Ethiopians to hold protest rally against China’s policy on Ethiopia

A coalition of several Ethiopian groups are coming together to organizing a protest rally against China’s political, financial and technical assistance to the genocidal regime in Ethiopia.

The first protest rally will be held in Washington DC on August 5, 2010 at the Embassy of China.

Address: 3505 International Place NW, Washington DC 20008
Date/Time: Thursday, August 5, at 9:00 AM

With China’s technical assistance, the Meles criminal regime has been able to deny the people of Ethiopia access to media such as news web sites and radio programs. A few months ago, VOA and DW, which have over 20 million listeners in Ethiopia, have been jammed by Meles and gang with technology provided by China. Last week the independent Ethiopian Satellite TV (ESAT) has become the latest victim of China’s technical assistance to the Meles regime.

The organizers call on all Ethiopians in the Washington DC area to come to the Chinese embassy and make your voice heard. China, Stop Supporting Terrorism and Dictatorship in Ethiopia!

34 thoughts on “Ethiopians to hold protest rally against China’s policy on Ethiopia

  1. Yineger on

    My Ethiopian sisters and brothers go get the monsters.Long live Ethiopia and Free Ethiopia.Please come out in big force on August 5 and bring others to the China Embassy.

  2. Ethiopian on

    A very potent way to get the attention of the the US to side with the diaspora, now they will know who is really a friend of the US. The dictatorial regime of Ethiopia has been skimming US tax payers money claiming to be ally of the US while eating with another fork with the Chinese in hopes of embracing China’s assistance if US economy and political importance ever fails but we Ethiopians in the diaspora are living in the US paying our taxes, being honest citizens and/or residents, some of us serving in the military and believing that the US will once again rise economically and in all ways that has made the nation great. America please wake up and know your real friends, we Ethiopian in the diaspora and Ethiopians oppressed in our home land are the ones who regard the US as our second country, always being thankful for giving for thousands of Ethiopians a safe haven during the communist regime of derg, always praying for the US so that GOD will always make the US great and powerful in order to protect the basic human rights our Mighty Creator God has given to all human beings regardless of our race, origin and religion.
    Thank You

  3. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    I wish I was there with you my fellow Ethiopian brother and sister but i cant all i can say is fight the good fight.and i will do my part locally.God bless Ethiopia and Ethiopians……..

  4. wetmed on

    we must protest in europa as soon as possible againist CHINAS copration with african diktators ánd FASCIST WOYANE

  5. Anonymous on

    I think the organizers of this protest should invite other African people that are also affected by Chinese influence in their countries, as they say–the more the merrier.

  6. Bewnetu on

    It is great, but what about The US and Britain. They are at the forefront of helping and funding Zenawi. To me china follows their leads.

  7. Wedi Ere on

    Let this backward communists know that their blood sucking policy,
    give 0ne take 3 for free policy has to come to an end.This retarded old comunists didn’t regret to kill in Tiamin Square thousands of freedom thursty young chinese .Now they want to replace the French, British , and American from Africa by looting , robbing africa in day light.The only difference from the European and America are the nose and the eyes.This small eyes can see the gold and the diamond and the flat noses can smell better where the oil is. Nothing stop them not to work with dictotors and genociders and killers for dollar.We are sick of thier simply dump cheap , dangeorous product for human being and mother nature.They sell killer pet food, poor quality car Tires, fake toothpaste. dangeorous baby food and baby playing staff.Do you know millions of chinese and Africans are dying in poisened cheap productof china.We don’t hear it because in Africa there is no documented figures . Go habesha go and tell them enough is enough..we don’t need your roads.

  8. Merew on

    Yes that is a good job.It is the Chinese helping the Zenawi government and hack personal emails,wiretap phones,jamm radios and TVs and even breach personal accounts.
    The world has to know them,they are crooked people.Especially,the Americans have to be aware of this crime.
    This should be done by any means.

  9. “በዝያን ግዜ አይጥና ድንቢጥ ይሰለጥናሉ…” -ፍካሬ እየሱስ


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  10. wedi eri on

    Tezbit, you know what the problem is are so stupid or naiv to understand why the chinese are in Africa.They are not there to teach you how to make the dumb product of china rather to steal your natural resources by dealing with dictators like your cousin Melese ,sell everything for money ..What a hell can we get from china than kiling our domestic products by their cheap products produced by cheap labour of prisioners of conciense.You even didn’t ashamed to mentioned the Japanese Economist..that refer only to you and Melesewian.Do you know that most Ethiopian texitile factories and small businesses couldn’t compute with Chinese product..just they produce thier product by paying zero salary..these people are good or nothing.

  11. Habo on

    I am an Eritrean and I will be there in support of my brothers and sisers’ cause! You bet you!

  12. Anonymous on

    If I understand you right, your philosophy is to get rich by every means of necessary like China…even if you exercise modern slavery,by paying people less than $0.50 an hour for seven days a week without overtime pay and sick days…without employee rights…without freedom of speech, press and human rights…wow! Hard to believe! Shame on you for insulting hardworking poor Ethiopians. And Congratulations! You are highly qualified to be the next dictator to use and abuse Ethiopians. You are the one who is DISGUSTING!

  13. GINBOT on

    My Ethiopian brothers and sisters if we think a dictator regime like China will stand for a freedom of our people, we are kidding ourselves. China is about profit and they don’t care if our people die so long as they profit from it. Look at what happened in the Sudan (Darfur). If you believe the Chine’s government is in Africa to promote freedom and democracy, you are wrong. They are there to exploit our continent. We can only achieve our freedom if we are willing to die for it. Let us think about our children, not ourselves. Let us die for our freedom!!!!!

  14. zewzew on

    I saw a recent documentary on ER Forum someone posted about Nile, Ethiopia and Egypt. The narrator discussed about how funding is important to build dam on Nile to fight the climate change that will affect Ethiopia big time. I am sure everyone supports it, but unfortunately it is under Weyane which the plan is most likely to outsource it and continue the development of Tigray. I heard Weyane wants to bring the Axum kingdom, it is because of Nile power of Pharoah, occured and enlightenement happened that is how Nile is powerful. At the same time, it could devestate the empire because of the climate change, drought that destroyed the power Pharoah. Back to Weyane, so the goal of this Nile dam is most likely not for entire Ethopia. That being said, this dam I still support becasue when climate change comes, its going to strike Ethiopia and devastate the people. Because of this who ever builds it, I support the dam. In the documentary, it said the World Bank, in support of Egypt refused funding for the dam. Then the government turned to China for this funding and China was willing and funded for this dam. My point is, if the documentary is true, we should focus on criticizing China for the support of human right abuse and jamming of the media but not for development especially the dam. We also have to becareful China is going to be the most powerful next to USA, hopefully without Weyane, China will continue to support in development as there is no reliability from the West. Of course there is always going to be I scratch your back you scratch mine. Of ocurse China is not going to build the dam without something. Anyways, we need to be cautious that is all. Criticize them to stop human right abuse of Weyane by China’s support and the jamming of satellites.

  15. Enatee on


    First off, you have to respect and defend your own people regardless of the circumstances.
    Did you say we Ethiopians are lazy…? Where is your data came from ?
    As far as I know, we Ethiopians are highly educated, and hard working above all peace loving people. I have been in N. America the last twenty years, and I can tell you a lot about Ethiopians achievements.
    In Osama’s administration alone, there are more than five Ethiopians who ranked the highest position. Dr. Mandefro of Harvard is one example. All USA medical schools, and Universities have at least one Ethiopian Professor or Physician. In all top universities, you will meet at least one Ethiopian student in every faculty. Not to mention those Ethiopian pilots for US Air, Business owners, and hard working families with two jobs.
    Are we Ethiopians still lazy ? No, I called you lazy and disrespectful rather for not finding out where and what infact Ethiopians are doing ! May be, you have no access to these areas listed above, and you have no way to know where we Ethiopians really are !

  16. dfabachew on

    Chin is a f—u state now. In the name of the proletariat and peasant it amasses its capital. China’s economy follows no rule at this time. The problem will be when the shit hits the fan. they are investing in every dectatorial region known to this world. These poor third world dectators not only they are unrealable economically they don’t stay in power that long. Time will tell how this Chinese capitalism survives in the future.

  17. Golden Shield Project: Great Firewall of China – The Dragon over the ‘Net.

    Green Dam Youth Escort (simplified Chinese: 绿坝·花季护航; pinyin: Lǜbà·Huājì Hùháng) is content-control software for Windows developed in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Originally under a directive from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) to take effect on 1 July 2009, to be mandatory to have either the software, or its setup files accompanied on a compact disc or pre-installed on all new personal computers sold in mainland China, including those imported from abroad, but then changed to voluntary.[1][2] End users, however, are not under mandate to run the software.[3]
    As of 30 June 2009, the mandatory pre-installation of the Green Dam software on new computers has been delayed to an undetermined date.[4] However, Asian brands Sony, Acer, Asus, BenQ and Lenovo etc. are shipping the software as was originally ordered.[5]
    On 14 August 2009, Li Yizhong, minister of industry and information technology, announced that computer manufacturers and retailers were no longer obliged to ship the software with new computers for home or business use, but that schools, internet cafes and other public use computers would still be required to run the software.
    Devoid of state funding since 2009, business behind the software is on the verge of collapsing by July 2010. According to Beijing Times, The project team under Beijing Dazhang, one of the two companies responsible for development and support of the software, have been disbanded with their office shut down; also in a difficult situation, the team under Zhengzhou Jinhui, the other company, are likely to suffer the same fate at any time. The 20 million users of the software will lose technical support and customer service should the project cease operation.[7]Wikipedia

  18. Jegnaw Ethiopiawe on

    Tezibet when u point a finger….3fingers point at u.just try to pint Ur finger and see where the other 3fingers are u….
    Sr.u know the greatest IGNORANS is when one dos not know that he is ignorant.i hope one day God will give u a moment of clarity.

  19. bisrat on

    The US or the UK or the rest of europe have never been ,and will never be, friends of Ethiopia or the rest of the black race. Neither are the chineese or indians. But, since the politics of the world runs by a common interest of alliance and blocks of powers, the strategy of going around the ignorant US government and its foreign policy with china on the front page is beneficial for Ethiopia.

  20. Sweden on

    Hi, Elias. Why are you not publishing some of my comments? What wrong did I wrote. I only mentioned some secret servis organizations om certain countries are involved in the internal matters of African countries. And that some countries including sweden are financing Weyane. Is that not true?

  21. queen saba on

    i completly agree with enatee. thankyou for letting tazabit know how we ethiopian are the most hard working ppl in the world. look at all ethiopian across the world even in the contries that there is no freedom. WE ARE THE BEST.

  22. WhatATerribleWorld on

    I have the same doubts as all here when it comes to china too but I think one important aspect is being neglected. Imagine U´re assaulted by a strong guy and he pummels u beyond recognition where U can´t even stand on ur own 2 feet. After that comes another one and gives u a few punches as well. As I see it, U should judge the first one harsher than the second because if u had some of ur strength left maybe u would have strength to resist the second beater. The first criminal as far as Ethiopia is concerned is the west. They supported meles in everyway so that the ethiopian people couldn´t remove him and now he´s cozying up to china, the second abuser. Who is to be blamed here?

  23. Investors are more interested in profit or in making more money at any cost, even at the expense of peoples’ lives, countries distractions etc. This does not change if the investor is an Ethiopian, Chinese or Westerner.

    You have to remember that “some business people” were mixing clay with paper powder, poisonous substance with edible oil. Iraqis were plundered over 8 billion dollars under US army leadership, Bernard Madoff scammed the US ordinary people, retired seniors and others billions of dollar, Chelsea Clinton’s father in law tried to scam peoples money, the list is endless. For development we need investment but with it we are not receiving saints. We just choose the less evil and I think China can give us better now until it ensures its dominance.

  24. zewzew on

    I like everyone’s discussion above. The reality is that people, when we have actions what ever that is, we must make sure we know what we are doing. West or Asia, etc, we must know everyone is for their own self interest here. Who are we kidding? There are no friends here but benefit partners that is all. The protest is a plus and minus. It is a plus because we are trying to make the U.S and the West to pay attention to us. Beleive me they will when we are opposing other nations such as China. So I support that in that sense. On the other hand, there is a climate change that is coming luring over Ethiopia as Ethiopia is located around the Equator the sun eclipse will devestate the country so we need development, water resource asap. The funny thing is that Weyane spent the almost 20 years devestating the country and affecting Ethiopia’s natural resources. We could have protected our forests, grow more trees, have more dams, irrigation etc, to prepare for the upcoming “the end of the world” that is going to be especially for poor nations and Ethiopia is one of them. I hope the dam of Nile will happen soon to provide water although I have my doubts Weyane saw $$$ on this Nile buidling that is why and definitely not to develop entire Ethiopia, except Tigray region. Funny based on the documentary I say I mention on my other comment I posted yesterday, about Nile, Egypt and Ethiopia, the film showed Tigray region only as Ethiopia, and I saw something that striked me. Every city in Tigray the film showed the flag of the Weyane, yellow and red with a star but not Ethiopian flag. It is worrisome how Tigrayans can feel sovereignty different from the rest of Ethiopians and the sense of nationalism as Tigray rather than Ethiopia. Could this be heading to another secession of Tigray? Remains to be see.

    God bless Ethiopia

  25. Anonymous on

    When I read comments like #27, as say AMEN.
    only two comments here worth reading. Sorry I wasted my time

  26. Melkam on

    Dear Brothers and sisters! When we maintain our morality and integrity at the required level where all Ethiopians and their God confront all their enemies then all impossibilities and challenges will vanish! We don’t have to try to launch a missile from a canoe! We have to analyze our possibilities and continue to capitalize on our previous experiences for our final mobilization to give unforgettable lessons to our historical enemies!If we are organized and unified I do believe that most innocent Ethiopians have a mountain-melting power!

  27. Debteraw on

    As I told u one day you will cray the rest of your life Elias . We, gonn’ be there to support china.- they are ended hard workers , they build ,not distract like your big smart mouth .we will trash you, and your fellow Eritreans. Dirty head. If u wont, we are every where. Avoid to single out your unfeverate people. Thank u.

  28. Assta B. Gettu on

    tezibt #4,

    Your comment tells the whole truth about the Ethiopian work ethics: eat, drink, sleep, have sex, produce children, and fill the country with kids not properly raised, not properly educated, and are not ready for any job that requires skills and professionalism. Who is to blame? The Ethiopian people who continue to support Meles Zenawi and who refuse to shed their blood to topple him down are to blame; no one will bring Meles down for the Ethiopian people. The people themselves must do it if they want change in their lives and in the lives of their children. I have never heard any serious famine in China with 1.3 billion people, but in Ethiopia with only 80 million people, there is always hunger, disease, and at a greater rate of infant mortality. We have been with the Americans; we have been with the British, and we have been with the Arabs, but what skill did we have learn from all of them? We may learn something new from the Chinese or from the Russians if we give them a chance for few years, and if there is no progress, we have the right to kick them out of our country.

  29. zewzew on




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