Arabsat suspends ETV broadcast in retaliatory action

Arab Satellites Communication Organization (Arabsat) has suspended the Woyanne-controlled Ethiopian Television (ETV) after the Meles regime has repeatedly interfered with Arabsat signals to jam Ethiopian Satellite TV (ESAT), according to Addisvoice. Arabsat, which is owned by the Arab League, has been forced to take retaliatory action after the lawless regime in Ethiopia jammed ESAT for the third time yesterday. ESAT was airing a captivating story about an Ethiopian air force officer when it suddenly went off air.

ESAT has issued the following press release on the matter:

Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) Intercepted for Third Time

For the past 24 hours, Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) broadcasts and transmissions in Ethiopia, the Middle East and Europe have been disrupted for the third time since it began service on May 2010. Along with ESAT, the satellite service of state-controlled Ethiopian Television was also knocked off the air.

Our evidence on the source of the illegal signal interference points exclusively in the direction of the Ethiopian Government Woyanne junta. Beginning on July 20, the satellite system carrying ESAT signals was bombarded by intense and sustained radio frequency interference disrupting a whole set of services provided by various public and private entities. The evidence gathered by ESAT shows that the Ethiopian Government in illegal collaboration with certain parties in the satellite business attempted to isolate and disrupt ESAT signals. Appartently, that effort backfired and knocked off the broadcast signals of the Ethiopian Government Woyanne junta along with a number of other international satellite service providers. The Ethiopian Government Woyanne junta by attempting to knock out ESAT ended up knocking itself off the air.

ESAT in cooperation with other impacted parties shall seek appropriate legal remedies to stop the Ethiopian Government Woyanne junta from engaging in patently illegal interference in satellite communications.

ESAT continues to receive messages of public support and encouragement for its mission to bring news, information and entertainment to the Ethiopian public. As we have done recently when our satellite services were jammed, we again wish to extend our appreciation to the friends and supporters of ESAT. We wish to assure our viewers that we will seek all legal and technological methods to overcome any interference directed at ESAT programming by the Ethiopian Government Woyanne junta. We ask again for the support and patience of our viewers as we continue to struggle to go back on the air.

ESAT Management

23 thoughts on “Arabsat suspends ETV broadcast in retaliatory action

  1. KING EZANA on

    Do you know the new name of Meles chenawi? MelesOVICH, but i dont know if he was adopted by milesOVICH of serbia

  2. KING EZANA on

    Good job Elias, i dont know how u got that picture of Girma Woldegiorgis. When i saw the pic i immediately thought about EDDIE MURPHY movie NUTTY professor movie when the were eating(imagine it and laugh but many people are dting from hunger, while he is addicted to food).

  3. mezgebe berhe on

    Elias, keep fighting the unethiopian government in Minilik’s palace. Meles and co. should not rule the country at gun point. These shameful falsely called Tegaru! These bags of lies!

  4. Mezgebe Berhe on

    Keep fighting, Elias and dislodge these unethiopian rulers by gun! These bags of lies!

  5. Buster on

    what ethioforum is reporting is woyane knocked off its own ETV satellite in an attempt to jam ESAT. which is the truth?
    either way, this all has to do with with woyanes lack of confidence and their desperate acts against the free and independent media.

  6. Biniam on

    Ethiopians must stand along with ESAT for as long as it takes to fight the robbers tooth and nail so that in the end,all Ethiopians shall stand together on the podium in victory.These robbers are criminals are the most wanted fugitives in Ethiopia and outside Ethiopia.We all have to work towards capturing these fugitive dead or alive.

  7. Jegnaw Gondre on

    like the old saying IF U DIG A HOLE FOR SOME BODY
    Else YOU MAY END-UP FOALIING IN IT Ur self.thank God that is what happen to this banda Woyane.
    and people let us keep ESAT on the air whatever the coast,cos it is one of the best way informing and educating Ethiopian people………….

  8. tt7 on

    ——— = Who cares?

    ከእናት ጥያቄ …
    ሚሊዮን ጎሣዬ – ከኦስሎ (ኖርዌይ)

    በረሃብ ቸነፈር ተይዛ
    በኀዘን በብሶት ተክዛ
    አየኋት ተከፍታ እናቴን
    ተስፋ እንደቆረጠች ሀገሬን

    ተጠግቼ የሆነችውን ብጠይቃት
    ሕመም ችግሩዋን ልጋራት
    ሲቃ ተናንቋት የእምባዋ
    ታወጋኝ ጀመረች በደሉዋን

    ”ልጅ አልወጣልሽ እያለኝ
    ዘመን ተቆጠረ ዘመን አለፈብኝ
    ብወልድ ወንድሙን የሚወጋ
    ብደግም እናቱን የሚከዳ
    ብጨምር ወንድሞቹን የሚለያይ
    ባበዛ ተጣይ ተገንጣይ
    እየሆኑ ተቸገርኩ ልጆቼ
    አይዞሽ ባይ ከጎኔ አጥቼ

    ”የቀድሞዎቹ ከአሁኖቹ ላይሻሉ
    ዘመነኞቹ ካለፉት ላይለዩ
    የተስማሙ ይመስላሉ ምለው
    ላይግባቡ ላይዋደዱ ፈቅደው
    ሠላምን ፍቅርን ላይፈልጉአት
    መቻቻልን አውጥተው ሊጥሏት
    መከባበርን እንደውርደት ቆጠሩ
    እውነትን በክህደት ለወጡ

    ”ለኔ ያዘኑ እየመሰሉ
    አይዞሽ ብለው እየማሉ
    ታጥቀው ይገባሉ ወደጫካ
    በኔ ስም የራስ ጥቅም ፍለጋ
    ወንድም ወንድሙን ይገልና
    ደም እንደጎርፍ ይፈስና
    ሕይወት እንደዋዛ ይጠፋና
    ሥልጣን ይይዛል ባለተራ
    ወንበሩን ይዞ ሲደላደል
    የማይሞት የማያልፍ ይመስል
    መሃላውን ሁሉ ረስቶ
    የሀገር ፍቅሩ ጠፍቶ
    ’እኔ’ ይሆናል ዘፈኑ
    አልወርድም ይላል ከዙፋኑ

    ”ይነሳል ደሞ ሌላው
    ባለጊዜው ግራ ሲያጋባው
    ለውጥ ፈልጎ ሲጠፋ
    ህዝብ ሲያዝን ሲከፋ
    ብረት አንግቦ ወደጫካው
    ይሮጣል ወደ ፍልሚያው
    እንደገና ሊደግምልን ቅኔውን
    ሳይለውጠው የቀድሞውን

    ”ዛሬም የዚህ ዘመን ልጆቼ
    የስጋዬ የአብራኬ ክፋዮቼ
    ይህንኑ ዜማ አዚመው
    ወንበር ያዙ ዋጋ ከፍለው
    ለውጥን ጠበቅሁ ተስፋ አድርጌ
    አዲስ ነገር ይመጣ እንደው ብዬ
    ለሃያ ዓመት በምርጫ ስም ሲያደናብር
    ዲሞክራሲን ያለተግባር ሲደሰኩር
    ትሁንን ትቼ ትብስን እንዲሉ
    ተንገሸገሽኩ ተማረርኩ በአሁኑ
    የልጆቼን ድምፅ እየሰረቀ
    ምረጡ እያለ እያሳበቀ
    ቢያታልልም በምርጫ ስም
    ከአምባገነንነቱ ሌላ አላየሁም

    ”ለምን ታዲያ አልከፋ
    አይዞሽ ባይ ደጋፊ ሲጠፋ
    ለብቻው ሲፏንንበት ሀገሩን
    ሁሉን አውጥቶ ሲበትን
    እኮ እስከመቼ ልታገስ
    እውነት ወደቤቴ እስኪመለስ …”
    ብላ ስትጠይቀኝ የውስጧን
    ስትነግረኝ የዓመታት ብሶቷን
    በእኔ አቅም ብቻ
    መልስ ልሰጣት ከበደኝ
    ይህው ጥያቄዋን ለሁሉ አቀረብኩኝ
    ሚሊዮን ጎሣዬ
    ከኦስሎ – ኖርዌይ

  9. lenetsanet on

    ውድ አባይ
    ጥበብ ለቁምነገር ሲውል እንዲህ ነው፡፡አበጀህ ወንድሜ!
    ማንኛውም ሙያ በአግባቡ ጥቅም ላይ ከዋለ ለሃገርና ለወገን የሚያስገኘው ጥቅም ታላቅ ነውና አንተም ሙያዊ ተሰጥኦህን እንዲህ ላለው ቁምነገር ማዋልህ እጅጉን ያሰመሰግንሃል፡፡ እርግጥ አንተ ለመመስገን ሳይሆን የውስጥ ስሜትህን፤ ብሶትህን፤ቁጭትህን ነው የገለጽክበት፡፡ ጎሽ አበጀህ!፡፡
    አባይ አንተ ቁጭት መወጫህ ያደረከው ደግሞ የሁላችንም አፍ ሆኖ ተናገረ! ወከልከንና መማር ለሚችሉ (ጉዳዩ የሚመለከታቸው እንኳ መማር የሚያውቁ አይደሉም) በሚገባ የተላከ ማሳሰቢያ ማሳወቂያ ደወል ነው፡፡እሰየው!
    ፈሪ ሁል ጊዜ ጥላውን ባየ ቁጥር ይበረግግና የሚይዝ የሚጨብጠውን ስለሚያጣ እየተደናበረ ገደል ይገባል፡፡ገደሉን ጨርቅ ያርግላቸው!፡፡ አሁንም በነዚህ የደደቢት ደደቦች ያየነው ይህንኑ ነው፡፡ ፍርሃታቸው አደናብሯቸውና ‹‹እሳት››ን እናጠፋለን ብለው የነሱንም አመድ ደፉት፤ግና አመዳቸውን ፈላጊ ስለሌለው መደፋቱ የቆጫቸው እነሱኑ አመዳሞቹን ነው፡፡ እኛን የቆጨን ደግሞ ጠላታችንን እያሳደደ የሚለበልበው እሳታችን፤ጦራችን፤ጠበቃችን በአመዱ ሊጠፋ መታሰቡ ነው፡፡ እሳት ግን ለጊዜው ተዳፈነ እንጂ፤ነግ ተነግ ወዲያ ወገኖች ሲቆሰቁሱት ተግ ብሎ ይነድና ጠላትን እያሳደደ የሚፈጅ ሰደድ ‹‹እሳት›› ይሆናል፡፡ ይህን ነው አባይ ያሳየኸንና እጅህ የጻፈውን አእምሮህ የፈጠረውን ይባረክልን!፡፡

  10. Yonas Amare on

    When ESAT is not able to transmit blame it on the ET gov….FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLS

  11. Moget on

    Keep on fighting.We have to go father and reveal this undemocratic event to the whole world. It is not Zenawi alone doing that the Chinese are backing him. This is a good opportunity to expose Zenawi’s lawless government.Please go on fighting!

  12. Balambaras on

    What the ETV(Bereket & Co) are attacking other media or Satellite is a continuation of their Guerilla systems of the 70’s,60’s. This is a violence called media violence.
    The stakeholders of ETV are playing at the moment with fire(ESAT). One day the ring leaders of ETV will be overwhelmed by the fire. No fire brigade will save them from above or below.
    The ETV has found its shelter now at EUTELSAT(W3A, 7°E). It has found another hiding place to disrupt and attack ESAT.
    From there it wants to expand its propaganda work just only for a small group of viewers like TDAs all over the world.TDA stands for Tigray development association.
    I am not, in principle, against those keen natives of Tigray region that want to dig water wells and construct roads. But they are used as tools of the ruling clique. These people have nothing to do except watching their admirable son, MelesOvich day und night at home and abroad.

    On the contrary, ESAT is doing its best to reach people with different thought and world outlook that eventually would narrow the difference and grow up together to reconstruct mother Ethiopia with fresh mind.

    What ETV’s commanders are doing will be registered in media history that the current Ethiopian govt. is engaged in media violence.
    Organizations like International media conference, Media Forum, etc. may use these media and satellite violence as case study.
    It is a great shame for Ethiopia, a cultured nation, to be humiliated repeatedly by a shameless ruling gangs.

    ESAT should consult international organizations of satellite and should be a member of such organization to protect itself from such a barbaric attack.

    Let us ignite the flame of ESAT to reach its peak.

  13. non-tplf on


    This is Paranoia, I say this is
    Paranoia, let me say it again Paranoia,

    We are just seeing the Paranoia in the tplf camp. Perhaps ESAT was transmitting that of Cap. Teshome Tenkolu’s case. Some of you who have not heard about him, google Capitain Teshome Tenkolu and read the PDF file. The outrageous and untold extreme crime against non-tplf Ethiopians by the mafia-philic tplf leaders and cadres will cause not just normal paranoia but extreme PARANOIA. The end of tplf is looming. Guys take your notes for those who might say “I did this because they told me to do so” for they will apear before justice at the end of tplf era.

    God Bless Ethiopia and Her True Children!

  14. George on

    Nothing terrifies weyane than the truth being told by different media outlets. The dedeb of dedebit cannot handle the truth. When the truth is told weyane agonizes, it is it’s nature. Now the whole world knows that weyane is a gang made up up liers; thieves; thugs and despised by all humankind and perhaps animals too. So it is not surpising to hear weyane trying to suffocate free speach which it has already done inside the country, but the problem is the ones outside it’s control.

  15. yafet Workeshet on

    Elias and his lies!!!!!!!!
    How come i am watching it at home then??
    i know people who oppose the government in Ethiopoia, you are a disgrace not to your country as you dont have a country, you are a disgrace to your family you looser bandit, Eritrea funded,Ethiopian hater.
    Anyawy, the point is viewrs, if there are any, you still can watch ETV which has now changed its signal settings.
    Shame on you Elias for bringing such useless and hatefull and untruthful news. You should learn from History tha nobody has made it anywhere with HATE. Anyway Hate is your cash cow, you sell hate inorder to feed yourself. What an ugly person. And yes you know who i am.

  16. Anonymous on

    You are simply laughable, if I were you, I wouldn’t admit that I watch ETV–Woyanes Propaganda Media. They should name it WPMTV.
    Elias never tortured and killed a single Ethiopian, he never gunned down innocent Ethiopians for exercising their God given rights– he never robbed Ethiopia and become milliner and a billionaire–he never sentenced innocent Ethiopians to be locked-up for life and some to be murdered– he never taken land from Ethiopians and gave their land to foreigners– he never taken the freedom of press and freedom of speech you are enjoying right now away from Ethiopians…It is your master who has done what I mentioned above and more–why are you barking at Elias? As the saying goes–ignorance is bliss–obviously, you have been watching to much ETV that has distorted your brain to make a sound judgment. Barking, whining, screaming, yelling harassing people who report the truth and blocking ESAT, VOA and closing news paper business in Ethiopia will not help in the end to block the humiliating, embarrassing and the criminal story of Meles &Co. Believe me, soon every truth will be out in the open and you and the likes of you won’t find a place to hide.

  17. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    i like your comment on #17 very much.
    like saying gos in Amharic YE KOSO MEDHANIT.

  18. yafet Workeshet on

    i laugh at you every day, your kinds i mean, and the kinds of Elias, of all the people you are defending Elias???? All am saying if you have ears and a BRAIN is that ETV is still not active, what mattered for you from my post was not the issue that the news is a total lie, however what mattered for you is me calling the liar-liar.
    Once again this the problem with you guys(blind opposition, Elias&Co.)
    You are FOOls as Elias is not against weyanne from his heart, he wanted to be weyanne, Elias why dont you enlighten your fellow participants how you decided to go your way when things were not as rosy as you expected them to be with your comrades?
    And #19 when you said its not Elias who didn’t kill or murder or become a millionaire then i laugh at you real loud.
    Elias has a lot to contribute to the unrest that had happened in Ethiopia in the last Elections whom lots of us lost our brother and sisters, Elias is the one getting handsome funds to run a hate compaign from Eritrea, Elias is the one singing “ke terror -terron, whatever will be terror” so Elias is a murdered, a millionaire and a terrorist, Anyway, trying to explain about colors to a blind person.
    Anwyay # 20, you dont even know what you are talking about, maybe you are bored and want to creat some attention to yourself, so no need to comment on your stupid comment.

  19. Kemal on

    i work for Arabsat. ETV is not the only customer for Arabsat. Arbsat is making millions of dollar for broadcasting ETV signals. Why should Arabsat loose this money because Meles is jamming ESAT? ARABSAT does not have any clue who ESAT is.
    This information posted on your site is absolutley false and far away from the truth.

  20. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    #21 I dont give a shit what u think about me whether i am stupid or not.what i want is a total destruction of Woyane if that makes me stupid i will gladly accept for u freedom it doesn’t come for free it takes life, sacrifice, mot of all a love for Ethiopia those people who died in the hand of Leba Woyane cos they loved Ethiopia. they are the hero.
    dont try to make Elias or any one who is fighting your merderer master Mlesse a scape goat.

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