Meles Zenawi’s puppet goes to Saudi for medical treatment

President Girma Woldegiorgis in actionThe fake President of Ethiopia, Ato Girma Woldegiorgis, who is a puppet of Warlord Meles Zenawi, is reportedly in Saudi Arabia for medical check up.

AFP reports quoting Saudi Press Agency that Girma, 85, has arrived in Riyadh late Thursday for a “routine” check up.

After 19-years of Woyanne rule, Ethiopia’s health care system has become none-existent. One proof of such condition in the country is that none of the ruling party members and families are going to Ethiopian hospitals when they get sick. As Girma is doing now, they travel outside the country for their heal care needs using the money they stole from the people of Ethiopia.

There are more Ethiopian doctors in the U.S. than in all of Ethiopia. The reason is that Girma and his Woyanne masters have made the country unlivable for Ethiopians.

34 thoughts on “Meles Zenawi’s puppet goes to Saudi for medical treatment

  1. Alemnesh Werku on

    In a country where the name of the system is “ONE MAN RULE” and the words of the ruler are the LAW, past, current and the future, none matters and none have the guts to say his/her personal or group opinions whether positive or negative.

    The Ethiopian opposition that Meles shrewdly and forcefully outwitted,”out voted” and made them to melt in to the thin air is one of the leading testimonies to the phenomena.

    So, why blame the impotent and even MUCH MUCH less powerful and dependent Girma.

    In fact Girma is discriminated against because he is forced to go to the backward and fourth world, Saudi Arabia, for treatment while Meles often goes to the advanced first world country, Germany, for treatments and checkups. Racism even within themselves.

    Remember also about the late Nigerian president, Umeru Yar Adua(Adwa? :)) who went to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment succumbing deep in to coma while there and died recently from his ailments without any recovery. Bad omen?

  2. Anonymous on

    He is NOT Ato,,,He is ‘METO ALEKA!!!’ He was a soldier in Ethiopian Airforce during Hailesellassie and a governor of Eritrea province during Mengistu Hailemariam era…Why you call him Ato? His real name is:’Meto Aleka Girma W/Giorgis!’

    • Are you so much admire the fat hog of a fake so called president that you became so irate at the poster or what. As the say goes, a flower is a flower in what ever name you call him. Still he is a hog of a man, who is beholding to illegitimate government like the blood sucker Menegistu, who run away in the face of danger or Melse.

  3. This giant creature can no longer walk;he can’t even walk at the pace of a spider.Likes attract likes;in Saudi Arabia,there is no shortage of obese men.A good number of Doctores are specialise to treat patients whose mobility and thinking abilities are drastically hampered by unhealthy habit of putting anything and everything into their mouthes.There is this scientific say,what you eat is what you are.

    Girma,has never been a man;he was a mercinary and a spy worked for the enemies against Ethiopia.He betrayed the motherland by passing on crucial and critical,and as well as confidential military and security information to the enemy.In fact,devil has done the final retouch on the cofin that this dung will be dumped in.

    This filthy pig can neither be sold nor slaughtered his cosuming of tons of foods since coronated by the robbers.Well,soon,he will be extint.

  4. Yineger on

    Elias you are the man, we get all the current news on Ethiopian Review God bless you.As for the old puppet of Warlord Meles Zenawi he is ready to blow up any day now,he seems like he never gets enough food.I hope he doesn’t mess up the good palace back home.

  5. Tazabi on

    I will not be surprised if Aba Paulos goes to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment and pay a visit to Mecca too.

  6. yetebela equb on

    What is wrong with fake president Girma? He is always eating and scavenging.
    No wonder, ten million Ethiopians suffer of starvation every year.

  7. Concerned on

    Mr. Anonymous (Commenter No. 3):
    Were you thinking of Dawit W.Giorgis when you claimed that Mr. Girma W. Giorgis was the governor of Eritrea? Check your facts please before you rush to make a comment.

    A military title is only active while the person is an active service member. Once they’re retired, it becomes Ato, Mr.,… followed by a (Ret.) – stands for Retired. Therefore, he is in fact Ato Girma W. Giorgis!

  8. Demet on

    Tazabi, the best comment I have ever read on this web site. Good job. We need humer like that to counter balance weyane’s thugs joke.

  9. WhatATerribleWorld on

    I have this picture in my head where meles and his wife invite this guy to menelik palace for lunch or dinner, just to sit there and enjoy him and laugh while seeing him eat.

  10. Tenkir on

    The fake and hodam president was in charge of relief and representative of Ethiopian Red Cross in Eriteria – where he misaapropriated funds and lived like a king during the Derg era.

  11. Sime on

    Oh, this man is still alive! I thought he was dead. Why does he play himself ? If I were him, I would insult Zenawi and get myself killed , then make history. God damn , he continues to live until he shits and pees himself.

  12. Girma,surplusly consumed foods of all kinds;he is where he is by his own choice of life style.Why then Girma willingly accepted a position where he is helpless? where now he is a symbol of disgraced death,it was not difficult for Zinawian to take a note of Girma’s primary and distinct apetite for anything that is consumable;yes,he has never been aware of the fact that Zinawian have been treating him with carrot and stick;of course,any service provided to zinawians to prolong theri life is welcome;but poor Girma both in healh and thinking has never realized that he had been served was not on a plate;it was on a stick that kills him slowly.Is it honorable death?

  13. Ewnetu Bogale on

    I am certain that Girma W. was never the governor of Eritrea.I am curious however how he was able to be hospitalized in Saudi Arabia which is not allowed for an African Christian.

  14. waqoo on

    He is always on the side of his stomach.All his life he was beraying his people. He betray Maccaa Tulamaa association. Sodoo-jidaa, and OLF and even OPDO.
    Look at the picture how he helplessly looking at the girl who does not recognize his present and enjoy camera. Furthere more , she is serivivg him with left-hand which is a sign of contempt. He is “alively dead” and better for him to erect statue like paulos before forgotten.

  15. Eske-meche on

    I just addressed my burninig inside using Tazabis’ comment. I laughed and i agree with you that no surprise. We need this kind of humorous point too. mekatel becha lemen.

  16. selam on

    I really really like the picture. It seems only half of the president’s body is placed on the couch. Akuakuamishima…..

  17. Dawit on

    Was he govrner in Eritrea?no.In eritrea was Gen(Col in that time) Nega HeileSilasie, Bitweded Endrkachw Mesay, Fit Asfha, Ras Asrate Kassa, Col Fikru, Maj Dawit, Gen Afewerki and Shaleka Aregay

  18. Dave on

    Elias mentioned that “After 19-years of Woyanne rule, Ethiopia’s health care system has become none-existent because President Girma is in Saudi.”

    I think this is a poor analysis by far!!

    To crticize the current regime, you don’t have to make such poor analysis. You have many other options which everybody can easily agree.

  19. FANO on

    Penguin Girma is nothing but dead man walking. A disgrace to humankind. I don’t wish him death. I want him to be alive to see Weyane crumbled. Then die.

  20. truth on

    If Aba Paulos visted mecca, he will be blessed and be a real country and people loving person. He will stop carrying gun.

  21. Mezgebe Berhe on

    When it come to news, Elias is unsurpassed (likim-yeleh!). May God bless your efforts! He is extraordinarily gifted in mining news.

  22. Nuru on

    Mohammed Ali, Ethiopian charge d’affaires in Riyadh, refuted speculations about the frail health of President Girma, saying “there is nothing to worry as far as the president’s health is concerned.”

    He said Girma arrived in Riyadh late Thursday along with a handful of aides and was received at King Khaled International Airport by Health Minister Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah.

    Speaking on behalf of the people and government of Ethiopia, Ali thanked the Saudi leadership for hosting the president and for extending support.

    When asked about the conditions for which the president is being treated, Ali refused to elaborate. Girma had visited the Kingdom for medical examinations last year.

    According to media reports, the Ethiopian leader has previously been admitted to various hospitals for heart-related problems.

    Girma, who was elected president in 2001 and re-elected for a second term in 2007, reportedly suffers from a range of other complications, including obesity and high blood pressure.

    “The health of the president is a cause of concern for us,” said an Ethiopian executive, on the condition of anonymity. But, it was too early to predict the political implications of the president’s illness, he added.

    However, many believe it will not have a serious impact, as the president is a ceremonial figure and he has very little political weight.

  23. Yes,the pig had his last dinner of his choice and varieties of drinks and a lot plates to choose from.On his final phase of filthy life,he had a glance on the pretty girl,the waitress and gave her piggish wink.

    The girl is pretty much frightened by his beast look and,she then looked away from him and continued serving him as what she surely believed and thought would be her last encounter with him in her life.

    This pig,despite his being fattened for years from consumption of huge quantities of food,he can now be neither sold nor slaughtered.

    He was hired by the robbers for food that he served the robbers with all sorts of illegal activities designed to hurt Ethiopia.He,infact did hurt Ethiopia.His disgraced death is inevitable;he knows it and it is true.He was spared from death,at one time while eating got chocked.He is so fragile that he was about to die on his saliva that choicked him for a few seconds.He can anytime live this world of his as he might be sentenced to death by his own choice of life style.He can not sneeze,he can not caugh,he can not blink his eyes,and can not talk louder;his body’s mind is heading to a complete spleepnes.Why is he fighting God with taxpayers money?

  24. Bahil on

    What happened to our magnificent Ethiopian culture? When I grow up in my motherland, I have never heard anyone wishing someone to die, even if the person was evil. It does not seem the case these days. In my opinion, we should not forget from where we come; we should not forget our culture.

  25. pesticide on

    Medical treatment or nutritional treatment?

    At least he is nutritionally better fed in here, for the time he has left, compared to the average citizen of Ethiopia who depend on rotten USAid wheat, for exchange of War in Terror, ethnically dividing and rulling Ethiopia and dismantling an independent African country, while his bosses from Abay Tigrai continue to loot all the national treasures and the donated supplies, in the name of Ethiopia.

  26. Anonymous on

    May he suffers a slow death;
    May the souls of the hundreds of thousands of innocent Ethiopians gunned down to death and severely wounded by woyanes hunted him till eternity;
    May Meles be next. Amen!

  27. NEG BENE on

    ethiopian review shame on you shit remarks,ugly propaganda blow thrumpet driven by narow politicians. do you beliveone of your party members in charge of high position go to tikur anbessa hospital when they get sick in the forth coming.

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