Azeb Mesfin goes after Al Amoudi’s gold mine

Azeb Mesfin, the wife of Ethiopia’s genocidal dictator Meles Zenawi, is now going after Al Amoudi’s Legedembi Gold Mine, according to Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit sources in Addis Ababa.

Recently, Azeb, who is now fully in charge of the EFFORT conglomerate after pushing out Sebhat Nega, went after the coffee industry. EFFORT is currently monopolizing Ethiopia’s coffee export.

Azeb’s next move is Ethiopia’s mineral mining. Already Meles and Azeb extort huge commission from Al Amoudi’s gold export. As reported previously, Al Amoudi’s private planes transport gold directly from mining locations in southern Ethiopia to the London gold market without the knowledge of Ethiopia’s Ministry of Mining. The operation is protected by a special force under the direct command of Meles.

Earlier this year, at least three students at Awassa University were kidnapped by Meles Zenawi’s forces after complaining about Legadembi Gold Mine, which is contaminating the river in the area.

The Meles crime family‘s avaricious appetite to dominate every thing in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa region is what led to the 99.6 percent victory theft at the May 2010 elections. Meles and Azeb are looting Ethiopia’s economy with the same level of audaciousness and greed they have displayed in politics.

It is not new for Azeb — as much drunkard and pervert as Al Amoudi, known to have several boyfriends — to go after Al Amoudi’s businesses. She has been pushing him out of the real estate business for a while now, causing his office buildings in Addis Ababa to remain vacant.

Currently none of Al Amoudi’s businesses in Ethiopia, including the Sheraton Hotel, are profitable. Al Amoudi is said to be frustrated with Azeb and the only reason he stays in Ethiopia is to continue having a good time with underage girls — paying hefty salaries to his underlings who bring him virgins.

29 thoughts on “Azeb Mesfin goes after Al Amoudi’s gold mine

  1. Jegnaw Gondre on

    well what do we expect from this people they look Ethiopian they act Ethiopian but in reality they are not Ethiopian they are destroying our land our economy ,our pried.i think they are colons of evil something that i cant describe.all i can say is let us support armed struggle to oust this evil Woyane from our land once for all.
    may God bless our land in likeness of ATES TEWODROS…. Ethiopia needs DAGMAWE TEWODROS.

  2. Zafu on


    I am not an oracle, but I see another letter from DLA Piper coming into your mailbox.

  3. mr. wodeha tigray on

    Elias, your lies are boundless. Effort is the property of the tigrean people. meles and his wife do not even know what a 100 ethiopian Birr looks like.You are smearing the good name of the first couple shamelessly. you will pay for these lies one day. you will never set foot in that country again.

  4. Tazabi on

    These criminals are PILLAGING AND PLUNDERING the country.

    We should make an effort to research and document where they are stashing their ill-gotten wealth. Mostly in Western Europe and North America. And now we hear in South Africa too. We hear even Church money is being stolen and kept in South America by the CORRUPT Aba Paulos.

    Who knows someday we may be able to recover all the stolen properties of the Ethiopian People and send these criminals to Jail

  5. Anonymous on

    I am not surprised, but I am angry. Ethiopia is being run by a bunch of professional looters and murderers who don’t care what happens to Ethiopia and Ethiopians. As long as these criminals represented by soulless money worshiper law firms in DC, Ethiopia will be robbed by Meles and friends till nothing left. As we speak, more than 12 million Ethiopians depend on UN food Aid to survive. And the number of people who depend on food Aid will rise unless the deadly Cancer Woyanes are removed from Ethiopia. Azeb is habitual liar. I happen to know someone who knows her family very well and I was told that she came from a long line of family of thieves and murderers. She probably taught her husband how to steal and kill. Here she is telling one of her biggest lies of her life, how poor she is, and how she make ends meet:

  6. Suture on

    Mr. Wodeha,
    Come to Virginia then you will see, never mind Meles and his wife, but regular Tigrains, those who closes to the ruling part, buying houses, that is right, HOUSES not a house, IN CASH, right after they finish their immigration paper in Dulles International Airport (IAD) . So do you think they got money without Meles and his gangs’ knowledge? If those regular citizens have that kind amount of money, then no need to second guess Meles and his gangs’ possessions.

  7. JReal on

    This story is rather too weired to be true. Whether the story can be substantiated or is fabricated, it should at least sound likely.

  8. tt7 on

    What was the deal between Zenawi and Al-Amoudi that granted the later a first-born status for so long? Could it be that Al-Amoudi is the front “businessman” for the Zenawis in that Al-Amoudi retains 30% and deposits 70% for the Zenawis? Coming from an Albanian communist movement, it would have been improper for any TPLF member including the leader to act like Mobutu Sese Seko. Al-Amoudi is the perfect player for the highly calculating Zenawi.

    When God created the world, He did so in an oven: the first batch came out a dough and underdone and was sent to the north; the second was overdone, therefore, sent to the south. The third was just right, and with its perfection Ethiopia was created. – Anonymous, Debre Zeit, Ethiopia – The New York Times, 1984.

  9. True on

    Jegnaw Gondere,

    I thought you discarded pro ethnic thinking after you realize how racist is TPLF? So, try to broaden your narrow mind beyond Gonder if you want Ethiopia to be free. Ethiopia including Theodros has many heroes: Minilik, HIM, Yohannes, Aba Jiffar, Aba Nefso, Aba Nega, etc, etc.. many many, who died for Ethiopia that whose names are not being mentioned. It is not just the emperors and leaders, there were many many heroes.

    Thank you.

  10. Londoner on

    Wodeha the Tigraway
    You are Tigriyian & of course you will support your partners in crime – the blood suckers. Don’t hate Elias because he exposed you & your likes.
    Truth will prevail in the end.
    History repeats itself. Hence, Your downfall is inevitable & I can’t wait to see it soon.

  11. Complain to what? on

    I hear you all complaining all the time, it is not new for this evil empire to loot, they have done it since day 1 as they took power by sacrificing many innocent peasant farmers of ethiopia.

    The question we need to ask is what should we do? get in to the program.
    work together
    And Fight

    Woyane won’t stand another day.
    but if your solution is to complain on each and every thing, they looted our beloved country for 19 years they will loot destroy and bury Ethiopia in the next 19 years.

    Stop complaining and Start fighting
    with unity

  12. Anonymous on

    I am always uncomfortable making ethnic accusations but I was recently at a remarkably extravagant wedding in US of a Tigrian whose father was longstanding TPLF “fighter.” Of course, I enjoyed the amazing party but it was clear that his family is bilking the system.

  13. The pervert,that alien Al Amoudi is as sinner and criminal as members of the crimefamily,Azeb and Zinawi are;it is true.

    The pervert alien doesn’t have a clue and don’t know whom he was born to;so,does the beast care whom he sleeps with,how old the boy or the girl is? The perverted alien has been spoiling innocent boys and girls since invasion and have contaminated thousands and housands of children of Ethiopia with his bodyly discharge and has produced many illegetimate children and have them all shpipped to the middle east for an additional ritual transformation as the most valuable gift prepared to be given to his masters.

    This criminal has been a nightmare for Ethiopian families whose children have been fondled and sexually abused;one reason is that the TPLF regime is protecting the beast from the hunters that look for the sinner to arrest and charge him with all sorts of sins and crimes that the beast committed since he came into Ethiopia with the robbers.

    Many years ago,the night arabian robbers desgising as merchantes crossed the border and moved into Ethiopia and abducted a young girl,the daughter of a farmer who left home early in the morning for a market to buy farm equipments.The farmer traveled many kilometers and spent a night with relatives before he reached the market.It was in that unfortunate night that his daughter was stolen by arab intruders and was made preagnant at a very,very young age was mercilessly raped by Arab gangs and was hidden in a cave near the sudan border until she gave birth to a baby boy;shen then was killed,the baby was taken to the middle east.Today,she should have been 12 years older than her unwanted son.

  14. Sweden on

    The same thing is happening here in Sweden too. Tigrian immigrants are buying houses and apartments. Where dose all the money come from? From cleaning jobs? i don’t think so.

  15. Hmmmm on

    wooow Azeb had plastic surgery? she was ugly and she is worst now. Aseb looks like Meles now.My question is where are they going to live after their time expire in Ethiopia. About EFORT where in the world did the people of Tigray got this kind of money? what we all know is that Tigry have been a dry poor farming and none mining place,where did this hoopla ‘EFORT belongs to Tigry ‘ came from.What i want to tell to my Tigryan sisters and brothers is to forget about those cockroachs Meles and Azeb and work with Ethiopians.

  16. sometimes it is good to be reasonable and know what to write and what not. i agree on more than half of what u said but it put ur truth in question when u said the only reason he stays in ethiopia is because he of underage girls who r virgins. …..that is childish. sorry

  17. Tenna on

    Mr. wodeha tigray,

    If the leader of a country doesn’t know what the biggest money denomination circulating under his watch looks like, then, who will believe you. This point was once mentioned by Meles’ dad just to protect his “little” child from the “bad or buda eyes” of his opponents. You are just echoeing the same, but nothing! Grow up and stand on your own.

  18. Ittu Aba Farda on

    I bet you Meles and Mrs. Dracula are saying now after reading this article. ‘There is nothing you can do about it !!! We have Debela, OLF, ONLF and others we keep doing the useful task of splintering any possible unified opposition. We have trusted friends in the State Department, 10 Downing Street, Beijing and Mumbai. What the heck…we gonna use some of this gold to erect our statues soon. They are saying to me ‘ Ittu Aba Farda in your face!!! Elias, Al. G.M., Shiferaw and all others who promised the Ethiopian people never to stoop low to us – In your face!!!!’ That was what Mengistu used to think. That was what Pinochet used to tell his trusted generals. That was what Franco used to confide with his secret police force. All these despots and every thing about them were ugly and they were ugly too. I wish I am able to send all their mistresses and ‘wives’ sympathy cards for going to bed with them. Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!

    These two miscreants are still on their honeymoon with the West. I am telling you if Al Shabbah is going today, these despots would be gone faster than you know what.

    In regards to the Sheik, I hope someone back home would try to investigate his background when he was growing up in Wello and how his father shop was conducting business. Those who had lived in the provinces and especially in small towns in the 50’s and 60’s where there was no electricity know how a ‘tanika’ of kerosene becomes one and half ‘tanika’ at those shops. The same with naphtha. I grew up in a very small town and got my elementary school education there. We used kerosene-fueled lantern to keep our room alight and study. Our lantern used to go out when there is still more than a quarter of fuel in its small container. We discovered that the merchant who sold us the kerosene mixes water with it before start selling. We caught him and went back the next day to complain to him. He stopped selling us such tainted fuel after that. And we told every one in the small town what we have found out. He stopped selling this mixture of Kerosene and water to anyone who lives in the village. But he was a rich merchant, richer than anyone in the small town. He liked to give out food stuffs such as meat and cooking oils to the very poor. This was in a small village in Hararghe province. My Christian classmate and I told every one we knew but he had supporters and believers in him and we were told to shut up. Shut up!!! But he was very careful with two of us. We always got 100% kerosene and oil. And that we brought a heavy burden on us. Now most neighbors wanted to send us on errands to his shop whenever they need fuel and oil. But you know we were kids and never said no. I hope someone will go back and investigate his background. I am not saying all Arab merchants were dishonest but I have heard the same complaints about such shops at different places back home. Those dishonest merchants were a disgrace to my religion which always preaches honesty and indiscrimination. I just hope someone will go back and investigate his past. Way back!!!!

  19. Netsanet Wendimmu on

    That is expected and is as natural as sun rise and sun set, if the story is not the usual cunning foxes cunning propaganda meant to divert attention and lessen pressure from Al Amoudi so that he may keep concentrating and expanding his colonization and exploitation adventures in PEACE under the total protection of the TPLF guns whom Al Amoudi himself finances from the wealth collected by trading his monopolistic ABBA GADA’S LAGA DAMBI GOLD.

    Hmm… Ethiopians are outmaneuvered, outvoted, outgunned, shredded in to pieces, bickering and being skinned to death. SAD!

    Otherwise, Al Amoudi and the Meles family are HANDS and GLOVES.

    These hands and gloves being firmly and increasingly glued together both in the daylights and in the weaknesses, especially after the recent great election robbery followed by the more convenient and even GREATEST legitimizing SILENCES of the UNIQUE proverbial type oppositions.

    For the ONE MAN dictatorship ONLY and exclusively money matters just like some of those African dictators for whom the entire country is their own private and personal properties while all else are meant to be supportive activities to the MONEY collection as an end in itself.


    And now, the functions of Al Amoudi and the one dictatorship is to infiltrate, spread suspicions, and silence the good Amharas, Oromos, Somalis, etc. concentrating on funding the shredding of the Ethiopian oppositions in to its tiniest useless constituents, thereby preventing any meaningful unity and healthy alliances so that in the coming elections even the name opposition may not appear anywhere on any least, let alone talking about the sedating statistically none existent o.4%.

    What is more humiliating and demoralizing for an individual and a group or groups than robbing their rightful proprietorship in broad day light and then completely and forcefully shut they mouths, preventing them from complaining during this 21st century?

  20. Suture on

    I hear you Sweden; the sad part is some Ethiopians, although they hate TPLF, are spending their time arguing about unnecessary things among each other in stead of join hands to eradicating Woyane, the cancer of our regime. I don’t much blame the Tirians because as Tigrigna proverb goes “ Ab zebene wira wira nebsika iteEbira. አብ ዘበነ ዊራዊራ ነብሲኻ አይተዕብራ.” It is Zebena wira wira” in Ethiopia right now my friend.

  21. Anonymous on

    there are a lot more TPLF memebers that are entirly devoted their time and energy to write hate politics and always try to tell us the opposite of the very fact open and day light crimes in ethiopia. Dont give them a shit! Dont even try to answer them. They try to kill time and are paid workers for the bllod-sucker regim. Keep on digging up facts . Tell others about the fact . TIME is the only hero!

  22. Jegnaw Gondre on

    True thanks for Ur comment.Jegnaw gondre is my internet name.
    1st i am a proud Ethiopian
    2ND i am a proud Amara
    3rd i am a proud Gondre
    and last any one who thinks like Tewodross is my hero wither the man is Oromo ,Amara,tigre or any one from any part of be for u insult any true Ethiopian contemplate be for u spew Ur from true Ethiopian.

  23. Ashebir on

    mr. wodeha tigray
    You are right about Meles and his wife not knowing what a 100 birr looks like. Whatever Meles and his wife desire within Ethiopia they send their murdering associates and just take it without paying for it.I bet you the last time they saw a 100 birr is during the Ethio-Eritrea war started in 1998 when they were stashing suitcases full of birrs in case they have to flee the country through the borders.

  24. Azeb and Zinawi are not only partners in crime in all areas, they are fugitives too. For sure, they will be captured and be brought to justice; that we know, they know.

    When The tplf woyane criminals are removed from Ethiopia, Al Amoudi will be tossed away into whatever container is available around; this, he knows too.

  25. Anonymous on

    Instead of enjoying Woyanes’ party, you should have listened to your conscience and run out of that lavish wedding party, that was bought and paid by the blood and sweat of poor-hard-working Ethiopians. Ethiopians need to send a message to looter Woyanes to decline their invitations, so you don’t become guilty by association by dining and wining the blood of poor Ethiopians. Look around you in Europe, Canada, US and Australia…Woyanes are establishing a wealthy life style in just a few months after they settled…buying new cars, lavish homes and starting businesses, obviously, bought and paid by stolen blood money. At the same time, millions of Ethiopians struggle everyday to make it and about 12 millions Ethiopians do without food and water and are expected to die and some depend on International Food Aid… all these misery while Woyanes enjoying life to the fullest and expensive parties in the most expensive countries. It is really a disgrace and literally nauseating.

  26. Kut Kut Bilbil Neygne on

    Azeb Mesfin,that little wild mouse is nibbling Ethiopia.This little rodent was conceived,birthed,and reared in the wild and was one time given a wink and pieces of dry bread by a coward robber,Zinawi and was running around arid lands and finally fell in the stealing hands of the wicked robber and was married to Zinawi,the robber.Well,today,this criminal rodent is drenched in blood and she is swimming in the ocean of looted and stolen millions and millions of dollars.This rodent lives no longer in a hole where she used to eat snails and baby snakes,rather,she lives in a palace where she is eating cheese and carrots.As tiny she is,she is as weird as her Zinawi;When she is angry,she bites the hands of her husband that brought her into the palace and fed her like a princes.But more often than not,she breaks the rule and sneeks through the crackes of the fence, she strictly told not to do so and of course,to refrain from threspassing anything as this would result her being run over by angry drivers,but,anyway she crosses the street accross the palace and found hiding in the garbage pile feeding herself on what she used to.Well,this rodent shall be caught one the near-coming-soon day.

  27. olana on

    ato elias ante betam tigermaleh asmara tedebikeh demoz endemikeflih belege sewiye new negere sirah. yesidib aynet man astemareh bemote woyane or shabia. sile jornalism ante ena ya yante bite ethi-media sewye gena algebashum.genzeb eco woyanem gar litageju tishilalashehu yenantew zemodoch nachew aycheknubachum yesidib wore wodefit sewu yibelit eyetelashu yihedal sitisf besriat saf sew endiyanebilih kefelegih bizu wode ante yemiyayew sile ante aleka shabia min alu lemalet new enji antema teketari neh lik aiga forum lewoyane endemiseraw malet. azeb ina ante lehager telat nashu alamudi gin siraw yawtaw. mechem le ethiopia kin atasbim manin timertaleh biluh yetaweke new yihen sihuf endale edtawetaw tesfa aladergim lante new yetesafew korto meketelima tawkibetaleh daru sira yelehim yimeslejal eski asbew silemitisifew neger sidb sidb bicha yikir yemil amlak yikir yibelih wogen satiley kena neger saf aye yeeja neger alemetadel tesadabiw beza..

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