Ethiopian Review’s stand on freedom of speech

Ethiopian Review has been the most tolerant among the Ethiopian media as far as allowing free expression of ideas and views, even though some of the views expressed tend to be full of hatred and insults.

Recently I have been receiving complaints from readers, particularly fellow Muslim Ethiopians, about some comments that are being posted on Ethiopian Review’s comments sections. Indeed some of the comments contain languages that do not belong in a civilized discourse.

Relations between Ethiopia’s two major religions — Christian and Muslim — have been harmonious for centuries. What I am witnessing these days, however, is disconcerting. It is the responsibility of every Ethiopian to make sure that the harmonious relations between Ethiopia’s Christians and Muslims will continue to be a role model to the world.

To this end, I am introducing a new editorial policy: Negative views about the Christian or Muslim religions are prohibited on Ethiopian Review as of today.

The wise Emperor Menelik II said, hager yegara, haimanot yegil. Let’s keep religious views private and focus on how we can help build our Ethiopia, which belongs to all religions and ethnic groups.

Elias Kifle
Editor, Ethiopian Review

75 thoughts on “Ethiopian Review’s stand on freedom of speech

  1. weqaw on

    I fully support ER’s stand on thic cardinal issues! Let’s respect ER’s policy, a policy we can and should live with it!

  2. Hailu on

    Well over due, but a very welcome editorial policy. I think, the policy should include ALL RELIGIONS.
    Negative views about the “Christian or Muslim” need to be replaced by “ALL RELIGIONS” are prohibited on Ethiopian Review as of today.

  3. Degu on

    Elias, you are right. Ethiopian review is not a place to entertain discourse on religion. however, individuals like memire paulos( aba diabelos) should be criticized for his part in promoting woyane agenda and ethinicism as well as any moselm leader who choose to promote woyane and its abhorent policies.

  4. KiDI on

    i am one of your readers who believes that you do not believe in freedom of speach. i do not even think you understand the meaning of it. the reason why i say that i have posted many comments criticizing articles that were posted on your web and you did not post any of them. if you think freedom of speech is only for those who agree with your views then you got all wrong.However, i have to say that you got my full support on not posting any comment that undermine any religion. Ethiopian muslim and christians are always lived together with love and harmony and i want to see it continue like that. if we do anything that could jeoperdize this peace then we will be doing woyanes job because that is what those blood sukers want.

  5. Jegnaw Gondre on

    Love of God.Love of man and country are one and the same……God is love..that is the greatest freedom I hold dear. therefore I will defend that believe of my in when it is threatens in the name of politics or in the name of political correctness with regard and respect of other religion.

  6. LIBERTY on

    Elias, most the offending comments were posted on the comment section. therefore you should not be responsible for that , or those who were writing and emailing you hate full messages should have understand that. any how it is wise to have a new editorial policy. but let us not forget those who wants to see a strain relationship between Muslims and Christians in Ethiopia are the messengers of evil woyanie and its bandit leader from adwa. they can pretend on being Muslims and make negative comment on followers of Christianity or vis versa. let us be fully aware of that. i am commenting for the sake of it. otherwise the strong rooted relation between the two major religions can’t be shaken by the tribal juntas. ሲያምራቸው ይቅር !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Tenkir on

    It was Emperor Haile Selasie who said “Hager yegara new Haimanot yegil new” – not Emeror Menilik II.

    The policy is excellent.

  8. tt7 on

    Freedom of information is an extension of freedom of speech where the medium of expression is the Internet. Freedom of information may also refer to the right to privacy in the context of the Internet and information technology. As with the right to freedom of expression, the right to privacy is a recognised human right and freedom of information acts as an extension to this right.[40] Freedom of information may also concern censorship in an information technology context, i.e. the ability to access Web content, without censorship or restrictions.[41]
    Freedom of information is also explicitly protected by acts such as the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act of Ontario, in Canada.

    The concept of freedom of information has emerged in response to state sponsored censorship, monitoring and surveillance of the internet. Internet censorship includes the control or suppression of the publishing or accessing of information on the Internet.[42] The Global Internet Freedom Consortium claims to remove blocks to the “free flow of information” for what they term “closed societies”.[43] According to the Reporters without Borders (RSB) “internet enemy list” the following states engage in pervasive internet censorship: Belarus, China, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Myanmar/Burma, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.[44]
    A widely publicised example of internet censorship is the “Great Firewall of China” (in reference both to its role as a network firewall and to the ancient Great Wall of China). The system blocks content by preventing IP addresses from being routed through and consists of standard firewall and proxy servers at the Internet gateways. The system also selectively engages in DNS poisoning when particular sites are requested. The government does not appear to be systematically examining Internet content, as this appears to be technically impractical.[45] Internet censorship in the People’s Republic of China is conducted under a wide variety of laws and administrative regulations. In accordance with these laws, more than sixty Internet regulations have been made by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) government, and censorship systems are vigorously implemented by provincial branches of state-owned ISPs, business companies, and organizations. – Wikipedia

  9. Mustefa Bediru on



    keep up the great job, we love ethiopian review and its non-stop fight against tyranny of TPLF.

  10. About time! on

    Finally! Thanks Elias for taking decisive action on this matter. All Ethiopians regardless what religion belong to should focus on the root of all evil and the real enemy of our country—Meles, Azeb and the rest of their close friends.

  11. Eden1 on

    To discuss religion up to a point is ok, and negative remark might depend within some context. Over all, degrading other faith is the worst. I am curious to know what kind of negative exchange took place between Ethiopians of the two religions. We have heard every stinging, biting and what not of ethnic animosity these past decade, but religion? Well, may be the Dessie incident of 2009.

    “The wise Emperor Menelik II said, hager yegara, haimanot yegil.”

    I have heard many people of different generation, knowledge; education and background attribute this quote to Atse HaileSelassie I. If the original thinker was Atse Minilik II, that is even more advanced for his time. By the way, some people don’t appreciate that quote Each to his own.

  12. Ayalew on

    do you mean that your new policy prhobits criticism on aba Paulos? i dont think you mean that because aba Gebremedhen and christian religion are far apart like poles and have nothing in common.

  13. Gleaw on

    Thanks Elias, this policy was long over due.

    As to me any one who writes against the two great religions of Ethiopia is the enemy of Ethiopia. In fact I can say with 100% certainity, that person is not Ethiopian. We know who tries to wedge hate between Ethiopians. We know where it is coming from, and those loosers should note of this: we Ethiopians may have issues on politics, economics etc, but we are unified on the sovergnity of our country (except the anti-Ethiopia Melese criminal fmaily).

    Those who wish bad for Ethiopia will be weakened and destroyed by the will of God. I don’t need to give examples. Everyone knows it. Both the Bible and the Queran have their warning to anyone against Ethiopia.

  14. zewzew on


    I hope my “freedom of speech” you consider gets posted. With all due respect, there are comments that I posted regarding Eritrea/Shaebia, you never posted it while they post most of their views. So, if you can take criticizm here is where it should start. But we can all learn from our mistakes, correct them and move forward. Therefore, I really agree with your policy, with current hot subject of religion these extreme views just incites hate, extremism. Sometimes, when we hear news related to religion and posted on such posts like yours, then we assume we are to comment of such views. The bottom line is to stop extremism from religions or politics. Some of us completely misunderstand to stop extremism does not mean to be silent and complacent when we obviously know such danger can come out of being indifferent for the sake of self or family.

  15. Mastewal on

    Thanks Elias! Divisive characters need NOT be given a free ride.

    “hager yegara, haimanot yegil.” is the an excellent principle and I do not care a bit as to who coined it. It can be a king, a cock, or a goat standing high up on the rock.

  16. Figo on

    I completely differ with your bold assertion
    “Ethiopian Review has been the most tolerant among the Ethiopian media as far as allowing free expression of ideas and views”.
    It is not so as you want to convince us,how many times you have muzeld my views not for any un acceptable launge
    I expressed but because you are unwilling to tolerate my view.The very fact my view differ with you generates the sense of alarm uneasiness on you.
    Never mind,however, thanks to other news outlets my views will be expressed elswhere,including those views of mine which are contrary to yours. finally, I will fight my twin enemies shabia and TPLF to the last of my breath-And you matter how many times block my message you cant,I repeat make me to desire Shabia inorder to blog in to your forum.Every one knows your forum is for Askaries and Shabi not for True Ethiopians who make no distinction between Shabia and Weyanee.

  17. Hama Tuma on

    You said it well, It would have even been better if the invitation [ad] that follows your comments spoke to both religions. I know the ad was there even before you started writing your comments, but still.

    Thanks, keep up the fairness!

  18. hana on

    it was haile selassie who said that phrase not menelik.

    also, comments should be free, even insults. but you should use the policy for the articles, not comments.

    only woyanes and shabias try to create hatred between muslims and orthodox in ethiopia. so be aware of repeated comments from shabias and woyanes, the two enemies of ethiopia

  19. Zmeselo on

    Eventhough it´s good not to disrespect other people´s religion, at least for politically correct reasons, what I don´t underestand is why those muslims who felt hurt by the slander didn´t personally debate back those people instead of putting pressure on Elias? Can someone explain?

    Figo, u said “Everyone knows your forum is…..”. How can u presume to know what everyone knows and doesn´t know? Isn´t that a bit arrogant?

  20. kuukkisa on

    In Ethiopia, religion has never been a source of problem. And never will be unless some greedy elements of the dictatorial regime continue to use religion to prolong its power.
    In light of this, Ethiopian review’s decision not to entertain such issues is commendable.

  21. Ittu Aba Farda on

    May you live blessed by our Creator!!!
    You are consistent in your cardinal beliefs. Vile words and labels against others is the work of Sha’itan Iblis(شيطان). Both religions preach harmony and compassion to one another. But some time evil produces Eyalle Souks like Bin Laden who are bent on destruction and bloodsheds. In Uganda we also have Lord’s Resistance Army who hides behind a religion that forbids and despise harm to others.
    Brother Elias!!! We thank you for making this platform open to everyone. We all agree with you that freedom comes with due diligent responsibilities. It should not be used beyond our historical limits, that is not to destroy ourselves as Allah’s children. We all have you in our prayers. We thank Him that you are among us and one of us.
    Right on, Brother!!!!

  22. Suture on

    It is good to laugh sometimes. Whenever I read comic comments, such as comments like figo, it tickles me enough to laugh nonstop for couple minutes. Never mind battling sheabia, Figo won’t even kill a fly. When Figo, was post his/her comment, I am sure he/she was enjoying his/her well-done cheese-hamburger along with litter of soda. Dream/hallucination is free figo, so keep on dreaming kicking shaebia’s butt, before you die of high blood pressure/diabetes.

  23. Yared on

    Nice move Mr Elias, Keep your promise.let us give religious news for religious media and religious people. Please do not be involved in any religious issue. Politics should not include religion.

  24. Eyobel Ke Dallas on

    This is your second story telling incidence that “HAGER YEGARA HAIMANOT YEGIL” theory that you mentioned as if it was said by Minilik. You may have to read and know before you misplaced things as you wish. You need to straight the record and put the facts
    accordingly. It was Haile sellasie the first ( Teferi Mekonen ) who says Hager yegara haimanot yegil.

  25. Assta B. Gettu on

    Dear Elias,

    You have been an advocate of Freedom of Speech for a long time, and I wish you would stay that way even though you may have received some threats from several Muslim brothers and sisters…

    … Elias Kifle has accepted their threatening demands, and it seems he is unwilling to post my final comments. I don’t blame him at all!

    • Elias Kifle on

      Dear Assta, I did not receive threatening demands from any one. What I received was complaints mostly from fellow Christians who believe that religious hostility is too destructive to our society. Our generation has the responsibility to maintain the harmony between Christians and Muslim that our fathers and forefathers carefully nurtured for centuries.

  26. truth on

    figo is right ethiopian review never take my comment finally i quit this web is for individuls who says bravo elias but what elias don’t know is the know elias i hate woyane than you because i am eritrean but there are something i don’t like about eritrean policy see comment shape your poletical view or wrong thought.there fore use your web as education or information site.

  27. Anonymous on

    Credits must be given where credit’s due–Eleas, please make a correction, it was Haile Selassae who said the very significant statement: “Hager yegara newe, Haymanote yegile newe”

  28. Shbooti on

    I pray to Allah through his prophet Mohammad(peace be upon his name)to give Alias eternal life.

  29. Eden1 on

    The famous quote was indeed said by Atse Haile Selassie I. The question is, its original thinker/producer. Did Haile Selassie resonate the same belief of Minilik’s?


    You are funny. It might matter who said it because it helps us understand their era and mind set better.

  30. Suture on

    Now let us be honest in here.
    There are no medias, be it Ethiopians or Eritreans web medias that are as free as Ethiopian-review. Truth, you claim that you are Eritrean, so do I, but is there any web that one can post anything he/she likes in Eritrean web, unless one is one-sided individual? Even worst, the groups that who claim opposition forces and pretend they represent “democracy”, let alone to take criticisms they don’t even have an icon for comments. Because they knew very well that they will be showered with hell of criticisms. Just so to let you know my side, although there are some issues that I disagree with the Eritrean government, I strongly support the government because I don’t see any viable opposition that are true to the people and the country, but they are power hungry maniacs with no good vision or intentions.

  31. Tobia on


    What freedom of speech are you talking about ? As usaual, you are misplaced things. Ethiopia never had religious issues in the past, and it will never have one.Now you failed on everything else and your eyes is now on religion so you can divide us. What a fool !

  32. Lemlem Aberra on

    This extremist guy/gal, Astta B. Gettu, is a one of the single most primitive abuser of his rights since he lacks understanding of the most elementary participles of rights and responsibilities(duties)):Or else the person is simply a disguised wayane agent promoting the ONE MAN dictator’s endless self serving internal and external missions of warfare while 80 million Ethiopians are starving to death.

    No one individual or organization on this planet earth possesses absolute rights. Rights are always relative.

    The good proverb, “your freedom ends where my nose begins” is one of the foundations of modern civilization and liberal democracy. … :)

  33. Anonymous on

    If it ever come to that point—people get forced to join other religion without their will, as it happened hundreds of years ago, then we can see your point and join you by all means of necessary. Currently, the horrors and atrocities the Christian and Muslim Ethiopians suffering everyday is caused by woyanes and the center of our attentions should be on Meles and Co. Not only Elias but many people have spoken and you need to come to terms with it and try to see and understand the views of other people.
    May the goodness and love of God be upon on all Ethiopian Christians and Muslims and May the loving God remove the cancer of our country–Woyanes!

  34. Yohannes Ejigu. on

    I repeatdly commented on this sensitive issue of religion, especially to Assta be Getu and his likes. Now he is saying that Elias was threatned by some group becuase he could not express his hate mongering and vile words of his to certain segment of religion followers as if he was a holy sanctified person on this earth. What Ass ta Be Getu and his likes do not and could not understand is most of us can not select our religion as we can not select our parents an once you are in any one of those religions you would be offended if some one is contineously telling unkind remarks on your belief that you carry for long. I hope Ass Ta be getu does not like if his religion is insulted day in day out but he is happy to do it for others. What unfair person he is? Elias you are doing good job and avoid such inflamatory remarks from the likes of ass ta be getu who got unbriddled and offensive character. In the first place he should not talk about freedom of speech while he is tarnishing others religion.
    Go Elias!

  35. Anonymous on

    Finally you have shown all of us that you are sane human being. I hope this thoughtfulness and responsible media attitude will bring us all together

  36. Almazu on

    I am not sure there has been anymore negative depiction of the great religion of Islam here, although there could have been a word or two here and there that may have slipped through the cracks while I have been busy trading facts with Woyanes. If some people felt there has been some denigration of their religion, then I’d say do not keep quiet, answer back. If the denigration persists, Elias can ban those people.

    That aside, the issue of Freedom of Expression is the only way for an open communication. You can have a great mind all around and if they do not have the access to communicate their ideas, which requires an open medium, progress suffers as a result. Having a great mind is one thing, and sharing the thoughts contained in it is completely different altogether, because one needs to have open platform to share the thought.

    Fortunately, the world has half the number of radically rigid minds. Somehow good ideas find their way to the right stage if not in time, but at some point. The problem in developed nations is that minorities and new migrants are looked at as if they have no good ideas to contribute or sometimes they are intimidated from expressing their ideas and opinions. Even though there are laws to protect freedom of speech and information but to the average minority those are off limit. So, great minds are usually do not find a suitable atmosphere to flourish.

  37. tt7 on

    Dear Assta,

    A lot of people are going to miss your postings. Nobody wants their religion offended therefore the editor’s stand and the controversy is understandable. However, for information and the right-to-know sake, you need to create a simple white page webpage and post your research without being insensitive or inappropriate. Just post the link.

  38. cucu on

    How about us, the non-religious?

    Ethiopia is not only a county of the 2 religions, I and many others are non-religious; imagine those who live in the remote areas of the Gambela and the like parts of the country. I am an atheist and need my voice heard. We have to be tolerant and fair to the extent that we the non-religious got chance in the media.

  39. Hama Tuma on

    Actually, you should not tolerate hate at any level. Even hate towards certain ethnic groups. I have seen several hateful comments made towards Tigres as well as Muslims. So, I say that HATE should not be tolerated at any level.

  40. Assta B. Gettu on

    Those of you who do not understand my view, you will understand it when the Ethiopian Christians live the lives of the Coptic Christians in Egypt.

  41. tt7 on


    Let anyone who does not share your concern shall be cursed the old testament curse. As a covenant country, it is unlikely Ethiopia would meet the fate of Turkey, Syria or Egypt though. We suffer, however, long and extreme period as in Grang’s time (15 years), Gudit’s and her successors time (40 years), Italian occupation (five years), and so called Ahzab era of the last 30 years…. In the end, a new heart is given to the new generation, but we lose the first-born status age after age because of our sins.

    The Arab-Muslim conquest of Egypt

    Muslim conquest of Egypt The Arab Muslim invasion of Egypt took place in 639 A.D. Despite the political upheaval, Egypt remained a mainly Christian land, although the gradual conversions to Islam over the centuries changed Egypt from a mainly Christian to a mainly Muslim country by the end of the 12th century. This process was sped along by persecutions during and following the reign of the Fatimid caliph Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah (reigned AD 996–1021) and the Crusades, and also by the acceptance of Arabic as a liturgical language by the Pope of Alexandria Gabriel ibn-Turaik.[9]
    During Islamic rule, the Copts needed to pay a special tax called the jizya in order to be defended by Muslim armies, as non-Muslims were not allowed to serve in the army. This tax was abolished in 1855. –Wikipedia

  42. tt7 on

    Black Stalin by Alex Shoumatoff, Dispatches, from November 1991 issue of Vanity Fair

    With platform shoes to make him look taller, he was a bantamweight dictator, but did some heavyweight damage. He destroyed what had been a promising country, if slightly behind the times, the oldest black civilization and the only African nation besides Liberia never to have been colonized. Raising his clenched fist in the Black Power salute, his chin jutting out il Duce-Style, his eyes suffused with feline sangfroid, he would promise to crush into rivers of blood the secessionist traitors and tribal bandits, the sinister external forces and internal conspiracies bent on dismembering the country, while the men in the conscripted multitude chanted “Forward!” and the woman fluttered their shoulders and ululated in the traditional fashion. Now the square is deserted. No one is standing in the bleachers where Mengistu’s generals, ministers, and what was left of the Dergue , the committee of 108 idealistic junior officers who overthrew Emperor Haile Selassie seventeen years ago, had applauded nervously, not knowing who among them would be the next to be eliminated. Conspicuously absent is the huge, detested statue of Lenin, like Mengistu himself one of the last casualties of glasnost…. The whereabouts of the statue are unknown, shrouded in mystery like the whereabouts of Haile Sellasie’s body, and even the simplest, most harmless piece of information in this almost impenetrable society. Perhaps the way to penetrate it is to start with the Ethiopians who have withdrawn from it. I’ve heard from the Columbia University anthropologist William Bushell about these amazing hermits who are Christians – eremitic Christians (from which the word “hermit” comes) – but are more like Hindusadhus or Tibetan crazy yogins. They spend years in caves or trees (the latter are known as dendrites), using breath control to generate body heat and alter their consciousness. People claim to have seen them streaking across the desert at superhuman speed. A few weeks before Mengistus’s flight, one of these barefoot, wild-eyed desert mystics looking like John the Baptist with his dreadlocks and animal skin, appeared in Addis prophesying that a big black snake was going to fall from the sky, and it would soon be followed by lots of little snakes. Some of these hermits wall themselves up in tombs, living with the decaying corpses to remind them of their own mortality. People put their ears to the tomb, and the hermit speaks to them. We’ve gotten directions to one who has inhabited a succession of tombs since the revolution of 1974. His take on recent events ought to be interesting. The hermit’s current domicile is in a graveyard of the forested mountains outside of town. It is a flat, dressed-stone crypt, we discover, with an epitaph chiseled in Ethiopic script, and it is shaded by ancient tel cedars. The scent of frankincense and myrth drifts over from the nearby church. He comes down to meet us in a sort of consultation room below the tomb, where he receives his visitors, and old man wrapped in a wrinkled tan blanket, with matted coils of hair under a black qob ቆብ, or monk’s cap, and metal staff – the sort of dude who wouldn’t seem at all out of place these days in any good size American city. We belong to one of the most backward people, the hermit begins. God has blessed you with wisdom and peace. What is it that you want of me? I begin by asking, what make you renounce the world and become a bahitawi, a hermit? He is eunuch, translates Asefa, the young Ethiopian who has come with us. When he was child, he was castrated. Some of the tribal people in the backlands still castrate anybody they can find, as proof of their machismo. They present the balls to their prospective father-in-law when asking for his daughter’s hand or, reportedly, wear them around their necks. Next question: Do you ever pray for an end to the suffering of the Ethiopian people? Yes. But in monasteries all over the country, men of treat prayer present this issue to the Almighty, so his role, he says, is insignificant. Are you aware of the suffering Mengistu caused? Yes. He followed events through the newspaper, and nothing escaped his attention. He had visions of impending disaster, so Mengistu’s overthrow came as no surprise. But Mengistu and his people were not righteous, so God did not reveal the future to them. Why has there been all this terrible suffering? What have the Ethiopians done to deserve the famine and Mengistu? It is Ye-Egzihabher Fird ፍርድ , the judgment of God. If the people had genuinely called the name of the Lord, the famine and Mengistu could not have happened. Our faith is questionable. Our nations is like a tree burned by fire, whose leaves have fallen. Will the leaves return? He is dead-sure, Asefa says.

    Ethiopica Calenderica:

  43. Anonymous on

    Yohannes Ejigu#39

    First, learn how to write my name properly; then you can egest out your poxy comment that no one learns anything from: my name is Assta B. Gettu, not Ass B. Gettu or Ass Ta be getu. Does anyone learn something from a name purposely miss-spelled? If you can hardly see the letters, ask someone to help you or buy Braille and learn to write some words appropriately. You can mess with your messy life but not with my precious name. It is understandable my educational comment has crippled parts of your body, blinded your eyes, and finally nullified your faith. You are speechless, pointless, but you are smart in messing up with someone’s name that you disdain.

  44. Yohannes Ejigu on

    Dear Assta Be Getu,
    “The bloodthirsty hate the upright”
    Bible, Proverbs 29: 10
    Do you remember reading the following comments directed to you a year ago in August 2009? I wish you learnt some thing from all of these people who are raising thier voice against hostility towards one another.
    Ethiopian Review August 2009.
    Yohannes Ejigu says:
    I am really shocked and disturbed to read a comment by Assta B Getu regarding the religion of Islam. I am a Christian lived in a Muslim country for over a decade and offended by his immature and ill versed remark. Assta B Getu must be a sick person, who is throwing his vile hate on a paper. He is mentally incompetent and the worst hate monger who is lacking the ability to understand his environment. He lacks the basic rule of civility, and his ignorance about the principles of universal declaration of human rights and his deep rooted hatred to fellow human beings with a different religion blinds his poor judgment. To Assta B Getu’s dismay, his evil revulsion to the followers of Islam religion will not dissipate them on to thin air.
    He has to learn to live with every human being regardless of their belief, race, color, and ethnicity with respect and dignity to one another. If he is Ethiopian, which I am in doubt, Assta would have learnt from the Ethiopian people, Christian and Muslims living in harmony side by side with respect and love to one another for many years. If Assta needs to lead a peaceful and respectful life he needs to learn how to respect others. This is the basic to all civil society which is governed by universal declaration of human rights doctrine. However, if Assta understands this and bent to incite hatred and instigate revulsion to a certain group of a society just because they believed in a religion not similar to his own, then Assta and his likes will be treated as a cancer that needs to be get rid of before it spread its venom to the Ethiopian homogeneous community.

    Do you understand? You do not have to be hateful to a fellow Ethiopian with different religion belief or opinion. As George Bernand Shaw puts it ” Hate is the coward’s revenge for being humiliated” You may be a coward but I do not think that you have been humiliated by any one in the religion that you hate so deeply.
    Grow up Ass Ta Be Gettu and admit it no one wants us to be in disarray or tearing apart each other except Woyane and prove it for the ER audience that you are not a woyane.

  45. Assta B. Gettu on

    My dear tt7 #42, #46 & #47,

    I’m glad I have so many good Ethiopian Christian friends like you whose concern about Ethiopia is also my main and great concern. The information you have provided me is impressive and valuable. It is true, men influenced by worldly pleasure break their words or their covenants, but the Almighty God never breaks his word or his covenant that has protected Ethiopia for so many centuries and will continue to protect her from being decimated by her enemies who always plan for her destruction because of its faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

    The fall of Emperor Haile Selassie, the devastating famine, the rise and fall of Mengistu Haile Mariam, and the present dire condition of the Ethiopian people have been foretold by many Ethiopian holy men that we call (1) ባሕታውያን =ብቸኞች (2) ባሕታዊ=ብቸኗ from the Geez verb ተባሕተወ=ብቸኗ ሆነ.

    I have met some of these holy hermits (The word hermit comes from the Geez verb ሐረመ=ተወ and from this Geez verb comes ኸርሚት=ይኅነን ዓለም የተወ ወይም የናቀ) when I was in Ethiopia, and it has happened exactly what they had told me to happen. And I am so glad we still have such holy men and holy women in our country. These are not ordinary people: They are truly holy men. I vividly remember when I was at ቆሎ ትምሕርት ቤት one ባሕታዊ who has no name, but we gave him a name, and the new name we gave him was አባ ኩርፊያ. The reason we gave him this name was that he looked always serious; he never mingled himself with people: he was always by himself. He never had food to eat, and one day we invited him to come to our little hut (ጎጆ) and eat our ቆሎ with us. It was late in the afternoon, and he kindly came, sat on the floor, blessed our ቆሎ, and, before we started eating, he disappeared before our eyes. We left our meal, went to his room, and looked around, but he was nowhere to be seen. We were told by some people who knew him very well that if you saw him in the morning in Gondar city, you could see him in the afternoon in Axum Zion or at Amba-Gshen-Mariam. The amazing history of the Ethiopian holy fathers, their fasting, their prayers, and their complete dedication to God day and night have always been puzzling to the Europeans and even to some Ethiopians. Most of the time, these holy men don’t live in a house or in ደጀሰላም; they live in the wilderness, and the wild animals never attack them. Once in awhile, they show up in the Church to warn the people the impending danger, and then they disappear. By the prayers of such holy men and holy women, Ethiopia has been saved from various enemies in its long history, and I hope she will come out of her present turmoil and move forward under the anchorage of her Great King, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

    Thank you for the information and for your great advice, and I would say amen to your opening remarks: “Let anyone who does not share your concern shall be cursed the old testament curse,” and that Old Testament curse is in Deuteronomy 27:15-26. I always read Psalm 140 when I feel threatened by some violent people.

  46. Anonymous on

    I never heard of—hate, insult, degrading, hostility and venom ever brought solution for any kind of conflict. Let us not forget, the late Reverend Martin Luther King’s peaceful struggle that brought rights for all minorities in the United States. Yes, EOC should always be astute and watchful to defend their believes and traditions at all times, at the same time, the church main purpose is to preach the teachings of Christ of love, kindness and tolerance and not to live in fear and hate because of past history of what happened to Ethiopian Orthodox believers by Gragen Mohammed hundreds of years ago. PEACE!

  47. Burtukan on

    45# Assta B. Gettu,

    Because some of the minority Christians and some of the majority Muslims were/are bickering in Egypt does not at all mean that, we, the traditionally TOLERANT Christians and Muslims existing in an entirely different physical, historical, cultural, social, spiritual etc. contexts MUST blindly and naively cut and paste an exact extreme photocopy of the Egyptian situation and experiences.

    If you are not such a blind and a negative creature devoid of any empathy and sympathy for your fellow Ethiopians regardless of religion and region, just as a good humanist, you would have reflected in a balanced and cool mind the the type of flagrant exclusions, segregation, racism, dehumanization s, etc. being suffered in their own country for centuries by our dear Ethiopian Muslims and yet continuously exercised caution and the way of coexistence development.


    It is always good that people respect and defend their religion and the faith communities they belong to. That includes you too. At the same time, it is also equally good to respect and even defend the rights of other people to belief and worship their own GOD and defend their own faith communities.

    Even though there are often times some marginal extremist factions in almost most religions, the idea is that all Religions are equally good with regard to the spiritual, psychological, social, as well as well as an all round well-being providers of their faith communities.

    The principle is, “I am ok, You are ok, We are ok” And yet we can keep developing our faith and religions within the limitations and constraints being imposed as well as new possibilities and opportunities being made available by the near and far environments.

    In as much as I am a believer of the Orthodox religion I think that extremism cannot make the Egyptian minority Orthodox to become majority, but mutual respect and mutual understanding may help even differing religions flourish side by side and remove common suspicions, insecurities, mutual threats and mutual hatred and hate propaganda.

    We may all be different in some ways but we are all equal as humans!

  48. Assta,

    You know you can use your excellent writing skills in the same way Vanity Fair’s contributor Alex Shoumatoff (he hails from Russian Orthodox lineage) does. Besides Vanity Fair and New Yorker, there are other magazines who feature great writers. The New Yorker once courted Nega Mezlekia, the Ethio-Canadian novelist, to do what Shoumatoff did for Vanity, but evidently nothing came out of it.

  49. Assta B. Gettu on

    Comment #48 is Assta B. Gettu’s, not Anonymous’. Please, Elias Correct the mistake.

    Thank you.

  50. Anonymous on

    How could you be “Anonymous” and at the same time you tell people to spell your name correctly?
    I think you really need to visit a psychiatrist as soon as possible.

  51. Assta B. Gettu on

    Yohannes Ejigu #49,

    Posting an old comment from a hostile person, hostile to open discussion, hostile to freedom of speech, hostile to a genuine faith in Jesus Christ, and, above all, hostile and uncongenial to the Ethiopian people, to their history, culture and tradition will not accomplish anything other than entertaining me, giving me more energy, more talent, more knowledge, more patience to fight my enemies and to demolish their strong holds in my beloved country, Ethiopia. So, what is your point, Mr. Ejigu, who have failed to spell my name correctly, in posting such a one-sided comment that has used the most deceptive and misleading phrases such as “…Christians and Muslims living in harmony side by side with respect and love to one another for many years”? […]

  52. Figo on


    You are pretentious individual whos duity in this particular forum is reassure Elias encourage and keep the hope alive that Ethiopians remain committed allie to Shabia.The ricky response you gave to TRUTH ,when you say that you oppose some of shabias polices is far from the truth.I never read in your piece of opinion any criticism towards shabia if so-hoew insincere how untrue is your claim.If any thing ,on the contrary, your comments are full of flatery,and back scratching of Elias.If you have hard time acceting my stetment let me freely quote from your own statments.

    Suture says:
    “Now let us be honest in here.
    There are no medias, be it Ethiopians or Eritreans web medias that are as free as Ethiopian-review. Truth, you claim that you are Eritrean, so do I, but is there any web that one can post anything he/she likes in Eritrean web, unless one is one”-

    Suture says:
    “Ethiopians has never united strongly as of 1998-2000 yet it was a failed union. Sometimes I feel bad for Elias, because he really, I mean he REALLY LOVE his country deeply. I profoundly believe that no one want to see a developed and peaceful Ethiopia as much as Elias. But I am afraid his vision is not shared by many so called Ethiopian intellectuals.”

    Aka suture you are amazing person to me.

    The point is this whether you agree or not,for me and millions of Ethiopians Melese and Isayas are ‘two sides of the same coin”.I hold this to be true and no amount of argument will change my view.

  53. Suture on

    Lo lo lo, #38 I have never found any woyane agents that supports Sheabia, it just shows how ignorant you are. Any way it will not make me woyanne just because looser people like yourself, who thinks with his ass libeled me so.

  54. tezibt on

    every one of you are wrong. You should understand that there are forces that work hard to creat a mess in ethiopia. They pretend to be Ethiopians and leave comment. They try to fit the psychology of an Ethipian and they say things but they are not Ethiopians. They are dangerous. Dont be fools.

  55. Hehe on

    Does criticizing your political views happen to be religous in your world Elias? You never post my comments and I never talked about religion.

  56. Suture on

    Well, Figo, I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t find it necessary the need to explain the issue that I am concern or disagree with the Eritrean gove. First of all, Elias’ Topice was not about Sheabia it was about “freedom of speech” but you jumped into it. Secondly, one of my opinions you repost is not from this issue, yet that issue was also nothing to do about sheabia. The last time I had checked it was about “New opportunity for Ethiopian opposition parties.” , therefore, there were nothing there about sheabia for me to talk about Sheabia. Third I am free and logical thinker not a follower, therefore I maintain my concern, but remember logically, when we start counting numbers, we start with 1 not with 2. So I wouldn’t want you to second guess who is my #1; who I believe is the cancer of our regime and need to be eradicate: it is Woyanne. I and you may not agree on this issue but I am sure I can relate with many Ethiopians. One thing I can tell you for sure is that Eritreans and the government for Eritrea have NO ILL WISH toward the Ethiopian people. What Eritreans really want is that to work together with Ethiopians for common principle: for greater economy, mutual cooperation… But I am persuading that as long as TPLF is in power, peace will be impossible. That is why I strongly support the Eritrean government, and I hope that TPDM,EPPF, ONL,ONLF and other farces will united their armies and destroy Woyane once for all and create a government that works for all Ethiopians and form a good relationship with its neighbors. . Having said this I am not claiming the Eritrean government is freed of faults. Don’t all governments have faults? Yet, I maintain my concern, and I hope the Eritrean government will change some of its policy.
    I am sorry to say this but the people who can’t distinguish Sheabia from TPLF, well; candidly speaking they don’t concern me at all, because they are really living in fantasy world. They will not do anything; they’re just simply blowing-out hot air off their mouth. Of course, some of them are with a wicked agenda. they are TPLF supporters toying around with the Ethiopian people’s emotion, intending to sow division among Ethiopians, and hoping to create skepticism on those who supporting and willing to support to the Ethiopian freedom fighters: which happens those fighters have a good working relationship with the Eritrean government.
    Now, Figo, you can say anything you want about Isaias, it is free world; plus he is a human being he can make/has mistakes. But the truth is he is nothing like that baldheaded little monster, Meles. Plus if he has faults it has nothing to do with Ethiopia.
    Allow me to correct something; I praised, I’m not back-scratching Elias for what he is doing for his country and for he understood the dilemma our regime is facing and for he is able to differentiated the real threat from imaginary threat. Therefore, encouragement I believe is one of the right things to do. And call me naïve, but I humbly believe that I throw my encouragement, if you could call it encouragement, to the right person. (You must know that I have never claimed in any of my opinions as an Ethiopian. That is why I call Ethiopian review is the freest media for all Eritreans and Ethiopians. Correct me if I am wrong but I have not seen any media that posts opinions that criticize them. You should also know that whenever I contribute an opinion, I have never vilified the Ethiopian people.) Anyway, Elias may not need my encouragement as he is courageous man, yet if I witness encouraging things he does, I will praise him for that. Speaking of courageous, since you already mentioned that you will be fighting Sheabia and MLLT until your last breath, are you in field courageously fighting or waiting the right time to do it? Which I am afraid it might not come.
    When I said Ethiopians were united 1998-2000 is nothing far from the truth. You were united for one purpose: not because you like MLLT but, the MLLT leader, the rat face Meles along with his gangs promised you access to the sea outlet, fed you wrong information and you felt for it and you were united. (Mind you, Eritrea never refused sea access to Ethiopia.) Anyway, although it was too late, people, well with exception of you and your afro-mentioned, started to understand the motive of the gangs. I am sure you saw the catastrophic effect on your side. I could go on and on with this issue but I don’t see the benefit of it. But I am sure you were fulltime supporter of the gangs and you were probably vigorously participated in throwing out of over 70 thousands Eritrean origins in dehumanizing ways from Ethiopia. But I can tell you this, we, Eritreans, are forgiving people, so we pardon you for what you did because we know you were deceived. Wait, I take that back. Not you were deceived but some of you are still deluded by Meles’e propaganda until this days. May God have mercy on you.

  57. Lafiw on

    Ass.ta. b gintu #50


    You wrote: “ባሕታዊ=ብቸኗ from the Geez verb ተባሕተወ=ብቸኗ ሆነ.”

    “ብቸኗ” አይደለም “ብቸኛ” ነው:: አቶ ፈረንጅ አምላኩ መቼ ነው አማርኛችንን አስተካክለህ የምትጽፈው? መላጣህ ላይ ቀንድ ስታበቅል? አማርኛህን አስተካክለህ ሳትጽፍ ለቅኝ ገዢዎች ቋንቋ ጥብቅና ልትቆም ትሞክራለህ:: ተራ! ያንተ እውቀት “ቂጥ ገልቦ ክንብንብ” ነው::

  58. Yohannes Ejigu on

    Assta Be gettu, #56

    After all these, are you still of the same opinion trying to vertically polarize and divide people along religion line? You may not get what you want because most of ER guests know your motive and to whom you are working for. What a wicked person you are?
    I may use a proper word to express my comment on your # 56 but the only way you understand is a slur language.
    Insulting and degrading others will not make you better unless you are a dumb head and an Ass hole like your screen name implies.
    It is the worst blunder by any standard to use such humiliating language to abuse the religion that is worshiped by 1/5th of the worlds’
    population. It is an insult made by a pin head like you and an attack on
    the dignity of the Muslim population who share this world with the rest of us. What I can understand from your explosive and unrefined comments is that you are a very sick person internally you dislike any one, and you are a kind of person who is full of animosity, hostility and anger towards any one who got a different view than yours. Such kind of sickness is coming from internally disturbed people who hates themselves and hates others for no apparent reason.
    I am not expecting you to fight such deep rooted animosity and strong dislike for others while you are suffering the worst disease of its kind that makes you at odd with yourself.
    Instead of sitting and sow such hatred and brag about your Christianity, go to a church and do what Christians are doing. Pray so God will guide you and will give wisdom to start loving and start living with others peacefully.
    If you are what you are cordoning yourself and hiding behind your screen name, working for woyane to invoke and thrust a wedge or instigate hate
    among the Ethiopian people, stop it! Most of know who you are besides, it is an old tactic and I urge you at the name of the Ethiopian people to stop such satanic act of yours. I know if you are an Ethiopian, I mean not only by birth but by integrity, moral fiber and character, you will not utter such destructive, unfair, and impolite words to others. Unless you are paid to do so no Ethiopian is uttering such rude and expolsive propaganda. Shame on you!
    If you are not blessed or lucky enough to do a good thing, you have to refrain doing what you are paid to do and look for another descent job that will make you happy and peaceful with yourself. What kind of unrefined mentality and conscience that you got?
    You are claimimg to be YE KOLO TEMARI ( YE KEBERO BAHTAWI) a Liar!
    For Gods’ sake do not insult religions, languages and people or sector, or tribes with such a foul language of yours and do not say things hiding behind your screen name that you will not dare to say it in person.If you do not have the guts to say it in public infront of people do not say it from your hiding place like osama.
    If you keep on doing this, it will show more than anything else
    that you are a very weak person, a coward and hypocrat at the same time. So Ass Ta B Ge ttu, you have to be courageous, brave and straightforward person. Do not hide and throw up your vile words in front of the world.
    Come upfront to the light and be courteous, bold polite and push forward what ever idea you believed in. Those things that attacks without being seen are snakes and their likes. And do not be like one as it is a cursed animal.

  59. Assta B. Gettu on

    Lafiw or leflafiew #62,

    How many times do I have to tell you that my Amharic is as bad as your brains? I am glad you saved my time from correcting your English: you know you cannot express yourself in English so you wrote your view in a broken Amharic. I advise you to learn English so that you may help your self by washing some dishes in someone’s house, or may be in my house.

    I don’t understand what you are trying to say in the Amharic word; however, don’t forget to wash your stinky ass before you go to worship your idol.

  60. Assta B. Gettu on

    Please, Elias Kifle, don’t muzzle our mouths! Don’t say “hush” to us! Many Ethiopians left their country because of the lack of freedom of speech in that country.

    If any discussion about any religion is verboten on Ethiopian Review, then the symmetry of freedom of speech we all deem precious, valuable, and indispensible is unstable. We all know how many people die in the name of satanic religion, and how come a web site like the Ethiopian Review that believes in a free speech and in a free expression of thought ignores the deaths of millions of innocent people? I believe religious discussion can at least minimize the slaughter of men and women because of their religious views on something they don’t believe.

    We in the west condemn the Chinese, the North Koreans, the Saudis, the Cubans and the Ethiopians under the Woyanne government because these people do not have freedom of speech; in this case, what is the difference between a Chinese person and Assta B. Gettu, who is not allowed on the Ethiopian Review to express his views about any religion, satanic or Orthodox or Catholic? Abuse of freedom of speech is when a person physically attacks another person who has totally disqualified the attacker’s religion and made it a mockery to the world.

    I am entreating Elias Kifle not to enervate the efficacy of freedom of speech, and let every person express his/her views about anything without attacking someone physically or without burning his house or breaking his car. Let us enjoy the Ethiopian Review, using our freedom of speech without abusing it.

  61. Lafiw on

    “Immaculate English writer” Ass#64 and 66

    As far as you’re making mistake/s, I’ll correct you. And I’ll fix you. I’ll reveal you arrogance and lunacy. You are such a low life NEEDY. I won’t leave you alone.


    You wrote: “and indispensible is unstable”

    FIX: ” . . .indispensable. . .” Alright boy?!

  62. Assta B. Gettu on

    Lebaw or lafiew or leflafiew #67

    Debug your own bull first before you lurch to rectify someone’s flub, Mr. imp.

    Here is your ignorance: “And I’ll fix you. I’ll reveal you arrogance and lunacy.”

    Let me bring you to the world of proper English writing:

    You should write: I’ll reveal your arrogance….”

    You have refused to listen to my advice that English is for the educated people, not for the person like you, kvetch.

  63. Lafiw on

    Assta Gintu

    I’ve told you several times – I don’t care about colonialists’ language. But this time I’d like to thank you – for real. Because the error you fixed talks about YOU!! I was mistaken and my mistake distorted the idea I was transmitting about YOU. But you fixed it so that everybody will know that I’m talking about YOU and “your arrogance”!! If I were you, I’d not fixed it. But you are different and you like to teach people even to the extent of revealing “your arrogance”. You’re my man now!!

  64. Abdul Abdul on

    I am one of those who complained and wrote to Elias about some dangerous elements that are working day and night to divide the Ethiopian people along religious lines. The most notorious hate preacher has been this person called, “Assta B. Gettu”. Once again, this person showed up on this forum and accused Elias of accepting threatening demands from Ethiopian Muslims. Well, I am a Muslim Ethiopian and my email to Elias did not include any threatening demands. As shown and evidenced on this forum alone, this individual, “Assta B. Gettu” is very misguided, and is totally rejected by the overwhelming majority. As to this individual’s bragging of being able to write good English, that is off the topic and is completely irrelevant to the real issue. I commend Elias for his decisive action of announcing a new editorial policy. I also appreciate and thank most commentators above includingYohannes Ejigu, Hama Tuma, and Lemlem Aberra for their uncompromising stand against extremism in general and this “Assta” , person in particular. We Ethiopians should continue to stand together against extremism and condeme all dangerous elements including Assta whose preachings undermine the stability of our society.


    To Assta:

    It appears that when this person called Assta realized that his hateful and wicked positions have been rejected, he needlessly started talking about writing skills of others. Instead of addressing the concern of many people with respect to his prejudice and bigotry toward Muslims, he ridiculously pointed minor errors of other writers and blew them out of proportions. Such a reaction by him is nothing but a sign of arrogance resulting from being marginalized in ideas or issues. In response to comments from “Lafiw”, Assta stated:

    “How many times do I have to tell you that my Amharic is as bad as your brains? I am glad you saved my time from correcting your English: you know you cannot express yourself in English so you wrote your view in a broken Amharic. I advise you to learn English so that you may help your self by washing some dishes in someone’s house, or may be in my house.

    I don’t understand what you are trying to say in the Amharic word; however, don’t forget to wash your stinky ass before you go to worship your idol”.

    Addressing to Elias (comment # 66), Assta also stated:

    “Please, Elias Kifle, don’t muzzle our mouths! Don’t say “hush” to us! Many Ethiopians left their country because of the lack of freedom of speech in that country”.

    Clearly, the comment addressed to Lafiw is nonsense and worthless that would only prove a trouble immaturity. In fact, such rubbish remarks should not even be posted. We are not talking about English language profeciency here. Instead, We are talking about the need to stop unnecessary religious polarization, which has been advocated by this Assta man. Even if one takes Assta’s claim into account, Assta’s English is not that of Shakespere’s either. Certainly, Assta is not a better writer as he claims he is. With regard to Assta’s comment directed to Elias, one does not have to be a Rocket Scientist to figure out that responsible use of Freedom of Speech is something, and uttering absolute nonsense is quite another thing.

  66. Abebe Ewnetu on

    ASSTA #68

    You call youself “educated”! LOL! You are far from that. Your indicated that learning English language is a prerequisite to be educated. Needless to say that such patently wrong idea of yours by itself is a proof that you are uneducated and clear moron.

  67. Assta B. Gettu on

    Dear Elias, Chief Editor,

    On my screen, I see what many times I observe, i.e. “Your Comment is awaiting moderation.” Whenever I see this statement continuously, I know the comment is not going to be posted. If this is the case, what is the purpose of showing on the screen a comment that has already been rejected?

  68. eliaas on

    i agree with u 100per ..but there is something that you guys dont understand. an interfaith dialouge among religions is something very common in all part of the world it has been creating awernes to the vast majority out there but sadly we are not taking adantage of it. so instead of writing about a sertain religion out of despite the common and different issues of their religion should be discussed

  69. Hi! I know this is sort of off-topic however I needed to ask. Does building a well-established blog like yours require a massive amount work? I am completely new to writing a blog however I do write in my diary everyday. I’d like to start a blog so I can easily share my experience and feelings online. Please let me know if you have any kind of ideas or tips for new aspiring blog owners. Thankyou!

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