (hodam). Leave alone leaving with Elias, A.G. Mariam and the likes; you could even move to their house. That is your choice. You can be what ever you want, but you cannot speak for others. Keep being their servant or slave. You will die with your slave mentality(if you are Oromo, which I doubt), or keep with your two decades old nostalgia.

  14. Ethiopiawi on

    “So the natural question is why on earth should other opposition forces, which consider themselves Ethiopian and want to see a united, democratic and strong Ethiopia get into an alliance with an organization that doesn’t see itself or the Oromo people as Ethiopian? ”




  15. Argii Amani on

    This is a good step from OLF! But let’s first try to promote unity of Oromo liberation forces, and then strengthen the coalition with forces of other oppressed nations as well even forge an alliance with forces of Abyssinain democrats as just now planned by OLF. When we now try to form a coaltion with other liberation forces of oppressed nations and foster an alliance with democratic forces of Abyssinian nations, we should be conscious enough that our Oromo’s reservation (our minimal demand, our bottom line, our tactical Kaayyoo) is Oromian autonomy within Ethiopian union, our Oromo’s goal or interest (with what we will be satisfied, our CORE-Kaayyoo) is Oromian independence in a form of Gadaa republic & our Oromo’s target or position (the BEST, the optimal or the maximum we could possibly attain, our strategical Kaayyoo) is Oromian (Horn) union of independent nations! To comprehend what I mean enjoy the following:

  16. Minale on

    OLF is just calling for alliance to fight TPLF. So, why do you require OLF to change? OLF never required others to change their position. OLF is just calling for alliance. Who has the authority to place a precondition for alliance? How dare one goes beyond presenting his own view as an alternative and declare ‘all, except my views, are wrong and disastrous, so should not be given any chance in the politics of Ethiopia’. Isn’t this what TPLF is doing?

    I wonder why this writer implicitly defends TPLF. He is telling us TPLF is much better than OLF (an organization he knows at the remote and just scared of the image he himself has portrayed). Let alone OLF any single Ethiopian should be encouraged to fight TPLF, without questioning his/her political views. Really, what is more important is how one would like to promote his/her views: democratically or by force. So, let as stop singing the same old song and take steps forward.

    God Bless Ethiopia

  17. Samson on

    Some of you spineless blind medieval parochial patriarchal dinosaurs REX fossils, I mean fossils both politically, socially, economically, ideologically, nationally, etc. are ONLY giving Ethiopia and the 80 million Ethiopians much of the same types of blind cruelty which your totally unjust primitive expansionist forefathers have always been giving with no mercy and without an iota of forgiving, that is to say, poverty, wretchedness, brutalities, shame, beggarmenship, humiliations, violence, hopelessness and complete visionlessnes in a country filled with natural and human resources. And all of these HELL on earth for the great majority while a tiny brutal hedonistic minority were swimming in wealth day and night. Hmm…

    No wonder then, that your current through corrupt ONE SIDED rusty characters can only follow and exhibit the twisted and unjust through corrupt blind antipathy of your forefathers that left Ethiopian on its death bed currently surviving on life support artificial machines while waiting for the final judgments.

    In fact the ball is in your corrupt and contaminated court heading to the abysmal like always.

    How can you outdated but vocal sounding robber fossil spirits and witch doctors braying the same old witch songs relegate people struggling for justice and freedom for all in to the dust bin of history?

    History is only man made. That part of history being already made can also be conveniently remade and built from the ground up.
    It is quite clear that some you parochial cunning naftagna Donkeys are not at all intending to fight against the TPLF minority dictatorship but against the entire Oromo and other peoples of Ethiopia because you think that the TPLF and those affiliated with it have constructed a new non naftagna boundary and given nominal and deserved identity to almost each national groups the existences of which you deny just like your forefathers barking and braying like mad dogs and donkeys gone mad, saying, “Itiopian tiqdem” imitating your spiritual figurehead, Adolf Hitler, who said, “Germany first”

    Did this rotten smelling and redundant medieval corner patriot calling himself Ittu Aba Farda graduated from Hitler’s elementary propaganda school? :)

  18. Dagne on

    OLF exists in name. Because the Majority of Oromos have never given it recognition and attention. They are created to confuse the Ethiopian people. They are incapable of accomplishing any thing unless they work with other Majority Ethiopians. They will not produce any thing of course they may continue to cry like a crow by saying, “Amharas, neftegna, Menelik, Abyssinia etc”. These songs were being entertained by fascists and now given to OLF to insult itself. OLF has no respect and strength in Ethiopia. Everyone knows that it is a mercenary organisation like TPLF that wants to weaken Ethiopia. Therefore, has no future!!


  19. Never on

    It is sad to read this ignorant article and its ignorant comments by some reactionary Habashas who are buried in the past and never change. Can’t you see it, if people are not willing to accept identity that they believe doesn’t represent them, there is nothing you can do about it. A forced identity doesn’t and can’t have a meaning. The past “Ethiopia Weym Mot” ignorant philosophy did not and will never bring peaceful resolution in the region. The identity decision is up to Oromos but not OLF’s as a writer portrayed. Until Habashas accept the existence of Oromia and embrace it, you should stop hoping the reverse from the Oromos.

    The writer also disagrees with the fact that most prisoners in the TPLF’s prisons are Oromos. This is known fact by Human Rights, International communities and even released Habasha political prisoners. It shows nothing but the writer’s ignorance denying the fact to smear the Oromos struggle.

  20. Akka Feetee on

    Ittu Aba Farda(real name DO);

    We know the you recently went back home and might have got a piece of land or lot. You can denounce OLF day and night but you cannot stop the Oromo struggle for independent Oromia at all.

  21. Assta B. Gettu on

    Dear Elias Kifle, Chief Editor,

    I have never commented on this page; Comment #14 is not mine. I think, someone is using my name to mislead you or me.

    Can’t you please check the E-mail of the person who used my name? This is a crime?

    I need a quick response on this disappointing e-mail fraud.

    Sincerely yours,

    Assta B. Gettu

  22. FANO on

    Any political entity with the extension of Liberation Front for a particular ethnic group is not any different than Tigray Liberation Front (TPLF). Ethiopia has been and will always be one nation. Any political party who stands only for a particular ethnic group should not be entertain in Ethiopians political arena. Liberation Fronts of one ethnic groups are as cancerous as TPLF. That is including OLF. Ethiopia only belong to those who believe in their Ethiopiawinet. Anyone who does not like it as someone put it eloquently above “MENGEDUNE CHERK YARGELAHU”
    To those who blinded by inferiority complex, leave Teftgna alone. It is Weyane who is spanking you on the head.

  23. Tolla on


    Were you not a friend of OLF at some point? What gives? You know, politics of this magnitude is not a game of who wins and who loses in a short period of time. The author of the article is one who never sees the Ethiopian people in the eye and say in confidence that I stand for your cause, because he has none for the Oromo people who comprise at least 40% of the Ethiopian population. Oh, wait; Meles has told us that number does not matter. Well you will see that number matters whether it is peaceful change or armed struggle. Yes, Oromos have to get rid of the selfish leaders who do not care about the cause they stand for except their own interest, but there are millions who are taking up the cause for truth and they will succeed.

    Elias, get a rest if you cannot fathom the complexity of poltics.

    To the author,

    You are a recent trash.

  24. Gumaa Sabaa on

    Don’t cry for me (OROMIA) Habeshas

    The truth is that your arrogance will never change. Your Ethiopia is DEAD Long ago.Cry for that in stead! What are you gona do about Eritrea? Oromia shall be free just like Eritrea whether you like it or not. And guess what Tigray is already free. If you do not want free Amharaland you got to be stupid because you want more than you deserve. I find your article biased, slf-centered and with NO new idea of dealing with the complex issue of solving the problems of Ethiopia. A UNION of freed and liberated states of the region is what is NEEDED. That is the KEY which NO any Habesha scholar wants to see or hear about. Why? Because of fear and arrogance and empty pride. Grow up for once!

  25. Erba on

    Please, Oromon brothers and sisters,I beg you in the words of Rodny King-“can we all get along”.Look the sky is not falling,all is well save the degredaton and dire state of the people of Ethiopia. These are Some ideas to share.Ethiopia’s past leaders have not been benevalent ot their people.Whether the Macho Mingistu or those who have gone before him failed us.
    Now,the majority of Ethiopians want to see their country run by democratically elected representative government.The rest of Ethiopians and the Oromos who aspire to see such administration in Ethiopia beg the OLF to join Ethiopians inorder to bring an end to the tyranical rule of EPRDF.

    It is in the interest of all Ethiopians especially to the Oromos,since they form the largest block of voters,to forge with differing groups of our people to promote the interests of the people of Ethiopia.Now my question to my OLF friends is this can be willing to work for the promotion of Ethiopians?Every one is entitled to personal opinion,however,there has to be a middle ground where Ethiopians,the Oromos for one Ethiopia and OLF advocates meet. This seems to be the crux of the matter.In other words,are members of OLF willing to accept the fact that they are Ethiopians as much as they are Oromos.Ethiopians will like to see OLF members answering this question in the affirmative.Therefore, OLF members need not feel threatened by such inquiries.What is the point of discussing issues if there is not any sincerity,and straight forwadness in our approach.

  26. Sime on

    What is the point of this writer ? This is not my first time to have read what the conservative Habeshas been narrating about Oromiyaa. Yet I am not surprised to read again. But I want to let this “writer” know why Oromo struggle has not been successful so far: It is because of some greedy OLF leaders who have put their interests before the Oromo cause. You know : 99.99999 % of Oromo people have recognised the struggle to dismember Oromiyaa from the fake Ethiopia. Dont worry for us. It took many years for Indians , south africans , chinese to be free from their colonial powers….I have never expected the so called Elias Kifle has had such hatred against Oromo people. If I were him , I should not have posted this nasty article here. ,,,,,,,” To be Oromo under the fake Ethiopia is to hope against hope” …..Oromiyaa shall be free!!!!

  27. TN. on

    Settlers in Oromia make the noisiest politicians but to no avail.

    The invasion of Ekaa and Gullelle by Menilik and forces is where the annexeation of the Oromia into Ethiopia began and continues to this day. It continues to this day for economic parasitic relationship of the North on the South.

    There isn’t one benefical item from Abyssinia towards Oromia or the South for that matter. None whatsoever.

  28. atnkut Debele on

    In the fight aginst European colonialists and creation of present day Ethiopia the oroms have played a leading roll as history attests.Oromos are the majority etnic population in Ethiopia and the intermarraiges with the others is very significant.Think of Shoa, Addis Ababa,Nazret,Shashemene, and the small towns in shoa.Shoa is the melting pot of Ethiopia.Is independent Oromia feasible with out Shoa?Think of the population seize of this region .This is the epicenter of Ethiopia and remains Ethiopian for ever,short of un paralleled genocide. Is it feasible to create the republic of oromia jumping over shoa and various ethinc groups in the South?Think of Pakistan and Bangladash who had seceded again after seceding from India.
    The Oromo Liberation Front must be realistic this time.It is not the sole represenative of the oromos.There are Oromo political organizatins entrenched in Ethiopian politics,who are strong advocates and leaders for “one person one vote”.These parties are the ultimate winners as they are unified in the core values of democracy,freedom and justices with in Ethiopia.

  29. Ittu Aba Farda on


    Just read what Vuvuzela writes about me and my desire to live in peace with all other nations and nationalities. For him and all other knuckle heads gathered around this ‘collectible’ artifact they call “OLF’, it is wrong to have brothers like Elias, Al. G.M. and Shiferaw as my neighbors, live with them and share the same town, village, meadows, rivers, ponds, lakes, mountains and land and respecting each other. Elias respects and accepts me as an Oromo and I do the same to him. He does not dominate me and I don’t dominate him culturally and politically. To nincompoops huddled around this worthless and obsolete Crockpot they call ‘OLF’ I prefer this kind of peaceful coexistence just because I am ‘hoddam’. They have called me Neo-Gobena and ‘Amhara’s Slave’ before not once and so many times. I thought time has sobered them but I have been wrong about these hoodlums. That is what I and millions of my people see them the most dangerous elements created on the Oromo people. I guarantee them this. My proud historic Ittu Oromo people have spat them out the first time they heard about or from them.

    Brother Elias… Kudos to you for publishing Shiferaw’s article. May Allah Bless You and Your Entire Family!!!

  30. Dabtara Asamminew on

    atnkut Debele #31,

    All these bragging, braying and endless hauling about democracy, pluralism, and “One man one vote” magic words by some of these dumbest cunning fox traditional minority dictators and their off-springs are only singing tranquilizing sweet musical melodies for the uninitiated ears of the oppressed and the entire exploited Ethiopian people. They are conspiring day and night against the majority of Ethiopians so that they feel already over satisfied and go to sleep and snore while the habitual authoritarian cunning thieves and robber foxes outmaneuver, cheat and grab the state power by all means and convert it into their minority dictatorial instruments double oppression and dehumanizing impoverishment and humiliations of the worst kinds on this planet earth.

    That is exactly what the clear majority of the Ethiopian people have always experienced and that is also what the entire international communities of ALMS DONORS are clearly remembering that country for despite of our vocal chest pumping and empty boasting daily shameless braying, Ha, haa, haa,haaa, haaaaa…!

    These cunning minority traditional dictators knows as well as experiences only with authoritarian dictatorial political and social values and traditions as a result of which it cannot plan and implement any trace of democracy, pluralism, egalitarianism, justice for all, “ONE MAN ONE VOTE” etc. beyond artificial and automated superficial make believe lip services.

    That is also why they are outraged and extremely bad tempered whenever peoples from genuinely democratic and pluralistic social and political traditions attempt to help and bring about positive changes for all of Ethiopians rather than for the hedonistic tiny minority traditional parochial corner patriots.

    Here, there is a clash of minority authoritarian brutal VERSUS the majority’s democratic, egalitarian, pluralistic political and social cultural traditions being put to test.

    When the cunning fox like a donkey brays,
    A fat OX delivers calves that are twins!

  31. sintayehu Giday on

    There are some nonsense individuals who misunderstood the announcement, what we have to know is the call for alliance is not the sign of weakness no need any alliance with the nafnagnas at all( tatibo chika)Don’t ever try to dived Oromos that is already expired fashion.

  32. Mura2 on

    See, 15, 20 years ago who thought Oromia word, not even a “region” will exist? You see today there is Oromia state. So my brothers and sisters of Ethiopia, whether you like it or not, eventually there will be an independent Oromia state. So it is better to think very carefully and work toward Independent of Amahara state … Ethiopia, Abbyssinia… whatever you want to call it before it is too late.

  33. mesfin on

    it Good news olf call for alliance
    libration is not the question of ethiopians today? it is the question of true democracy so every body should work together by stoping bad mouthing

  34. Vuvuzela on

    Ittu Abba Farda;

    First, all you have is verbal diarrhea and neftenya’s mental constipation.

    second, just FYI: I hate OLF morethan you do. I hate them because they haven’t achieved our people’s aspiration. “Independent oromia”

  35. Reader on

    #35 dear mura2 “doron seyataleluat bemechagna taluat” OLF(0 Liberation Front) was at least older than “woyane”. You just been used by “shabea” and “Woyane” specially by giving secrets and information from the “Derg” regime. Now Woyane is in power Shabia got what they want. Now they kiked you out like a donkey that carried its master’s staff, and kept outside. But you still bragging about Oromia word???? I don’t know what it is, (may be using Latin alphabet seems like new to you) but I grow up listening Oromgna, including my dad and granddad used to speak, so what is new on this? I love Oromigna (it sounds funny though). At least Ethiopians (who are black like you) created an alphabet thousand years ago. Emperor Minilik II took back (it was Ethiopian land) (Finfine) pushed all garies to Sebeta …call it Addis Ababa planted trees… Emperor Halie Selassie made it the capital of Africa the home of “AU” just like New York to the “UN”. I wonder why you people are barking? Addis would look like Chancho, if not “Emeyee Minilik”.
    The point is don’t be used by evil people, as you are always! be wise, look forward, don’t settle in the past, forgive, and forget if there is a mistake? By the way Oromos hand isn’t clean…I know you call me “Neftegna” (if you don’t know the meaning a man with a gun or “soldier”…) proud to called by that name!
    God bless E-T-H-I-O-P-I-A!!!!!
    Addis my home sweet home.

  36. atnkut Debele on

    Dabatara Asamiminew!
    Please be substantive instead of glossing ober very realistic issues.BY the way, who are the off-springs of minority dictators who stick to the concept of aparthied- ethinic federation and advocate to secession in the age of globalization and unification.
    It seams that your outlook is disdainful
    to one man one vote.The corrupption of the instrument by TPLF towards geneuine democracy does not change an iota of the universality of one man one vote and cannot be subistituted by group right, short of, making a replica of TPLF-Tigre.
    verbosity canot alter the essence of substance.

  37. azeb on

    # 39

    In the strict classical definition, our lease to the Neftegnas and the Neftegna system ended some 40 years ago. Yest there are some vestiges like you who like to hang around and try to fulfil their emotionally bankrupt inner soul with void phrases. The Oromo people are going to places that you have no idea about. We have a small house cleaning to do to get rid of those who still believe that the formation of an alliance with the Amharas is the way to go. No we tell them the grass roots are ready as long as a genuine, dedicated leadership takes the throne of Oromo struggle. So you be proud of your Neftegna ancestory and we are also moving forward to ressurect the legacy of Makobili. Go ahead proud Neftegna.

  38. Ittu Aba Farda on


    It shows you are not cultured. You are rude to me. Be selective in the words you are using. This website is a sacred waterhole where everyone meets and say what is in their minds. It is read by families like mine with their children and it is not proper to spew such vile terms where children will see. If you are of an Oromo ethnic background, that is not our style. We are cultivated. We don’t jump into using vulgar words to describe people and their expressions. And don’t call me Neftegna because it seems you don’t know what it means. I tell you this: I will live with Amhara individuals like Elias in peace and brotherhood, my children will live in peace with his children and if that makes me ‘Neftegna lover’, I and millions upon millions of my Oromo people will do the same. And you can call them ‘Negtegna Mentality’ also. But I don’t think they will take it so lightly and may give you 15 slaps in the face just as soon as you can say ‘Neftegna Lovers’.

    Please don’t be discourteous to others in your choice of words. Don’t because it will damage your image.

  39. dura of bari on

    Ittu Aba Farda,

    If you are really an Oromoo you first need to write your name in Afaan Oromoo correctly before you talk about Oromoo people and their liberation struggle.

    Aba Farda: What is that? If it shuold sound like Oromoo name, it needs to be Abbaa Fardaa.

    I do not want to waste my time to explain something to you because you are either nafxanyaa who claims to be an Oromoo or of hin barree Oromoo who does not know what he is talking about.

  40. Kussa on

    Even if some like to describe OLF as startled ox from its confined crib by the then prevailing communist ideology and not nationalism, I will give it credit for even coining the name OLF to align itself with the TPLF and EPLF who were resisting anything and everything Amhara, alias Ethiopia. We do not have to go far to see what liberation front can do for its people and land, EPLF is good example, and of course TPLF, who ended up with the lions share of what they have not even thought of.

    But, the so called OLF is different in the history of the World, being the only liberation front to have reached its ancestral capital of Finfine in victory, and then abandon everything and run away. Shameless as they are, they now even hold a meeting and then pass a communiqué. They have done their darn worst to sever the emotional, cultural, economic, and social connection that the Oromo people have with the rest of Ethiopians. Oromo people have rejected them and their ideology, why should any organization that seeks to redress the out of control political climate in Ethiopia today create alliance with such? Hence, so far as the so-called OLF is concerned, who could please tell them to leave the Oromo name and honor alone? Repeating the same thing again and again and expecting different result is worse than insanity when it comes to this shameless group.

    The people of Eritrea know that this group is shameless, because they know the price of liberty. All the so called OLF has done so far is, giving an excuse for Meles to harass, intimidate, arrest, and kill Oromo people, by tagging them with OLF acronym. The point to be taken well is that Oromo people need to have their name and liberate themselves from this shameless group that do not even know their left from their right.

  41. anomos on

    They were such kind of uncultivated people who have kept the country and it’s peoples under their stinking shoes for one century. They ( Neftegnas ) know that they are accountable for what they have done in Ethiopian history. They will never escape the accountiblity for the blood of subujugated peoples. Crying and accusing the OLF does not purfy you from your cardinal sins. Today you cannot understand the maginitude of political awareness of OROMIANS, leave alone OLF. OROMIANS will show the parasites who they are if it is necesary.

  42. Vuvuzela on

    Ittu Abba Farda (correct spelling: Ituu Abbaa Fardaa)

    As long as the word selection is concerned, I just finished what you have started. Go back and review what you have wrote.

    Please do not pretend to be an Oromo. You could be an Oromo by blood, but as long as you preach Neftenya’s ideology and sentiment, you are not different from them. Again you have a right to live with Elias and the likes. What surprises me is that if you could live with Elias, H/Mariam, etc… why can’t you live with Meles, Sebhat, Seyoum and the likes and enjoy like OPDO? As you have the option of choosing what ever you like (BTW neither of us cold speak for the entire Oromo), others also have the right to choose. What we are fighting and strugling is to get those rights. Let us put everything on the table, and let the people decide their own destiny. We are looking for this kind of venue rather that telling people what to be. Your slogan is still “Ethiopia or death”, all you want is the territorial integrity.

    You keep singing the same song and that doesn’t take you back to Arat Kilo.

    Don’t be paranoid about OLF. We like it or not it will continue to exist, and doesn’t need green light from the Abyssinias who baptized you at Debrelibanos river.

  43. Friend on

    Dear Kussa
    You said “The people of Eritrea know that this group is shameless, because they know the price of liberty”. Thank you but no thanks. The people of Eritrea can speak for themselves. They do not need a person like you to speak for them. Your motive is clear for any person why you said so. The people of Eritrea will help with all they can for all oppressed people including Oromos as they did to the people of Tigray even though their leaders hijaked the fruit of their sucrifice and victory. You are trying to save wayane by creating hate between Eritrea and the oppressed people of Ethiopia who are struggling to gain their diginity.

  44. Jegnaw Gondre on

    HELLO Lttu Aba Frada dont wary sister there is nothing wrong Loving Ethiopia and Bing A proud Oromo.may be u dont know one of the Greatest emperes during the Gonder dinesty ETEGE MENTEWAB was sis be prod to be 100%Ethiopian and Oromo Love from a proud Ethiopia

  45. Reader on

    #47 Friend says:
    “The people of Eritrea will help with all they can for all oppressed people including Oromos as they did to the people of Tigray even though their leaders hijaked the fruit of their sucrifice and victory.”
    Friend what you doing here…? we thought you are @ “Sawa” how do you get an internet…? may be you are the recent deportee from Italy(Malta). How in the world you help while you are in bondage? ohh must be Essias(the only free person)? “TENQOLEGNA” why don’t you free your self ? You and your generation will pay the blood of Ethiopians from your hand!!!!!

  46. ESAT on

    I like the article. It raised issues that i was thinking lately. There is no use of unifying with OLF to get rid of the ruling party which is far better. Assume mission succeeds and TPLF is removed with the help of OLF, what next? that is a nightmare that i dont want to see. i would wait TPLF to change rather than working with OLF.

  47. Vuvuzela on

    Ittu Abba Farda (correct spelling: Ituu Abbaa Fardaa)

    My mind is always in the right track and will never accept slavery, colonailism and any form of oppression.

    You wake up and get rid of your slave mentality(if you are real Oromo). Let me know if you need a tune up.

  48. OLF = OROMO on

    OLF = OROMO.. that is what is happening.. OLF is not just anymore an Organization.

  49. Gamachu on

    #39, The formation of Addis has not benefited the Oromo. The Oromos of the area have lost their land to the Amhara, the Gurague and the Tegre. The suroounding area is heavily polluted, and no one cares about what is happening to the indegeneous people of the Area. It is even a taboo to talk about it.

  50. proudly ethiopian on

    olf kifle and g7 are shabia agents. All supporting comments here are from artrians who are dreaming to get badime or who are dreaming to confederate with their promise land ethiopia via this kifle or olf or g7. artrians use ethiopian websites to create conflict between ethiopian tribes. Specially to create animosity towards the great , hard working and proudly ethiopian(tigrian) people. Artrians must understand that tigreans are proudly ethiopians, and tigreans showed their respect for the whole ethiopian nations and the tigreans prefered to live together with their beloved ethiopians and tigreans prefered to live in their beloved country ethiopia . Artrians choosed to separet from ethiopia with 99.9% vote because they dont want to live with ethiopians who do not know how to eat pasta with fork. And they got independence they got free from ethiopia and from ethiopians. Nowadays they are front-liners all over ethiopians websites to comment on ethiopians issue.
    N.B:አርትራውያን,ይህ የኢትዮጵያውያን ዌብ ሳይት ነው ,ምናልባት ይህ ዊብ ሳይት ከ አስመሪኖ ጋር ተምታባቶቹ እንዳይሆን? ያነ ጣልያን ፓስታ ሹካ ማንኪያ ሰጥቶ ተገንጠሉ ሲላቹ ፓስታው የማያልቅ መስሎአቹ ፓስታ መብላት ከማይችል ህዝብ ጋር መኖር አንፈልግም ብላቹ ተገነጠላችሁ . አሁን ጣልያን የሰጣቹ ፓስታ አለቀባችሁና በኢትዮጵያ ዊብ ሳይት እየገባቹ የኢትዮጵያን ህዝብ ለማምታታት,ለመከፋፈል ትሞክራላቹ. አያዋጣችሁም.የሚያዋጣቹ ሃርነት አወጥኣን ብላቹ በክብር አደባባይ የሰቀላችሁትን ሽበጥ ጭኣማ ከተሰቀለበት አውርዳቹ አለምን ሲዞር ምግብ እንዳለቀበትና ጭማውን ቀቅሎ እንደበላው ማጅላን ሽበጥ ጭኣማችሁን ቀቅላቹ መብላት ነው አልያም ማንኪያና ሹካውን መቆርተም አልያም ኢትዮጵያውያን ወዳዘጋጁላቹ የስደተኝኣ ካምፕ ማምራት ነው.

  51. yeshitila taye on

    my fellow ethiopians the message or the news here is elias kifle shifting position. he is even allowing ethiopians to speak their mind against his beloved shabia/OLF and their blind followers. but why? what changed???? can we at least get a “hmmm we were wrong”.. ESAT i couldnt agree more!

  52. Cheers! on

    I am sure the leaderships of opposition forces will applaud the first step that the OLF council took. I hope they will not resonate the hallucination of the maniac who can not see any thing good in ideas or organization different from them. Riff-raffs who feel that they are the only saints that think about Ethiopia and trip only the material resources of the country and fantasize the dissipation of peoples other than their type won’t help the Ethiopian people. They only make the evil TPLF look better in comparison.
      The so called “nationalist” Colonel Mengistu thought Eretria and Tigray just as objects; Eritrea as a Port and Tigray as mountains of Chalks. Chalk was not important for him and hence exited Tigray. If he could see beyond chalk and respect the people of Tigray then he would not probably made one of the historical blunders he committed. Ethiopia should be seen in terms of its peoples and the benefits it gives to them. The land and the resources should live for the people not the people for the land. Colonizers primarily look for resources and the peoples of the land are dispensable. This is not the case when we are talking about peoples who are owning the country.

    I feel this is a test and other oppositions are expected to react positively. Any step towards united force no matter how small it is must be reinforced from every angle.

  53. Shimellis on

    Saving Ethiopia means removing the system of ONE MAN dictatorship whose running neurotic cadre dogs scribble the same old divisive JUNKS day and night. These Wayane cadres are payed divisive propagandists disguised in the garb of parochial corner patriots and chest pumping OLD APES, blaming hard working individuals and groups who strive to form legitimate alliances and unities within diversities. That is a bitter pill for the divisive and frightened Wayane soon a matter of history.

    Why blame Elias? Did he strategise for centuries or for the last some 20 years and reduced Ethiopia to one of the most wretched and hopeless country surviving on handouts while hanging on a thin rope between life and death.

    Blame all those who directly and indirectly contributed to pathetic fate of that country. At least Elias is struggling to sulvage that sinking ship.

  54. Lisan on

    I’ve spent some time reading what has been written by numerous contributors some are on offense, some are accusatory and some are welcoming the initiative. I am aligning myself with the welcoming camp with caveat; this is as a result of the interview conducted by “ESAT” to the founding member – once leader – Mr Lencho. He ascertained the fact that the past, present and future struggle that OLF is engaged and engaging is to emancipate from Abyssinian colony and as far as he is concerned the plight of Oromos in “Oromiya Land” is different as compared to other Ethiopian counterparts! Hence this so called alliance that OLF is crying for is a tactical alliance for its age old hell bent dream of freeing the Oromo people and Oromiya land from Abyssinian’s “subjugation”.
    I want to highlight the fact that Oromo’s people quest for democracy, good governance, equal treatment in the eye of the law, equal opportunity and wealth distribution, etc would not be any different than the majority of the Ethiopian population! Moreover, the following points are testimony for the Oromo peoples Ethiopians:
    * Oromos were/are part and parcel of Ethiopia not only died to defend it but also shaped the past and present Ethiopia
    * Oromos constituted the majority of Ethiopian population, hence how the majority seek secession?
    * Oromos are widely dispersed within Ethiopia any secessionist agenda would result in untold conflict and bloodshed
    * The sizeable ethnics/tribes who have lived side by side and within the so called Oromiya Land and its implication……
    *The ironical claim of pure Oromo – as many of prominent leaders intermarry from other Ethiopian tribes, what would be the fate of their children? And the fate of mixed heritage?
    *What constitute being Oromo? Being born in the region? Or myriad of related issues!!!!
    Therefore, the alliance agenda should be entertained under Ethiopian context i.e. prior the resumption of the alliance and commencement of the struggle against EPDRF and Post EPDRF, too. Any existing historical differences need to be ironed out NOW so as to have a lasting peaceful solution that this alliance aspires to achieve.

  55. Ittu Aba Farda on

    Mr. Lisan,
    That is an accurate comment and I hope it will instill some sense in these useless intellectuals hudled up around this debunked joint.

    I will give you my own family experience. I am an Oromo on both sides. My family has a living style and culture as pastoralist and settled farmers. One of my closest cousins fell in love with a daughter of an Amhara farmer and she ‘accidently’ became pregnant. There was more an uproar on my family side than the poor Amhara family. But my father and his brothers intervened and arranged he marriage. And they were married without much fanfare. They still live together in a predominant Oromo countryside community. Mind you this happened between a girl of an Orthodox Christian faith and a boy of Muslim heritage. This is one of millions of example of the blend of ethnicity between the Oromo and Amhara ethnic groups.
    I had supported OLF in its effort to bring freedom to all people in the Oromiya region. But when I asked question about what they call ‘Amhara way of thinking’ I usually get a disparaging and often a frightening answer. ‘To get rid of Amhara way thinking’ has far-reaching and unwanted consequences. It will start with physical elimination of all those thought or suspected of having such ‘demonic affliction’. When I asked the question ‘what about those people who do not meet the requirement of being an ‘Oromo’, I used to get this chilling answer – ‘There are millions of genuine Oromo people who were brutally displaced by the Amhara colonizers and we will need the space to resettle our own people’. This is not an Oromo outfit. It is an outfit concocted up by sugar-drunk missionary deacons. Can you imagine the resistance and bloodshed that will follow if these mooncalves who are camping out in Minnesota ‘succeed’? I know what they will do. They will cut loose and run because my Oromo people will turn against these miscreants.
    The raw and cruel domination by a small group of an Amhara clan was over 35 years ago more so in that last 20 years. The freedom my people denied is no radically different from what the Amhara or Afar, Somali, Sidamo,Tigray or any other people deprive of. Narrow nationalism is wrong and destructive. And look what these ‘OLF’ elements roar about the invitation given to the leader of Ginbot 7 to speak at an ‘Oromo’ intellectuals gathering recently. What is that? Can you for a minute try to picture a situation in Hararghe, Shoa, Wollega, Illu Aba Bora, Jimma, Arsi etc… if these madly narrow nationalist come to power? Can you? Utter bloodshed. I wish and hope that someone will keep pouring money n the coffers of these leftovers so they will keep munching on their sugar-loaded key-lime pies in St. Paul. That will take care of them. Sooner or later they keeping dying of diabetes and other complications. I know some of them and may have already contracted the disease by just looking how they change physically with beer guts and couple of hotdogs on their nape.

  56. Vuvuzela on

    Ituu Abbaa Fardaa;

    Be yourself. It is not a crime to be day time dreamer Neftenya. It id a God given typical Habesha culture. “Lisan” and “Itu Abba Farda” is the same person writing by a different name.

    You are just a cunning foe, who is fighting against the Oromo cause, being camouflaged as Oromo, trying to do Habeshas(true Ethiopians) planned damage. After all you are one of our enemies, we will just keep fighting against your destructive venomes, and no necessity of discussion with you.

    FYI: the missionary deacons are much better than the begger ‘Debteras’ who cam from the Gedam of Gojam, Gondar and Menz. Leave alone the oromo intelectual, the Oromo peasants are far better than the Habesha ‘scientists, professors, Drs, etc…,’

    Last but not least, it is better to die from complication of diabetes than dying from “Leprosy”, a disease common to the lunatic Amharas.

  57. Ittu Aba Farda on

    Mr. Elias,

    I thank you profusely for letting this smelly mad dog’s comment above ride on your website. I am very proud of you, brother. That really exposes even more of what I am saying about these stinky narrow nationalists. I never thought they will go as far low as that calling the entire ethnic group such a name. I am telling you these losers up there in Minneapolis will go as far as committing a crime against humanity never seen before in Africa and even may be in the world. That is if they someone let them borrow the courage to go back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
    If I see you around my pastoralists’ neck of woods, I will take where they are and will offer you our milk. Right on brother!!!!

    After this, since he really exposed himself to everyone, I will not respond to him directly. He has lost his senses for good. See what too much sugar does it to you?

  58. Lissan on

    Dear Vuvuzela,
    I will address you and communicate with utmost Ethiopian ethicate and refrain myself from unwanted slander and mudslinging. As the topic we are entertaining here in this forum much bigger and will determine the fate of our country whether to continue as we knew or know it now! Hence it is counter intuitive to dwell on personal matter, I would not mind discussing or contributing on the subject/topic under discussion than pocking fun on one another. Dear Vuvuzela, it is high time we should rise up for the challenge, which would ultimately put our country and people on the cross road of history, and it worth discussing this paramount issue in a sane mind and in civilized manner. Hope you are contributing accordingly and I am willing to discuss, Thanks!

    PS: “Lisan” and “Ittu Aba Farda” are not the same person!

  59. Ittu Aba Farda on

    Dear Ato Lissan:

    May Allah Bless You and Your Family!!! I hope and pray that they will heed your advice because they are done with people like me of proud Oromo heritage and at the same time who consider themselves proud Ethiopians. The problem facing the Oromo and entire population of Ethiopia will not be solved by what was and is written in the books by foreign travelers and missionaries. They had/have their observations and we have our own living experiences which we shared together for centuries. Believe me I was also one of their supporters with all the means I had. My hope was that they will rectify some of the narrow nationalist affliction over time but to no avail. Just look how he has the nerve to declare all Amhara sisters and brothers lepers when he knows very well that there are thousands of my Oromo sisters and brothers afflicted with the same scourge. How dare he? I will pay for his plane ticket to Bisidimo, Chiro, Dire Dawa so he can see himself. Thank Allah people like him are in the very minority. Good Luck Brother!!!

  60. Vuvuzela on

    Ittu Abba Farda;

    Many of my responses to you (Ittu Abba Farda “or” Lisan) has not been posted. Mr. Elias has fulfilled your appeal/desire. This would be my last attempt in response to your last comment.

    1)Pretending to be an Oromo and even a previous “supporter of OLF”. KKKK… No neftenya has ever supported OLF.
    2)You cannot force the Oromo people to be an “Ethiopian”. As you have chosen what you wanted to be, others have the right to decide their fate. As you know very well, Ethiopianism is a fake nationality impossed on Oromos and other Southern nationalities by force. It is more of a joke when you call Ogaden Somalis “Ethiopian”. Don’t be blinded by the previous or current map of ‘Ethiopia’.
    3) Why don’t you comment on the ‘Ethiopian History’ written by the Debteras(Aleqa Taye and the likes). If this was a true history for you, I am really sorry for you, you need help.
    4) As to Leprosy, you can verify with Ministry of Health of the ‘Empire’ where the disease is prevalent and that the Amharas are the most affected. From your comment I understood that you are a true Neftenya who was grown up in Hararghe. Since I am an Oromo from Eastern Oromia(I am afraid that you might start getting your migraine headache when you hear the word OROMIA) and know all these places you mentioned, you don’t have to spend a penny for my transport. I know that my people living in this area were unfortunately affected by the disease after the disease was spread to them from the Settlers(neftenyas). You should know better than this as you belong to this group. The sad part is that lately the original people, we the Oromos, are more affected than the Settler neftenyas due to lack of access to the healthcare. The local and indigeneous people, Oromos, are deprived of political power and economic gain until today to overcome this exported ailment from Abyssinia. Don’t you think that your forefathers are responsible for this?

    No. 4 was the main reason for my last attempt. Hopefully it will get a green light from Mr. Elias.

  61. Lisan on

    Dear Vuvuzela,
    You dare to segregate and treat them as two different entities by their own rights i.e. the “Ethiopian People & Ethiopia” and “Oromo people and oromyia Land”. However, this is tantamount to myopic examination of our shared and intertwined history for no so good ulterior motive! Moreover, you hadn’t backed any of your claims except dwelling on rhetoric, used and abused claims with no tangible evidence.

    Dear Vuvuzela , let me reinforce what I had claimed in my previous writing with anecdotal evidence from our history, please feast your eyes to the following:
    •Oromos were part of the Ethiopian nobility : ethnically mixed Oromos and those with full Oromo descent held high leadership positions in Ethiopia; counter example IYASU V and Haile Selassie I

    •Oromo’s Yejju Dynasty, which later led to 17th century Oromo rule of Gondar, changing the language of the court from Amharic to Affaan Oromo.

    •Famous leader of Ethiopia with Oromo descent was Ras Makonnen Woldemikael Gudessa, the governor of Harar who served as the top general in the First Italo–Ethiopian War, playing a key role at the Battle of Adwa. He is the father of Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I.

    •Ras Ali II of Yejju, Enderase or Regent of the Ethiopian Emperor during the reigns of Sahle Dengel and Yohannes III, who was also his step-father. Driven from power by Emperor Tewodros II, Father of Empress Tirunesh Ali, first consort of Emperor Tewodros II.

    •Empress Menen Liben Amede, wife of Emperor Yohannes III, and mother of the Enderase Ras Ali II of Yejju by an earlier marriage. She was a significant political and military figure in her own right.

    •Empress Wubit of Yejju (also known as Welete Bersabe) wife of Emperor IYASU II and mother of Emperor IYOAS I rival of her mother-in-law Empress Mentewab with whom she struggled for power during the reign of her son Iyoas.

    •Dejazmach Ali AbaJiffar- leader of Wollo Oromo, maternal-side Grandfather of Haile Selassie I

    •Dejazmach Balcha Safo (also known as “Balcha Abba Nefso” ) Nobleman and leading military and conservative political figure during the reigns of Emperor Menelik II, Empress Zewditu and Emperor Haile Selassie veteran of the Battle of Adwa (1896) and a resistance leader against the Fascist occupation of Ethiopia (1936–1941).

    •Dejazmach Gebre Igziabiher Moreda (born Kumsa Moreda) Last King of the Oromo Kingdom of Leqa Lekempt, Dejazmatch under Menelik.
    •Dejazmach Kassa Wolde Mariam Heir to the Oromo Kingdom of Leqa Qallam, grandson-in-law of Emperor Haile Selassie I, served as senior secretary to the Emperor, President of Haile Selassie I University, and governor-general of Wellega.

    •Dejazmach Fikre Selassie Habte Mariam Heir to the Oromo Kingdom of Leqa Lekempt, grandson of Dejazmach Gebre Igziabiher Moreda, grandson-in-law of Emperor Haile Selassie I, and son-in-law of Emperor in Exile Amha Selassie I, governor-general of Wellega.

    •Ras Makonnen – Father of Haile Selassie I, Abegaz(commander in Chief) of the Battle of Amba Alage(December 7, 1895), Commanding General of the 1st Battle of Mekelle, Commander of the Armies of Harer at Battle of Adwa, and cousin of Emperor Menelik II
    •Brigadier-General Mengistu Neway and Germame
    •High ranking military officers in the Imperial era:
    *Lt. General Abebe Gemeda ( Commander of Imperial Bodyguard)
    *Maj. General Mulugeta Bulli ( Chief of Staff of the Imperial Armed Force…among aother posts)
    *Lt. General Assesfa Demisse ( Head of protocol to the Emperor)
    Lt General Teshome Ergetu ( Division Commander)
    *Lt. General Jagama Kello (Division Commander)
    *Maj. General Degneh Gugsa ( division commander)
    *Maj. General Abera W/mariam (Commander of the Air Force)
    *Maj. General Kelbesa Beka ( Commander of police in Sidamo)
    *Maj. General Wakjira Sarda ( Senior Staff, Minister of defence , division commander)
    •Patriot Colonel Abdissa Aga
    •High ranking military officers in the Derue’s era :
    *General Tefre Banti
    *Maj. General Demisse Bultto
    *Maj. General Regassa Jimma
    *Brig. General Lemesa Bedase
    *Lt . General Tesfaye G/Kidan
    *Maj. General Merid Negussie
    *Brig. General Gerbre KIrstos Bulli
    *Maj. General Hailu G/Michael
    *Maj. General Asrat Biru
    *Maj. General Wubshet Dessie
    *Maj . General Bedlu Duki
    *Maj. General Merdasa Lelisa
    *Maj. General Abera Abebe

    N.B:- This is not a complete by any strech of imagination, it is my lay man contribution ….for illustration purpose!!

  62. Vuvuzela on

    Dear Lisan:

    You could name millions including the current OPDOs. However, as long as they served and keep serving the colonizers, it doesn’t mean anything for Oromos. We are still lving under a colony. Everything what you see today is imposed on us. What we are saying today is, the right to continue living within current ‘Ethiopia’ or forming our independent state should be left to us without any precondition. Means thru true referendum. You can’t keep the people together by forse as it existed for the pasat 120+ years. Please don’t tell me the 300 years anecdote/drama.

  63. Ittu Aba Farda on

    Dear Brother Lissan,
    Alhamdulillah!!!!! Tell him brother! Tell him!!!! How about adding these gallant genuine freedom fighters to your list:
    1) Wodajo Gurmu
    2) Brothers W.M. and G.M. Gurji
    3) Guzmu Degefa
    4) Gurbi Bulto and his wife
    5) Geleta Koricho
    6) Abdul Wahab Yuya
    7) The great Garasu Dukhi
    8) So many others in Western Hararghe region who sympathized with freedom fighters during the dark days of Fascist Italian occupation.
    These are some of the best products of my Oromo heritage who fought the Italians violently or passively. Sugar-drunk narrow nationalists like this creature we are dealing with now don’t know this. As you can see he has de-Oromotized me already. I understand now that losers like him have launched a witch hunt to locate where this ‘Ittu Aba Farda’ is when I am right there under their nose. I also heard that they will try to approach this website if it is possible to trace my comments. I know what Brother Elias will do. He will spit in their face. I wish I see this loser around my village where my Ittu clan still lives just behind a well know mountain in Western Hararghe. They may have a use for their bullwhip that hasn’t been used for a while – to straighten his wise behind up. I still cannot believe what he saying about this leprosy kaka mania. Dear my Amhara Brothers and Sisters!!! This is not how 99.9% of my Oromo people think of you. We love and respect you as long as you do the same. After all isn’t what we all have been doing for centuries. This creature and his cohorts are losers who are despised by everyone in Oromia.
    Brother Lissan!!!! Right On Brother !!!

  64. re-Lisan on

    what does teferi or mekonnen means in afan oromo. in other word why do 90% of those you listed have typical amara name if they were the maker and shaker of those times. i see the point you are trying to make but the method you are using makes no sense. the oromos were made not to be proud of their ethnic background which includes their language and culture and the evidence is found in the very list you provided us. but the solution is not to destroy every thing by secession, it is by acknowledging the fact and correcting it.and i genuinely believe we have come a long way for the last 30-40 years in that respect and this is what people like you, me and vuvuzela should do.


  65. Vuvuzela on


    Don’t go around the bush. You still think as your first settler ancestors. You will never change. Keep listing your servants. Now you list them as a heroes since they helped you keep the Empire intact until 1991. This time your are much better than Woyane. Woyane won the election by 99.6%, and you know the heart and mind of 99.9% Oromos. “Lam balwalebet kubet leqema”. I wish if you would have known 0.1% of Oromo’s scar and continued fresh wound. If you have a sense of humanity, you would have also listed some Oromos who have suffered and perished in your ancestors (in your case, your owners) prison.

    Your day and night cry is about the land, and you never care about the people. Briefly, the following is all you want: one country, one language, and one religion.

    “UNITARISTS do demonize the right of nations to self-administration and to self-determination as something “goosa or ethnic politics”. They still dream to bring back the old Ethiopia in which all nations will be assimilated to Amharic speakers. To them, it is “something natural” to claim Amharic to be a national language of Ethiopia and all other languages to be subordinates. Thinking otherwise, to make Oromic a national language and to demote Amharic to a regional language is, for them, like committing a crime. They, of course, still tell us the “nationalities will have the right to develop their right.” For unitarists, allowing certain songs of different languages in their Amharic-dominated media is enough. That is why they still work in Amharic and allow few Oromic songs to be transmitted in their media. They never dare to work in Oromic”.

    Finally, please don’t try to act as someone who has a gut. The Neftenyas have a good mouth with sharp long tongue but without a single tooth

  66. Lisan on

    Dear re-Lisan,

    The listing that I’ve provided in the previous writing is to illustrate that the Oromo people were the mover and the shaker; they were part of the top echelon and royalty. This attests to the contrary of the claims that Oromo people were marginalised and never ascend to helm of power.

    Nonetheless, I do appreciate the civility you have shown in your writing and promotion of positive engagement to find a lasting and workable solution not only to Oromo people but also to other constituting small and big tribes and clans that makes the present day Ethiopia. This can be ascertaining with true representation, genuine federalism (which is quite different than that of EPDRF’s one that is installed for its “divide and rule policy and weakened Ethiopia”), regional autonomy (aspects of: self–governing, legislation, economical, educational, cultural, language, etc…), with common defence policy and macro-economy that can be applied nationwide, etc.

    Personally, the way how I see that we reach our “Nirvana” moment is through genuine round table dialogue of all stake holders in spite of either their size of the population or the area they have settled in.

  67. Itu Aba Farda on

    Dear Lissan,

    This Vuvuzela creature is not only prejudice but also looks wickedly dangerous. Thank God he is toothless. I asked him to show up around my village in Western Hararghe anywhere between Mullu and Arba. We got our bullwhip ready to work on him. For now just ignore him.

  68. Vuvuzela on


    Western Hararghe! That is my land too, it doesn’t belong to you. Most likely your grandfather settled there after invasion. BTW I am from Gaara Mul’ata, and I know in and outs of the area including Gobelle. We can visit each other at your convenience and preference. I could come any where you want Neftenya son.

    Finally, I just want to let you know that we Oromos will keep fighting the Abyssinian colonization. No matter how long it takes, ultimately we will acheive our goal. BILISUMMAA OROMIYAA.

  69. Abba Burqa on

    There is no doubt that librated Oromos (along with other groups) should determine the future of Ethiopia. However, for its very nature, the current OLF cannot and will not solve the problem we have in our country with its failed strategy, policy and agenda. OLF, please wake up and save Ethiopia and Oromos together.
    Say, Ettopiiyaan Nibilisomtii!!

  70. Milyon Degneh Gugsa on

    Above all we are all ETHIOPIANS….United we stand, divided we fail.

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