Addis Dimts airs special program on China embassy protest

Addis Dimts radio will air special program on Tuesday and Wednesday starting at 7 PM about the protest rally by Ethiopians and American-Ethiopians in the Washington DC area against China’s destructive policy on Ethiopia.

Addis Dimts is transmitted on 1390 AM Washington DC.

It can also be listened live at

The protest rally at the China embassy in Washington DC will be held this coming Thursday at 9:00 AM.

China has been providing financial and technical support to the genocidal regime in Ethiopia that have enabled Meles and gang to deny the people of Ethiopia access to news web sites, radio and TV. The latest to be affected by Chinese technical assistance is Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) that was jammed last week.

Technology provided by China has also allowed the Meles regime to block most Ethiopian news web sites, including, as well as VOA and DW.

4 comments on “Addis Dimts airs special program on China embassy protest

  1. Do you ever say anthing about US policy in ethiopia during Haile-Selasse time or Meleses’s regime.

  2. Tenkir on

    Chainese policy of jamming independent sources of information is detructive and amounts to contemt for the Etthiopian people. This despicable act shows departure of Chaina’s declared policy of strictly business and development relations with host countries.

  3. Thank you KG, I think you are right.I don’t understand why many of our Diaspora lack vital(critical) intellectuality.

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